Pizzagate was created to discredit #OpDeathEaters, QAnon was created to discredit #Anonymous. Both were creations of prominent Trump supporters / state-backed, familiar with us and our operations. That's how we know that what we are telling you is credible.
The goal for #PizzaGate and QAnon, was to destroy the credibility of #OpDeathEaters and those involved in the investigations it is focused on, especially the #Esptien case that was buried under a sea of conspiracy theories and generic youtube videos pushed by suspicious accounts.
. @Wikileaks was also very familiar with #OpDeathEaters and Heather Marsh, and yes before they declared @YourAnonCentral 'should not be trusted', we dm'd & tweeted concerning amplification regarding Epstein + more in 2014 which they chose to deliberately & openly ignore for years.
Again PizzaGate was created as an attack on #OpDeathEaters' Epstein investigation which was gaining public attention during the U.S. Election; it was pushed primarily by Wikileaks in an attempt to discredit former Wikileaks Central editor Heather Marsh.
Consider the following, we know Pizzagate was an effort to cover up Epstein's international pedo network, we know Wikileaks knew it was a hoax and still pushed it, we know Russian pro-Trump bots were all on it... so let's start asking WHY?
Intersecting with Pizzagate, Qanon has been by far one of the sleaziest operations to discredit Anonymous + attempt to control the narrative around child trafficking, especially #Epstein, in an attempt to politize & divert attention from the wider network of prominent clientele.
The Qanon campaign focuses on targeting vulnerable individuals ranging from the mentally handicapped, cognitively deficient, drug addicted, emotionally impaired, and former victims of abuse. Through a series of botnets, it coerces its victims into a manufactured reality.... (1)
Previously, Anonymous, Occupy, and Wikileaks drew the attention and support of many troubled individuals that did not otherwise fit well into society, nor could process appropriate social norms in a healthy manner, this is the base that the Qanon campaign swept through... (2)
Given the nature of the information being decimated by Anonymous, Occupy, and Wikileaks; several States and spy agencies developed countermeasures to prevent any attempts to expose war crimes, corruption, and criminal links, and other items not in line with their interests...(3)
For example between 2010-2013, the United States government released software dedicated to controlling the narrative around popular protests and to counter anti-US government sentiments brought by leaked material of US crimes... the infamous "bots"... (4)
After 2011, Anonymous, Occupy, and Wikileaks were targeted by various campaigns from differing State actors. The result was the disintegration of Occupy, corruption of Wikileaks, and the political schism of Anonymous, where many 'free speech' advocates were lured to fascism...(5)
We ourselves have been the targets of various early State botnet and propaganda operations that originated from Israel, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Canada, US, UK, Russia, Mexico, China, and even India. And yes it was exhausting... (6)
Pre-2014, Anonymous modus operandi was to release info packages and videos explaining our actions, potential actions, and calls to action for causes we believed were worthy or for the betterment of society, these were hosted on Youtube and other video providers... (7)
In mid-2014, Anonymous officially launched Operation Deatheaters ( @OpDeathEaters), where we called for an investigation and independent inquiry into prominent individuals engaged in organized crime, primarily child trafficking, citing previous cases and verified information...(8)
By early-2015, media worldwide (sample of coverage: reported on #OpDeatheaters and what the goal was and who it was targeting. This resulted in the overnight flooding of thousands of conspiracy videos on Youtube declaring themselves Anonymous... (9)
Between mid-2014 after #OpDeathEaters was announced until the US election, conspiracy videos from newly created Anon accounts were being released daily on Youtube, as well as announcements for false operations that media outlets would amplify as legitimate for headlines... (10)
Conspiracy videos and false operation declarations were largely distributed by newly created 'Anonymous' pages and accounts, primarily across Facebook. Grabbing vulnerable audiences who blindly believed in Anonymous & discouraging the public from seeing us as legitimate... (11)
Between mid-2015 onward, the newly minted 'Anonymous' accounts on youtube and Facebook began to shift towards right-wing propaganda and fascism, and mass distributing anti-democrat propaganda and videos. Previous to this Anonymous never interfered in democratic elections... (11)
