2/n You say “Jai Bhim” but any idea Ambedkar’s opinion about I$lam wrt India?

In Ambedkar’s opinion I$lam has only contempt & enmity for others & one can’t be true Muslim by accepting India as motherland.

See details in Snippet(Pakistan Or Partition Of India
by Ambedkar,p325)
3/n Ambedkar mentions on pg 294 that a Mu$lim can’t accept a Hindu Government for they consider “Hindus” as “Kafir”, hence inferior.

Mu$lims even considered low of Hindus despite they supported whole heartily in Khilafat Movement.
4/n Ambedkar mentions on page 285 that Mu$lims prefer “Law of Islam” over “Law of Land”.

Details in snippet (Pakistan Or Partition Of India
by Ambedkar,p285)
5/n Ambedkar talks about Dar-Ul-Islam, & makes a claim that Mu$lims even fought British for it. He further adds that Mu$lims will continue Jihad to establish it & won’t even shy off to take foreign aid.

Ref: Pakistan Or Partition Of India
by Ambedkar,p 287-89
6/n @asadowaisi I can go on adding what Ambedkar had to say about Islam,but I’m sure that scholar like you shall read at own. Link to the book “Pakistan Or Partition Of India
by Ambedkar” https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.275465 So, do u really agree to Ambedkar it just tried to play Dalit card?
7/n @asadowaisi ji Now let’s talk about you mentioning “Allah Hu Akbar” in response to “Jai Shri Rama”. While former means “Allah is the greatest” the later means “Victory to Rama”. Let’s understand the two nouns “Allah” & “Rama” closely.
8/n As per Shahadah, la ilaha illa'llah, we understand : None has the right to be worshipped except Allah.

Now it gets interesting with 2 perspectives:
9/n 1)Among all gods, it’s Allah who is the only one to be worshipped.
2)And if “Allah” is considered just Arabic term for God then there should never be a problem if one hails Rama. God is God, isn’t it?
10/n Now let me give you perspective about Rama? Who is he? Rama is the most ideal human ever lived on the planet earth. The historicity of Rama has been spoken about lot before Islam or Christianity sprouted.
11/n Rama’s history exists from the time of “Dharma” in front of which all Abrahmic Religions are bit too young. The story of Rama is about the “Dharma” of Bharata. You are free to practice your belief but not at cost of shunning the “Itihasa” & “culture” of land.
12/n Each & every corner of India speak aloud for “Rama”. There is no region in Asia which doesn’t have story of him. You may refer this thread to read about historicity of Rama. https://twitter.com/Aabhas24/status/1059303855668842497?s=20
13/n @asadowaisi another thread for historicity of Rama & his importance in Bharata. https://twitter.com/Aabhas24/status/1059996217554292736?s=20
14/n @asadowaisi how do you not consider Rama your forefather for the fact that Indians believe in his historicity. Are you not Indian? How can religion that emerged lot after our history become more important to an Indian? Are you justifying what Ambedkar had said?
15/n Even Iqbal went on to say:

है राम के वजूद पे हिन्दोस्ताँ को नाज़,
अहले-नज़र समझते हैं उसको इमामे-हिन्द ।

He changed with time for his new found love was Pakistan. I’m sure @asadowaisi ji that Pakistan isn’t your love then what makes you take this stand?
16/n @asadowaisi how do you deal with “Rama” being illustrated in the “Constitution of India”?
17/n You know what today you are Asaduddin today only because we believed in Rama. It’s the grace of Hindu Sanatanis. When Abrahmics including I$lam fought for supremacy we accommodated Mu$lim Traders down south.
18/n It’s for that reason that second mosque of world “Cheraman” came in being when Prophet Muhammad was alive. @asadowaisi don’t you feel ashamed of shunning icon of those who are reason for existence.
19/n Had Hindus been the way the Mu$lims were who persecuted Parsis, @asadowaisi you would have remained Ashish Ozha or something similar. So do some retrospection.
20/n @asadowaisi now let’s come to you using “Jai Hind” against #VandeMataram . Do you know Gandhi Ji showed concern in, 1946 for “Jai Hind” replacing “Vande Mataram” for he feared people neglecting VM will forget JH too.

Read Snippet (Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi,p212).
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