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CW: quirk boobs, LACTATION, and some physical discomfort.

Denki Kaminari had a bit of a reputation.
People thought he was easy. Which wasn’t true. They thought he slept around. Which again, wasn’t true; he hadn’t actually slept with anyone yet, despite the fact that most of the other third years at UA probably already had.
They thought he was a horny pervert. Which, okay, might be a /little/ true, but what could he say? He enjoyed looking at beautiful people, flirting and making bad jokes and laughing with people out of his league. He was social guy.
Denki had long since come to terms with the reputation he hadn’t really earned, and even embraced it; If his fellow students wanted to think that he was some kind of player, he was more than happy to accept the attention.
But none of that prevented his confusion at being accused of sleeping with someone’s girlfriend out of the blue.

“I did what?” He questioned, brows knitting together into a frown.
“You heard me, asshole. I bet you don’t even remember her name, do you??” An angry second year with a mop of sandy brown hair shouted at him, face red with anger and frustration.
“Well, I mean? Of course I don’t know her name, I-”

“I knew it!” The guy stormed towards Denki with a raised finger, waving it in his face a moment later.
Kaminari raised his own hands up, palms facing outward in a gesture of surrender, “Dude, you need to /chill out/. I guarantee I didn’t sleep with your-”
But he didn’t get to finish his sentence, as the angry second year shoved that finger /hard/ into his sternum.

Heat flowed rapidly from the point of contact and Denki gasped as his chest tightened painfully.
He gritted his teeth and activated his quirk; electricity immediately forking into wild lightning around them both as he zapped the douchebag unconscious.
As the other student crumpled to the floor in a twitching heap at his feet, Denki took a shaky step back, falling to the ground himself as his legs gave out beneath him.
He groaned as he landed heavily on his ass, reaching to rub a hand over his chest to soothe the tight, horrible pain in his lungs as he drew in a shallow breath to steady himself.
Luckily he hadn’t needed all that much juice to fry the guy into next week, or he could have been in serious trouble.
He had no idea what the other student’s quirk was, and with how hard it was to breathe right then, he’d probably have been screwed if he’d fried his own brain along with the assholes’.
“Hey! What’s going on here? 3A students fighting again?!” A loud, gruff, shout with a heavy lisp rang out from behind him, but Kaminari didn’t turn around. He knew the voice belonged to class 3B’s teacher, Mr Vlad King.
Moments later a huge hand wrapped around Kami’s whole torso and he gasped out in pain as he was lifted to stand on his feet, before the hand disappeared. He turned to see Kendo’s concerned, but unimpressed, expression just before his knees gave out on him again.
But he didn’t hit the ground a second time.

Kaminari fell back slightly, thudding against a solid wall of muscle as two big hands quickly grabbed and wrapped around his biceps to support his weight. Denki didn’t need to look up to know who those hands belonged to either.
“Woah. Are you okay, bro? What happened?” Tetsutetsu asked, sounding genuinely worried.

So in the space of less than five minutes Kaminari had been walking to his next lesson over the field after lunch, minding his own business, only to be accused of screwing some chick he’d probably never even laid eyes on and got assaulted with an unknown quirk.
He’d electrocuted another student unconscious, gotten yelled at by a teacher and man handled by a giant handed girl. And /now/ he had to deal with looking like some frail guy who couldn’t even stand up on his own in front of the guy he’d been crushing on since their first year.
If his chest hadn’t been so tight right then, he would have definitely huffed.

“Wha-? Oh. Yeah, ‘m cool. Just -can’t breathe, yanno.” Denki tried to sound nonchalant, but his voice came out too wheezy to pull it off.
Kami gasped as he was suddenly scooped off his feet and held bridal style against Tetsutetsu’s broad chest. Holy shit, he did /not/ need this right now!
“Sir, I think Kaminari needs to go see recovery girl! He doesn’t look too good.”

