1/Sunday July 14-
In my research since the #NXIVMtrial ended almost 4 weeks ago, I discovered that #NXIVM #MEXICO was/is MASSIVE, with ties to
#Hollywood (JamesBond?!)
and #Media
They HAD (still HAVE?) big plans…
2/ During the trial, Mark Vicente testified that Keith Raniere bragged that #NXIVM was so massive, with so many interconnected companies under the NXIVM umbrella, that it couldn’t be taken down.
Well, even the US Gov’t said it was big…
Much discovery evidence>sealed.
4/ The result was the opening sequence below.
- And the contract for the NEW, annual Day of the Dead (Dia De los Muertos) Parade was issued...
full video👉
Why isn’t anyone reporting this?!
5/ Actually, here is the full video so you can hear it with sound. The parade itself was a fake.
There NEVER HAD been a Dia De Los Muertos parade in Mexico City, till now...
Nobody knew anything about #NXIVM's involvement...
7/ Excerpts:
- Govt's requirement: film at least 4 minutes of film in Mexico City, portraying Mexican police as favorable!
- #Projection was opposite of reality
- 43 college students had disappeared just months before, their deaths covered up
- People protested vs Media spin!
8/ Ok, so #Hollywood ceded creative control to #Mexico for $20ML ..

- Who authorized the $20ML to #MGM and #Sony, when NO program was in place for that kind of $$?

And, WHO gave the multi- $ML contract to ANIMA for Dia De la Muertes?!

Who is ANIMA inc.??!

9/ ALL in above photo were #NXIVM/ESP members👆
Anima, inc: A theatrical production co., tasked w/ Mexico promotions WORLDWIDE $$$:
-Dia De Muertes, Moscow
-Central American and Carribbean game ceremonies (Veracruz, 150ML viewers)
-Bi-Centennial Celebration #Mexico
-Pan Am Games
10/ #NXIVM Mexico's Anima, Inc. was/is VERY WELL connected.

Collaborators: a who's who of creative and artistic talent.

Collective experiences ranging from Olympic Games, to the Super Bowl Show w/Madonna, etc..
Archived website link here for more info: https://web.archive.org/web/20150813014425/http://animainc.com/compania/
11/ I will continue this thread tomorrow evening with all the gov't & elite connections/programs to #NXIVM. In the meantime I would appreciate if ppl could share this thread with other researchers, bc I dont have it all!
(hint Parlato👇)
12/ Does someone not want me talking about #NXIVM #Mexico and the connections to Hollywood and [email protected]? I was notified yesterday that I somehow made a #governm@nt trending list, wasnt sure about what that meant- and now this?🧐😬🤨
Maybe just a coincidence.
13/ Did I mention...
Anima Inc., a #NXIVM company...
- WON 10 Telly Awards, & was NOMINATED for 3 Emmys??? 🤯
- Opening Ceremony of the Central American & Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014
- Broadcast on ESPN
- 150 million viewers
Where was *THIS* info in our #NXIVM news coverage?
15/ Answer: Key political ties inside #Mexican govt, linked 2 #NXIVM enterprise including multiple #Salinas family connections.
-Emilano Salinas, Head #NXIVM #Mexico , son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas.
-Fdr: #NXIVM "peace movement" Inlakech (logo!),Prorsus Capital
16/ Anima, INC co-founder (& #NXIVM member) Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya:
- Sister of Jose Gonzalez Anaya
- on President Enrique Pena Nieto's administration (SS, then Finance Minister)
- former PEMEX CEO
- ALSO Brother-in-law to former President Carlos Salinas!😮
17/ Anima INC had friends in high places $$$:

