From my research I am finding the Jeffrey Epstein case leads to a child sex trafficking ring run between the U.S., UK, Israel, & Saudi Arabia.

Blackmail & pleasure.

Modeling agencies are front groups to ensnare girls.

Socialites, politics, wealth.

An Open Secret.
2014: Victoria's Secret Arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Victoria’s Secret is opening its first two stores in Saudi Arabia this December, at Granada Center (on 6 December) and Kingdom Centre (on 20 December) in Riyadh.
Shares of L Brands, founded by Epstein’s longtime client & friend Leslie Wexner, tumbled by more than four percent.

International Map: L Brands - 92 stores in Saudi Arabia.
Store Directory.
July 12, 2019: Wexner Foundation's statement about Jeffrey Epstein by Rabbi Elka Abrahamsson to "concerned" Wexner Members.

"This is an individual who utterly twisted and tossed aside that sacred notion. We are sickened by Mr. Epstein's behavior."
Harvard has 'no plans' to return Epstein's $6.5M gift.

Alan Dershowitz, Epstein's lawyer, "says he would try to get the sex offender less prison time if he had the chance."
Professor of Law, Emeritus.
Feb 8, 2018: Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz talk Rob Porter, Russia probe on Fox News.


Both served as lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein.
Alexander Acosta, graduate of Harvard College & Harvard Law School, gave Epstein, "a light state sentence."

Resigned as labor secretary.
Former Epstein attorney Ken Starr says Alex Acosta played tough in 2008.
July 15, 2019: @MelissaAFrancis @TuckerCarlson discuss Leslie Wexner, CEO of L Brands & Victoria Secret, and his connections to Jeffrey Epstein.
Sept. 2018: Leslie Wexner announced at a leadership summit in Columbus that, “I’m no longer a Republican,” and that he will no longer support the Republican Party.

$500,000 to Jeb Bush for president.

“ashamed” by President Donald Trump
2019: The MC2 modeling agency has locations in Miami and Tel Aviv. 

According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Epstein used the agency to lure underage prey
Jan. 2015: Brunel & modeling agency, MC2, sued Epstein for
damages that allegedly resulted from notoriety & bad publicity generated by criminal charges that had been brought against Epstein involving allegations of unlawful sexual contact with a minor.
"Epstein sexually trafficked Jane Doe #3 to Jean Luc Brunel many times. Brunel was another of Epstein’s closest friends and a regular traveling companion"

"was able to get U.S. passports for young girls to “work” as models."
April 24, 2019: Epstein vs. Brunel & MC2

Brunel unable to serve Epstein on Little St. James Island.

Brunel sued for damages that resulted from notoriety & bad publicity generated by Epstein.

Epstein claims he was easily accessible on the island.
Epstein had 16 phone numbers for Prince Andrew (Queen Elizabeth’s 3rd child, & Prince Charles’s younger brother).

Epstein allegedly forced a girl to have sex with him on 3 occasions, including during what she described as an orgy w/ other underage girls.
Jeffrey Epstein connections.

Nicole Junkermann, UK, was on Epstein's flight manifest.
Attended Harvard.
Currently, Ehud Barak, is a chairman & Investor of company she directs. 
Some Epstein connections with Saudi Arabia & Adnan Khashoggi via @VickyPJWard.

Khashoggi tweets:

Also, Les Wexner, L Brands & Victoria Secret, has 92 stores in Saudia Arabia.
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