New thread: reminding @taylorswift13 that she is loved and appreciated 💕
@taylorswift13, I love you! ❤️
@taylorswift13, you are so loved 🧡
@taylorswift13, I luh ooh 💛
@taylorswift13, YOU KILLED IT on #TaylorSwiftOnGMA and I’m so excited for Lover’s Lounge, the “Lover” music video, etc. tonight!! Oh, yeah, and I love you 💚
@taylorswift13, #Lover IS SUCH A FREAKIN’ MASTERPIECE, OH, MY GOD!! You never fail to impress with your new music, but this album... this album is something else!
Move over Speak Now, Lover is my new favorite T.S album 💙
I love you!!
I love you, @taylorswift13!! So many people love you and I hope you’ll always remember that 💜
I love you, @taylorswift13!! 🖤
You are a precious bean, a light in the darkness and *squeal* I just love you so much!! ❣️ @taylorswift13
A bit of a late night reminder that I love you and am forever grateful for you!! 💕 @taylorswift13
I love you, @taylorswift13!! 💞
Pulled an all-nighter and won’t be napping today to get my sleep schedule… well, GET a sleep schedule for school tomorrow, but I listened to #Lover early in the morning and I FEEL SO ALIVE!!
Love you, @taylorswift13 💓
💖💖💖 @taylorswift13, I love you!!
I hope you have a great concert in Paris tonight and (maybe) meet lots of loyal Swifties!! I wish I could be there, but if I can find any sort of livestream, I’ll be watching!! Love you, @taylorswift13 💘

I love you, @taylorswift13!! 💝
@taylorswift13, guess what… I love you!! You’re great!! 💟
@taylorswift13, I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!! ♥️
Hi, @taylorswift13!! I’m so excited to (HOPEFULLY 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻) get #LoverFestEast tickets and see you next year for the 2ND TIME 🥰 Love you!!
Hey, @taylorswift13!! My #StellaxTaylorSwift package is supposed to arrive today!! I hope, when I get home from my Tri-M meeting, it’s waiting for me 😘
Love you!!
I’m in study hall, you know what that means: @taylorswift13 appreciation o’clock!!
Tay, I hope you know I love you and you are one of my favorite people on this Earth 🤗
Hey, girl! Ily 😽
I love you, @taylorswift13, but how are you EVERYWHERE?! 👀
I’ve been inactive lately, but hi, I love you!!
Hey, girl! Love you 💋
I hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are, @taylorswift13!! Sending you love, as always 💐
I hope you like this edit I made of you!! Love you 💕 @taylorswift13
I haven’t been very active on social media lately, but I want you to know I have been keeping up with you and I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished!! I love you 💜 @taylorswift13
Hey, Tay, I’m just reminding you that I love you while anxiously awaiting the #LoverFestEast ticket presale 😬 I really hope I can get my hands on a couple to see you next year!! 🤞🏻💞
Yeah, sooo I’M GOING TO SEE YOU ON JULY 31ST AT #LoverFestEast!!!!!!
I’m SOOOOOO happy I got tickets and excited to see you live for the second time!! 😆💖
I love you!! @taylorswift13
Ayy, it’s another edit! I love this photo of you, @taylorswift13, and I hope you like the way I edited it 💓 Love you!!
It’s been a while since I’ve added to this thread, but hey, @taylorswift13, I love you!!
I hope you’re doing well and see all of us celebrating #BeautifulGhosts, the new merch, the new #Cats trailer, and standing by your side 💞
Hi, @taylorswift13!! I hope you’re doing well. Love you 🤗
Happy Thanksgiving, @taylorswift13!! I hope you’re feasting with your family and watching all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes today 🧡
Hey, @taylorswift13!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, ate lots of delicious food and laughed with your loved ones!! Love you 💕
Hi, @taylorswift13!! I love you!! 🥰
Happy birth-month, @taylorswift13!!
Only 12 days until you turn 30 😱 (how?!)
Congrats on the #GoldenGlobes2020 nom. for #BeautifulGhosts, @taylorswift13!! I truly believe it is your best song to date (my musical loving heart can’t take it) and I’m so glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves 💙

Hey, @taylorswift13, I hope you’re doing well!!
Sending my love, as always 💕
Happy early birthday, Miss @taylorswift13!! Love you 💕
Happy birthTAY, @taylorswift13!!

