Let's talk about it.

Big buff cheeto puff Kirishima all spread out on his and Bakugou's shared bed, completely shameless in only his jockstrap and a too small t-shirt, fast asleep.

Bakugou is NOT asleep. He couldn't be more awake if he tried.
He's always known Kirishima was attractive. Always. Like even before they started dating always. But sometimes it just sneaks up and kicks him in the face.

Like now.

He's literally drooling a little bit watching his boyfriend sleep.
That's not the only thing he's watching though.

"Holy shit," he whispers to himself, mesmerized by the sight of Kirishima's erect cock straining against his jockstrap.

It's big. It always is, but something about watching the jockstrap barely hold it in is...

Fuck, he's hard.
He reaches down, palming himself with a small whimper as he watches his boyfriend shift, his large legs shifting open wider, a soft snort escaping him.

He wants to wake Kirishima up, wants to start something, but fuck, he wants him to stay asleep even more.
With shaking hands, Bakugou reaches out, lightly touching the fabric, pressing the tip of his finger against where its stretched across the leaking head, feeling the wet stickiness there.

His dick twitches.

Kirishima doesn't.
It makes him bold.

Bold enough to wrap a firm hand arouns the thick erection, squeezing lightly.

That gets a reaction, a soft moan as his hips shift forward.

Nothing too bad.

Nothing that makes him wanna stop.
He straddles the larger man, shivering with arousal at the stretch of his legs. Kirishima is built lile a fucking brick house, and although he woupd never admit it out loud, the size difference between them was fucking glorious.
His own dick oozes a drop of precum when he places his palms flat on the mans stomach, breathing already getting heavier.

He slides his hands up, just under the round fullness of what he knows has to be absolutely rank testicles.
Kirishima played lacrosse, so it wasn't surprising that he had body oder.

What was actually surprising was how much Bakugou fucking loved that shit.

He was a goddamn bloodhound when it came to Kirishima's scent, paying special attention to the most pungent places.
Like now.

Bakugou buried his face in between to firm pectorals, taking a deep sniff, the smell of /work/ and /dirt/ and /man/, plus the smell of cedar and pine, invading his senses, causing his dick to twitch a few times in his pants.

He moaned softly.
He reached down into his shorts, gripping himself tightly with one hand so that he didn't blow his load when he took another gasping breath.

It wouldn't be the first time it had happened.

He vividly remembered the first time it had.
It was probably the hottest thing that had ever happened to him in life.

Kirishima had been fucking his mouth when it happened, and when he had cum, he'd forced Bakugou's head down, deep into the bushy black hair that he halfheartedly maintained.
Almost a minute and a half of being buried deep in sweat saturated pubes had his eyes rolling back into his head and cum filling his boxers in seconds.

Kirishima had been none the wiser, chalking it up to his awesome face fucking skills.

Bakugou didn't correct him.
But, flushed and panting at his boyfriend's feet with thick cum painting the insides if his boxers, he knew the truth.

Bakugou swallows, carefully climbing all around the bed, shifting and pulling the larger man, until he's starfished across the bed, Bakugou between his legs.
And holy FUCK, the smell.

Katsuki whimpers softly, greedily eying that thick slab of beef and rounded, wrinkled sac through the jockstrap like a starved man. He reaches out, easing the struggling elastic down, Kirishima's dick immediately dripping pre-cum onto his belly.
It takes a little finesse to get it down thick thighs and out from under that rounded bubble butt, but he manages. He then holds the cup to his face to take a deep inhale that make his eyes roll into the back of his head. Fuck it smelled so good.
He can't stop himself from giving his own twitching dick a few long, tight strokes as he huffed the smell of dirty jockstrap.

It smelled disgusting in a way that he loved. That he craved. That sent electricity racing down his spine as his balls drew up tight, ready to burst.
He yanks his hand away with a bitten off wail, his eyes crossing as a dry orgasm rips through his body like a tsunami, his dick jerking and dripping steadily as he reaches out to blindly dig his nails into the mattress, still huffing the scent of sweaty balls like it was a drug.
And goddamn if he wasn't a whole addict, gasping out quiet whines and cries as he finally settled down, little shivers still racing up and down his spine.

He blearily opens his eyes, still taking deep, quiet inhales, only to freeze as his own ruby red eyes meet shocked crimson.
There's a long pause, so long that Katsuki briefly imagines that Kirishima can't even see him and everything is fine.

"Holy shit," Kirishima whispers.

That does it.

Katsuki yelps, scrambling backwards, and would have fallen off the bed if not for strong hands catching him.
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He swings out a fist, desperate to get away, to escape, but years of lacrosse and play wrestling with Bakugou have made him a grappling machine, and the blond is quickly pinned to the bed, Kirishima's heaving chest pressed into his.

"Get off!" He yells, flailing uselessly.
"No way! What was that?! Were you /smelling/ my dirty strap?!"

