On this 20th Anniversary of The "Start" I decided to get into the trenches to explain why I believe JFK Jr. faked his death. I present this not to "prove" he's alive. I present this so one could see a pragmatic story of how a man who was targeted by the DS, whose family ...
... members were also targeted by the DS.

This story opens up with my understanding of Q.

There is no doubt that Q is interwoven within the John F. Kennedy story. There is a strong sense that the fuel behind Q is the assassination of Kennedy.

Q also revealed in ...
... Q-Post 1082, that JFK Jr.'s plane crash initiated the beginning of Q. So in essence today at 9:41 pm ET will be the 20th year anniversary of Q.

I understand that Q has said JFK Jr. is dead. I also understand that Q provides disinformation. So one fact negates the ...
... the other. In this thread, I have no interest in debating the merits of Q-Post 2611 or any post that relates to it as it is irrelevant to this discussion. I have tremendous respect for the opinions people have in regards of taking Q-Post 2611 literally and view those ...
... opinions as legit argument. Rehashing that debate will only be pointless and take up valuable bandwidth for what essentially will not move the discussion forward.

Now with all that behind us, let's get into the dig.

On July 16. 1999 JFK Jr., His wife Carolyn and her ...
... sister Lauren were on their way to Hyannis Port, MA. to attend the wedding of his cousin Rory Kennedy. They were making a detour to the Martha's Vineyard Airport to drop off Lauren. At least, this is what the mockingbirds had us believe.

The flight took off from ...
... New Jersey's Essex County Airport (Caldwell Airport - CDW) at 8:38. This was The "Start". 8:38 is interesting in that 8:38 PM = 20:38 (24-hour time). 38 was JFK Jr's age in the day and 20 years brings us to today.

When I first dug into this it was several months ago ...
... I've got more things to work with today.

For instance, CDW. Let's take a look.

CDW >> 30 >> 3 - The Age JFK Jr. was when his father was killed. But look here:

CDW >> 3 4 23 or 3423 - lets take a look at Q-Post 3423.

Q-Post 3423
7/12/19 - 10:27:58
[Wheels Up] flight ...
... logs [CLAS 1-99] under investigation by FBI/DOJ?

Not sayin' - just sayin'. I would say this is a direct correlation to a theme.

I also see C comes before D and I see The Pain (W >> 23).

C comes before D >> 3 comes before 4 >> 34 >> 4, 10, 20 << D J T. Was the ...
... choice of this remote airport to convey DJT was in The Plan at The "Start"?

So let's look into the flight preparations for the journey.

What does an actor do?


Lets go back to his pilot training.

It’s clear, JFK Jr. played the role of inexperienced pilot.
What did he do in training? According to the NTSB Report, he had to repeat lesson 11!

How is The Plan represented? The repeat of 11 or 11:11.

Coincidence? In this thread I suggest keeping a notepad beside you. Put hash or tally marks on a page of all the coincidences ...
... found in this story.

One clue I work with is "Future Proves Past." What this means is what we know now with Q, and the fact that Q started at the crash, we can apply Q codes to clue drops JFK Jr. placed during this journey. He gave signals to us (today) to tell us what ...
... he was doing back then. Signals we would never see until Q became public.

By using clues of Q, R, 20 years of seclusion, 11, 55, etc.

For example Is it a coincidence he entered the flight path of AA 1484? Was it a coincidence that the global timing of his flight ...
... coincided with EST afternoon timing of his fathers assassination. Having the plane N737JH (with all its clues) follow him off runway 22 - the day of the assassination., very likely carrying off Carolyn and Lauren.

Incidentally, N737JH is a 1977 Cessna 172N and N529JK is ...
... a 1977 Cessna 182Q (17 and 18).

AA 1484 >> 11 17

172N >< 17 2N
182Q >< 18 2Q

We have Q & R

2N & 2Q >> 16 & 19 >> 35 - POTUS JFK

In a plane tail number, the N is required by FAA regulations.

JFK Jr. First Plane was N529JK. JFK's birthdate is 5/29 and of course JK ...
... being his initials. The tail number spoke for itself. But if you look at the tail number by separating the numbers and letters you get:

529 JK >> 16 21 >> 1621

Lets look at Q-Post 1621

Q-Post 1621
6/28/18 - 12:33:42
We remember you, Mr. VIP!
Where did the Storm derive from?
Some things leave lasting impressions.
Listen carefully.
When did POTUS make the statement?
When did we arrive to start the awakening?
You have more than you know.

See the connection? ...
... Another connection to The "Start".

The other Cessna was N737JH.

If we apply the same criteria, we get:

737 JH >> 17 & 18 - Q & R

N529JK was not used for this flight this night. Three months earlier
... JFK Jr. bought a new plane. The new plane tail number was N9253N.

This is where we bring up the concept Q introduced with mirrors. JFK Jr. mirrored birth with death. Where he had N529JK saved - the plane that represented birth - he used N9253N for the crash - to ...
... represent death. Look at the numbers.

Birth - N 529 JK
Death - N 925 3N

You see how the birth date (529) is reversed. And what about 3N?

On the Presidential Limousine, the license plates read "GG 300".

GG >> 14 << N

GG = N

300 >> 3

3N represents the vehicle his ...
... father was assassinated in.

JFK Jr. bought two planes that already had these numbers assigned to them years and even decades before he bought them. He had brokers who searched out these two planes and brokered deals to get them. He needed these numbers to communicate ...
... this story.

N 925 3N >> 16 17

Q-Post 1617
6/28/8 - 12:10:15
Only the beginning.
Power to the people.