Secretary of Tourism: President Enrique Peña Nieto
•(2012–2015) : Claudia Ruiz Massieu (Carlos Salinas Niece, Emiliano's cousin!)
•(2015–2018) : Enrique de la Madrid Cordero , son of former President & brother of #NXIVM members!
18/ Imagine: the Bush & Obama daughters, Chelsea Clinton, Jayden Smith & ohh, I dont know... one of Rupert Murdoch's daughters went to Brazil, became devotees of John of God, came back & started a
-production company, nursery school, Investment co. and peace movement??!.
19/ THIS!!! ( & THANK you @bitchinger !) #NXIVM
- Anima Inc (via sister company? Anima Shows) is CLEARLY involved w/ Mexico City rebranding promotions.
- #CDMX all about the "Ciudad de Mexico" rebrand.
-Paid 6.8ML Pesos (~$355K) for 3 FLASHMOBS)!!
20/ Below is Anima's performance at the Bi-centennial Celebrations. 4 Billion Peso was paid for the entire show, but Anima was not in official govt contract (subcontracted via 3rd party).
#UndertheTable again?
👇 #NXIVM inv report
21/ Dia de los Muertos parade in a drug and crime infested city is now annual event, attracting over 1 Million visitors (cough victims) for the parade alone, but what else is this attracting?? More cults? Occult practices ? Mexico City has a trafficking problem. Kids 2 disappear?
22/ Isn't MS 13 into Santa de Muerte, and aren't they in Mexico City? Just asking.. It seems local Mexican people have every reason to be upset that their smaller day of the Dead celebrations has gone all Hollywood, concentrated in a City with so much ...👿
23/OF course, it looks like fun from media promotions, but even the Russian govt had concerns.

They called it occult, cancelled Anima’s Day of the Dead parade on Red Square near the “hallowed ground” of Lenins grave.

Told them to move it indoors. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/29/mexico-day-of-the-dead-parade-moscow-cancelled-lenin
24/ Sony Hack emails on Mexican deal.
Anyone know who these people are, or who they are connected to? Who would have arranged the deal in the first place?
#Hollywood deals w/ #Mexico govt ...
#KeithRaniere didnt seem involved in any of this, all done from Mexico side.
25/ #NXIVM #MEXICO Connections Pt. II
-Day of the Dead Parade
-Salinas, James Bond & the ROYAL FAMILY?! #WTF
-WHERE is this all leading??? #Qanon
26/ Recapping #NXIVM #Mexico thread so far…
- The #SonyHack revealed: Mexican government paid $20 MILLION for the opening scene of the #JamesBond movie Spectre
- #SalinasConnected Govt granted contract for Day of the Dead parade to #NXIVM company Anima Inc.
27/ Anima Inc. (now attempting a rebrand) won 10 Telly awards, was nominated for 3 Emmys, & collaborated with MANY in the #Hollywood & #DISNEY industry for shows & performances.
This has NOT been in the news.
The parade brings in 1 MILLION+tourists 4 parade alone. #NXIVM #MEXICO
28/ BUT… In 2014 MEXICO CITY already had (its EVEN worse now) an extremely serious, and I mean HORRIFIC drug and human/child trafficking problem, including:
-Kidnappings for ransom
-Organ Harvesting
-Sex trafficking
People in the US have been sheltered from the horrible truth... I truly did not know it had gotten this bad.
30/ While heavily promoted in MSM to boost Mexico tourism, the Dia De Los Muertos parade itself is DEEPLY rooted in the OCCULT.
31/ Numerous images have I come across like this, mixed in with innocent looking promotional pics-
Just one look and we know this is appealing to a much darker element.
Does this look like fun??!
#NXIVM Mexico
32/ Oh, here comes Disney! They are ALL getting involved with this Day of the Dead Mexico promotion, aren't [they]?... But wait, it gets better...
33/ The Mexico tourist Board mentioned above- Who are they again?
#NXIVM contracts
(2012–2015) : Claudia Ruiz Massieu
(2015–2018) : Enrique de la Madrid Cordero
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
(2018–present) : Miguel Torruco Marqués
34/ "Carlos Salinas is rumored to be the de-facto head of the Mexican drug cartels". The cartels have expanded their trafficking operations. Carlos Slim widely rumored to be his "front man". Can they keep Emiliano from being indicted?
#NXIVM Mexico👇(click to🧐)
36/ One student was beaten so severely, then had his face flayed off and eyes gouged out.
Was it a #ritual for something/or SOMEONE, performed by occult driven and demon infested parties?
Trigger alert! (3rd pic🙈).