And now he could add, ‘Insulted by three year long crush’ to his shitty past five minutes too, Denki thought with an inward grimace, as he was held up like he weighed nothing at all.
Though, he probably really did weigh nothing to the hardening hero; Tetsu had done nothing but mainline protein shakes like they were water, scarf down meat, and bench press terrifyingly heavy weights for the past three years.
It wasn’t like Denki had sat around eating cake and sucking on phone chargers for three years or anything; +
but while he’d been running on the treadmill and slowly increasing his voltage limit, Tetsutetsu and Kirishima had been punching one another silly and throwing each other across the gym for fun.
He probably barely looked more muscled than a twig next to the pair of them.

They even made /Bakugou/ look small.
“Right. I’ll have to deal with this incident later. Kendo, can you take this boy up to the medical bay too? I have to get to class, I’ll let Eraserhead know one his students isn’t coming. +
+ “Come back as soon as you know they’re both okay - I’ll fill in the report and hand out detentions later.”
Denki held back an annoyed groan at the thought of getting detention on top of everything else, as he watched Vlad King scoop up a stack of folders from the grass and set off towards the school building without looking back.
Kendo activated her quirk again to lift Kami’s still unconscious attacker up and they set off in the opposite direction to their teacher, heading to the medical room.
“Can you lift your arms? I think you should hold on to me, man. I don’t wanna drop you or anything.” +
Tetsu smiled down at him briefly, before looking back up to watch where he was going, adjusting Kaminari slightly in his arms as Kendo opened the door for them with her free, non massive hand.
Denki did as he was told, reaching to grip at a muscled shoulder with the arm that wasn’t being crushed against Tetsutetsu’s chest, scrunching the material of his shirt in a tight fist.
As much as he doubted that the man would drop him, he didn’t particularly fancy hitting the floor a second time that day.

He sighed and leaned his forehead against a hard pec, closing his eyes to try and breathe properly.
At least this part of his day didn’t suck, he thought, feeling the corners of his lips quirking up slightly as he breathed in The scents of Tetsu’s soap and deodorant.
All things considered, a ‘fight’ that lasted all of thirty seconds, and getting smacked with a potentially nasty quirk, didn’t seem like all that big of a price to pay for being carried around by a big strong beefcake.
They arrived at the medical room and Tetsutetsu gently set Denki down on one of the beds as Recovery Girl shuffled over to them and asked what had happened. As Kami explained, he felt the pain and tightness in his rib cage slowly easing, allowing him to finally breathe freely.
Recovery Girl checked him over, making him breathe deeply as she pressed a stethoscope against his back in a few places, and then moved to the computer to check the student records for the unconscious boy’s identity and quirk.
After a few minutes of clicking she tsked to herself and shook her head, before swivelling her chair back to face them.
“Well his quirk isn’t dangerous, so there’s no need to worry, son. But you will be uncomfortable for the next few hours. I advise you to head back to your dorm now; you’re excused from the rest of today’s classes. I’ll email your teacher to let him know in a moment.” +
She slid from the chair to walk over to them again, moving between the beds occupied by Kaminari and the other student, “Miss Kendo, you may go back to class now, and Mr Tetsutetsu, would you be a dear and escort Mr Kaminari to his dorms please?”
They all nodded and moved out of the way as the old woman pushed a stepping stool up to the other bed so that she could attend her other patient.
As they made to leave, Recovery Girl offered them all a piece of candy. Denki took his with a smile of thanks and followed after Tetsu, who held the door open for him to walk through before him.
“How’re you feeling now man, better? I thought you were gonna pass out before - you had me kinda worried.” Tetsutetsu clapped a warm hand to his shoulder briefly and Denki fought an embarrassed blush.
“I’m not weak, you know. I just couldn’t breathe. That dude’s quirk was horrible.” He defended himself, “but yeah, I feel way better. Thanks for helping me out.”
“I don’t think you’re weak bro. Your quirk is badass. We saw you fry the guy in like three seconds flat. But why were you fighting in the first place? You never said.”
Of course he hadn’t said why. Recovery Girl didn’t need to hear about silly misunderstandings and student drama.
But Tetsu seemed honestly interested, so Kami told him how the guy had come to confront him, and how he had been trying to tell the jerk that he was wrong about him supposedly sleeping with his girlfriend, but hadn’t been given the chance to explain himself.
Denki unwrapped the butterscotch candy that he’d been given and popped it in his mouth with an annoyed grumble, rattling it around inside his mouth as he spoke.
Tetsutetsu listened and nodded understandingly, opening doors for them both as Kaminari began to explain that he was nowhere near the player that everyone thought he was.
He felt as though he’d suddenly been uncorked, blurting it all out as though he was somehow defending his honour.
“Maybe it’s ‘cause you’re so pretty? Could be jealousy, you know?” Tetsu seemed to catch himself and blushed slightly, “What I meant was, uh-”
If he’d been a normal person, who had control over their own mouth, Kaminari would have just ignored the slip up or said thank you.