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have the most fun 30th birthday filled with lots of laughs, love, and wine 🥳
Thank you for just being you and doing everything you can to spread positivity. I love you ❤️ #HBDTaylor #HappyBirthdayTaylor
Wow, there was some thirTAYth birthTAY fun that was had last night! 😶 TMIK, I don’t know her!

In all seriousness, I am so glad you had such an amazing birthday, @taylorswift13, and were surrounded by ALL the people you love ❤️ It makes me so happy to see you so happy!!
@taylorswift13, I’m sure you’ve seen us worrying about you and I just want to say I hope all is well and you’re okay ❤️
I’m sending you all the love and positivity in the world!!

P.S: you looked GOREGOUS at the #GoldenGlobes the other night 🥰
Hi, @taylorswift13! We miss you 🥺
Congrats on your #iHeartAwards noms., @taylorswift13!! Good luck with winning, even though you don’t need it 😊

Love you, as always 💜
Happy Monday, @taylorswift13 😊
@taylorswift13 Hi, I love you 🥰
Hi! I’m excited for #MissAmericana. I love you. Okay, bye.
Hi, @taylorswift13, I love you and hope you’re doing well!! 🥰
The #MissAmericana trailer…
My emotions: all over the place
Today’s add needs more than one tweet.

So #MissAmericana came out yesterday and I just need to vent about a certain little part…
When some rep. Tour footage played, I got this weird, instinctual feeling that there’d be footage from my show, specifically you…

… singing “Clean”, in the doc. for some reason.
There you were, surprising us by singing “Clean” in the pouring rain at MetLife Stadium.
If you’ve read my first letter (, you know how much that night means to me and…

… when you put it in the doc., I lost my sh*t.
I was full-on gasping, sobbing, smiling like the f*cking Joker because of the fact that you put it in there. The fact that you remembered it and it means a lot to you, too, and you wanted it to be documented.…

I love you, @taylorswift13! Thank you for sharing so much of your personal life with us and making the world a better place each and every day 💕 
Congrats on your deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, @taylorswift13!
I’m endlessly proud of you and your accomplishments. I love you 😊
Happy #ValentinesDay, @taylorswift13!!
I hope you and “London Boy” have a great one 💝

P.S.: check out this edit I made!
Despite unfortunate changes in events in my life due to the coronavirus chaos, I’m still laughing and smiling because of #TheManMusicVideo and behind-the-scenes, so thank you, @taylorswift13!

P.S.: this might be my favorite M.V of yours 💕
Hey, @taylorswift13!
This thread might become a diary of sorts what with everything going on right now, but I hope you and your family are healthy and staying cautious.
Sending my love, as always 💗
Hi, @taylorswift13!
I’m stuck at home until March 30th as of right now, but my family and I are well. I hope the same goes for you.
Love you and wish you well 😊💕
I see you lurking, @taylorswift13 👀
I’ve been homeschooling and trying to make a college decision (after being “waitlisted” by my top choice ☹️) today.

Also, my cats Bella and Charlotte say hi to Benji, Meredith, and Olivia!
Hey, T!
I love you 😊 Have a great day!
Bye, bye!

@taylorswift13, I FINALLY got my last college acceptance today!
Now I can choose a school to enroll in throughout this quarantine!

