Thread: Jeffrey Epstein, his black book and the Pedo Elite.
As many of you know, Epsteins infamous black book was acquired by the FBI back in 2009, when his butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, tried to sell it back in 2009. #QAnon
Up until a few days ago, a redacted version, (that was missing some pages) was available on document cloud. But, right before his recent arrest, it was wiped clean. Luckily, I had a copy, with all of the pages tucked away. #QAnon
For those who are unfamiliar, I am going to do a recap of the original case. Then I will drop a few bombs. #QAnon
Rodriguez described the information in the book as the Holy Grail to expose Epsteins child sex ring. He originally stole it as a "Life Insurance policy." Attached are the relevant pages of the actual FBI affidavit.
Even though he had been subpoenaed for everything he had on his former boss, Rodriguez didn't share it with the FBI or Palm Beach Police Department detectives investigating Epstein. #QAnon
Not being the brightest bulb in the box, he tried to make a quick $50,000 by secretly trying to sell the black book to one of the attorneys filing lawsuits against Epstein on behalf of his victims. He needed money to run like hell basically. #QAnon
The super bad idea backfired when what turned out to be (the exception to the rule), an HONEST lawyer, reported Rodriguez to the FBI. He was immediately charged with obstruction of justice.  #QAnon
According to the FBI affidavit, prior to his arrest, he had already made notations in the book and circled the names of victims and material witnesses that were imperative to properly investigating the caseObviously his motive was to make it more appealing to a buyer. #QAnon
It's a little early for my first bomb, but, I need to get ahead of the MSM, SDNY, and the radical left. Acosta was a plant in the Trump administration. It isn't a coincidence Epstein was arrested in the SDNY, rather than Florida who has vigorously pursued his prosecution.
[TRUMP] is in the black book. BUT, he was one of the circled names. A possible material witness. That WILL NOT be the NARRATIVE. This was the insurance policy to the insurance policy. Frame Trump as a pedohile. Thus SDNY arrest. Ya Can't make this up. This info needs SPREAD!
The notation at the top relates to what Rodriguez believed [Trump] had information on. It turned out that cityx is an online escort guide. One of the first things Potus did was shut down BackPage. #QAnon
When I searched the domain it led me to this IP: which led me to the white page. When I clicked the link it led me the nginx page. The reality is: I couldn't find the owner or location. Maybe another Anon can. Prolly why the site is still up. #QAnon
The twisted part of this story is: Rodriguez ended up getting a stiffer sentence than Epstein did for simply obstructing justice. After spending 18 months in prison, despite never speaking to anyone about the case, he died in prison from a mysterious illness. #DarkToLight
According to an affidavit, during a conversation with an undercover FBI agent posing as a potential buyer, he "discussed in detail the information contained in the book, and identified important information" to the agent. He was NEVER called as a witness or deposed by Acosta.
The book contains a multitude of underage victims in Florida, New Mexico, California, Paris, and the United Kingdom.
They are listed under the heading massage. #QAnon #DarkToLight
At this point I need to reference a Q drop. Q said flight logs reveal many hidden artifacts. [RC]. Q can be very tricky at times due to prying eyes. What if artifacts wasn't literal, but a clue. I focused on RC. I immediately went to the book N BOOM! Roddy Cambell. #QAnon
Cambell is also the founder of Vrumi. Last time I went to this site it was safe. Now I get this. [THEY] Want to know who is looking in to Vrumi! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Looking at the pic below, you would never think this sophisticated looking guy could transform into the person at the party. On the outside, Vrumi looks like a legitimate company. But what if people wanted a private space with no connection to them for producing child porn?
Let's get real, no Bullshit. Who needs a workplace with an altar? Note the type of Altar. Yes the kind made for sacrifices. What about a pool? #QAnon #DarkToLight
Back to his connection to Epstein. We talked about the different harems of girls under the heading massage. Epstein would need a handler/recruiter in each location. It is my belief that Roddy filled that role in London. Both of his daughters are models. Excellent recruiters.
The next connection is this listing in the book. They would need a place to keep the girls when they are smuggled in to the country until they are placed. What if Roddy had a place in NY that models, like his daughters stayed in while in NY? Was Jeffrey the handler there?
