Stealing this from Fai. Let's see if I can actually think of plots. :p
KSG & Yogita Bihani

A man stuck in his past and a fun loving woman meet on chance when they end up sitting next to each other on a plane. During that 22 hour flight, she changes his perspective on life and shows him how to live again.
KSG & Ratna Pathak Shah

A jaded theatre icon finds a new purpose in life when she takes a street play actor with a lot of heart, but mediocre acting skills, under her wing and grooms him to become a Broadway star.
Barun Sobti & Jennifer Winget

A self made man shows a woman born with a silver spoon how the other half lives and helps her find joy in the little things, and they end up falling in love in the process.
KSG & Anita Hassanandani

An entrepreneur, who has had his heart broken by his ex, ends up falling in love with his 5 year old daughter's nanny who is a hopeless romantic at heart, but jaded when it comes to her own love life and doesn't believe she would ever fall for someone.
Drashti Dhami & Ranbir Kapoor

On a holiday with a bunch of friends, a girl challenges her equally adventurous best friend to series of dares that leads to them falling in love. (Actually, they can fall in love with other people, too. That's also cool. Either way.)
Karan Kundrra & Anita Hassanandani

Two rival travel bloggers end up at the same art festival and make a bet as to who can get more viral with their content. With lots of sarcastic banter, attempts to jeopardize the other, and one upping each other, they end up falling in love.
KSG & Sanaya Irani.

A successful lawyer. A wrongly imprisoned man with a dark past. A case riddled with mishandling of evidence that reeks of corruption. It's a race against time as she works hard to clear his name when all evidence says that he did it.
Jennifer Winget & Vivian D'Sena

A woman finds out that the man she's in love with was involved in her parents' death, and plots revenge.

A struggling musician finds his muse in an up & coming actress. For years, he makes music inspired by her, telling her story. The actress connects to his music unlike anyone else & always wonders who inspires it. A chance meeting leads to them falling in love.
Jennifer Winget & Ranveer Singh

A betrayal turns a happy go lucky guy into a cold, ruthless bastard. His ex comes back home, after years away, around the same time, and helps him find himself again, one smile at a time.
DD & Harshad Arora

The CEO of a company fall for the newly appointed legal head of said company, but issues arise because employee fraternization is forbidden and the two embark on a passionate, forbidden journey of love.
DD & Namit Khanna

A best selling author is bewildered when he finds out that one of his female leads has come out of the book into reality. As they try to find a way to send her back home, they end up falling in love.
Jennifer Winget & Karan Kundrra

Modern day royalty. A prince & a princess from warring households are forced to fake a relationship when one of their family arguments goes a little too far & there's an international scandal. But, along the way, they end up falling in love.
Kritika Kamra & Siddharth Malhotra

During an outdoor photoshoot of a clothing brand, the designer of the campaign and the lead model get a chance to spend a lot of time together. Between beautiful locations, finger licking food, and witty conversation, the two fall in love.
DD & Ranveer Singh

A hotheaded CEO finds his match in his new loud mouthed secretary who challenges him in ways no one ever has. Their relationship progresses through the years as she works her way up in the company, from boss & employee to colleagues to friends to lovers.
Nakuul Mehta & Surbhi Jyoti

A photographer travels to Shimla, intent to show it in a way it's never been done before, and ends up falling in love with the place and the people, but most importantly, with the beautiful girl next door, who makes him realize home can be a person.
Jennifer Winget & Rani Mukherjee

Two women, who've been great friends for a long time, despite their slight age difference, decide to start a business together. The story follows their ups and downs as up and coming entrepreneurs as they navigate business, family & friendship.
KSG & Kritika Kamra

An elementary school teacher falls for one of her students' uncle who she sees regularly at school functions & PTA meetings. The kicker? He seems to be in a relationship. But, is he really?
Found it! A better one!!

Two best friends who grew up next door to each other. Their life, as they grow old and apart, as they find success, make their mark, fall in love, all the while still keeping in touch occasionally, told in letters, emails, and messages to each other.
Jennifer Winget & Mouni Roy

As the MeToo movement sweeps India, a woman finds an unlikely ally in a business rival who was targeted by the same man and the two work to take him down and expose his true face to the world.
Harshad Chopda & Sanaya Irani

A starry eyed advice columnist is intrigued when he keeps receiving anonymous questions from a wary woman. Determined, he embarks on a journey to find her and help her find happiness.
JW & Nakuul Mehta

A vintner (winemaker) falls for a sophisticated, cultured wine connoisseur who visits his vineyards on a summer holiday.
Sanaya Irani & Arjun Bijlani

Pen pals since they were teenagers, two people, now in their early 30s, decide to meet in a place that they both always wanted to visit, halfway across the world. Away from everyone they know, with just each other, they find love and happiness.
JW & Arjun Bijlani

The heir to a huge business family, forced to marry the daughter of an associate businessman for the expansion of said business, starts to fall in love with his wedding planner, who just so happens to be the daughter of their biggest market rivals.
DD & Nakuul Mehta