According to the NTSB Report background documents, JFK Jr. was at the airport readying the plane. Both Carolyn and Lauren were seen ...
... at the airport. However shortly before the flight a witness said he saw JFK Jr. at the plane. But he did not name any other people. He mentioned a blond woman who was wearing black "peddle pusher" pants getting out and getting back into the plane. This was at 18:00-20:34 ...

Sunset occurred at 20:14.

Prior to taking off, this was the conversation JFK Jr. had with the tower.

At 20:34 he contacted ground tower:
"...saratoga niner two five three november ready to taxi with mike...right turnout northeast bound."

At 20:38:32 John contacted ...
... tower to advise he was ready to take off from runway 22
At 20:38:39 Tower cleared John for take-off
At 20:38:43 John acknowledged the clearance
At 20:38:46 Tower asks John if he's heading to Teterboro, NJ (it was actually N737JH that was going to Teterboro - somehow the ...
... planes got confuse - on purpose? I believe Carolyn and Lauren were on this plane.)
John replies "No sir, I'm uh actually I'm heading a little uh north of it, uh eastbound."
Tower replies "make it a right downwind departure then."
At 20:38:56 John replies - "right ...
... downwind departure two two." - Communication ends.
At 20:40 John performs engine run-up and then take off.
"Takeoff and right downwind departure seemed normal"
At 20:40:59 Radar data shows a target visual flight rules (VFR) code 1 mile south west of CDW - alt. 1,300 ft.
Target proceeded to the northeast at 55 deg.
Target maintained an elevation below 2,000 ft. Target was at 1,400 at the Hudson River. At 8 miles northwest of Westchester County Airport (HPN) the target turned north over river and then climbed. Continued north for 6 miles, ...
... then turned eastward at 100 deg.
20:47 Civil Twilight ended
The target climbed to 5,500 ft. at 6 miles northeast of HPM. The extended course at this point projected over Martha's Vineyard. Target continued to be followed at 5,500 ft passing north of Bridgeport, Conn. - ...
... crossed the shoreline between Bridgeport and New Haven. The target continued at 100 deg. just south and parallel to the coastline of Conn and RI. After passing Point Judith, RI the target continued over RI South. About 34 miles west of Martha Vineyard Airport (MVY) radar ...
... data showed the target began descend from 5,500 ft.

POINT JUDITH >> 146 >> 11

JFK Jr. avoided the coastline of Rhode Island Sound and Buzzards Bay, which would have provided visible lights on the ground. He chose the route of darkness, as if he was initiating the ...
... symbolism of the darkness we are about to exit from - into the light.

All FAA handbooks and training says such a maneuver was dangerous. JFK Jr. knew this so why? Acting. He set up the narrative over a decade of piloting classes and repeat classes. Then there was his ...
... “broken foot”. It was if he wrote the script for the media. And the NTSB, the media and Americans played their parts. Moreover, the deep state had an easy target - so they thought.

He didn’t choose to cross Buzzards Sound, as his training would have him do. He chose to ...
... cross the OCEAN >> 38 >> 11.

I also think this shows something important. His planning was incidental. If he was going to be targeted, the staging of the attack wouldn’t be west of MV, where the crash occurred. The staging would have been in Buzzards Sound. Redirecting ...
... he flight over the ocean, seemingly to put him in control in the staging of his death. If the White Hats acting like black hats planted a small device that would take out the rudder and elevators on the plane’s tail, then the same White Hats would set off the device after ...
... he and the female jumped. It was a stunning show on an elaborate stage.

So the flight continues.
At 21:28 nautical twilight ends
At 21:38 target stopped its descent.
At 21:40 moon was at 11.5 deg. above horizon at 270.5 deg. with 19% illumination.

This flight was tracked from takeoff to the performance data ...
... obtained from the avionics onboard.

What we know is that John was at the plane. One female got into the plane prior to flight. The plane was tracked to Martha's Vineyard and was piloted by John. All communications occurred with the plane up to the point of take off. ...
... All this information is backed by Airport data, witnesses & avionics.

What I believe happened at the end of the flight is JFK Jr. and the blond woman jumped. The NTSB Report provides the transcript. (See pic). In the last minutes, JFK Jr. was putting on a parachute in ...
... the rear of the plane. The blond woman, I believe was a Navy Pilot. I believe at this point, she was piloting the plane from the co-pilot seat. She was fully outfitted with a parachute. I believe the co-pilot seat was missing because she couldn't set in the seat with ...
... her parachute on. The seat is easily removed and was likely removed by JFK Jr. when the plane was at CDW.

JFK Jr. opens the rear door. The plane was traveling at 900 feet per minute. This is equivalent to 10 miles per hour. Very slow. The left door open will cause ...
... the plane to veer left. After he jumped, the woman shut off the fuel valve. She opened the pilot cabin door (right side) pushed the yoke in to direct the plane downward and she jumped. She and JFK Jr. had location devices on. On various conspiracy theories, witnesses ...
... said there was a strange boat in the waters near the crash site. I believe that boat picked the two up and scurried them away. Meanwhile, I believe three cadavers were placed in the plane seats quickly and the scene was abandoned.
At this point, those who thought they ...
... succeeded in their efforts would be approaching the crash site expecting to conduct a coverup. And thus we have the stories others have researched and provided on the death of JFK Jr.

The only thing that differs with this story, is a few white hats intermixed with black ...
... hats slipped JFK Jr. out of harms way without any detection.

Thus we have The "Start". There is more to this story, but this is long as it is.

I hope you enjoyed.
Drawings of the recovered plane. Shaded areas are the recovered parts.
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