Let's have a closer look at some of the names in this recent article:
So where do we start? Well, how about Esther Rantzen's lover and Thatcher protégé, the Dark Dandy Nicholas Fairbairn.
Esther Rantzen, a woman who has links to umpteen paedophiles, gleefully recounts how she willingly jumped into bed with Nasty Nicholas.
Did she notice the pungent smell of his feet?
The paedophile Fairbairn was Honorary vice chairman of the Scottish Minorities Group set up by PIE founder Ian Dunn, a man with links to IICSA-disgraced David Steel and Leon Brittan cousin Malcolm Rifkind of Dunblane fame.
Nicholas Fairbairn and Michael Mates, both MPs and residents of Hawkins in Dolphin Square were close friends, even visiting Rhodesia together. When Fairbairn's affair with Charles Morrison's secretary went seriously wrong, it was Mates who had to intervene.
As Solicitor General, Fairbairn had colour copies made of the goriest crime scene photographs, particularly of butchered women, which he would pass around among friends when serving brandy.
The dismembered remains of Vishal Mehrotra were found just 200 m from Mates' home.
Fairbairn's associate and PIE founder Ian Campbell Dunn seems to have been very adept at duping gullible politicians and activists. Gordon Brown and Robin Cook were duped into backing an event hijacked by the Paedophile Information Exchange.
Peter Tatchell had an interesting relationship with PIE founder Ian Campbell Dunn:
On the one hand he knew him intimately enough to write his obituary for the independent, yet on the other hand had no idea he was involved with PIE.
Charlotte, Fairbairn's eldest daughter, a novelist from Kendal, has an attitude towards her dad reminiscent of Daniel Janner: He isn't here to defend himself so he must be innocent!
Charlotte's name intriguingly appears on Jeffrey Epstein's infamous list.
It's the company they keep:
Fairbairn and his buddies Henderson and Nisbet were associated with Robert Black, the serial killer who murdered Caroline Hogg. Unfortunately, the records are closed for 91 years to protect the circles these men moved in!
Given the accusations of rape of a 4 year old girl, it hardly comes as a surprise that Fairbairn demanded in correspondence to the Commons standards watchdog that reporters be banned from investigating his private life and that of other politicians.
Fairbairn would seduce anything on two legs: Alongside his dalliance with Rantzen, he even told Thatcher he had 'always fancied her'. It was she who read the eulogy at his funeral.
When allegations of abuse surfaced, it was the corrupt Malcolm Rifkind who rallied to his defence.
What is alarming about the Scottish gang of paedophiles surrounding Nicholas Fairbairn and Robert Henderson is the fact that persons involved have ties to not one, not two but three @inquirycsa chairs.
Let me explain:
Ms. Henderson says she was abused, inter alia, by the advocate Raymond Morris Fraser who was a close friend of the Duke of Hamilton, as was the Queen. Indeed, he was married at the Duke's home. Hamilton was the Queen’s official representative in Scotland.
The heir to the Hamilton titles is the eldest son, Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale, who was born in 1978.
Alexander Douglas-Hamilton is the cousin of Rebecca Scott, the daughter of the failed former IICSA Inquiry head Lowell Goddard.
Clarissa Dickson, pictured below with good friend and colleague Sir Johnny Scott, father of Rebecca Scott and ex-husband of former IICSA chair Lowell Goddard, was also close to the Duke of Hamilton, a close friend of alleged paedophile Raymond Morris Fraser QC.
Clarissa Dickson-Wright's father was a physician who treated the Queen Mother, but at home he was viciously cruel to mother and daughter.
Here she teams up with Johnny Scott, mate of Prince Charles, to visit the Denbyesque town of Grange-over-Sands:
One of Henderson's most vocal supporters was Lord McCluskey, a leading judge who also jumped to the defence of the convicted paedophile Jim Torbett of Celtic FC. Both were directors at Fairbridge in Scotland, a charity for vulnerable young people.
But McCluskey and Torbett weren't the only Fairbridge directors of interest. A certain Commander Charles Howeson, charged with buggery but convicted for abusing eight young men, was also on the board.
Ironically, Howeson's barrister was Daniel Janner QC.