A girl decides she's gonna find her best friend the woman of his dreams and sets up a modern day swayamwar for him. They navigate through a house full of women ready to throw themselves at him, but he finds love in an unlikely place. (Not with her.)
Arjun Bijlani & Krystle D'Souza

He's there on a business trip, her on a solo vacation after a recent break-up. They end up on the same cruise & a mix up of rooms ends with them having to share one. Light late night conversations turn into soul bearing ones & they fall in love.
KSG, Arjun Bijlani, Nikita Dutta

The death of a friend brings an enstranged trio back home where they try to mend their bridges and honour the memory of their dead friend in a way that she would have been proud of.
KSG & Shivani Surve

A softspoken, big hearted industrialist finds love in the director of the NGO he owns. But, her past has made her wary of relationships & his "rumoured" lifestyle doesnt help matters. Impressed by his attempts to woo her, she gives him a week to win her over.
JW & Vikram Singh Chauhan

A traditional woman. A free spirited, modern man. An arranged marriage. Follow their journey as they get to know each other better, and find themselves falling in love despite the vast difference in their idealogies towards life.
Kritika Kamra & Ayushmann Khurrana

A celebrated food critic is not impressed with the food served at a new restaurant she's invited to critique. The chef promises her he'll make her fall in love with his food, one dish at a time. She ends up falling for the food & the chef.
JW & Shaheer Sheikh

A prince & a succesful tv actress meet unexpectedly & fall in love, but issues arise when the royal family expects her to give up her career and she refuses.
KW & Harshad Chopda

Brothers who had a falling out years ago come face to face when a beloved cousin is set to get married. With the backdrop of family drama, wedding shenanigans, and both of them falling in love, they find their way back to being the close duo they once were.
KSG & Shweta Gulati

The lead dancers of a dance troop have sizzling chemistry on stage but can't stand each other IRL. However, things change when they're putting up a show with very sensual dance numbers & the attraction starts to travel off stage, too.
KW & Shilpa Anand

When a charismatic conman starts receiving death threats, he's forced to team up with the police officer who has been chasing him for years to find the culprit.
JW, EJF, Shivani Surve

The diva, the bookworm, the shy nerd - 3 women form an unlikely friendship on the first day of college. As years pass by, their friendship goes through various trials and tribulations, but in the end, they always find each other.
JW & Amit Tandon

A classical singer and a rapper are surprisingly amazing at harmonizing together and form a music duo that takes the world by storm. As they gain popularity, they lean on each other to navigate through their newfound celeb status & end up falling in love.
DD & Karan Tacker

A book editor ends up falling in love with the newest author picked up by the publishing house without ever meeting her, through her words, her imagination, her story.
JW & Karan Tacker

A successful startup owner invests in an upcoming tourism venture in Manali. He starts corresponding with the project lead via email and a beautiful friendship blossoms between the two that then turns into love.
Ayushmann Khurrana & EJF

A forbidden romance between an English literature professor and his student who's passionate about storytelling in all its forms.
Siddharth Malhotra & EJF

The owner of a quaint little bed and breakfast in a hill station and a rich brat born in the lap of luxury fall in love when he stays at her establishment while on a family vacation.
Suhasi Dhami & Nakuul Mehta

The single father of a 5 year old autistic child falls for his son's doctor.
Aditi Dev Sharma & Gautam Rode

Things go awry during a Women's March and one of the lead protestors gets injured badly and is hospitalized. Her doctor, a man from her past, will stop at nothing to save her life, and beg for a second chance at their relationship.
Sanaya Irani & Karan Tacker

Two best friends make a pact that if they're not married by 30, they'll take a vacay to both their desired honeymoon spots. They're 30, not married, and on their way to the vacation of their lives. They just didn't expect to fall in love on the way.
DD & Shaheer Sheikh

An arranged marriage brings two people together. As they grow old together, they find a mutual respect and admiration for each other. They never fall in love, but live happily as friends for all their lives.
Fawad Khan, JW, DD

A revised take on K2H2, in which Rahul realizes he actually loves Anjali after she leaves and so, him & Tina set out to bring her back when Rifat Bi confesses to the fact that Anjali loves Rahul as well.
Iqbal Khan & Prachi Desai

A sheltered princess who's never really seen the world, gets an opportunity to do so through the eyes of a well travelled narrator/host of a documentary being filmed on her family history in the palace she calls home.
Kritika Kamra & Shaheer Sheikh

After the getting overnight recognition on the release of his new single, a singer hires a PR consultant to help him navigate through his newfound fame. In between ego clashes & heated arguments, they fall in love.
Nakuul Mehta & Ragini Khanna

A man who has it all. A woman living in her brother's shadow. When the two meet, he helps her come out of her shell, become her own person, and leave her family's expectations behind. In turn, she makes him see the importance of family & friends.
JW & Iqbal Khan

A defense lawyer and a cop. A match made in hell, anyone? And yet, nothing can stop them from falling in love.
Ranbir Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor

Two people fighting for the affections of a third. As they try to sabotage the other's attempts, a friendship is formed that then turns into love.
Aditi Dev Sharma & Shaheer Sheikh