But he wasn’t.
“Awh T, I didn’t know I was your type. You should see me on a good day.” He could have kicked himself, even as he shot the silver haired man a wink.
/This/ was why everyone assumed he was a man-whore, Denki thought to himself as Tetsutetsu blushed a little harder. Though he had to admit, seeing the six foot tall, muscle bound hero flush at a little flirting was definitely worth putting his stupid foot in his big stupid mouth.
“Could, uh, /could/ also be the flirting dude.” Tetsu gave a chuckle as he regained his composure and opened the last huge door that led outside, shooting Denki a toothy grin that almost stopped his heart.
Good thing he was a human defibrillator, huh?
Kami laughed, “yeah, sorry. I never learned not to say the first thing that pops into my head. The once I-” he stopped short, gasping when he stepped out into the grounds, as the light breeze blew against his chest.
It felt like his nipples were /on fucking fire/. He lifted his hands to press against his pecs in a bid to somehow protect them, but hissed in a sharp breath as the material of his shirt rubbed against them.
The soft cotton might as well have been sandpaper as it chafed against his suddenly throbbing nipples.
“You alright man?”

“/Dude/. My - my pecs, holy shit.” Kami managed between gritted teeth.

“What’s wrong with them? Do you need to go back to Recovery Girl?”
“N-no, I don’t think so. It’s just really sore.” What the hell was that guy’s quirk anyway? He’d forgotten to ask. The old healing hero had told him that he was going to be uncomfortable, she just hadn’t told him /why/.
“let’s get you to the dorms bro. Need me to carry you?”

Denki opened his mouth to say /yes please/, but closed it again quickly.
He could walk just fine, and he could breathe now, so there really was no need. It’s not like Tetsutetsu was offering because he /wanted/ to carry him, he was just being a good hero and friend.
And as much as kami wanted to be carried around by his hunky crush, he also wanted T to think he was cool and ‘manly’.
“Nah, I’m cool. Let’s, uh. Let’s just go.” He started towards the 3A dorms purposefully, trying desperately to ignore the throbbing in his chest.
By the time they reached the entrance, Denki was fighting the urge not to whine out loud. The skin of his pecs felt tight and sore, as though it was being heated and stretched, and the fabric of his school shirt grazing gently over them made him want to cry out.
When Tetsutetsu pulled open the door for him again, his forearm brushed Denki’s chest and he actually did shout in pain.
“Shit, I’m really sorry! Are you-? Actually, stupid question.” Tetsu gave a nervous laugh, “do you want me to stay with you for a bit?” He offered with a smile that made Kaminari’s heart flip in his already uncomfortable chest.
“Yeah…” Denki caught himself staring up into obsidian eyes, framed by long pale lashes; just standing in the doorway like an idiot, and averted his gaze with a cough, +
“uh, yeah. If you’re cool with it, dude. I don’t wanna, like, put you out or anything.” He moved quickly through into the common area as Tetsu followed after him.
“I’m happy to, it sucks being alone when you feel shitty, you know?”

