The #Epstein case is not the story of a billionaire who raped children and was well connected, it is about an international child rape and torture network protected by prominent individuals from all over the globe. It is international. #OpDeathEaters
The Epstein case shouldn't be investigated without looking at his clients, prominent men from Israel, UK, Canada, Australia, France, US, and more. Not investigating the Epstein trafficking network with an international scope is an injustice. #OpDeathEaters
We urge investigators and journalists alike, following the #Epstein child trafficking case to please also look at Jean Luc Brunel and MC2 Model Management. We have been asking for years just like we asked about Epstein. #OpDeathEaters
The power those like Epstein have over VIPs worldwide in our society subvert not only our justice system but also our democracies; perpetrators can be blackmailed against our interests by intel agencies, corporations, or criminal syndicates. #OpDeathEaters
Witnesses and investigators alike who push against child trafficking and rape networks involving Death Eaters, are often threatened, sued into bankruptcy, discredited, or killed. Often in obscurity with the public ignoring them. #Epstein #OpDeathEaters
What assurances do witnesses have for their safety when one of the men (Trump) accused in Federal court of raping children alongside #Epstein is commanding the DOJ, and Barr who is compromised refuses to recuse himself from the case? #OpDeathEaters
"What they mean by security is immunity from criminal prosecution. And we have seen that. They do not keep us safe, we have plenty of evidence of that, but they certainly do keep themselves safe."- Heather Marsh, @ Oxford 2018 #OpDeathEaters #Epstein
It is not a Jewish crime syndicate, and that's super antisemetic but your probably knew that
Listen go back to /pol/, and circle jerk with other Nazis buddy.
It is not a Jewish criminal gang you fucking Nazi, but thanks for trying to discredit those calling out child trafficking, typical /pol/ pedo propagada
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