PARASITIZING: “As Kremlin historically relied on traditional media, mainly printed as a key channel for the distribution of fakes, now it also utilizes the wide range of new opportunities provided by internet and social media.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews
HYRID WAR: “Described by scholars as ‘hybrid’, ‘full-spectrum’, ‘non-linear’, ‘next-generation’, or ‘ambiguous’—the variations indicate the slipperiness of the subject—a mix psychological, media, economic, cyber, and military operations without requiring a declaration of war”[1]”
CYBERWAR AS FOREIGN POLICY: “Kremlin considers such manipulations not only as an important instrument for conducting foreign policy but also as an instrument for conducting or supplementing military warfare.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews
“Disinformation and subversion as weapons of war are as old as catapults and cavalry. The Kremlin’s advantage in the information age is that all of Russia’s major media outlets are under its control, allowing it to hammer its audience with one, unified message.”- @yevhenfedchenko
“Russia understands the importance of propaganda and heavily invests with money and human talent into organizations that work for intl audience like RT, Sputnik Intl, Ruptly, RIA, TASS, Russia Insider, Russia Beyond the Headlines and myriad other sources for propaganda and fakes”
TWISTING FACTS: “Kremlin is using these so called ‘media’ organizations to deny others to have the right for their own culture, history and traditions through twisting facts and faking stories to undermine the policy making process or compromise core values and institutions”
“The core of Kremlin’s a post-modernist denial of everything. It’s aiming at destructing the liberal concept of western society including democracy itself and free media, fair elections, effective governance, right of people for self-determination, self-governance”
”There is no new ideology contained in current Russian propaganda, because Russia does not have one ideology. Instead, it borrows a little from everything. In this way, the system produces a large number of “small propagandas”, each of them targeting a specific audience.”
”The more messages the better; this multiplies the confusion. To paraphrase Peter Pomerantsev, one could argue that the aim is not to provide a sole narrative, but to create clashes of narratives in order to confuse different audiences with different messages.”- @yevhenfedchenko
“Unlike in the Cold War, when Soviets largely supported leftist groups, a fluid approach to ideology now allows the Kremlin to simultaneously back far-left and far-right movements, greens, anti-globalists and financial elites. The aim is to exacerbate divides.”- @yevhenfedchenko
“Although Russian war in Ukraine became the climax point for the use of Russian propaganda, it is a continuation of Soviet propaganda that never disappeared with collapse of Soviet Union. In reality it was just reviewed, rebuilt and transformed.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews
“Active measures (aktivnyye meropriyatiya) refers to operations intended to affect other nations policies

* Written or spoken disinformation

* Efforts to control media in other countries

* Use of front organizations

* Blackmail, personal & economic

* Political influence ops”
“... exploitation of journalists as collaborators to influence policies of the nation.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews
“Those conducting these activities do not care much about being caught telling lies—the audiences will already consume that and it will be very difficult to debunk..the Soviets calculate that a denial will never entirely offset the damage from news stories based on the forgery”
“To make sure that fakes will be consumed by audiences at a face value, will amass and create parallel reality it’s important to make sure that they are not complete lie but combination of some kind of authentic information: it can be mixture of real facts and fiction.”
”..some facts in the background of the information, some irrelevant details to make ‘news’ looking more realistic: ‘Active measures were based on 95 percent objective information to which something was added to turn the data into targeted information or disinformation.[23]’”
“In order to ‘use’ foreign media to seed necessary fake story USSR needed to create their own media, control them or to buy or use any other means to get access to journalists.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews
“Soviet Union helped launch Indian newspaper Patriot ‘with KGB funds in order to spread Soviet propaganda and disinformation’. This newspaper was used to break a seminal in the history of Soviet active measures ‘news item’ on alleged US government involvement in ‘creating’ AIDS”
“A difference between Soviet and Russian active measures can be benefits of Internet and social media usage that Kremlin may utilize now to fullest extent and that were not available in Soviet times. That allows use of anonymous sources for spreading fakes picked up by MSM.”
“...’there is every reason to believe that Soviet leadership will continue to make heavy investments of money and manpower in disruptive operations around the world..the Soviets are becoming more sophisticated, especially in forgeries and political influence operations’”
”Unless the targets of Soviet active measures take effective action to counter them, these activities will continue to trouble both industrialized and developing countries[37].”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews
“Soviet propaganda apparatus was carefully refurbished to order to make it more modern and more effective.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews
“Point is not to occupy territory—Russia could easily annex rebel-held eastern Ukraine—but to destabilize Ukraine psychologically and advance a narrative of the country as a ‘failed state,’ thus destroying the will inside Ukraine..that would make Kiev more indpnt from Moscow[41]”
THE 4Ds: “Nimo describes anatomy of Russian info-war with the concept of 4Ds: ‘Russia’s narrative can be viewed as an offensive weapon: to discredit the West and shift the blame for the Ukraine crisis onto Western shoulders..4 words: dismiss, distort, distract, dismay”[42]’”
“Anti-American propaganda campaigns are the easiest..sensational facts of a ‘new American conspiracy’ may be sufficient..the public is shocked & government authorities in developing countries clamor against the imperialists while demonstrators break American embassy windows[45]”
“As a result of coup d’état Ukraine is depicted by Russian propaganda to be transformed into a fascist state. All necessary attributes like anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia are exploited by propaganda and are core of active measures against Ukraine.”- @yevhenfedchenko
“The Soviets stopped using the AIDS disinformation story. It became clear..that they would back off when the cost of their lies became too much for them. As the new disinformation stories appeared, we pressured the Soviets on their failure to carry out Gorbachev’s promise[63]”.
CONCLUSION: “Although Russian war in Ukraine became the climax point for use of Russian propaganda, it is a continuation of Soviet propaganda that never disappeared with collapse of Soviet was rebuilt to increase its efficiency.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews 2016
CODA: “False stories are not the results of bad journalism but the result of well-preserved and refurbished system of active Soviet measures used to manipulate media on a global scale in order to amend military and diplomatic efforts.”- @yevhenfedchenko @StopFakingNews 2016
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