Other circled entries include
Billionaire Leslie Wexner, Ghislane Maxwell Former NM Governor Bill Richardson, Peter Soros and Former Miss Sweden, Eva Andersson Dubin. No one knows which were victims or witnesses other than Rodriguez who was silenced n the agent.
26. A very Interdasting name appears in there. None other than a former prime minister. And before I continue, I am healthy, I don't have a bad heart, I don't participate in high risk activities and I have no desire to commit suicide. I don't walk out in to traffic either.
I don't care how they appear in the public eye, the British Royal family are some sick twisted people. The rumors are true, and I believe Princess Diana was murdered because she married in to a family of monsters and was going to spill the beans.
27 continued
She was depressed and had to live with the horror of what she knew [THEY] were doing. #DarkToLight #QAnon
It seems you can never have a scandal without none other than the Clintons right smack in the middle of it and it's time for the first BOMB! I have the unredacted version of the infamous black book. #DarkToLight #QAnon
A picture is worth a thousand words. When Alan Dershowitz was asked about his name appearing in the book and
circled, he claimed he had no knowledge of the book and wasn't a witness or a victim. Spoken like a true lawyer. 😂😂😂
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Did you happen to see that coded video Kevin Spacey put out right around the time Epstein was back in the news? Who do you suppose he was talking to? Personally, I think it was slick willy.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Did you happen to notice him putting on the ring? They can't help themselves. Symbolism will be their demise. #QAnon #DarkToLight
We've all heard how it works within occult. You must serve your time sexually servicing your masters in order to launch your career. I find it amusing how people like Oprah Winfrey jumped on the I support the me too movement when she was delivering young girls to Weinstein.
Clinton J. Williams? Could it be any more obvious? 😂😂😂 #QAnon #DarkToLight
Dershowitz is still trying to play the lawyer when the evidence against him is blinding. He knows something, but he is afraid of [Them] #QAnon #DarkToLight
You're entitled to your opinion, but I smell a rat. I believe the butler named him as a material witness, so he found a way to involve himself as an attorney, so when the shit went down he could avoid testifying by claiming attorney client privilege.
Before I move on to the sweetheart plea deal and the involvement of Labor Secretary Acosta, I am going to add the first dig I did out of this book. Under entertainment I had found the word "Bibendum" where it led me will become relevant soon in the dig.
Have you ever heard of Princess Firyal? Bet ya never thought she'd be in a Pedo book. Y is she relevant? She's on the Board of IRC. Like citizens UK, they resettle refugees to the US. Another supplier of children. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The sweetheart deal. #QAnon
Per the Miami Herald, who spearheaded the investigation in to Epstein.
In 2007, despite ample physical evidence and multiple witnesses corroborating the girls’ stories, federal prosecutors and Epstein’s lawyers quietly put together a remarkable deal for Epstein, then 54.
He agreed to plead guilty to two felony prostitution charges in state court, and in exchange, he and his accomplices received immunity from federal sex-trafficking charges that could have sent him to prison for life. #QAnon #DarkToLight
He served 13 months in a private wing of the Palm Beach County stockade. His alleged co-conspirators, who helped schedule his sex sessions, were never prosecuted. #QAnon
The deal, called a federal non-prosecution agreement, was sealed so that no one — not even his victims — could know the full scope of Epstein’s crimes and who else was involved. #QAnon
The U.S. attorney in Miami, Alexander Acosta, was personally involved in the negotiations, records, letters and emails show. Acosta is now a member of President Trump’s Cabinet. You are about to see why I said he was a DS plant. [THEY] had a plan. #QAnon #DarkToLight
As U.S. secretary of labor, he has oversight over international child labor laws and human trafficking. Scary thought hunh. #QAnon #DarkToLight
The Miami Herald analyzed thousands of pages of court records and lawsuits, witness depositions and newly released FBI documents, and also identified more than 80 women who say they were victimized. #QAnon #DarkToLight
. They are scattered around the country and abroad. Until now, those victims, all grown women now, have never spoken publicly about how they felt shamed, silenced and betrayed by the very people in the criminal justice system who were supposed to hold Epstein accountable.