Aman comes home in the wake of tragedy after the death of his best friend, who left behind a pregnant wife. Their journey from reluctant strangers to friends to co - parents, wanting to honour the last wish of the man they both loved most.
KVG & Krystle D'Souza

A reporter gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he's assigned to interview the hugest female entrepreneur of the country. But, things go awry when he learns her secret. The chase begins as he vows to tell the truth & she does everything to stop him.
Karan Wahi & Krystle D'Souza

A soft spoken, feminist, family man from a conservative background & a model fall for e/o while he's on a business trip & her on an outdoor campaign. Their journey as he supports her in everything she does, even if it means going against his family.
Shaheer Sheikh & Mahira Khan

A poet and a painter who brought his words to life. Theirs was supposed to be a professional relationship, but when she became his poetry, and him her art, it was an inferno that burned the world down in it's passion.
KSG & Ayushmann Khurrana

Best friends who grew up together, one of them fell deeply in love while the other had no clue. Responsibility made them lose touch, but when they meet again after years, it's finally their chance at love.
Rajeev Khandelwal & KSG

Business rivals who never waste an opportunity to show the other down. But, what happens when one of them is implicated in a murder, and the other is the only one who can help him?
Ravi Dubey & Kritika Kamra

A newbie actor. A celebrated actress. Reel imitates real for these two as they're cast in a movie together. As their characters start to fall in love, so do they, but, will showbiz be the end of their story before it even starts?
JW & Mohit Raina

Having grown up in an orphanage, a man searching for any sort of connection to his family, finds it in his step sister, who is mourning the loss of her mother. As time tests their fragile relationship, they slowly learn to trust each other, and become a family.
Rithvik Dhanjani & Krystle D'Souza

Jaded after going through a rough divorce, a man takes a vacation to the place where he went on his honeymoon, wanting to make new memories & start afresh, but somehow, ends up falling in love with his tour guide, and the place itself.

Working on their PhD in English Lit, they're paired up to write a thesis on Romeo & Juliet. Arguing at every turn from the significance of the play to the characters, they try to find a common ground. But, as they do so, they end up falling in love as well.

He's a romance author. She's a jaded entrepreneur who doesn't have time for anything but work. Sparks fly when they meet at a book reading her company hosts for its employees. Will he able to show her a world outside numbers and make her believe in love?

They were supposed to get married, but fate had other plans. Years later, they're happily married to others, but a chance encounter leaves them with questions. As they try to find answers, they realize, that sometimes, a second love is better than the first.
Surbhi Jyoti & HC

He's an author. She's always been his hugest fan. When she gets a chance to work with him to promote his latest novel, she starts to fall for the man behind the words as well, but his aloofness threatens any chance they have at a relationship.
Karan Tacker & Asha Negi

He was her batchmate in school. They never interacted much, but when she moves to the USA, he's her neighbour. Alone in a new place, she leans on him for the comfort of a familiar face & they become friends. Over time, friendship blossoms into love.
Shaheer Sheikh & Sanaya Irani

Their once beautiful relationship turned sour when he couldn't handle the fact that she was more successful than him. Years later, they're the leads of the same ad campaign, it's finally his chance to redeem himself & win back her love, or is it?
JW & Chris Evans

She's an author, him an actor. When he's cast as the lead for her first movie adaptation, she's sure it's tanked bc he won't be able to carry off the character required by him. But, he surprises her. As they shoot, the two become friends & slowly fall in love.

A magazine's chief editor, who values tradition above everything else when it comes to her work, is challenged at every turn when she hires a new columnist with a modern outlook to the world.
Ranbir Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra

Her soulful voice makes an aloof accountant fall in love again. When he discovers that the anonymous singer he's fallen for is actually the girl who's heart he broke years ago, it's upto him to make her believe in love once more.
KSG & Asha Negi

She was his best friend's girl, yet he couldn't help falling for her. Not wanting to create problems for them, he left, only to come back when he found out that said best friend had betrayed her in the worst way. Now, he's her only support, but will he be enough?
Rajeev Khandelwal & JW

In 2019, a gay man moves into a new home & finds a diary. In 1919, a woman fights for her love. Separated by a century, yet he is the only one who understands her. Will her journey inspire him to take a step forward or will he remain scared forever?

He's an honest politician, the voice of India's youth. She's a victim of rape, shunned by society. When their paths cross, he vows to bring her justice, but what happens when he finds out the culprit is someone close to him?
Shaheer Sheikh & Surbhi Jyoti

He's a world renowned travelogue host. She's an upcoming musician. When they're paired together for a show that celebrates music in all it's forms, the two fall in love over soulful songs and scenic locations.
Aditi Sharma & Sumeet Raghavan

He was once her mentor when she was a starry eyed intern, but differences of opinions made them part ways. Now, they stand opposite each other as he fights his own case implicating him in a murder while she's the prosecution lawyer.
Shaheer Sheikh & Sanjeeda Sheikh

Stranded at an airport in the midst of a snow storm, estranged best friends find their way back to each other through a series of pranks, some heart to heart conversations, and apologies.
KSG & Krystle D'Souza

