1. New #qanon post. Symbolism will be their downfall. This photo of this temple is similar to the temple on Epstein’s LITTLE st James island.
2. As many have pointed out, @TheEllenShow decorated her show set similar to this fashion. #qanon
3. Qanon post from Aug 2018 showing the temple on Epstein island before it was destroyed.
4. Good find by light fighter below...Islamic temple in Aleppo...temple [email protected] moon god #qanon
5. When I say Islamic temple that is somewhat correct but not entirely correct. Certain sects in Syria mix Islam, Zoroastrian and other ancient near east cults. This is what Epstein Likely does. Regardlessnit involves worship to Molech, Allah, Lucifer, and a few others #qanon
6. Ok. I throw my analysis out fast because I’m usually on the go or working or with family or doing what I do. I don’t always get the exact names of religions or ancient gods right. I know that most of the time the hive minds of patriots will figure it out and put it together
7...so i go with it and count on others to correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you for that but the little stuff like which god is which...I’m gonna get that wrong sometimes folks. Love you all though.
8. New Qanon. Q reminds us of the survey FB did asking users if they condone pedophilia. FB was and cabal gradually trying to soften and prepare public to find out how many “elites” are pedos. Not going to work. Big exposures coming.
9. https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/395535002  is a link to an article ISA today published about FB asking users if an adult man should be able to request sexual photos from a 14 year old girl. #qanon
10. New Qanon. Q links to vanity fair article. The names that are about to be exposed as being connected to Epstein are going to cause a lot of eyes to open. The article of course starts with @potus which is BS. Larry Summers, Bill Gates, Steve Bannon (who knows). L Rothschild
11...and wexman are the names that keep coming up as to who connected these elites with Epstein.
12. Q reposts a March post describing how these sick monsters view and use “sheep”. Divide, project, drain energy from, rape, steal, race warfare...that’s their strategy over the last century. The public’s eyes are opening. The public outcry will be great. Nowhere to hide. #qanon
13. Q just posted Ephesians 6:10-18 again. One of my favorite Scriptures. We are not at war with flesh and blood but against Satanic forces of darkness patriots. Stand firm but you must know to stand firm on truth. Yes the Bible. Q keeps posting This passage. Ask why #qanon
14. Ephesians 6:10-18 must be one of Qs favorite Bible passages. He has posted it 4 other times at least. Read it and read it again. Each post is made for a reason. Who is our real battle against? Who is their god? Lucifer. They serve Lucifer. Plain and simple. #qanon
15. As someone said below ...think Mirror. Eph 6:10-18 reversed is 8/10/19. #qanon
16. Q posts Jake rapper tweet “evergreen” and says explore further. Reference to Hillary’s Clinton secret service code name
17. Qanon posts twitter account linking Epstein temple to keystone post from q with posts related to Epstein island being place where they worshiped Satan. Cult worship. Keystone at center. Was this location they called up the evil spirits to accept their human sacrifice? #qanon
18. Date q posted this keystone post was 11/11/17. Satan worship is the keystone for these monsters. Child sacrifice and she blood is the ultimate way they can obtain their dark power. Further news will unlock. So much here. #qanon
Busy day and evening. New #qanon. #jihadsquad speaks for itself. Brilliant anons. Brilliant. Sure don’t hear FakeNews talking about @potus appointing first ever black female general. Leftists are divorced from reality.
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