Michelle Licata is among 36 women who were officially identified by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office as victims of Epstein, now 65. #QAnon
But after the FBI case was closed in 2008, witnesses and alleged victims testified in civil court that there were hundreds of girls who were brought to Epstein’s homes. Including girls from Europe, Latin America and former Soviet Republic countries.
Acosta and Epstein’s attorneys — Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, Jay Lefkowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Jack Goldberger, Roy Black, Guy Lewis and former Whitewater special prosecutor Kenneth Starr — reached a consensus: Epstein would never serve time in a federal or state prison.
Everyone knew the fix was in. The Mueller led FBI had been told to stand down. Obviously a favor called in by slick Willy. But, there were a few good cops.
The way this went down, makes it clear the Clintons were calling the shots.
The same old Clinton tactics. No empathy, attack the teenage victims. Discredit them by whatever means necessary. #QAnon #DarkToLight
You just can't make this shit up. These people have no scruples. The next tactic is trying to intimidate the freaking police! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Remember Alfredo Rodriguez?The Butler that was never deposed by Acosta? He cooperated fully with the police. He even gave them a deposition! It's no wonder he stole the black book as life insurance and hauled ass. He knew the Feds were making it go away. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Believing the case had been tainted, Reiter — that same month, May 2006 — took a very public stance against Krischer, writing a letter, which was released to the news media, calling on Krischer to remove himself from the case. #QAnon
Epstein’s contacts with powerful and famous people propelled him into the public spotlight. In 2002, he flew Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Chris Tucker and others to S. Africa on his jet as part of a fact-finding AIDS mission in support of the Clinton Foundation.
Now we will look at how the deal of a lifetime went down. Following the media blitz and public outcry created by the cops letter, they had to put on a show. They brought in the Bush appointed heavy hitter, Acosta. The reality is, he was actually the Mueller fixer.
The eccentric hedge fund manager, whose friends included former President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew, was also suspected of trafficking minor girls from overseas, for sex parties at his other homes in Manhattan, New Mexico and the Caribbean, FBI and court records show.
Ya just can't make this shit up! Thank God for the plan to dismantle the old guard. Our FBI and DOJ had been completely compromised by the Pedo Elite Deep State. #QAnon #DarkToLight
“Jeffrey preyed on girls who were in a bad way, girls who were basically homeless. He went after girls who he thought no one would listen to and he was right,’’ said Courtney Wild, who was 14 when she met Epstein.
As part of Epstein’s agreement, he was required to register as a sex offender, and pay restitution to the three dozen victims identified by the FBI. #QAnon #DarkToLight
 In many cases, the confidential financial settlements came only after Epstein’s attorneys exposed every dark corner of their lives in a scorched-earth effort to portray the girls as gold diggers. #QAnon #DarkToLight
It would be easy to dismiss the Epstein case as another example of how there are two systems of justice in America, one for the rich and one for the poor. But a thorough analysis of the case tells a far more troubling story. #QAnon #DarkToLight
A close look at the letters and emails contained in court records provides a window into the plea negotiations, revealing a high level of collaboration between prosecutors and Epstein’s legal team. Government lawyers, in recent court documents, admitted it was unorthodox.
This is some hanky shit right here. I don't care where you're from. This concludes phase 1. I am going to get some much needed sleep and then dive in to phase 2. The sick bastards in the book. #QAnon #DarkToLight
This link to the indictment was just shared with me. The plan is moving along nicely. The seizure of his assets goes right along with @realDonaldTrump executive order
#TrustThePlan #QAnon #DarkToLight
Phase 2 Exposing the Pedo elite.