She's on a holiday with her friends. He's their surfing instructor. When she expresses her phobia of water, yet her desire to surf, he takes it upon himself to give her the chance to do it. As he chips away at her defenses, they fall in love.
Ashi Singh & Zain Imam

When a girl from a devout Hindu family and a boy from an ardent Muslim family fall in love, they have to fight the world to be together. Romeo & Juliet re-imagined in a religious India.
Karan Kundrra & Rajeev Khandelwal

When his elder brother is diagnosed with cancer, a man takes it upon himself to cross everything off his brother's bucket list. They set out on a trip, where the elder brother gives his younger brother memories to last a lifetime.
JW & Ahad Raza Mir

Two soldiers who get separated from their troops and stranded in the middle of communal tensions in a sensitive area must rely on each other to get back home.
Mohit Raina & Namit Khanna

A shrewd lawyer conspires with his boss to take down their biggest competition. Corporate espionage at it's finest as the two come up with plans to break the rival from the inside out.
Irrfan Khan & DKI

They meet online on a fan forum of their favourite singer. Soon, gushing about said singer gives way to personal interaction & a beautiful friendship is formed, which is tested when she finds out that the man she's been talking to is her estranged uncle.
Niti Taylor & Noah Centineo

He's an exchange student, coming to India for the first time. As a part of the experience, her family hosts him. As she introduces him to her culture & upbringing, he falls in love with her religion, and the woman herself.
Iqbal Khan & Rajeev Khandelwal

A lonely man finds his escape in writing. The owner of a pub house finds his words and relates to them unlike anything else he ever has, and sets out on a journey to find the person behind those stories.
Krystle D'Souza & Harshad Chopda

Enemies in the boardroom. Lovers in private. A scorching hate to love romance in the background of corporate politics where both their companies are trying to outdo each other at every turn.
Vijay Devarakonda & Surbhi Jyoti

It was supposed to be a summer fling, but even years later, neither of them have moved on. A chance encounter and buried feelings are out in the open again. But, what happens when he finds out the secret she kept from him for so long?

Two best friends pretend to be in a relationship so that the boy who's been chosen to marry one of them backs off. While pretending in front of him, they discover they actually have feelings for each other. Now, it's upto the 3 of them to convince their families.
Fawad Khan & JW

Their band had only rule. No relationships with other band members because a relationship break-up couldn't be the reason for the band's break-up. They've fought their attraction for years, but a life threatening situation later, all rules are out of the window.
SRK & Vidya Balan

When the entire world refused to see her for the woman she was, only commented on her weight, he ensured her she was amazing. Now, when people refuse to see the couple they are, and only comment on the age difference, she promises to be his anchor.
Ayushmann Khurrana & DKI

He was sure that the skies were his home, while she was convinced that the ocean was hers. It took them leaving each other behind to realize that their home was actually the other.
KVG & Shraddha Arya

The Men and Women Cricket Teams have always been at odds bc the Women have been snubbed for Men. The new Mens Cap believes it's because the Women aren't capable enough, so the Womens Cap takes it upon herself to prove him wrong. Love blossoms along the way.
Harshad Chopda & Aditi Sharma

He was her professor at college, the one who every girl crushed on, but no one did anything because he was their teacher. Now, years later, she's a professor herself, while he's the HOD. It's still somewhat forbidden, but, will she give it a try?
KW & Aditi Rathore

A megastar who hates the paps for ruining his privacy. A beat reporter who is an unwilling pap for her channel, working her way up the ladder. When they meet, sparks fly, but will her job let them be together?
Shrenu Parikh & Ayushmann Khurrana

Brandished a sex symbol, no one saw her as a woman anymore. When she meets him at a party, she's sure he's another fan lusting after her, but he surprises her with his compassion. Will a romance bloom, esp with his family against them?
Shaheer Sheikh & Ranbir Kapoor

An economics professor. An investment banker. A scam that brought the stock market to its knees. But, who did it? The professor, or the banker, or was it a collusion? Will we ever find out?
Pooja Sharma & Sonarika Bhadoria

She was the Hindu queen of her kingdom. Her, a Muslim courtier. A love that transcended everything. But, even in a world where women have more power than men, some things are still forbidden.
Yogita Bihani & KVG

Two therapists with opposing views, always on the lookout for a fight, somehow end up being assigned to the same patient. As they try to come up with a common strategy to help the patient, the patient in turn, brings them closer together & they fall in love.
JW & Kratika Sengar

Two women come together after they discover that they both share a husband. As the years pass, the two become each other's best friend, and eventually, they fall in love.
Ashi Singh & Shivani Surve

Two sisters who have no one to lean on, but each other. They've been each other's support system for as long as they can remember, but what happens when one of them gets embroiled in a scandal, and the other in an abusive relationship?
Shaheer Sheikh & Deepika Padukone

She's the obedient princess who always does what's expected of her. He's the illegitimate son of a king of an enemy nation who is plotting to take over what's supposed to be his. A conspiracy brings them face 2 face, but love keeps them together
Karan Wahi & Sonarika Bhadoria