McCluskey of Fettesgate was also patron of the Scottish Refugee Council, where Chris Jay was director from 1995 until 1998. This brings us to the current IICSA chair Alexis Jay, who is Chris Jay's wife.
Yet another Fairbridge director was David McNee who was involved with the Martin Allen case, the Grunwick dispute and the Deptford fire. According to his memoirs, Mountbatten said he got him the top Met job.
Despite reaching the pinnacle of policing, McNee appears to have played a very active role in preventing the crimes of Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan, both patrons of the Elm Guest House child brothel, from surfacing.
The Drake Fellowship was an earlier iteration of Torbett's Fairbridge. Torbett's close friend Jim McCafferty worked for Drake, a vulnerable children’s charity, where he took homeless boys on ­overnight trips and yachting holidays in his van.
Let's return for a moment to Fairbairn's daughter Charlotte, who appeared in Epstein's little black book:
Charlotte worked for the Oldie Magazine as events organiser and PA at the same time as Richard Ingrams, former editor of Private Eye whose name appeared on the RAINS list.
Ingrams is co-director at several companies with Ian Hislop. Interestingly, Ingrams' The Oldie was the first publication to break the story of Savile's history of child abuse. Ronnie Waterhouse also worked for Private Eye.
George Carman QC was retained by Savile's lawyers in the early Nineties around the time Carman took to hosting parties. Guests included Ian Hislop ...
Charlotte Fairbairn was also campaign manager for Rory Stewart, a man with close links to Royalty and said to have been linked to MI6.
Both Charlotte Fairbairn and Richard Ingrams attended the Oldie's 20th. anniversary party in the summer of 2012.
Jilly Cooper, the author who wrote knowledgeably about the Elm Guest House child brothel is a close friend of Ingrams and delights in attending Oldie lunches.
Another person with strong ties to Charlotte Fairbairn's 'The Oldie' was Wilfred De'Ath, who showed up on Operation Yewtree's radar and had a reputation for being a sexual predator.
While Susie Henderson claims to have been raped by Fairbairn and her own father as a young child, Charlotte Fairbairn says: 'I am delighted my father was who he was'!
Annabel Heseltine, Hezza's daughter, was educated at Stowe School, Ghislaine Maxwell's playground. Charlotte Fairbairn is a feature writer for School House Magazine under editor Annabel Heseltine who is listed in Epstein's black book.
On a more personal note, Rosie Waterhouse, whose name appears on the RAINS list, was the person who complained to my employer some months ago on behalf of Hewson friend and troll Simon Just, threatening with an article in Private Eye (for which she more recently apologised).
Both Richard Ingrams and Ian Hislop spent an inordinate amount of time at the Groucho Club, a place associated with many paedophiles, even at one point hosting indecent material involving young children.
Richard Ingrams' family had very close ties with Benjamin Britten and his boyfriend Peter Pears. Colin Peters was caught ferrying scugnizzi from Naples for the pleasure of Britten and friends on Ischia.
VAT expert Colin Peters, later convicted once again as part of Op Hedgerow, joined Hugh Mainprice as a partner. Mainprice's daughter Clare was a founder member of the Groucho Club where Ingrams spent a heck of a lot of time.
Another very close friend of Benjamin Britten was George Lascelles, the Queen's first cousin. He was chairman of the English National Opera together with many household names. Barbara Hewson's uncle Sir Richard Denby of paedoincubator Pennine Radio was director of Opera North.
Lascelle's (Earl of Harwood) first wife was Marion Stein, daughter of Benjamin Britten's publisher, who later married the paedophile Jeremy Thorpe. Britten was godfather to Lascelle's son.
Small world, innit? https://twitter.com/ciabaudo/status/989896801225502721?s=19
Richard Ingrams was taught by Anthony Chevenix-Trench, a flagellomaniac who spanked more bare bottoms as headmaster at Eton and Fettes than Harvey 'Whacker' Proctor had hot dinners!
His son John graced Epstein's little black book.
Both of Richard Ingrams parents were members of the Anglo-German Fellowship, but he says they weren't sympathetic to Nazism or Hitler. It is interesting how several of the corporate members keep cropping up like clockwork in my threads: Unilever, Thomas Cook and the Midland Bank!
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