For all intensive purposes, I am informing you that I will be alternating between both the redacted n unredacted versions of the book. The redacted version is actual copies of the pages in the book. The unredacted version is a transcript--
that was typed up for DOJ records. I know this because it was done in a word perfect format. The text looks crowded because when it was [hacked] it wasn't downloaded In to a word perfect file system. That screwed up the format. If you ever typed up a draft in a word pad and --
Pasted it into an older version of Word Press, you know what I am talking about. The transcript doesn't contain the handwritten notes from Mr. Rodriguez that are relevant in some instances The most relevant thing I noticed is some of the names of key players Are NOT in the --
Transcript. I believe this goes back to the Acosta fix. One key player that's missing is Ms. Maxwell. The more we know. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Before you go down this rabbit hole with me, be advised: You may get your feelings hurt. There are people you were taught to trust. People you admired or even idolized in the entertainment industry. Public officials you respected and maybe even voted for. Business people or --
Philanthropists you looked up to as role models, respected journalists etc. The time will come when these people won't be able to walk down the street. If you get your feelings hurt, don't come in to my thread spewing unfounded opinions or some #FakeNews BS. I will block you..
3. That being said: are you ready to play a game? Let's start by introducing some of the key players. #QAnon #DarkToLight
In literal terms, this IS NOT A GAME!
Let's take a look at some key players that have already been eliminated. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Okay Anons, here comes the unredacted A's start digging! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Okay Anons, each time I drop unredacted pages, I will drop redacted pages immediately following for comparison. Names were removed for a reason. That makes [THEM] VERY relevant. I will drop periodically throughout the thread. Happy Hunting! #QAnon #DarkToLight #WWG1WGA
The first notable listing to me is Douglas Bands. Why? All of the Clinton contacts are listed under his name. It is set up to appear that Slick willy is one of His contacts. Who is Douglas Bands? A former Clinton adviser and the president of Teneo corp. The more we know! #QAnon
8. What is the Teneo Corp? TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Look At the dates! The question becomes, what type of favors did he and the Clintons/Obama promise in exchange for $60 billion in M&A deals in their 1st 6 months of 2015 which was right before the election? Inception was in 2011-
Right before Obamas reelection campaign! Why did he decide to go to Law School while employed full time in the White House? They were grooming him to be their DS guy inside Teneo. Teneo was considering an initial public offering for early 2017, among other options. #DarkToLight
Teneo is Involved in various philanthropic projects. Teneo founded and operates the Teneo Foundation, a non-profit which has contributed millions of dollars to organizations such as the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. Another freaking supplier of Children!!! #DARKTOLIGHT
Oh there's MORE! They have their own academy for future deep state operatives!
How many coincidences until it's mathematically impossible? I digress! #QAnon #DarkToLight Please pray for me patriots I am just getting started. This makes the Pelican Brief look like a joke. Serious
This just in: The rats are scrambling
You are watching the systematic destruction of the old guard! #QAnon #DarkToLight
The next notable I found in the B's is Lisa Belzberg. The daughter of Business man/Philanthropist Samuel Belzberg.. #QAnon #DarkToLight
@MoreheadPatriot had sent me a thread from another Anon with her name it, but there were no specifics as to her relevance at that time so I decided to dig a bit. It didn't matter if I Google her or her father, Matthew Bronfman came up at the top of the search. #QAnon
As it turned out, there's a Bronfman in the book. Okay getting ahead of myself here. Back to Belzberg for now. #QAnon #DarkToLight
I already had the Balfours on my list of names to dig because of a documentary I saw a few years ago. Anyhoo, it doesn't take an EconomicsFag to figure out the DS created the S&L crisis to take advantage of the real estate market. #QAnon #DarkToLight
This was the tweet he sent me. As it turns out, Lisa married her dad's business partner, Matthew Bronfman, which is kinda creepy. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Ok, back to old man Belzberg. Are you ready for the Boom? He founded the Dystonia foundation. Let's face it, the world's largest crime syndicate needs a lot of laundromats. But, we all know that the people who aren't attractive enough for the sex rings, or acceptable for hard
end up being used for medical research.
The disorder may be hereditary or caused by other factors such as birth-related or other physical trauma, infection, POISONING or "Reaction To Pharmaceutical Drugs", particularly neuroleptics, or stress. Another FOUNDATION! #QAnon
Dr. Lisa Belzberg is the Founder and Chair Emerita of the non-profit organization PENCIL (Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning). She has worked for political campaign consultant David Garth, as a producer of The Charlie Rose Show. Can you say FOUNDATION?