He's a journalist working to expose the origins of the casting couch in the entertainment industry. She's a victim who came forward in MeToo. As they work together, he gives her strength to overcome the trauma, & she brings him closer to home.
Karan Kundrra, Kritika Kamra, KW

Brothers who love each other more than anyone else. A conwoman after their money, who thinks trapping the naive younger one is the way to go. But, will she be successful under the watchful eye of the elder one? Or will she end up falling for him?
Kareena Kapoor Khan & Karan Kundrra

A wealthy brat is forced to join his father's business, where he's assigned to work as the intern of the VP, a simple, dedicated woman. She teaches him the value of hardwork, and he teaches her the value of love.
Ayushmann Khurrana & Shivani Surve

A policeman investigating a drug ring finds a witness in his childhood love. But, is she really a witness, or just trying to manipulate him into arresting the wrong guy?
KVG & Shrenu Parikh

She is a titular queen. He's her most trusted advisor whose been there from the start. When trust turns to love, will they fight the world to be together, especially when their relationship is strictly forbidden by law?
Harshad Chopda & Shrenu Parikh

An accident has render his best friend child like. The journey of a man who'll stop at nothing to protect his baby sister from the world. Even his family, including his wife, none of whom understand what she needs, except him.
Kritika Kamra, Rajeev Khandelwal, Karan Kundrra

Two detectives race against time to catch a conman. But, what happens when they find him, and he's an ex for one of them, and the best friend of the other?
Ravi Dubey & Sanaya Irani

A rich industrialist with a secret. A nefarious conman who knows where to press so that it hurts the most. When he blackmails her into signing off her company to him, he never knew just who he'd made an enemy out of.
KSG & Shaheer Sheikh

They've been best friends for as long as they can remember, doing everything together right from childhood. But, what happens, when they find out that they're actually brothers & one of them is the illegitimate child from their father's affair years ago?
KSG & Rhea Sharma

On finding out that his sister is stuck in an abusive marriage that she was pressurized into by her parents, a successful industrialist from an orthodox family fights with the world to bring his sister justice and welcome her back home.

Three extremely successful men, meet at a therapist's office who they all see regularly, trying to battle various mental illnesses, and become friends. Their journey as they support each other in being the best version of themselves that they can be.
Rhea Sharma, KW, Kritika Kamra

Estranged from her best friends, she's surprised to receive an invite to their wedding. Wanting to make up, she decides to attend, and in the process, learns how she inadvertently played cupid for them.
Aditya Roy Kapoor & JW

Labelled the 'Retro Diva of the New Millenium', she's the most successful actress in Bollywood. He's a passionate art film director who wants her to star in his new project. Amidst idea clashes, media attention, and industry pressure, a love story blooms.
KVG & Sriti Jha

A renowned romance author. A literateur, who only writes "serious" fiction. He didn't think much of her work, and openly told her so. But, when she takes it upon herself to show him the magic of that romance novels can bring in life, will he finally believe?
Aditi Rao Hydari & Shaheer Sheikh

A soldier, on the winning side of a war. A princess, on the losing. When his King commands the soldier to bring the princess to his palace as a possession of war, the soldier must decide what's more important - his duty, or his morals.
Dev Dixit & Abir Rajvansh

2 months after breaking up with Mishti, Abir is in Delhi, finalizing a new deal for his family company. There, the owner, Dev Dixit, teaches him about love, and how sacrificing it because of his mother was the worst mistake he'd ever made.
Mohit Raina & Vicky Kaushal

From best friends then to staunch business rivals now, the journey of two men that highlights that no matter how far you go in life, you never forget where you came from, and that it's never too late to forgive & start afresh.
Ishwari Dixit & Meenakshi Rajvansh

When Red Pear opens in Delhi, Ishwari joins in as an intern. Her & Meenu get off on the wrong foot right on day one, but over time, Ishwari makes Meenakshi realize what a monster she's become & that she'd better change if she wants her sons.
Vatsal Sheth & Sonarika Bhadoria

She's a girl grieving her boyfriend's death. But... As evidence unfolds in a police investigation, it comes to light that things weren't as rosy as they seemed between the two. Could she have killed him?
Ayushmann Khurrana & JW

He's a globally acclaimed rockstar. She's his best friend, and also the woman he's loved forever, but hasn't pursued because of the media circus that is his life. But, when her parents start talking marriage, will he finally tell her how he feels?
Shivin Narang & Yogita Bihani

They've been rivals at everything right from school to college and now work. But, when they're assigned a project together, the stakes are raised because it's either work together or get kicked out of your dream job. Will love ever blossom?
KSG & Kratika Sengar

He's the bratty son of a famous politician. She's his new bodyguard. As the attempts on his life increase, things change, and she starts to fall for him on seeing a different side of his. But, is she really his bodyguard, or the one planning to kill him?
JW & Justin Baldoni

She broke the glass ceiling & became the first Indian woman in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. When a journalist travels all the way from the USA to Mumbai to interview her, they end up falling in love.
KK & Joey

Having had no luck in Hollywood, Joey moves to India to make a career there when Chandler is transferred to Mumbai, where he meets Karan, a successful daily soap hero. Their adventure as Karan gives Joey bad advice, and helps in get a break, is hilarious.
JW, Kritika Kamra, KK

Things go awry for a young couple when they become the prime suspects in the theft of their boss' priceless necklace from a party that they all attended.

