1. Today, Jason Kenney attacked Lethbridge in a vile, inhumane way. He clawed back the $11.2 million allocated to the City by the Notley #abndp Govt to build addictions treatment centers that #yql desperately needs. ARCHES runs a Supervised Consumption Site (SCS) that... #ableg
2. ... must funnel addicts to treatment. His attack on this City is an assault on people at their lowest point, on people trying to help them, on the Police, on emergency responders, on social workers and on citizens. The MLA for Lethbridge-East sits silently by.
Why? Because...
3. Jason Kenney & his ignorant base want the SCS to fail. They want to perpetuate the cycle of suffering to the extreme point where the City shuts it down. Kenney is governing for his base, who believes in moralizing, punishment, and prayer - rather than science and treatment.
4. This is vile. Setting SCS up to fail gives those who want treatment no hope of getting it because Jason Kenney took the treatment beds away. Stuck in an ever worsening cycle of crime, addiction and hell, people will die. The UCP base shrugs. "Shouldn't be an addict, you know".
5. Well no shit, Sherlock. See, no one sets out to become an addict. There are many reasons people become addicted, but 1 of them isn't waking up one day and "I think I'll go become an Opioid addict, yeah that will be fun, I'll destroy my life, my finances...
#yql #ableg #cdnpoli
6. ... lie and steal from my family, lose all my friends, commit crimes and assault people. That will be great!" No one wakes up and sets that as their life goal.

But they should pray, I guess. Pray the drugs away, just like they they think prayer fixes poverty, apparently. #yql
7. This is backwards. The way forward in Canada's addiction crisis isn't to take treatment beds away from people seeking a way out of that life.

So, Jason Kenney & #ucp is backwards, ignorant, cruel, and utterly wrong. But then, we knew that, right Alberta? #ableg #yql
And here is the link, at long last.

Dave Mabel broke this. I merely vented on it. It is appalling that when we are so far behind, Jason Kenney wants to put this "on hold".
#yql #ableg

10. and somehow, we seemingly totally missed this down here in #yql. @NadineYousif wrote this up back on June 19th


13. Notley did not "neglect" rehab needs. It was addressed.

Money in #yql that Jason Kenney froze was for treatment beds & supportive housing, not for SCC sites.

Luan is tossing out red herrings, in
@sunrickbell's latest water haul for Kenney.
#ableg https://calgarysun.com/opinion/columnists/bell-drug-sites-no-answer-says-alberta-addictions-boss
Very glad to have been at City Hall today to support harm reduction and @ARCHESLeth SCS. Heartened to see so much vocal support from Lethbridge residents! We think our City Council noticed. Keep SCS & Build treatment centres! #yql #ableg
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