1. Today's 🧵 is inspired by/focused on one of the smartest people I have encountered, Dr. Len Horowitz. His presentation is here from which this thread is entirely based:

👉 👈
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2. If you don't want to watch it on YouTube, you can find it on Amazon too. Im sure there may be other places but this is my references for those of you reading this thread. Here is what

#DNAPiratesOfTheSacredSpiral by #DrHorowitz looks like on Amazon

3. Before I go into the presentation slides that I am literally posting from the above referenced material, all credit goes to this genius and honest man.

God bless him every day for his courage, his time, his life work. There are not many like him. 🙏💗🇺🇸 Thank you Dr. H 🙏
4. Here is Dr. Horowitz's official website for your reference.

It is loaded with amazing material. Highly recommended 👇

(continued to thread...)
5. Ready? It's time patriots. ⏱🇺🇸

Keep your mind open 🧠
Information is wisdom, even if you don't grasp or agree with all of it. 💯

This presentation is so relevant to what is going on today. The date was 2002 ❗️
That in itself is mind blowing 🤯

Here we go❗️💊
6. Dr. H (for short hereafter) covers alot of material so what Im about to hand to you right now is not comprehensive of his presentation and only a few slides I wanted to share. Hopefully you will make time to see this on your own. 👀

#DoYourOwnResearch ✍️
7. I studied linguistics, math and philosophy in college. Very interesting how our language determines our thoughts/behavior.

Did you know that #NoahWebster was a high level #Freemason ❓💊

He wrote the #WebstersDictionary

Wait till you see what Dr. H has to say re: this 🤯
8. Sounds play a very important role in our existence.👂🎶

God, our Heavenly Father, spoke this entire existence into creation.
The WORD was first. 🙏🏼✝️
Aum. Amen. Om. God's frequency is very important in this presentation and is already the creative force in our Universe. 🌎
9. The production from Dr. H's speech is a little older, so please excuse the graphics and the PP presentation slides. Information is what's important.

"In this presentation you will learn..." about the following things 👇🤯💊
10. "The purpose of this presentation is to FREE HUMANITY from those INHUMANS❗️"

What does Dr. H mean?

Read on.

11. Have you stopped talking with people who are brainwashed and mind controlled❓

Have you noticed how there is a big separation going on❓
#WheatAndTares 🙏🏼✝️🌾

A paradigm shift is here. Not all can see.
And it's not pretty for those who can't see the truth. 🤦🏼‍♀️
12. #CabalBanksters Roths and Rocks "monopolized American medicine and public health by the early 1900's.

By the 1920's, among their principle acquisitions were the American cancer industry and all of organized medicine."

Evil. Satanic. Godless. 👺😈💰
#SheepNoMore 🙏🏼🇺🇸✝️
13. "Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information ... genetic tinkering with man, include BEINGS WHICH WILL FUNCTION LIKE MEN AND REASON LIKE THEM AS WELL..."


This is why #Trannygate and #Clonegate
Unreal times patriots.
14. Im going to add my thread here about #HumanCloning and related topics.

It's very real. And been going on for some time. 💊

You can read here but please come back to this thread when done with this excerpt 👇 (Also note that Dr. H is a DENTIST also)
15. How do you make a clone?
16. How do you tell them apart from God's real children, us❓
Mathew 7:16 ✝️

For more details, you have to watch the whole presentation. 🙏🏼👀🎥🍿
17. "Pyscho Social Control"

It's everywhere.
Watch #CenturyOfTheSelf to understand just how they accomplished this mind-controlled society from beginning to today 📺💊👇

Its a 4 hour commitment that I have watched a few times. Worth it. 👍
18. Dr. H explains how the media is/was used for mind control and how this ties to #MI6 and the agency. All a bunch of 🤡 with evil Godless spirits. #LuciferiansAgenda #Nazis

He even breaks down the British Flag and what it really means. Unreal.
Right before our eyes 👀😳
19. Dr. H explains that English was derived from the Hebrew language in the 14th century to create resonance frequencies that would be used for mind control. Its really deep. 🕳🐇

Numbers, letters, sounds all mean something. 🤔
#Cymatics 👂
#DeathInTheAir 👺
20. For example, did you know that the letter X = the number 6 in Pythagorean values?

