“Wind areas border on natural habitats of wild fauna & flora in which strictly protected bats have found rare refuge”

“‘It makes no sense at all. It's the headlong and forced adoption of wind power no matter the consequences... all this from the Green Party. That's astonishing’”
Nobody is more alienated from the natural world than environmentalists. You have to believe that the air above us is empty of life to imagine nothing will be killed by sticking giant spinning blades into the sky

https://twitter.com/janjekielek/status/1289614893063327745?s=21 https://twitter.com/janjekielek/status/1289614893063327745
For starters, using twitter to claim modern civilization is broken
Everything they say about renewables is wrong

- Germans spend nearly 2x more for electricity that is *10x* more carbon-intensive than French electricity

- solar farms require ~450x more land than nuclear

- industrial wind threatens extinction of migratory bats & other species
Here's my TEDx talk on why renewables can't save the planet

😊 https://twitter.com/Quillette/status/1212875451439308800?s=20
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