He's the owner of multibillion dollar company. She's an environmentalist. When she takes him on and calls his company's anti - environmental policies out, a tug of war with high stakes in the boardroom turns into one in the bedroom. But, will they every fall in love?
Shaid Kapoor & Amrita Rao

They were reluctantly tied together in an arranged marriage that neither wanted. Forced to spend time together, the two become really good friends. But, when she falls for his best friend, will he risk it all for their friendship, like he'd promised?
Ritvik Arora & Rhea Sharma

When a woman is diagnosed with a bad case of post partum depression, her husband pulls all stops to support her in anyway he can, and be the best father to their new born daughter.
Harshad Chopda & Rhea Sharma

While cleaning out their apartment before parting ways forever, an ex - couple finds all the memories they'd stowed away in various corners of their home, and relive their journey in reverse, from the present to the past.
Rhea Sharma, Sonarika Bhadoria, Heli Daruwala

When a princess has had enough of her family's oppression, she meets up with a journo & comes out to her, telling her about how she fell in love with a model, but her family broke them up cause being queer was unbecoming of a royal.
KSG & Ritvik Arora

A man's hero worship comes crashing down when he gets the opportunity to work with his role model and realizes that said role model is not the man who he thought he was.
PaRit AU

When Ricky wakes up from his coma with amnesia, Palak tells him the truth about their relationship. But, he is unable to reconcile his playboy self with loving husband she has. With lots of support from the family, they figure it out. Together.

Two people meet when their children fall in love. Both of them single, they find a comfortable companionship with each other, and end up becoming the best of friends as they help their kids navigate through their relationship.
Karan Tacker & Kritika Kamra

She's an archaeology student who wants to write her thesis on certain ancient scriptures. He's an ignorant prince whose family owns those scriptures. When they meet, she makes him fall in love with his history, and possibly, herself as well.
Shraddha Kapoor & Karan Kundrra

He's the chairman of a huge conglomerate. She's the owner of a quaint start up that's rising the ranks pretty quickly. When he tries to acquire her company, things don't go as planned because she doesn't want to sell it to a company like his.
Ritvik Arora & Vatsal Sheth

Two men who have just come out the army. Their families don't understand how to help them overcome their PTSD, so they find solace in the other. As they help each other heal, they fall in love.
Fawad Khan & KSG

When a budding musician meets the owner of a record label, things start looking up for him. But soon, the fame gets to his head & he changes completely. When his narcissism starts becoming his downfall, the owner steps in to remind him who he really is.
Sona & Harshad

When a nouveau riche businessman moves into a new bungalow, he discovers a safe which holds the memories of a woman who lived there before him. He falls in love with everything about her & sets out to find her, but will he ever be able to do so?
Naman Agarwal & Mehul Kapadia

Two men meet in jail & become friends, only to realize that they're samdhis. The one thing they always wanted from their kids was money, so now that they're out, they'll do everything in their power to get what they think is "rightfully" theirs.
Rajeev Khandelwal & Aahaana Kumra

Men were put off by her feminist activism. When she met him, she didn't think he'd be any different, but then she saw him at a march, & things began to change. Between fighting for women's rights and taking the world on, they fell in love.
Sara Ali Khan & Hrithik Roshan

A father and daughter spend the eve of her wedding night together, making memories to last a lifetime before he's not the main man in her life anymore.
KSG & Anushka Sharma

They grew up in an orphanage together, and lost touch once they left. Now, they're back home, trying to save the orphanage from shutting down. In the process, they end up falling in love.
Evans, JW & Hrithik Roshan

A high profile murder. Two suspects. One detective. A race against time. Things get complicated when they both give the exactly same story to prove their innocence. Is it possible that the murderer wasn't either of them?
RK, JW, Mahira Khan, Lily James

A college reunion reunites four friends who've lost touch over the years. Spending the night together, they rediscover their friendship, and also find love.
Jennifer Winget & Rhea Sharma

Two sisters file a case against their father, accusing him of domestic violence. As expected, the society shuns them, but they fight together and come out of it with their heads held high, and their father behind bars.
Vikrant Massey & Jennifer Winget

A man in witness protection is forced to change his identity & start a new life. Away from the people he loves, he finds that the only person he can trust is his handler. But, with his life at stake, is it advisable to trust her?
Shaheer Sheikh & Mahima Makwana

A young woman from a backward village gets an opportunity to move to the city to study. In a new place, where she knows no one, she finds an unlikely companion in her neighbour, and professor, who helps her achieve her true potential.
Sonarika Bhadoria & Jennifer Winget