I had a headache and slept all day, but this made my day much better 😊
I hope something brightened your day today xoxo xoxo
I hope you’re doing well, @taylorswift13
You’ve proven yourself time and time again to be an extraordinarily healthy, strong woman, so I hope this situation isn’t making you backtrack.
You have so much support and love behind you, maybe now more than ever
Update: “Sally” and I are coincidentally going to the same college, so she reached out to me today. She ended up telling me something I’ve needed to hear since our falling out and we are getting even closer again 🥺
I’m happy :’) 💕

How incredible are you- donating thousands of dollars to your financially struggling fans, internationally, due to C.O.V.I.D-19?! That’s—
You have the biggest heart and treat your fans like family. Our relationship with you is unmatched 💗
My school is now closed until April 16th 🙃 Every so often I get really anxious, scared, and upset because this damn virus is wrecking my senior year, but I am trying to stay optimistic, just hoping I eventually get to go back to school 🤞🏻

Hey, @taylorswift13! I hope you’re feeling a lot more motivated than I am during this quarantine :/ Learning from home- not ideal! Also, living in a one bedroom apt w/ my mom, who is also working from home, makes it a lot more difficult to practice violin.
Self quarantine day 21: I’ve been FEELING editing lately, so here’s one I’ve done recently!
They don’t get any interaction, but I still like them 😊

I hope you’re doing well, @taylorswift13.
Sending love your way, forever and always 😉 💗💗💗
Hey, @taylorswift13!
How are you doing on this fine day, inside and isolated lol
Fr tho, I hope you’re doing well, staying happy and productive with your quarantine pal(s)! Love you 💕
No school until 4/30 which means two great school trips are cancelled, one of which I was REALLY excited about. It was kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity. The other, I was still excited about, but we hadn’t gotten our itinerary, so we don’t really know…
… what we’re missing out on, which makes it easier to stay positive about the trip being cancelled. BUT it cost $300.00 and I don’t know if or when I’ll see that money again. With my mom not being able to work full-time and sending me to college, by herself, in…
… the fall, we don’t exactly want to lose hundreds of dollars 😬 Hopefully we will be refunded in full 🤞🏻
It’s definitely getting more and more difficult to stay positive, but I hope you are. I love you so much, as you know 💗 Have a great day!
Hey, @taylorswift13!
Thanks for existing and allowing me to word vomit online yesterday lol I’m feeling a bit better today, just trying not to think about the cancelled trips and money too much, which means I’ve been editing. Anyway, ily 💕
Hey, @taylorswift13!
I don’t know why everyone is coming at you today, but I’m sorry. They’re blaming you for things you’ve already discussed and world issues, which you have no control over. I’m sorry.
Now I know why you don’t like Twitter, it really can be a TOXIC place.
Ily ❤️
I want to talk about this somewhere, so I’m going to use it to remind you, @taylorswift13, to STAY HYDRATED!! Since I’m out of school, I don’t have a big water bottle on me as a reminder to hydrate, so I’ve been forgetting to drink water. Yesterday, I…
… couldn’t even remember the last time I drank water; I was thinking to myself “I should probably drink some water”, but I didn’t. Long story short, I fainted in the shower last night resulting in bruises, bumps, and scrapes- all fun things. I’m sure I’m fine,…

… but, ya know, not exactly ideal.
So yeah, keep track of your water intake and listen to your gut when it tells you to drink water!

I hope all is well, that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. I’m sure everything is fine, you’ve been posting and are performing #TogetherAtHome on Saturday (‼️)
And please put a word out about your cancelled performances- whatever you can say. Love you💗
No school until 5/16, so my trip IS cancelled (thankfully, I will be refunded at some point) and my last concert EVER with my favorite orchestra conductor, who I’ve known for five years, is cancelled.
I’m not surprised, but… 😣

I hope you’re doing better than me, @taylorswift13
Maybe you saw my tweets, maybe (probably) you didn’t, but thank you. I love you ❤️
I am SO excited for your #TogetherAtHome performance tonight, @taylorswift13!! It’ll be so nice to see/hear you live since #LoverFest has been postponed until 2021.

