In the top left image pictured with Epstein's recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell is Andre Balazs who owns the [Standard Hotels].

Oh boy. 
Here's Andre with Marina Abramovic.
The event they were attending was held by Diane von Furstenberg.
Reposting image with Andre & Ghislaine.
Together again here.

Epstein's connected to The Standard Hotel owner.
Diane von Furstenberg is married to Barry Diller.

Diller is a close friend of the Clinton's.

He's the guy who gave Chelsea millions to attend a few board meetings.
Keep digging.
Why are these people attracted to weirdos?
Uncle Terry Richardson dated Audrey Gelman who founded "The Wing" coven for witches.
More on Audrey & The Wing from the thread linked above.
Andre is also listed in Epstein's black book.

I wonder if Marina was Spirit Cooking for the Clintons, Steyers, and Podestas on Little St. James Island?

It is going to get much deeper once they look back a few decades.

Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine's father) was a sick man.

There is likely going to be more disturbing news coming so please prepare for the worst.

Some people will be totally shocked.
This is Robert Maxwell meeting with Neil Kinnock. Maxwell had immense political influence.
Kinnock is the Brit who Joe Biden plagiarized years ago.

He's the father in law to Helle Thorning-Schmidt.
She was the CEO of Save The Children until she stepped down in January 2019.
The deeper you look into the Maxwell family the darker it gets.

They've been associated with Save The Children and Oxfam for a long time.

Read the captions in the linked images.
This is a really crazy story.
This guy?

Swamp Spooks.
Oh this is getting weird.

I'm about to go full Pizzagate & Qanon...

Remember Q posted about Maggie Nixon?

She's connected to Sylvia Earle. Her family is close to Sylvia and they make movies together.

Sylvia works with Podesta...
Down the hatch...
Why bring this up?

Ghislaine Maxwell's project TerraMar was funded by the Clinton Global Initiative and look who was a "founding citizen."

Sylvia Earle...
Podesta email.
This thread got whacked pretty good during the Twitter outage.

Oh well.
Several have noted that Robert Maxwell employed Bill Browder just before he was found belly up.

Browder learning from Maxwell & Safra.
There's also this story out there about PROMIS we can discuss.

I wouldn't be surprised if we found a Jimmy Savile connection.

These people truly are sick.

This is good stuff.
I thought I posted this above but apparently Twitter blocked it or user error.

Maxwell attends a luncheon in April 2013...

"The New York Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Children"

Ain't that special?

These are Peace Officers who investigating child abuse.
Swedish Karl Wellner is the President of NYSPCC. He's the CEO of Papamarkou, a highly regarded wealth management firm for the elites. 

He's married to Deborah Norville from Inside Edition. Norville is also on the board for Viacom.
Look at what the NYCSCPP gets to investigate..

CFR couple as several pointed out below.

Sorry I'm multitasking today.
Thanks Gary.
Estonian connection...

NYSCPP meets at The Standard.
Another dig to check into...
As an offshoot to Julian's thread I am checking into the Digicel connections.
Nikima Royer Know Baptiste is the CEO of Digicel Dominica and is with the Clinton Global Initiative.
Digicel uses digital money transfers in disaster areas and partners with Save The Children in places like Haiti and Fiji.
Well shit.

Here is the CGI meeting with Digicel & Save The Children CEOs in attendance.

Some other notables.
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