Two sisters - in - law find that they can only trust each other when they realize that the family they've married into are part of organized crime & wanted by the police.
Pooja Sharma, JW, AK, Vicky Kaushal

Two gay couples marry each other to hide their truth. Their life was sailing smoothly & happily, but someones knows their secret & is blackmailing them. To what extent will they go to stop it from happening?
KSG & Mouni Roy

A Bollywood megastar gives up his career at his highest to look after his newborn twins so that his wife can chase her dreams.
Jennifer Winget & Ranbir Kapoor

A CBI officer infiltrates a production house to expose the owner who runs a woman trafficking ring. Things get complicated when he falls for a model who works there. It gets worse when she's kidnapped as a part of the trafficking scandal.
Sriti Jha & KSG

A couple's wedding goes awry when someone is murdered in middle of the ceremony. Good thing they're both cops, yeah?
JW & Shabir Ahluwalia

A tomboy seeks the help of a love guru to get a makeover so that she can make the man she loves fall for her. As she changes herself, she realizes she likes her old self better, learning to love herself just as she is, making said "guru" fall for her too.
Rhea Sharma, KSG, SS

Two painters are trying to woo an art gallery curator to display their work. She somehow gets embroiled in their game of jeopardising the other, and gets front row seats to the most chaotic love story ever.
KSG & Shahid Kapoor

Things get really out of control when a man falls for the brother of the woman who his family wants him to marry.
Kittu & Barun Sobti

A social worker bullies an industrialist to help save the kids in a remote village who were affected by the factories her company set up there. In the process, he learns that she's not as bad as he thought she was, and slowly, falls for her.
KK & Surbhi Jyoti

He's the heir to a fashion house. She's the face of it. When he takes over, a difference of opinion ends with him vowing to destroy her. However, his obsession to teach her a lesson, results in his downfall, and the end of the company itself.
JW, Pooja Sharma, Sonarika Bhadoria

Three conwomen, who're always trying to come out on top in their lil game, team up for one big score. But, their greed makes them backstab each other. Will anyone come out of this game alive?
KK & Kittu

She came everyday, but only in his dreams. He's convinced she's his soulmate. When he meets her, he's shocked to see that she's the exact opposite of the woman he dreamt about. Will he ever be able to reconcile his dreams with his reality or will love pass him by?

Young and in love, two boys thought they had the world at their feet. But, society tore them apart. Forced to settle into society's definition of normal, they lived a lie for almost 30 years before they came face to face again. Is it finally time for their love to fly?
Ankita Bhaguna & Ritvik Arora

Away on a college trip, she was intent on telling him she loves him lest she have any regrets. But, when one of their classmates ends up dead, and she's somehow the prime suspect, it's upto him to save the girl he's silently loved for years.
Melissa Benoist & Colin O'Donoghue

The journey of a therapist and her patient as the two of them teach each other about life, and elevate each other, becoming the best version of themselves.
KT & Sona

A wealthy businessman goes to village to buy a plot. There, he meets the Sarpanch, a woman, who is working day & night for the betterment of her people. He falls for her quick wit & her determination to do better, but will she return his affections?
Sanaya, KSG, Barun, JW

When a newspaper editor gets an "anonymous" tip about the corrupt deals a businessman is getting into by an employee, she starts an investigation along with her most trusted reporter, with help from said employee. Will they be able to expose him?
Hrithik & Deepika

When an aspiring romance author decides that the best way to write a romance novel is to live in one, she hires an escort to be her fake boyfriend and teach her all about being in a relationship so she can write it in her novel. But fake soon becomes very real.

An arrogant has been singer. An emerging wanna be singer. A reality tv show. A contracted fake relationship for TRPs. But... What if the fake relationship turns real? Will they be able to fight the world to be together?
JW & Sriti Jha

An author writes about her big love, a life that she could've had if she could've confessed. When a pub house owner comes across it, she buys it. What happens when she learns that she's the big love that got away cause of society? Will they finally be together?
Kritika Kamra & JW

She's spent her entire life abroad, far from her Indian roots. When she stumbles into an Indian Princess, desperately trying to find some semblance of normal, they fall in love. Will she able to adjust to the demands that come with being in this relationship?
Rhea Sharma & Adnan Khan

She's a famous singer. He's her biggest fan. When he wins a date with her as a part of a contest, the two of them end up falling for each other after they decide to play the 36 Questions To Make You Fall In Love game over dinner.
Pooja Sharma & KSG

She's the lawyer handling his deceased grandma's estate. He's supposed to inherit it all, if he can finish a treasure hunt. And so begins the game. Does she have the right intentions? Will he be able to trust her? Will they fall in love?
KSG & Sonarika Bhadoria

A newly coronated Queen marries the King of an enemy kingdom, only for the sake of her people. When they realize that there's someone trying to take advantage of their issues, the couple must put aside their differences to save their home.