Again, I hope you’re holding up during this quarantine with your loved ones. Love you 💕
Your performance… wow.
@taylorswift13, it was incredibly courageous and strong of you to be so vulnerable and perform SYGB for the world. It hits so close to home for ME, I applaud you for even putting it on the album, let alone performing it!
Just— wow. You’re incredible. ❤️
Hi, queen!
I hope you’re doing well, staying healthy, safe, and productive (at home, of course) with your quarantine buddies. I’m doing alright, just trying to hang in there and hoping for the best 🙂
Sending my love (surprised?) 💕
Self quarantine day 47
Feeling anxious and stressed because this week we find out if we get to go back to school (I really, REALLY hope we do 🤞🏻). How are you doing, @taylorswift13? Well, I hope?
For the 13,000th time, I love you so much!! 💕
Firsts & lasts, events, traditions, trips, once in a lifetime opportunities- gone.
13yrs I’ve looked forward to these things and now I’ll never get them. I’ve unknowingly said goodbye, had my last day of school & will never return as a student. 😔
I’m so upset.
@taylorswift13, I told you this would become a diary.
I’m still very upset. Every second I’m not immersed in something distracting, I think about everything I’ve lost and could lose and just get so upset. I‘m such an optimist, but I can’t seem to find the bright side of this 💔😣
Hey, @taylorswift13, how are you?
I hope you, your #Lover, and the itty bitty pretty kitty committee are doing well, not going too stir crazy. Are you working on new projects? I can’t wait to see!
Love you so much, I’m so excited to see you at #LoverFestEast next year 💕
i wuv u, @taylorswift13 💗
Hey, @taylorswift13, I’m doing a bit better in regard to school. I’m still very upset and worried about graduation, but I‘m trying to see the positives- having a unique experience, writing inspo., an answer to future job interview questions, stuff like that.
Stay healthy & safe!
@taylorswift13, random, but I finally listened to Niall’s music last night (I am now a stan) and I agree with him; you two should totally collab (once this is all over, of course)!! I feel like your voices would sound SO GOOD and you could write some AMAZING lyrics together!! 💗
I FORGOT TO PUT A GIF AGAIN! 😫🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ UGH, here…
Hi, @taylorswift13! I’ve had a rough couple of days w/ bad news & poor mental health, but I got a bit of good news yesterday, which cheered me up 😊 One thing being #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover!! I’m so excited to watch on Disney+ this Saturday. I’ve really missed your performances 💜
*Monday 🤦🏼‍♀️
Hey, @taylorswift13 💕 I hope you’re feeling well. I’m feeling a bit better about school; my school is doing everything they can to honor us seniors and give us a proper ending. We all feel very grateful and appreciated :)
I’m certainly cheering up and feeling all around better!
Less than one week until #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover on Disney Plus!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for this concert film/mini doc., I know it’ll cheer me up and distract me from everything going on right now 💗
Daily reminder that, GORGEOUS, “you’re a mansion with a view”! 😉
Love you, “Forever & Always”… okay, I’m done 😂

Self quarantine day 61
It feels like so much longer than two months, oh, my gosh. I’ve had my ups and downs, but, at the moment, I’m doing pretty well! I hope you can say the same 😊
Stay healthy, stay safe, and give us more Meredith content, haha!! Love you 💗
Okay, but can you share your cinnamon bun recipe with us ‘cause the bakers’ gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake…
#SwiftamonBun #SwiftamonRoll @taylorswift13
#TaylorSwiftCityOfLover TOMORROW!! Well, two days for me, but I’m still pumped!! I can’t wait to see you perform again, something to hold me over until #LoverFest next year :)
But how are you, @taylorswift13? Eating well, staying hydrated and safe? I hope so 💗 Love you SO much!
#TaylorSwiftCityOfLover premieres TONIGHT!!
I unfortunately don’t have cable, but fortunately have Disney+, so I’ll be tuning in tomorrow! I’M SO EXCITED, EEEEEEPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, @taylorswift13! I still haven’t watched #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover (because school and sleep 😕), but I will watch A.S.A.P!!
I think I’ll end up putting it on as background noise (after *really* watching it, of course) while doing school work. Your music always motivates me 🥰
I watched #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover last night and, GIRL, YOU KILLED THAT ISH!
All my thoughts are here (⬇️), but it’s (not surprisingly) incredible! My assumption was correct; this (singles and special) will be on repeat all day, everyday in my household 😌💕
When the below was announced, I was genuinely shocked you weren’t going to be there. I was really expecting it.
I just found out about this and AAAHHHHH 😆 I’m graduating this year AND June 6th is my birthday; this is the like the best b-day/grad present EVER!!!!!
You’re great 💗
You are SO loved, I hope you know that ❣️
B*tch, you’re a f*ckin’ genius.
Jack Leopard & the Dolphin Club? 👌🏻😉