Hence why the #Cabal uses XXX for the porn industry = 666 = 👺😈

O also = 6 so when you write XO you are repeating Satanic numerology.
Let that sink in.
Where else have you seen XXX ?
21. Keep your 👀's open. There are NO coincidences.
Everything is purposeful for these people.


Here is my thread on #Symbolism
Remember to return to this thread when done or save for later 👇
22. We have all heard about the #DenverAirport and the #SatanicCabalArt displayed right in front of our eyes.

#Blucifer is an interesting and sick story.
The rest of this wretched place speaks loudly for itself.

23. Take a close look at this and how Dr. Horowitz breaks it down.
The graphic says it all, but 2 fully understand his analysis which is 💯🙌🏼 truth, spend some time & watch the entire show.

Note the #AlienNaziCreature using th #Muslim sword slaying the dove.
Expand the graphic
24. What are they so afraid of❓

What does the devil not want you to know ❓👺

The devil operates through DECEPTION 🚫🤔Ǫ

#GreatAwakening 💊
25. The devil doesnt want u 2 know:

💊Your physical body is a crystallization of #LoveVibrations 💓❗️

"Electromagnetic & #BioAcoustic frequencies of creative energy move physical matter along ... to flow into sacred geometric forms we perceive as physical reality."
26. We are, after all, made in His Image 🙏🏼✝️❤️

1Peter 1:23 is astounding.🙌🏼
27. Keeping us in the dark is the way to enslave us. 😡

🚨 Spread this information! 🚨

28. Before I go on, here is some more info that Dr. Horowitz explains about the numerical values used in #SatanicSymbolism 👇🤯

George Bush in the Satanic House. No surprises there. 😜
29. Speaking of #GeorgeBush, did you know that Frank Carlucci III was the C_A director and the head of the #CarlyleGroup ❓🕳🐇

Read about this man here OMG 😦👇
30-. And how is the #CarlyleGroup related❓

Read more about them here 👇

Take a l👀k at their front page today 😦🏳️‍🌈 Seriously... Are we waking up yet ❓
31. #CarlyleGroup is the WORLD'S LARGEST INVESTMENT FIRM ❗️👺🤔
32. They own #Cellular, #Pharma, and #Vaccines

This 🐇🕳 is super deep. Dig on anons! There is alot to link here!
EVIL but #SheepNoMore 💊❗️

"Cancer, AIDS, retroviral diseases all target minority and ethnic populations and now are everywhere."

Did you know that they have created a virus that transmits Leukemia via a sneeze?
Watch his presentation for more info. ~ Dr. H
34. Remember that we are this, not just flesh and bone 🙏🏼💓✝️

He made us. His Spirit is within us.

Our DNA is literally an antenna to the Creator, our Heavenly Father. 🧬
This is why the use GMOS in our food to control our lifespans and give us disease
35. Genesis 1:1-9
36. Everything is energy. Now do you see why the #DepartmentOfEnergy is involved here❓

How is #ArgonneNationalLaboratory related?

What does "Argonne" sound like?
Do you now what oregon crystals can do?
37. This is literally alien and spiritual warfare according to Dr. Horowitz as well as the Holy Bible which he quotes often 👇

Ephesians 6:12
38. Your DNA is a way of relaying the waves of creation.
We are spiritual beings, not clones or soulless demonic tares.

The spiral shape of DNA is important. It conducts electricity like copper spirals in electrical work. 🧬

39. Spiral structure of DNA is integral to our health

Sadly, spirals have been demonized like the rainbow & other symbols hijacked by #pedophiles but that will soon change once they are exposed and we reclaim our symbols back to their natural meanings. It will take a long time.
40. Most of our bodies are made of water. I had the honor of working with Dr. Emoto and Dr. Horowitz did too as he explains the importance of this scientist's findings.