A late night radio show host has a fan in an insomniac man. When his fan mail turns into correspondence between the two, they slowly learn about each other, helping the other fight their demons, and eventually fall in love.
AK, Sonarika, RK

Her bachelorette at Vegas ends in a disaster when she wakes up with a hangover & husband who she doesn't remember marrying. Back home, she tries to seek forgiveness from the man she loves, the one she was gonna marry, but will they be able to move past this?
Rob & Sanaya

The two of them meet at an author panel they're both a part of which leads to them co authoring a novel about a boy & a girl that fall in love by exchanging letters. Somehow, the novel becomes the reality of their life.
KVG & Sargun Mehta

An event from her past has traumatized her. Seeking some semblance, she starts therapy with a therapist who is dealing with demons of his own. Will the two of them be able to help each other see the light?
Sriti Jha, Shaheer Sheikh, Shabbir Ahluwalia

A woman moves into her ancestral home with her husband despite rumours of it being haunted. They learn the truth when they're haunted by the spirit of her great uncle who is convinced she's his wife who the woman strongly resembles.
Lee Min Ho & Jun Ji Hyun

A woman is able to rewrite history with just her words. But, when she meets a man whose past she can't change no matter how hard she tries, it takes them on a journey that leads to unlocking mysteries about themselves they didn't even know about.
Kim Woo-Bin & Song Hye-Kyu

A time traveller from a practically perfect future travels to 2020 and finds it hard to deal with the misogyny & sexism she has to face everyday. Amidst it all, a scientist becomes her saving grace when he promises to send her back to where she belongs
Kittu, Ravi Dubey, RK

An industrialist uses his secretary to get closer to a journo who might be publishing some dirt on him soon, by getting him to pretend to be in love with her. When he actually falls in love, will he help her bring him down, or stay faithful to his boss?
Rhea Sharma & Ahad Raza Mir

An award winning actress moves back home when her mother falls ill. There, she helps a childhood friend set up a production of DDLJ for his theatre group that renders movies into plays. When she agrees to play the Simran to his Raj, love happens.

An up and coming businessman with a stutter, seeks a celebrated public speaker to help him get rid of his stuttering. But instead, the man teaches him how to live with who he is, because he's perfect just as he is, and that he can be a good speaker, with his stutter.
Aalisha Panwar & Mohit Kumar

She's a modern day princess, elegant and cultured. He's a biker from the wrong side of the tracks, arrogant and rude. The elegant princess loses her elegance when she's on a race track tho. Watch as they fall in love, one bike race at a time.
Narayani Shastri & Aditi Dev Sharma

A therapist starts having panic attacks again when one of her patients' story hits too close to home. She's forced to face her demons, but will she be successful?
Barun Sobti, Rhea Sharma, Iqbal Khan

A gay couple moves into a girl's neighbourhood, pretending to be just roommates to avoid ostracization. When she finds out, she takes it upon herself to help them come out to the community & make sure they're accepted for who they are.
Shaheer Sheikh & Sanam Saeed

Told in an amorphous timeline, the story of a woman who could see her future, and the man she fell for, despite knowing that he wouldn't live past 30.
Rhea Sharma & Vikram Singh Chauhan

He's a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, trying to find footing in a world where people look down on him for his profession. She's a rapper trying to do the same. Their unique struggles bring them together, and with each other's support, they soar.
Shaheer Sheikh & Aham Sharma

When a renowned actor is forced to leave the limelight after a scandal rocks his life, his only mission in life is to tell his story. When a journalist agrees to interview him, it begins a tale of truth, compassion, but most importantly, love.
Ayushmann Khurrana and Deepika Padukone

When an author publishes a book that exposes an influential political family in the country, a target is set on her back. To the rescue is surprisingly the eldest son of the family, who is also an electoral candidate. Will love blossom?

He's been hiding his truth from his family, not wanting to jeopardize his elder brother's career. But, when his sex tape with another guy is released, he learns just how much his brother loves him, when said brother gives up everything to support him.

The lead vocalists of two bands have a long standing rivarlry. But, when they're forced to team up for a venture, that promises to propel their career, they realize how much they vibe on record, and off. Sparks fly, but will love blossom?

When the political climate between the two countries is rife with tension, a titular Indian King invites a Korean Prince to his home for peace talks. Amidst oppression from every side, political warfare, and negative press, the two forge a friendship.
Rajkumar Rao & Vicky Kaushal

Asmall town guy he climbs the corporate ladder due to his knack for the stock market & builds an empire. When a journalist uncovers him to be at the centre of a murder, everything he worked for is at stake & he'll stop at nothing to save himself.
Harshad Chopda & Surveen Chawla

After losing her husband in a plane crash, and finding out that the chances of her surviving childbirth are slim, a woman takes it upon herself to recount their love story in a journal for her child to read, to know who their parents were.
Vatsal Sheth & Rhea Sharma

They meet on an online dating app. Hesitant interactions turn into talking all day. When they realize they're both in the same city, they meet, only to find out they're colleagues, who're secretly harbouring a crush. Their friendship soon turns to love
Pooja Sharma & Anupriya Kapoor

As the SC sits in session for Art. 377, the relationship of one of the lawyers on the case is outed. As she tries to grapple through the aftermath of being outed as gay, her girlfriend, a teacher, tries to come to terms with her new life.
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