Genghis Khan & The Mongols •Thread•
▪[1/4]- None have seen the likes of the Mongols in history. Their brutality, viciousness and the size of their armies were unmatched.
~ The New Threat in The East

《 Ironically, The Mongol Invasion occurred when the Muslim world was primed for a comeback. The Fatimids were no more & the Crusaders still held some coastal territory in Palestine & Syria but were not a great thread
Yet the stability in the early 1200s was short lived. Genghis Khan and the Mongols had gone from a tribal nuisance North of the Great Wall of China to a major world Empire in a matter of few years-
within 10 years of coming to power, the Nomadic Mongols managed to conquer and hold the entire northern half of China 》
~ Genghis Khan turns West

《 Genghis Khan's attention then turned westward, where the Khara Khitan Khanate of Central Asia stood in the way of Mongol domination in Asia
Central Asia's plains were similar to the landscape the Mongols hailed from, and the conquest of the vast region was quick and severe. By 1219, Genghis Khan ruled a land empire stretched from Korea to the borders of the Muslim world in Persia 》
~ The Tyranny of the Mongols

《 The Mongols employed a deliberate campaign in instilling terror in the hearts of their enemies, to an extent that they would voluntarily lay down arms rather then defend their homelands. When the Mongols arrived at an enemy city-
They gave them 3 options:

•Avoid fighting, capitulate and join the Mongol army
• Resistance; if the city resisted they lost, the entire garrison would be put to the sword and the city looted
• If the entire city resisted, the Mongols would kill every soul within the city
The stories Mongol atrocities preceded the hordes of warriors pouring out of Central Asia. From Iraq to China, those in the way of Mongol expansion commonly chose subservience to Mongol overlords rather then face the wrath of the Khan 》
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