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My threads on the Mueller Report, Trump-Russia, Russia’s global Active Measures, Neutralizing Putin, Trump’s illegitimate presidency*, Vichy MSM and the Mind Virus infecting America all in one spot.

1/ It all starts here: with a profound understanding of the Mueller Report. I took advantage of a terrible cold and began reading. What started as a personal challenge to plow through the first 100 pages turned into a 90-tweet summary of all 448 pages. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1121689602782183425?s=21
2/ In my Mueller Report summary above, I hoped readers could see for themselves what a treasony obstructiony con man we’re dealing with. Trump knows he’s an illegitimate president* and I expose more evidence here, in my comprehensive guide to Trump-Russia: https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1128011323416014848?s=21
3/ I know it’s a tough crowd out there, a minefield of disinformation and cyberscams. But as I read deeper into the Mueller Report, truth rose above the din, and it was clear: Trump is a fraud aided into office by a foreign adversary’s war on our country. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1135514963647221760?s=21
4/ I cannot express the depth of my sorrow and how personally I take it each time the media fails in its duty to uphold truth during these dark days when we are literally warring for truth. With each and every puff piece, my heart breaks a little more. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1133614554183680000?s=21
5/ We are in a cyberwar with no leadership, against an enemy who is steps ahead of us. If we don’t zoom out and look at what’s happening to our country from a global view, we will miss our chance to reverse course. Trump is a puppet. Putin is our problem. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1136639377285664769?s=21
6/ One day on my timeline, I saw a shoutout from the former President of Estonia, who confirmed the history of Putin’s cyber aggression and how mind twisting is an act of war. These lies that we are brutalized with are intended to create a war on truth. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1142071543616299008?s=21
7/ America is not unique in its attack by a weaker nation. Russia is wreaking havoc with cheap tricks and purchasable politicians throughout democratic nations. If these were bombs and not bots, we’d have declared war. Here’s some additional reading. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1143032873009569793?s=21
8/ It’s time to bury the GOP for the good of the planet. Cue taps. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1144370501730500608?s=21
9/ All the president’s* men: they’re a rotten crowd. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1147576295611457536?s=21
10/ I’ve put up with a lot of sh*t on this platform in order to push truth out during a protracted cyber siege, but being dismissed as a “cupcake” by a bot pushed me to explore the Darwinian origins—the cruel intent—of a psych war. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1149067602792075265?s=21
11/ Indictment threading on demand: A refresher course on Mueller’s indictments of Russian military ops and Kremlin associates targeting U.S. elections and political processes. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1151852356297904128?s=21
12/ My latest thread is critical to understanding this war. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1152989738346807296?s=21
13/ An interview with author @KeirGiles on how the French thwarted a hack attack. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1154559557407870976?s=21
14/ AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER: Let the impeachment investigation begin. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1154807679140810752?s=21
15/ PROTEST IS PATRIOTIC. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1155900057935175680?s=21
16/ Big Brother is triggering your fears with propaganda because greed. #TheGreatHackNetflix https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1156674917246464005?s=21
17/ SLOUCHING TOWARD TYRANNY: Blame these two. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1157428193583755264?s=21
18/ Nixon in a pique birthed the right-wing disinformation machine, and we suffer the ravages. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1148022643590750208?s=21
19/ RETURN TO SENDER: Putin is a prisoner of his own making and the bot GOP is rotting with him. Learn the backstory. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1164203811331702784?s=21
20/ DIRTY LAUNDRY: Shining a light on dark money. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1163593718818983937?s=21
21/ Never forget. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1169303675417714688?s=21
22/ My interview with author @KeirGiles on Macron’s misstep. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1171536059647135745?s=21
23/ The road is long and weary but truth is rising. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1172245201949200401?s=21
24/ Understanding the sinister nature of “hybrid” warfare. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1173082828210180101?s=21
25/ THE TWIST PLOTS: And because comedy isn’t pretty, a little dabble of short fiction to break up the monotony of mobsters ruining the world. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1173475723937337345?s=21
26/ Where the power lies. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1174223808762384386?s=21
27/ Mutiny time: our leader* has soul-scurvy. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1174769719024308224?s=21
28/ Deutsche Bank will have the smoking guns. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1176376773551853568?s=21
29/ The theater of distraction plays on, so let @craigunger keep you focused: Trump is a Russian asset. Full stop. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1177258057090289664?s=21
30/ THE KLEPTOCENE: As a scribe during the epoch of fraud, I turn to people smarter than me to keep from losing the plot. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1178257676104372224?s=21
31/ @chrisinsilico unleashes his whistleblowing prowess to tell the truth about Cambridge Analytica and its crimes against humanity.
32/ Because China. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1180147473920098306?s=21
33/ Tech bros, “philanthropy” and slouching toward authoritarianism. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1165500734403567616?s=21
34/ Let brilliant women take you beneath the headlines to illuminate truth. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1182191541734928384?s=21
35/ @tracygreen and @ruthcmay bring you the latest on dark money in the GOP: https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1182389478364606464?s=21
36/ Trump’s biggest backers are ethically challenged villains with a certain comfort level with fraud, but what about those poor saps now financing his biggest business ponziesque enterprise to date: his campaign.
37/ Allow art to deliver truth. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1185376582271029248?s=21
38/ How to contain Russian aggression in 45 tweets. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1187798455806087168?s=21
39/ RUDY, RUDY, RUDY: A Closer Look. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1188840147254562816?s=21
40/ GIULIANI’S INDICTED GOFERS “DONATED” WAY MORE THAN REPORTED: https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1184139817333821441?s=21
41/ Allow Randall, our nature guide, to offer the perfect description of men like Trump and Rudy, in this brief thread on the honey badger. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1189289997188390914?s=21
42/ Phonus Ballonus did not drain the swamp. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1190141612724125696?s=21
43/ Trump & Yanukovych: The Parallels of Russian Puppets. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1191047016622641152?s=21
44/ BANANA REPUBLICAN’S SIDESHOW: TRUMP ORG.’S blatant corruption. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1191381340127514625?s=21
45/ Wall of Shame: https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1200475621383499776
46/ The sad and treasonous endings of Paul Manafort’s clients. https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1197390665778249728
47/ Looter in chief. https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1209010469253443584
48/ Keepin it real clear. https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1205723384991977472
49/ Sabotage. https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1202274720600608768
51/ The world needs leaders who believe in science. https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1240850315466817536
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