Princess Diana recorded the testimony by rape victim of Prince Charles' staff. #OpDeathEaters
Perhaps one day we will find out what really happened to Diana, who visited the hospitals and care homes Jimmy Savile was preying on at all hours of the night, consoled Elm Guest House victims, and recorded palace rape victim testimony. #OpDeathEathers
" #Epstein himself, questioned under oath, refused to answer" when questioned about Prince Andrew (and others like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump). #OpDeathEaters
In public statement from the UK Royal family on the Jeffery #Epstein case and Prince Andrew's involvement, Buckingham Palace declared child rape accusations are “lurid and deeply personal”. #OpDeathEaters
UK's free press: Media gagged on Prince Andrew child rape allegations involving Jeffery Epstein. #OpDeathEaters
Meanwhile, this is how UK media covers Prince Andrew (left img) and when they do mention the #Epstein case, they paint Andrew as the victim (right img). #OpDeathEaters
U.S. Judge Marra on child abuse accusations against Prince Andrew during 1st Epstein trial: “lurid details” were “immaterial and impertinent” #OpDeathEaters
This is what obstruction of justice looks like. (Prince Charles using his Royal influence to intervene on behalf of paedosadist Peter Ball) #OpDeathEaters
Prince Charles knowing fully well that Peter Ball was a paedosadist went as far as obtaining property on his behalf as support. #OpDeathEaters
Prince Charles gifted Peter Ball large sums of money “I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.” and wanted him to "come over more easily" #OpDeathEaters
Prince Charles in revealed letters promised to "see off..." one of Peter Ball's victims Neil Todd who later committed "suicide" in 2012 as a renewed investigation opened up. #OpDeathEaters

Prince Andrew (with Jeffery Epstein) and Prince Charles (with Peter Ball) are clearcut obstruction cases and why are they not both charged? #OpDeathEaters
Read this whole thread; can Prince Andrew and friends be charged in the United States on obstruction of justice, If no, why not? #Epstein #OpDeathEaters
Prince Andrew and Prince Charles are not "dragged into" or "associated with" paedosadists; call it what it is obstruction of justice and influence peddling in criminal networks. #OpDeathEaters
A reminder that this is what a network looks like.

Why was Prince Andrew so eager to throw his influence behind Saudi Arabia following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi (the nephew of Andann Khashoggi) by MBS? #OpDeathEaters
Queen's honours list. All named as or accused as paedosadists or implicated in child trafficking. (Part 1):

Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Michael Hanley, Sir Edward Heath, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Hubert Chesshyre. #OpDeathEaters
Queen's honours list. All named as or accused as paedosadists or implicated in child trafficking. (Part 2):

Sir Rolf Harris, Sir Stuart Hall, Sir Maurice Oldfield, Sir Anthony Blunt, Sir Knox Cunningham, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, Sir William van Straubenzee. #OpDeathEaters
Please help us find more names of those in the Queen's honours list we may have missed that are known or suspected of being paedosadists or implicated in child trafficking. #OpDeathEaters
Jimmy Savile's naphew, Guy Marsden, reveals that Jimmy Savile was also well connected with other European royal families. #OpDeathEaters
Mystery royal was part of paedosadist network in the 1980s being investigated by Scotland Yard but the inquiry was shut down for "national security reasons". #OpDeathEaters
Prince Andrew has released a statement saying he is "appalled" at his buddy #Epstein's "sex abuse claims". His ex, Sarah has said she finds accusations against Andrew "shockingly accusatory". #OpDeathEaters
Sarah was heavily involved in charities such as Children In Crisis and Street Child, targeting children from eastern Europe. Her friends #Epstein and #Maxwell, who purchased children from Balkans child trafficker #Brunel, paid her for what? #OpDeathEaters
Sarah was appointed as a UN goodwill ambassador with special responsibility for refugees in 1993. "the selection of Fergie was done at the expense of Princess Diana." "Princess Diana was prevented from visiting Bosnia in the early 1990s" #OpDeathEaters
Sarah and Diana were initially very close and had a falling out around the time of their divorces that lasted until Diana was killed in 1997, along with Adnan Khashoggi's nephew Dodi al-Fayed. #OpDeathEaters
Diana thread --->
Dodi al-Fayed attended Le Rosey school as did all of Adnan Khashoggi's children (his cousins), John Casablancas and Prince Edward (youngest brother of Charles & Andrew). #OpDeathEaters
Diana, who was always criticized for not sticking to itinerary and talking to people she was not directed to, was not allowed to go to Bosnia and snubbed by the UN while this was going on in Bosnia and the UN (thread). #opDeatheaters:
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