I hope this makes sense to someone.

@jaden is my son. I had alcohol poisoning Halloween 2000, I call it "my tequila divorce." This event is why he is alive, don't ask me how it works. He is also my God son, Easton Jalen Martin, son of LaShay, one of my best friends.
I went to a party on Saturday with awareness that I might be sacrificed. I went because it was my nephew's birthday and I wanted to close a loop from January where I believed they sacrificed him and it contributed to whatever happened in January. I was there to "catch" him.
My whole family was there, dressed as strangers. So we're the powers that be. I didn't know Jaden was celebrating his 21st birthday then too. Someone filmed me at the party. I know this is significant. It was near Mt Pleasant church. I got alcohol poisoning in Mt Pleasant, MI.
That was a typo but I'm forced to leave it for accuracy.
The next day while making coffee, I saw a video of @jaden's party and it was clear to me that this event was a convergence across space & time. I was there for YOU Jaden, because of you. Because of all the ones like you being so brave and bold. I cannot sit back & just watch.
Thus, Jaden is also my nephew Sully. Tom Hanks played a character named Sully. I cannot quite explain how this works but everyone who is alive is connected, spiritually across space and time, and my life is the keystone. It baffles me but it's real and I definitely see it.
I'm aware there was a suicide in this house, and a murder with a gun. I AM STILL HERE. I am aware people have gone back in time and left crumbs. I see you, then and now, and I see how we are connected. It's too much to say everyone's names. Just know that I AM HERE. I won't quit
My dreams are not just dreams. I wake saying your names. I know when I'm in public I'm being used as a portal for souls to jump dimensions, don't ask me how it works. I am letting God use me to fulfill his plan & make a final end to this evil and restore this earth by God's hand
I can see based on names and language that Rogers is important, that Roeper is important, that Chris and I have been together before somehow. I can tell the rituals are recapitulating events in my life to safely bring the rest of these fragmented souls back to God.
Whatever is happening, I trust what God is using the Family for and I encourage everyone to walk away from the vitriolic infighting and stoking the false dialectic - this perpetuates chaos and prevents growth and harmony. I appreciate everyone who is using POSITIVITY right now
444 #144
To my sister, Emily, my white flag, Bay View. Thank you for what you are doing right now. I can't wait to see the show. I'm so proud of you and I miss you so much. I'm here waiting and if I can help you in any way, please help me to figure out how.
Jennifer, I am with you 🙏 I cannot fathom your pain or the weight that you carry. I'm sorry. I want to help. I love you. Thank you for what you are doing right now
Christine, I love you
When does this part end?
Is Emily "P"?
I now understand "be careful who you follow" and why you couldn't see me for "two weeks"

I wish I had understood more then so I wouldn't have been so ugly.
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