Episode 6 Season 1

Why does the letter Q stand alone?

Why is “Alice in Wonderland’s” WHITE RABBIT featured prominently in a >> missing girl’s bedroom (kidnapped)?

Why is there a STORM bulletin on the refrigerator?

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After @Microsingular turned me onto “Stranger Things”, I’m finding all sorts of, well, strange things!

Season 2 Ep. 1

“Magic Sword” reference.
“The Upside Down”

Think Mirror
“Stranger Things”

Season 2 Ep. 2

Officials are questioning the Wheeler family as to the whereabouts of Eleven.

Ted Wheeler - “We are all Patriots”
“Stranger Things”

Really hammering home >1984 < and this Reagan Bush sign every chance they get.
Fast Forward briefly to ”Stranger Things” Season 3.

Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt for Red October” Released in > 1984 <

Orwell’s movie blockbuster “1984”.

Are you putting the pieces together?
“Stranger Things”

Season 2. Ep. 5 👉 “Dig Dug”

Bob (Sean Astin) shows up for a date night but Joyce, Mike and Will are putting together a complex 👉 MAP of Will’s visions. Bob brings with him, a board game 👉 “Hi-Q”.

*Find a better screenshot.

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