90% of our bio energy comes from oxygen (H20) 💦

#LoveAndGratitude #MasaruEmoto 🙏🏼❤️❄️
41. Dr. H explains that water activates DNA - prayer effects water. Its all related.
certain frequencies actually are carried through water and they can repair (or damage) ur DNA

Dr. Emoto proved that you could change the structure of a water molecule with intention/frequency.
42. In the enty industry and the cabal programs harmful frequencies in your programming - radio - tv - internet to slowly give you disease and eventually kill you. #Agenda21 #PopulationControl #CabalTakedown

Don't forget #HAARP
and so much more... EVIL!!!
43. But there is hope and an answer ❗️

It starts with our awakening ❗️

#GreatAwakeningWorldwide 🌎
#SheepNoMore 🚫🐑
44. What does Q say ❓

What do these demons FEAR the most❓🤔


That's you. And me. And all of us here.
That's what will stop this madness.



#GreatAwakening 💥💯⚖️
45. Water, sound and frequencies are the key to DNA repair! 💦🧬❄️💓

What Big PHARMA doesnt want you to know ❗️

Music and sound are the key to all healing.

You can read more in Dr. H's book called
#HealingCodeForTheBiologicalApocalypse 📖
46. #Cymatics play a YUGE part of this.

The patterns can be seen and found everywhere. In our bodies too.
We are, after all, made of water.

#WatchTheWater ❄️💦
47. Dr. Horowitz's research on dolphins is quite amazing. It woudlnt do it justice for me to try and paraphrase it here.

🐬's are highly intelligent creatures that use water and sound frequencies to not only communicate but to HEAL each other. Think about that! 🤔💊
48. Dr. Horowitz has spent alot of his life work exposing the #Vaccines

Watch the show for info on how vaccines are related to:

💊 Henry Kissinger
💊 666
💊Death In The Air (Chem trails)

and much more

His award winning movie #UnVaxxed

God bless him.🙏🏼
49. Dr Horowitz also discusses cures for skin cancer - really amazing stuff!
50. Hydro electric memory and your DNA 🧬💦⚡️

This man is brilliant.
51. When he made this presentation (this is only part one) - Ill post the rest of the video (part two) at the end of this 🧵

It was 2002 - and Bush was in office - hence the "alien" reference.
Different DNA
52. What does this mean for our evolution?

"The great likelihood of humanity's mass spiritual transformation represents THE GREATEST RISK or LIABILITY to aliens, (negative) ET's or dysfunctional spiritually-handicapped humanoids."

We know who they are 🦖👺
#Transhumanism 🤮
53. So how is this all done? Through sound, water and vibration.

This is why Dr. H says we must #SingANewSong 🎶

This is the key to Christ's Consciousness which is one with Our Father for He is the ONE and only God. Amen 🙏✝️❤️
54. Revelations 14:3

"And they sung as it were a new song before the throne..."

55. "The Spiritual Renaissance crash ashore to uplift humanity...
...Those resonating in harmony w/ this revolutionary energy of enhanced planetary consciousness will be increasingly blessed and spiritually enlightened."

#LoveAndGratitude 🙏🏼❤️
56. What happens to all those angry people with TDS who can't see past their anger and hate? The ones who REFUSE to wake up?

Those not with God will "IMPLODE from the blocked energy to their hearts."

You see it happening already. This is a God-loving doctor saying this.🙏🏼✝️
57. PRAY for @POTUS and @FLOTUS and men like @GenFlynn 🇺🇸⚖️

PRAY for men like Dr. Horowitz who has put his life on the line to help humanity./

Prayer is the best and most we can all do. It changes our vibration. It tunes us in with God and Christ. 🙏🏼❤️✝️

58. Here is Dr. Horowitz's entire presentation that you can watch in it's entirety. This link has both parts 1 & 2. What I have recapped here for your reference is only part one which was referenced at the beginning of this 🧵.

👇Link is here 👇🎥🍿💊

59. An article you may want to read about how Dr. Horowitz thinks the #DeepState framed our beloved @realDonaldTrump


👇 Here is the link to the aforementioned article 👇
60. End of this 🧵. Thank you for reading and sharing this info.

Thank you mostly to Dr. Len Horowitz for the connections he has made and truths he speaks & all he continues to do for humanity.

God bless you all. 🙏🏼✝️
God bless America. 🙏🏼🇺🇸

#InGodWeTrust 🙏🏼❤️✝️🇺🇸⚖️

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