So WHO COMES to visit during this violent madness of 2014?!
What in the AF is Prince Charles doing here, and what does this have to do with #NXIVM?
Ill come back to this, but note the date/year- THIS WAS a VERY Specific, ODD & DANGEROUS time for a visit, amongst all the beheadings and kidnappings:
38/ I meant to come back in 2 hours not 2 days(!!)
Going back to tweet 24/ above.. I was asking if anyone knows anything about the authors of those #Sony hacked emails? I was really surprised at what I discovered...
This will take a few tweets to explain-See highlighted lines:
39/ So Barbara Broccoli gave the ok to MGM president Jonathan Glickman for that memo? I didn’t know who she was so I had to look into it...
40/ Some of you may know (I didn’t) that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson are step brother and sister, & sole owners of EON productions, after it was passed down from their father Albert Broccoli, co-owner of the James Bond Enterprise.
Barbara Broccoli is in charge.
41/ Barbara’s father, Cubby Broccoli, was co-founder of EON w Harry Saltzman, a US GOVERNMENT OPERATIVE from Canada, SENT to London as a “Motion Picture Distributor”?!
Ian Fleming himself was tied to MI6
Is James Bond a creation of #Hollywood arm of government (US/UK)??🧐👇 #FVEY
42/ Barbara Broccoli is vice president of BAFTA, the President is Prince William.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson are both OBE (Order of the British Empire).
They are the intermediaries between ALL THINGS James Bond and the Royal family, who has the final say...
43/ So when Prince Charles arrived in Mexico City, exactly on the Day of the Dead, the press said it was to "mark" the holiday. It was also to give the "nod" for the opening scene in Spectre. This was a few days before those emails were flying around re: "the Mexico deal"...
44/ Barbara was also in Mexico during that timeframe, as per her email (that was hacked and leaked #SonyHack)
So how does this tie in to #NXIVM ?
45/ The communications were re: the Dia de Los Muertos opening parade scene in Mex City... The one in which the Mexican government paid $20ML, giving contract to #NXIVM's Anima Inc to continue the parade as a tourism promo, (in an area rife w/child trafficking/organ harvesting!)
46/ Actually here's link 2 the full article, its worth watching the embedded video-
Its also worth remembering that spokesperson 4 parade, Alejandra Anaya is #NXIVM member
- & co-founder of Anima Inc.
- & sister of #Mexico's fmr Sec. of Finance.
47/ What she said in the article about the ( #NXIVM) parade being a "great offering which we give to our dead," etc?..
MANY Mexican people were outraged, protesting regularly over the missing 43 male students at the hands of the govt, infuriated that they spent $20ML 4 a parade
48/ Getting back to the Prince...
Who was his host when he arrived ON the Day of the Dead, amidst all the chaos of the missing/kidnapped 43 young men, and the protests that were generated by the outrage?
Secretary of Foreign Affairs 👇 Jose Antonio Meade
49/ *Very* telling 60 second video below. He is also notable (per Wikipedia) for the accomplishment of
"improved access" of undocumented immigrants in the US to
✅drivers licenses,
✅birth certificates and IDs"!
#VoterID - 👇👀 https://twitter.com/JoseAMeadeK/status/961747772213899264?s=20
50/ Here he is with the (then) Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas- Now she is head of the PRI as I mentioned earlier... She is also Carlos Salinas' niece, and Mr Meade is also supported by Salinas...
Eventually, Ill get to the point...
Carlos Salinas & #NXIVM
51/I will continue this thread a bit later, right now I am at the Moynihan courthouse for the #JeffreyEpstein hearing.
So much for a speedy trial- looks like it's not going to start until June or September of 2020(?!)
Due to 1 million pages of discovery documentation
52/ ⏳ Continuing now (anyone left reading?!):