Bakugou hisses at him, unsuccessfully fighting the blush racing across his cheeks. "No! Shut the fuck up! Lemme go!"

"Dude, my balls are /rank/ after practice, how are you alive, holy shit. You were buried in it."
Bakugou lets out an aggravated yell, trying to buck the bigger male off of him, only to choke on it as his still very much erect cock rubbed against a thick thigh.

"Bro, you're fucking disgusting."

And whoo boy, this is NOT the time to slip into his degradation kink.
His dick wholeheartedly disagrees with him however, and the quick twitch against his boyfriend's skin proves it.

He whimpers, panicked eyes looking everywhere but into the other's own.

"L-Look, if you're not off of me in five seconds, I'm gonna /oof/-!"
Kirishima drops on top of him like a big, sweaty stone, the sensation of his thick still hard cock pressed up against Bakugou's stomach silencing all of his protests.

Probably forever.

"Fuck, babe, you're so /nasty/," Kirishima hisses, his voice low and excited.
"Stooop," he whines, weakly pushing at that firm chest as Kirishima begins to grind up against him, even being so kind as to push that rock hard thigh between his own two shaking legs for him to hump against, causing his eyes to roll back for the second time in less than an hour.
"Is that why you can never seem to relax after I come here from practice?" Kirishima whispers, biting gently at his earlobe as his hips work relentlessly, dragging high pitched cries from his throat. "Why you always drag me to the bed without letting me shower?"
Katsuki chokes on a cry, dragging his nails down Kirishima's still clothed back as hot, molten lava seems to build up in his guts.


"You like the smell of me all overworked and nasty, huh babe? Like smelling my disgusting balls after I sweat all in my jockstrap?"
"Oh god," Katsuki whines, no longer fighting, but rather moving with, desperately rutting against that large, heavy thigh that's pressed between his legs.

"Say it. Say you love it."

"I love it!" He gasps, helpless to stop himself. "I love the smell your sweat!"

"Then take it."
Katsuki gasps when his face is suddenly shoved forward, but instead of inhaling air, he inhales the hot smell of skin, deodorant, and perspiration.

Kirishima had just shoved him face first into his fucking armpit.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.
Katsuki cums with a muffled scream, his own sweaty hands scrabbling to find some kind of grip on Kirishima's body as he coats the inside of his boxers in a flood of hot, sticky cum, his hips twitching erratically as he empties himself one powerful spurt at a time.
And all the while, Kirishima keeps his face buried in his pit, whispering encouraging, flithy words as greedy eyes watch him tremble all over as a large, wet stain spreads across the front of his underwear.
It's only when he doesn't feel those slim hips twitching forward anymore that he lets go, looking down into his boyfriend's drooling, tear stained face in awe and, admittedly, slight disgust.

"Holy fuck, babe."
Katsuki blinks at him, dazed from the most intense orgasm he's ever had, and mumbles out an incomprehensible sentance along the lines of 'fuck you'.

Kirishima snorts and smooches his forehead, grimancing at the taste of Old Spice deoderant.

"Whatever you say, babe."
His breath leaves him in a 'woosh' when Kirishima flips him onto his stomach, yanking his boxers down and causing him to shiver as cold air immediately rushes his still wet cock.


"Sorry," Kirishima says, in a very not sorry voice.
His sneer of angry turned into a shocked gasp as Kirishima's dick, thick and hot and throbbing, pushes between his thighs and up under his still sensitive balls, the redhead's groan of pleasure vibrating against his back.


"So good," Kirishima moans, staring to thrust.
Katsuki has to bite the pillow under his face to stop the brutal scream that he wants to let out, his dick twitching weakly as searing hot overstimulation races up his spine with each thrust.

"S-stop!" He gasps when he's finally able. "Wait! That's too much!"
Kirishima whines softly, pressing a kiss to the side of his head even as he pants, hard and heavy, right next to his ear.

"I'm sorry! Fuck babe, you're just so hot, and your thighs are so juicy, and you're so fucking nasty, who the fuck loves sweaty ball smell?"
Katsuki whines high and pretty, his nipples rubbing harshly against the bed through his thin shirt with each harsh movement of the redhead's hips.

And even though it should be impossible, his balls dried up from such a harsh orgasm, the friction is still slowly getting him hard.
Soon enough, his whimpers turn into moans, his hands clenching in the sheets as he throws his head back against his boyfriend's shoulder and tightens his legs a little bit more.

Kirishima groans, pleased, as he sits up on his knees, loud, rapid slaps echoing through the room.
"God, you're so good for me," he growls, watching his dick slide in and out of that small gap as he reaches a hand out blindly for the lube they have stashed next to the bed.

"I wanna fuck you so bad, but shit, I do NOT have the patience right now."
Katsuki gasps when cold lube is poured over his thighs, sliding into all of his hidden nooks and crannies and making him cry out as everything becomes 100% slicker.

