So you want to spoil your damn cat?
A list of products recommended by me and links where to buy them!
Food is one of the most important things for your cats! You want to find a good high quality food for them, but also, you want to feed them in a way that's interactive and interesting to keep their kitty brains growing!
I love this for lazy days:
These are a bit pricey but it's a BLAST hiding them around the house and watching the cats seek out the hiding spots to find kibble. It keeps them busy for over an hour on a good day!
Drinking is important, too!
Here's a stainless steel easy to clean cat fountain so your cats can stay hydrated on their own schedule! There's few parts and the filters are replaceable, so it's very easy to maintain long term.
But what if you're gone??
This auto feeder lets you both schedule daily feedings AND check a video feed with audio of your pets. I use it to check up on them and give them bonus feedings when I travel. It reduces MY nervousness.
Now, what about treats!
My new favorite brand is Northwest Naturals! They have all kinds of freezedried foods that are ultra tasty and great for even picky eaters! My cats love all of the poultry and the whitefish!
Don't tell them I told you this, but they ripped open a bag of these minnows and ate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM in a single sitting once.
Kids, especially, love feeding these to Jiji who slurps them up.
I feed my cats raw, but that's a difficult diet. For days where I'm traveling, and want the BEST wet food for the cats I give them Tiki Cat, which always has top ratings on cat food sites as far as quality goes (and the price isn't that bad!)
Also consider spoiling them with these special puree treats. It's like a Gogurt pack for CATS
I have high energy, smart cats, so I need something that they can use to entertain themselves. This automated toy keeps them engrossed for hours. I only take it out a few times a month.
If you have a lot of non carpeted floor, this little bug will keep your cats entertained as they chase it around the house! It is very good at getting lost, however.
Now, some toys are for special occasions. This isn't a toy you leave out (Your cats WILL eat it) but when playing with it, it wooshes around and even sounds a bit like a flapping bird! Even my mom's lazy fat cats will get up to play for it!
Now if you have an EXCEPTIONALLY active cat, you might want to be even more proactive. This running wheel was funded on Kickstarter a few years ago and I have 2 of them. They're easy to assemble, and cheaper than other brands. 
Now if you're home and just want to relax a bit, consider snuggling with kitty using this comfy cat sweater! Great for hairless cats in particular, or the ultra cuddly kitties.
If your cat is more of a self-relaxer, consider this heated bed, instead! I put one of their favorite blankets inside and Jiji and Pandora can't get enough of it.
If you already have a good bed, and just want to make it warmer, you can also buy the heating pad separate. (and it's more safe for a cat than a human heating pad)
I wound up having to buy TWO of these when my cats kept fighting over who got to sleep inside. 
Nandog beds are my absolute FAVORITE pet bed. They're super soft, very warm, and well designed. The prices on their site are very high, but they FREQUENTLY show up at TJ Max for $20, and for $20 at their World's Family Pet Expo booth.
Do your cats track litter around? Most cheap litter mats you buy kinda suck and get ruined if you try to clean them. This one you can open to pour litter out and you can spray it down with a hose, or in the shower.
Don't declaw your cats, ever. But if scratching is an issue, consider using these!

Your vet will assist you in putting them on the cat if you can't do so yourself.
Cats on the counter or surfaces they should avoid? This is a safe training device to work through those "NO" rules with kitty.
Before I forget!
If you need to travel with your cat (or dog) this is the NUMBER 1 BRAND I WILL RECOMMEND! 
I've gotten to try out almost ALL of their pet products and I seriously geek out over how good they are. Worth every penny.

I was given one of these as a gift, and it's super cool! I've used it when I take my cats out to visit new places and a small litter box and blanket can fit inside! I'm going to use it at my new house for outdoor adventures.
Does your kitty need a cone of shame? Most cones are too large and bulky for cats to really walk around, or get comfy. I use these soft cones when I'm home (to monitor the cat just in case) and they are WAY more comfy. 

I'll be honest that I just use a giant WalMart tote bin as a litter box so I don't have to clean it daily, but I CONSTANTLY hear the praises sung for this litter box. It's automated, helps clean the litter for you, and apparently cats think it's cool.
Litter is INCREDIBLY subjective. So this is less a recommend than a review.
I love World's Best Cat Litter. It isn't dusty, and ISN'T clay, so it's better for the environment. It requires a full change once a month, or it gets farmy, but smells pleasant!
That said, living in a small apartment, I needed a litter that better on the smell masking. I started using Dr. Elsey's cat litter. Good price, and VIRTUALLY NO DUST! It's my current favorite clay based litter.
(Clay can cause respiratory issues in cats, and isn't as good environmentally speaking) There are lots of good litters out there, but these are two I've used and liked.
Probably one of THE highest quality dry food you can find for your cats is Orijen brand. 

It's on the pricey end, but their ingredients are second to none. 
This is an amazing website to check out your favorite brand of cat food and see if it has a good score for nutrition and ingredients. If you find out you're on a low quality food you can slowly wean kitty into a better food type.

I use this as a toy and training device. I get out the cat's FAVORITE treats, and they have to touch the wand and hear the click to get it.
I use it as a game for the energetic cats, but for the nervous one I use it to reward/condition her for new things.

Freeze dried chicken hearts are my favorite training treat. I yell "Chicken heart!" and the cats will SCREAM and run over! Nothing beats a chicken heart.
I use this brand, but there are cheaper and smaller packages from other sellers.
hearts are really good treats. The muscle meat is good for them, and they have to learn to CHEW which is good for a spoiled cat who's only ever eaten pates and tiny kibble. It took Jiji a couple tries to learn, and now he's obsessed, too!
This was recommended as a brand for cats who aren't as typically catnip motivated, so linking it here! I'd like to try it out, myself!
Another recommendation! This looks very similar to some of my cat's FAVORITE TOYS EVER! The seller I buy from only sells at cat shows, so this is a great alternative!
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