In 1993, MJ could had easily fought the warrant to photograph his genitals, but didn't. It was an unprecedented demand meant only to humiliate.

Other cases requiring anatomical comparison relied on private medical professionals to examine, describe & testify to the facts.
That same year, Joey Buttafuoco was being prosecuted for statutory rape. The state asked he be strip-searched & photographed to identify a mole on his thigh.

Joey's defense argued against it; the state soon withdrew the "unusual request." Instead opting for private doctor exam.
One can reason that the inspiration for MJ's body search and so-called "telltale splotch" description may have originated direct from the supermarket headlines and coverage of the Buttafuoco-Fisher case. In Aug-Oct 93, the headlines were everywhere about this request toward Joey.
In mid-November 1993, sources close to the Chandlers leaked the body warrant information to KABC.

It was so unprecidented & invasive that Fields & Weitzman assumed it was more tabloid gossip. They said they would "usually be notified" if it was a legitimate request and warrant.
By Nov. 16, 1993, news of the strip search had already spread across 100s of publications via Associated Press while MJ's own attorneys still doubted it's validity, as they hadn't yet heard about it from the state.

"We know nothing about it... We don't believe it, period." -HW
Some of the more logical reporters acknowledged how easy it'd be for any opportunist to guess that MJ's extremeties had discoloration, given that he announced he suffered from Vitiligo in the most watched TV interview of all-time months prior to these allegations.
Requiring an invasive, photo'd body search of a suspect's genitalia is so abnormal that, in a recent case, neither the defense nor prosecution were able to cite any similar cases for precident. In that case, the judge likewise disallowed taking of pics of the accused's genitals.
Michael Jackson voluntarily agreed to the extraordinarily unwarranted body search and photographs amidst all of the media hysteria, without ever legally contesting the warrant.

The only condition MJ's team set forth was that the invasive photos be kept confidential & sealed.
Much like the civil settlement, Michael Jackson was in a terrible position in which no benefitial option with the body search. He cooperated fully, trusting it'd exonerate him.

If MJ had rightfully disputed the body search, every media headline would've lit-up to suggest guilt.
In the weeks before the body search on MJ was performed, the media was already frothing at the mouth by the prospect.

"MJ Strip-Search Would Make Great TV"

"Could make CourtTV a Ratings Sensation!"

"You could sell tickets to the strip-search."

"The pic would go for millions."
Recently, police demaned to take pics of a 17-year-old's genitals as part of an abuse case. When the defendant refused (as he legally was able to), the state used it against him w/ judge telling jury they could "draw an adverse inference" by his refusal. Sr. judges criticized it.
There have been a few sex abuse cases in recent history that involved similar requests for body search photos, but such cases likewise resulted in denial of the request and legal criticism, due to the invasive nature of these requests.

MJ was only person who wilfully allowed it.
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