"Oh, /fuck/ yeah," Kirishima groans, letting the bottle clatter to the floor as his hips snap forward once more.
Loud squelching noises fill the room as Kirishima starts to fuck his thighs once more, his large hands grabbing pale hips and holding him in place as his hips connect with the blond's firm ass repeatedly.

It's loud, messy, and a total fucking turn on.
Kirishima is grunting with each thrust, his hair falling from his normal spikes to curl in soft, gentle waves around his face as he begins to sweat out his hair gel. His eyes are focused on the light red flush slowly overtaking the blond's ass as he's fucked.
Just the impact of his hips is causing that, and holy god, it's a fucking turn on.

Speaking of turn ons.

"God, you wouldn't believe how fucking hot you look sniffing my strap, babe," he groans, his fingers flexing on small hipbones.
"You woke me up, you know? Dug your nails right into my leg while you were trying not to cum."

Bakugou blearily thinks back, to the soft thing he had blindly grabbed thinking it was the bed. So it had been Kirishima's leg that he'd grabbed? No wonder it was so firm...
"I almost came watching you huff my fucking ball sweat, you looked so pretty and desperate," Kirishima grunted, placing a large palm flat on his back and shoving him down on his stomach when he tries to lift up. "Like you were gonna die if you didn't smell more and more."
"Such a needy slut for my fucking hot ball smell, do you know how fucking hot that is? But god it's also so disgusting, you're such a nasty bitch, babe."

Katsuki shuddered hard, drool sliding down his chin as his eyes cross. He can feel another one, deep in his belly.
"E-Ei!" He gasps, his hips twitching erratically, rubbing the wet tip of his cock against the sheets. "Ei, I-I'm cumming-!"

"You gonna cum again, babe?" The redhead gasped, his hips working faster. "Me too. Together, baby."
A thick, muscular arm slides around his middle and pulls him tight against a broad chest, leaving little to no room between their bodies as his long thrusts turn into short, desperate humps.

Katsuki shivers, digging deep into the sheets. He's almost there, he can feel it.
But it isn't until Kirishima's giant hand claps around his nose, jock pressed directly up against his nose and flooding his senses with the musky smell of sweaty balls on the next inhale that he actually cums, screaming his release into the saturated fabric as his dick twitches.
Painting the bed sheets with a weak, almost pitiful amount of cum. But the orgasm itself is what destroys him, ripping his pleasure from deep in his bones and leaving him a gasping, fucked out mess.

He's dizzy with it, spota dancing across his vision.
Or maybe that's the lack of air.

He passes out, his last memories being the feeling of Kirishima's jockstrap pressed to his face, Kirishima's rough moans in his ear, and Kirishima's hot cum, splashing between his thighs.
Katsuki awakens with a soft groan, grimacing as his still cum soaked sheets pull at his skin.

"Hey, babe."

He turns his head slowly, squinting in the face of Kirishima's bright, cheery grin.

If he had a tail, it would probably be wagging.
"So my sweaty jockstrap, huh?"

"Shut the fuck up."

"Ya know in actuality, i shouldn't even be that surprised," he continues like he didn't even hear him. "Looking back, you're always so fucking jittery when I'm sweaty. Especially after lacrosse or a hard workout."
"Shut upppp," he groans, shoving his face into the ruined pillows.

"I thought it was just you being all OCD about me sitting my sweaty ass on your couch, but this is WAY better."

"Can you shut the fuck u-?!"



The redhead once again blazes forward, ignoring him.
"This opens so many doors for our sex life!" He says excitedly. "I can just BE sweaty now! I don't have to practically use a fucking crowbar to get you off me so I can shower because I think you think I smell."

"Is that what you thought?" He asks suddenly, turning to face him.
Kirishima goes quiet so fast it's almost amusing, gently scratching his cheek as he looks away.

"W-well kinda? It was a half and half thing, because you would be so fidgety around me when i was sweaty, but also you'd jump me before i showered, so I didn't know what to think."
Katsuki glares at him.

"You're an idiot."

"And you're a pervert."


Kirishima laughs when Katsuki punches him in the arm and rolls off of the bed, cursing angrily as he heads to the bathroom.

"Hey, babe!"

He turns, ready to yell, only to freeze.
Kirishima is leaning against the wall, smirking, his legs cocked open to reveal a flaccid, but still thick cock, covered in a mixture of both their cum and no doubt absolutely rank with the scent of sweat and cum.

His dick twitches as Kirishima sends him a slow, eager grin.
"How about you let me have that sweet mouth of yours for a little bit before we shower?"

"Fucking disgusting," he croaks, already climbing back onto the bed. He buries his face into sticky pubes, taking a deep whiff.

"Only for you, baby boy," Kirishima groans.

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