Some of the names with ties to arms / human trafficker Khashoggi are Donald Trump, Richard Nixon, David Stirling, Richard Perle. Oliver North, Mark Thatcher, Tony Blair, Ferdinand Marcos, Prince Alfonso of Spain, some of which are listed in #Epstein's black book. #OpDeathEaters
Coincidently enough the former head of the DIA David Shedd, behind the censorship of journalist Heather Marsh at the @OxfordUnion for pointing out the Epstein story, was also involved in the Iran-Contra affair out of his own admission. #OpDeathEaters
What was David Shedd's involvement with Khashoggi during the Iran-Contra affair and what is he doing with money laundering and human trafficking in South America right now?? #OpDeathEaters
Even though the networks may lose members; those remaining keep going. Why did Prince Andrew (a friend of #Epstein who had a hidden KSA passport) throw his influence behind KSA following the murder of Andann Khashoggi's nephew Jamal by MBS? #OpDeathEaters
"By the beginning of 1982, I noticed a change in the type of girls who showed up at the dinners. They were less sophisticated models from Hollywood agencies." - Jill Dodd #OpDeathEaters
"Khashoggi would go from cabin to cabin... whatever was needed to smooth the deal, the client would get. He would give them anything they wanted: girls, food, cash,” - Pamella Bordes #OpDeathEaters
"When the time came to sign the contract, the yacht could slip into international waters, where sovereign restrictions on their 'business' deals did not apply." #OpDeathEaters
Khashoggi appears in the Mossack Fonseca files as early as 1978, when he became president of the Panamanian company ISIS Overseas S.A. #OpDeathEaters
Mossack Fonseca processed payments from the Adnan Khashoggi Group in the same year that he made global news when the US charged him with helping Ferdinand Marcos, president of the Philippines, loot millions. Khashoggi was later cleared. #OpDeathEaters
Human trafficker Chandraswamy "offered her a job as a public relations executive, polished her up and used her to introduce him to the rich and famous all over the US. Among them was Jim Wright, speaker of the House of Representatives" #OpDeathEaters
Bordes admitted she spent two secret weekends in Paris. One was with a Brazilian who had been a former lover. The second was to meet Ahmed Gadaffi Al Diam, a cousin of Colonel Gadaffi and a senior Libyan intelligence agent. #OpDeathEaters 
Bordes allowed herself to be used, in return for money. The clients included men of prominence such as Prince Mohammad of Saudi Arabia. "Khashoggi has all these deals going and he needs a lot of girls for sexual bribes. I was just part of an enormous group." #OpDeathEaters
Adnan Khashoggi was the uncle of Dodi al Fayed who was killed alongside Princess Diana, who prior to her sudden death had been spotted talking to victims of sexual abuse and visited the hospitals and care homes Jimmy Savile was preying on. #OpDeathEaters
Adnan Khashoggi was also the uncle of Jamal Khashoggi who was brutally murdered on orders of MBS. The Saudi leader which child trafficker #Epstein (a close friend of Prince Andrew) kept a portrait of in his office alongside a KSA passport. #OpDeathEaters
In 1962, Prince Faisal handed Kashoggi a million British pounds to buy arms for royalists fighting leftist rebels in Yemen (still plagued by war today). He became a main conduit for huge contracts from U.S. defense companies: Nothrop, Lockheed, Raytheon and others. #OpDeathEaters
Khashoggi age 26 was hired as an agent by Lockheed Martin, had extensive relationships with a number of key Saudi officials. He was close to Prince Sultan, the future defence minister & Prince Fahd, who would later rule the kingdom. [pg 266] #OpDeathEaters,Andrew-TheShadowWorld-InsidetheGlobalArmsTrade.pdf
1970 - 1975 Khashoggi was paid $I06m in commissions, the amount he kept is unknown [see #PanamaPapers for clue]. Lockheed's VP for International Marketing Max Helzel described him as 'for all practical purposes a marketing arm of Lockheed. #OpDeathEaters
Khashoggi also became an agent for Northrop in 1970, from which he is said to have been paid $54m. He was recommended to the company by Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of Theodore, and a key player in the 1952 US-British coup that brought the Shah of Iran to power. #OpDeathEaters
Khashoggi was a friend of Richard Nixon, he introduced him to influential individuals across the Middle East. Once Nixon was elected in 68, they continued private meetings and he funneled millions into Nixon’s re-election campaign in 71. #OpDeathEaters
Khashoggi hosted some of the most extravagant parties in European history ... as well as wielding massive political clout in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. #OpDeathEaters
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