“Yeah it does, but it’s totally sweet of you to play hooky with me T.” Kami couldn’t stop himself from grinning at the silver haired hero as he covered his blush with sheer bravado.
“I’m not /playing hooky/, I’m keeping an injured friend company for a bit before I go back to class.” Tetsu grinned right back at him.
“Pfff, whatever you say, /slacker/.” Denki teased as they moved through into the quiet, empty, kitchen, earning himself a loud laugh from Tetsu.

“If I’m a slacker then what’re you? You got yourself the rest of the day off.”
“Ah, /I’m/ the injured friend, remember?” He retorted.
“Oh right, right. I remember now. Well, does the /injured friend/ want a drink?” Tetsu offered with a raised brow and a smirk, crossing to the fridge as Denki hopped up on one of the tall stools at the breakfast counter and tried to shrug out of his blazer awkwardly.
“Yeah please- hn, /fucking thing/-!” He snapped in frustration as he barely managed to shuck the blazer from one shoulder with a grimace at the pulling at his chest.
“Hey. /Hey, man/, chill. I got you.” Tetsutetsu was there in the next instant, gently sliding his arm from his school blazer, before slipping the thick material downward to free Denki’s other arm.
He was so close that Kaminari could /feel/ the warmth radiating off him in the cool kitchen. It made his tongue feel far too big for his mouth, and instead of replying, he just made an aborted sound in his throat and blushed.
“Do you have a fever? You’re really red.” Tetsutetsu didn’t wait for an answer, he simply leaned down to press his forehead against Denki’s.

And for a split second, Kaminari thought that Tetsu was going to kiss him.
His breath hitched and he barely managed to stop himself from zapping the other teen reflexively.

He felt the skin of T’s slightly cooler forehead against his own and willed himself not to freak out.
“I’m- I’m fine, really.” Denki whispered out as Tetsutetsu drew back to look down at him, concern knitting his brows together.
“You sure?”

Denki nodded, shooting the silver haired man a smile to punctuate his reassurance, “but I /am/ thirsty.” He added with a grin.
Tetsu laughed, finally moving away, “yeah, yeah. I got you, /your highness/.” He grinned right back.

Denki couldn’t help but laugh, “upgraded from ‘injured friend’ to royalty so soon. I’m doing something right.” He joked.
“Hey, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, my man. Maybe you’re just my royally injured friend. Didn’t think of that, di'ja?”
Denki snorted a laugh as Tetsu threw him a random can from the refrigerator and joined him at the counter.
They chatted for a few easy minutes, before Kaminari found himself frowning in discomfort and reaching to cup a pec, seeking some kind of support or relief for his aching chest.
He gasped as his nipple pressed against the heel of his hand through his shirt, closing his eyes against the almost painful sensation.
Everything else faded away as he felt warm wetness spread across his palm, soaking through the fabric of his top.
/What the hell/?

The pec beneath his hand felt rounded and softer than usual, and Denki frowned in confusion as he settled his fingers against it to feel the strangely heavy weight in his hand.
He bared his teeth as a groan escaped him when more liquid heat spread against his hand, running down his stomach inside his shirt to wet the waistband of his school trousers.

Was he…/leaking/??
“Kaminari?” Tetsutetsu’s voice rang through the panic that sparked to life in his chest and he snapped his eyes open to stare straight into concerned obsidian, suddenly so close, as his crush placed a hand briefly on his shoulder.
“Something’s wrong…” Denki answered, barely managing a whisper as he tried to stamp down his fear, “my chest is…” He moved his hand.
“/Holy shit/.” Tetsu breathed out quietly, his gaze dropping to Kaminari’s front. He swallowed thickly, a blush staining his cheeks as he simply stared.
Denki finally looked down at himself, expecting the worst. Was he bleeding? Recovery Girl had said that the other student’s quirk wasn’t dangerous, but-

He wasn’t bleeding at all, but the white cotton of his shirt was completely soaked through on one side, his pearled nipple clearly visible through the wet material plastered to him like a second skin.
And that wasn’t all.

“Do you have-?”

“Yeah… I- I think that guy’s quirk gave me…boobs…”
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