Q: Is it so easy for any CRIMINAL regime to call Barbara Broccoli and say "Hey we will pay $20 ML for a James Bond *OCCULT* Day of the Dead parade scene in Spectre, please put us in a more favorable light- can you send the Prince?"
53/ P.S. Ahem! Try to ignore the bodies, the cartels, the reports of organ harvesting AND the massive protests??... And oh those missing boys that we disposed of... somewhere..

Why, I ask again, would the Prince come during all this mayhem? And how tf does this tie into #NXIVM?
54/ Turns out, it was part of a trade deal, orchestrated in 2013, for something called a "Dual Year" celebration- to begin in 2015 between the UK and Mexico.
55/ The launch of the UK in #Mexico in 2015 took place at a Jesuit College, signing a book in front of this Diego Rivera painting "the Creation". These people are ALWAYS signaling, so what does it mean?
I don't know, but this looks like another rabbit hole to me..
56/ I can do a whole thread on the high strangeness & signaling taking place during this #Mexico trip
- For now maybe just a couple of tweets not 2 get too far off track...
Ex., the Prince's speech at launch refers proudly to Michael Landy's Saints Alive Exhibition??
WTF is it?!
57/ Of aaaalllll the artwork to choose for a launch, beheadings, demons and stabbings? Is this art or a mockery?
Please, indulge me...have a look, just for a minute...
listen to the artist talk about how he likes the torture chamber effect🧐👇
58/ By the way, during his speech he made no mention of the violence of course, but did make sure 2 emphasize their partnership in the formation of "Sustainable development and Climate Change negotiations".
(PS..they weren't expecting @POTUS)
59/ He also didn't mention Barbara Broccoli, or the secret James Bond negotiations that would take place while she was in town.. thank goodness for Sony Hacks (earlier in thread) to give us a clearer picture..
60/ More #signaling?... There seems little left to random about MOST photos involving the Prince of Wales, and the fact that those boys' shirts say "Cementos Fortaleza"...
#CarlosSlim (aka Carlos Salinas' frontman)
61/ Perhaps these photos are random and not #signaling...
Day 2 Camilla meets with trafficking victims in Mexico City.
Wonder who the lady in red is, with red hair and red shoes? She is hard to miss... The lady in purple?
62/ Uh-Oh.. Breaking news..
The lady in Purple, Rosi Orozco is having some properties taken from her... by President AMLO's newly formed "Institute to return the stolen to the People"?! Allegations going on for 10 years? Didn't the Royal couple vet Rosi?
63/ I did not know about this! This sounds very similar to President Trump's December 2017 executive order, authorizing seizure of assets of those involved in Human Rights Violations!
Booyah, AMLO!!👇🧐👏👏
64/ Day 3 Charles flew solo (Camilla sick?) to Campeche, on the Guatamalan border. He visited a women's refuge center, and took a pose with these "dancers"(?) I saw more kids than adults in all pics...🤔
65/ Perhaps the above are innocent visits and photos- I doubt it, but Time WILL tell all⏳...
There are lots of troubling CREDIBLE stories swirling about kids, pedos, satanists and the Royal Family that I wouldn't trust them AT ALL around ANY children!
66/ I found the timing of Charles visit fascinating as it related to the James Bond #Mexico deal, and then with some of the photo ops...
I promise to bring this all back to #NXIVM in the next part- I just need to pull it together.
It all comes down to Salinas. Coming soon!
67/ #NXIVM Mexico Part III 8/7/19.
"The Globalistas"
President Nieto was in on #NXIVM's AnimaInc deal. What more proof is needed than this video of him with NXIVMs very own Anima Inc Creative Director, Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya.
(Can anyone translate?)
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