She also sits on Governor Cuomo’s NY Education Reform Commission, the Dean’s Council for NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education and is an active member of the Advisory Board of Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Ed). [THEY] ALL have a position connected to CHILDREN!
Flavio Briatore is an Italian businessman. He started his career as a restaurant manager and insurance salesman in Italy. He was convicted in Italy on several fraud charges in the 1980s, receiving two prison sentences. The convictions were later extinguished by an amnesty.
19. I chose Flavio because his name is circled. He is too old to be a victim, so he is obviously a witness. Briatore set up a number of successful Benetton franchises as a fugitive in the Virgin Islands and the United States.  #QAnon #DarkToLight
It is my guess he met Epstein during his time in the Virgin Islands. Benneton would be the ideal place to buy clothing for his girls. It was this line of thinking that led me to take a closer look at Benneton and how he got connected to them.
While working in Milan prior to his prosecution, Briatore continued to make influential friends. It was here he met the fashion entrepreneur Luciano Benetton. When Benetton opened a series of US franchises in 1979, he chose the 29-year-old Briatore to head the operation.
23. The first thought that came to mind was: how in the hell does a guy that was an insurance salesman end up heading a huge company, get amnesty from two prison sentences and end up running a racing team? It was time to dig deeper, something was missing. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Okay Anons here are the unredacted B's
2 of 3
3 of 3
Okay Anons, here are the redacted B's
Happy Hunting!
2 of 3
3 of 3
Before moving on to the next BOOM, I am going to share a thread from a fellow Anon. We are all working different angles. That's the beauty of a digital Army. #QAnon
When I first started digging deeper in to Favio's past, I became more perplexed. He flunked public high school, not once, but twice. Despite both of his parents being elementary school teachers.
Next thing ya know, his parents can afford private school. Favio attended Fassino di Busca high school. He received a diploma with the lowest passing grades possible in Land Surveying. Surveying? #DarkToLight
Briatore found early work as a ski instructor and restaurant manager. He opened a restaurant named Tribüla, which was his nickname. The restaurant was a failure  and had to close due to excessive debt. Ok,,, flunks school and gets a managerial job with no experience?
37. Next question: Where in the hell did he get the venture capital to open a restaurant? He obviously wasn't very bright. Either he was the best con artist on the planet, or he had been recruited by [THEM] at a young age. He strikes me as muscle not brains
#QAnon #DarkToLight
Then he worked as a door-to-door insurance salesman. In the 1970s he moved to Cuneo and became an assistant to businessman Attilio Dutto owner of the Paramatti Vernici paint company. ?? Are you seeing the pattern? Someone was placing him in different roles. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Here comes the BOOM! Metaphorically AND literally. Are ya ready for it? Dutto was killed on 21 March 1979 in a car bomb attack by an unknown perpetrator. Next thing ya know? Briatore moved to Milan and worked for Finanziaria Generale Italia at the Italian stock exchange.
When you're obedient to [THEM] you get rewarded. They guy that couldn't pass HS, wacks his boss and walks in to a cushy job at the Stock Exchange.
It was there , he met Luciano Benetton, founder of the Benetton clothing company. Ya can't make this shit up!
Saying that Favio was muscle and not brains, was an understatement. He was on the fast track to fame and fortune, yet got involved in some stupid shit like this.Onviously [THEY] fixed it for him.
#QAnon #DarkToLight
I didn't leave a stone unturned digging in to Favio. I found absolutely nothing to indicate he was a pedophile, or in any way connected to trafficking children. It appeared he found his calling in racing. But what was the real reason he left the stores?
#QAnon #DarkToLight
I couldn't find what deed he performed that rewarded him with over stepping his boss, Benetton, on the racing team. But, [THEY] had their reasons. You know the rest of the racing story from the article I shared earlier.