When President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton announced their candidacy to the presidency, #OpDeathEaters attempted to contact every media outlet in the U.S. to notify them about the #Epstein case we had been working on since the start of the operation, it was ignored... (12)
Despite #OpDeathEaters efforts to raise awareness about potential implications such as blackmail & ties to organized crime both U.S. Candidates in 2015 were exposed to with the #Epstein case, our warnings were deliberately ignored and even ridiculed as conspiracy theory... (13)
In mid-2016, #OpDeathEaters released open source information linking then Candidate Donald Trump to organized crime (New York and Russia mafia) and detailing his history with child trafficking (including Epstein), this gained traction when the Steele dossier dropped later... (14)
In mid-2016, Assange (we suspect masterminded Pizzagate) began to peddle a conspiracy theory that mirrored #OpDeathEaters in an effort to prevent the Epstein story from breaking, it flooded our hashtags & once again media amplified the false conspiracy over real allegations. (15)
Note that @Wikileaks (Assange) knew about #OpDeathEaters and knew the journalist who launched Operation DeathEaters. His pushing of the Pizzagate theory was pure retaliation and support for the Trump admin and (Russia?). (16)
In 2017, we began to get confident that the Epstein case would finally break internationally and Trump's organized crime ties would be exposed, so we left this little gem that the Russians quickly amplified. (and tried to associate us to the CIA? lol) (17)
On November 1st, 2017, Anonymous #OpDeathEaters relaunched an extensive information package detailing President Trump's links to the Epstein case, Russia, and organized crime, which gained a lot of attention but none from main media outlets... (18)
On October 2017, the Qanon campaign was launched, coincidently enough most of the 'Anonymous' accounts that had been dedicated conspiracy theory, right-wing, and false operation mills in the campaign to discredit Anonymous had become Qanon distributors. (19)
Qanon immediately swarmed vulnerable individuals online through the use of botnets, copy & pasted OpDeathEaters investigations and rewrote them as Pro Trump conspiracies, they wrote the myth that Q naturally formed on 4chan which MSM didn't hesitate to amplify nationwide. (20)
The Qanon campaign wrote its own narrative as born from 4chan and naturally occurring amongst disenfranchised individuals which mainstream media quickly ate up as truth. When reality is staring them in the face, it's a cheap state-sponsored imitation of Anonymous. (21)
Ask yourselves why MSM and twitter blue checkmarks across the US chose to amplify Pizzagate and Qanon hoaxes along with their disinformation campaigns surrounding the Epstein case, instead of amplifying the facts and information #OpDeathEaters tried to distribute for years. (22)
While we appreciate that the Miami Herald decided to publish the #Epstein case in 2018 and that the FBI is finally being forced to investigate; we do not feel that neither reporting nor investigation is focusing on the ongoing network of prominent men who purchased children. (23)
In 2018, the founder of #OpDeathEaters, Heather Marsh, called out the Epstein case, ICE camps, and UK paedosadists in power at the Oxford Union, and was quickly censored for speaking truth to power. (24)
While US media is busy self-congratulating themselves on a story they sat on for years; we would like to invite them to expand their "reporting" beyond Epstein and on to his international trafficking network which is still hurting children. #OpDeathEaters
Media ignoring #OpDeathEaters and amplifying obvious state-sponsored Pizzagate & QAnon was no mistake, but a deliberate effort to bury the Epstein case and control the narrative. Even now they are trying to make this case about one guy and not the network.
Be wary of any attempts to suddenly 'round up pedos'; especially low-level nobodies, this will be a distraction we have seen time and time again. And be vigilant of witnesses being sued, killed, missing, intimidated or paid off. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters
#OpDeathEaters is global, and we need you to help open up investigations and inquiries in your home countries into the names that appear in #Epstein's little black book. Search through it and see if anyone familiar pops out.
About Wikileaks using Pizzagate to attack #OpDeathEaters and drown out the Epstein case, it is important to note who one of Assange's first lawyers was... Dershowitz (Epstein's lawyer and personal friend)
Also, take note that Assange has previously been very inclusive of pedos in his inner circles and has not been averse to hosting pedo apologia on the Wikileaks site. #OpDeathEaters
If you need further proof of the attempt to discredit #OpDeathEaters by conflating it with Pizzagate, this is Twitter's number one paedosadist propagandist.
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