Mr. Elon Musk suddenly has an idea or sees one, he calls on his army of talented employees to do some research. He takes the results of the research, then calls on an army of investors with an almost unlimited pool of money. The investors look at it, all chip in then boom! $100m.
If Mr Asemota’s uncle has an idea, he first of all struggles to find the people to research it. He then has to dig into savings to pay them. He calls on former fellow bankers with limited funds who give him the run around then he settles for state governments who give crazy terms
Mr. Asemota’s uncle can also raise the $100m locally but with greater constraints. He has to keep going to parties and ceremonies to show “loyalty.” He wastes a lot of valuable time massaging egos and giving assurances then maybe promises of board seats. Raising locally is a pain
While Mr. Elon Musk has to only worry about the media and short sellers, Mr. Asemota’s uncle has to worry about real things like assassins sent by those who are pissed that he passed when they wanted to corner him into making concessions he can’t afford. He buys bulletproof cars.
The saddest part is that while Mr. Elon Musk can play press games to find ways to increase the valuation of his venture before the next round, Mr. Asemota’s uncle is not sure of a next round so he must return ALL his investment from profit after paying extortionists and/or taxmen
Mr. Elon Musk uses his current venture as leverage for the next idea he has and he repeats the cycle. He also does several more rounds in his current venture before IPO and everyone is happy.
Mr. Asemota’s uncle can’t even boast of same valuation and path to IPO has land mines.
Mr. @EfosaOjomo assures Mr. Asemota’s uncle that this is a phase in development. Local man retires with his small change. Mr Asemota Junior now comes up to uncle and asks him to invest in his new startup......

....... The movie will continue after the family meeting in Benin.
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