Q is dropping like crazy. #PizzaGate #PedoGate conspiracy no more. #PatriotsInControl
He redropped this, it's relevant now. Connspiracy theory no more! This video is super relevant. Note the screen shot of my pizza gate folder on you tube. They tried to stop what was coming. We are the news now. People are woke. #QAnon #PizzaGate #Pain
We Are The News Now! Conspiracy no more! #DarkToLight #PanicInDC #PainIsComing #PatriotsInControl
Sorry for the delay. I got caught up in the barrage of Q drops. I couldn't find a legitimate connection between Flavio and Epstein. He has a penchant for dating models so I decided to dig into the women in his life. Boom. There it was.
In 1998, he became engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell; they were involved in an on-again-off-again relationship until they split up in 2003. Why did they split? 2003 was during the prime of the Epstein reign. Did he find out what Epstein and his boss were up to?
BOOOM! When I went to their Web page I was stunned. Symbolism will be their demise! You can't make this shit up! It's right in front of us! Out in the open! Note their logo! #QAnon #DarkToLight
For over a decade the brand had been hit by dwindling sales. In 2017, following heavy losses, the 83-year-old Luciano Benetton announced he was coming out of retirement to retake the reins of the company. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Their signature soft wool jumpers made in a variety of colours, had evolved into pedo attire. This would explain Favio wanting out of the store business and it coincides with him and Naomi separating. How many coincidences until it's mathematically impossible? #QAnon
Symbolism sent me on a mission. I wanted to find evidence that connected them to children, not just pedo attire. Following much ado, I was in my photo gallery and got a crazy notion to blow up the pic I posted earlier and look for symbols on the building. #DarkToLight
BOOOOOOOM! Those are NOT manequins! And look at the railing. It was right under my nose the whole time and I missed it. #DarkToLight #QAnon
That concludes my dig into Flavio Briatore. I am sure he has a story to tell about how a reputable company was corrupted by [Them] when Luciano retired. He still claims he was framed in the F1 scandal. That was around the time Epstein went down the 1st time.
Okay Anons here are the Unredacted C's Happy Hunting!
2 of 2
Here are the redacted C's Happy Hunting
2 of 3
3 of 3
OMG HOLD THE FUCKIN PHONE! BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! Remember the lead detective on the Epstein case from Palm Beach? The one that died right after the interview? What if I told you he was one of [THEM]? He was Epsteins inside man and fronting the whole time? Holy Shit! #DarkToLight
Okay let's connect some dots! Q dropped Wexner's name. What do you see? What Don't you see? His name is circled. He isn't in the redacted book. Time to dig.
Prior to the 2018 mid terms, Wexner was a registered republican, but switched to independent. The glaring question is: what was the $2.3 million payment for? #DarkToLight . #QAnon
We have established thst Wexner had a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who managed his financial assets. Wexner and Epstein parted when Epstein went to prison. We connected him to Barack and the Bushes, along with Mitt Romney. What else can I find?
#QAnon #DarkToLight
President George W. Bush appointed Wexner to serve in the Honorary Delegation to accompany him to Jerusalemfor the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel in May 2008
The Columbus Dispatchreported on September 14, 2018 that Wexner had renounced his affiliation with the Republican Party due to changes in its nature.
Wexner made his comment shortly after former President Obama gave a speech on the same Columbus Partnership panel Wexner would address. I smell a threat or blackmail.
65. So what's the connection to Israel? Over the years, Wexner built a retailing and marketing conglomerate, which currently includes: Victoria's Secret, Pink (Victoria's Secret), Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel, The White Barn Candle Company, and La Senza. Interdasting
In special section at the back of the address book I found this. Note the butler drew an arrow pointing to New Albany . Also a list of contacts in none other than Israel. Time to dig. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Wexler lives in New Albany. He owns a 30-room, $47 million, Georgian-inspired estate, on nearly 336 acres. One could hide away A Lot of children there! #QAnon #DarkToLight
I believe ELISA Eshed is a pseudonym. When I Googled it, I got this. We've seen several examples of what could be human research ops. And then Boom! There it was! The weizman institute in you guessed it: ISRAEL. Holy shit! #QAnon #DarkToLight
Imma leave the Wexner dig right here. I connected all the dots I can. The $2.3 million was for whatever twisted research going on over there. #QAnon #DarkToLight
Hmmm Twatter broke my thread. It continues here!
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