I’m actually so amazed by your intellect and wit. Your cleverness is beyond me. I aspire to be as genius an artist and a businesswoman as you one day, honestly 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Life update:
I just got my FULL refunds for the cancelled field trips, which is very good! I still wish they weren’t cancelled, but 🤷🏼‍♀️ it is what it is. Also, my school’s senior class counsel is paying for our senior shirts! Overall, I’m doing pretty well 💛
Wow… long time, no see for this thread 😳 For a while, I posted solely about B.L.M and L.G.B.T+ issues/Pride as to not distract from the civil rights movements we are living through. I also took a few social media breaks in favor of my mental well-being (boy, …
… do I hate social media sometimes), but I think it’s time to get this thread going again :)
Let’s catch up! Over the past two months, I’ve
- received the President’s Award for Academic Excellence
- turned eighteen
- registered to vote… said “president” out in…

… November
- graduated high school
- virtually attended college orientation and
- finalized my first semester schedule
Now, I’m still posting about B.L.M and L.G.B.T+ issues as well as others of importance to me, all while getting ready to move to college next…

… month 😬
Life is a little hectic at the moment, but I’m so happy and excited for the future!
I hope you and your loved ones have been doing well, all around and in every way. I’m always sending all of my love to you, T 💗

OH, AND today marks two years since #repTourEastRuth, which inspired my pinned post! I still can’t believe I was in the audience that night, that I LIVED that #MissAmericana scene! I honestly just feel the luckiest ever 💓
Today also marks ten days until I…

… should’ve seen you again, this time in Massachusetts for #LoverFestEast ☹️ It’s a bummer, but I can’t wait to see you next year! I’m so excited for the rescheduled dates to be announced!

Hi, @taylorswift13! I hope you’re having a good day today 🥰 Remember to stay hydrated and get well rested! Love you x
I am M I N D B L O W N 🤯 Like, Lover era is over? #folklore era is beginning?!

I’m speechless. There’s so much beauty to absorb within #folklore , my words won’t do it justice, but here are my first reactions and initial thoughts:

@taylorswift13, this album is amazing 🖤
I still can’t believe Lover era is suddenly OVER (🥺) and #folklore era has begun (😆), like WHAT? That’s wild! Like, you have EIGHT albums out?! WOW! I can’t wait to see where folklore era takes us. I just know it’ll be great 🖤
I love you, @taylorswift13
Hey, @taylorswift13!
I thought I’d share a fun fact with you. The college I committed to was founded in ‘89 and has a Cornelia Street on campus 👀👀👀 I swear to God, you follow me everywhere 😂
Anyway, I hope you’re having a good day enjoying all of #folklore ’s success! 💕 ily
I’m currently streaming #folklore and, @taylorswift13, I don’t think I’ve related to an album more! Even the songs you wrote about a very specific situation or story, we can apply to our own lives and interpret how we see fit. It’s such a relatable record without trying to be…
… that way. You’re a lyrical genious, I swear. But seriously, these sixteen songs have been produced and written so wonderfully, they are healing a lot of people, whether that’s helping them feel less alone and understood or giving them a sense of closure in…

… their own lives. You’ve done some really beautiful work, here, yet again ❤️
I love you so much, keep being you and doing the amazing things you do.

Umm… 😐 Yeah, take all of my money, why don’t you?!

Hey, @taylorswift13! I just thought you should know that I nearly called my cat “Taylor” last night… and her name is Charlotte. You have literally taken over my thoughts 😂
Speaking of cats, I think we’re all in dire need of an itty bitty pretty kitty committee update 👀 Please!
I’M NOT SHADOWBANNED ANYMORE, which means I can add to this thread again! Congratulations on your five #VMA nominations for #Lover and #TheMan (I’m giving you all my votes everyday) AND congratulations on your number ones!! You’re KILL! ING! IT! 👏🏻🥳👏🏻

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