You're making a LOT of projections.

We're on a platform that *facilitates* general consumption, but we primarily consume what we want. This is why I seldom have white supremacist/hotep shit on my TL.

Also, who are you to determine what words and language are "needless?"
This is y'all projecting your own preferences (and hangups), and selfishly assuming that everything needs to be for your own consumption.
There are SO many folks #onhere who express their politics via "accessible" language. Why do we need that from *everyone*?

Why CAN'T Black folks be allowed to lean into more academic jargon if that's how they feel comfortable expressing themselves. Why can't we have variety? the end of the day, we're ALL literally using a language that was violently forced onto us via colonialism.

At the *very* least, we should have the autonomy to decide exactly how we wanna express ourselves within the confines of that language.
And I totally get that a lot of folks use "academic jargon" in a performative way, but I think it's unfair to assume that's universal.
ALSO? All of this shit is subjective af, anyway. lol

While it's uncommon, I've gotten criticism for using jargon-heavy language before. And that's not a new complaint for a lot of writers. What's simple to you may still be too complex to someone else.
Again, who are you to decide what's "needless" (or "nonsense")?

And again, you're projecting. lol

If you only wanna consume certain kinds of language, that's fine! But everything does not have to be for you. His chosen expression ain't hurting anyone.
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