1/ How cute that even Israelis have finally found an Islamist Arab insurgent they like.

Since @haaretzcom and Western media are trying to turn Abdelbaset Sarout into Joan of Arc its worth correcting the narrative. https://twitter.com/haaretzcom/status/1138109566267342848
2/ Sarout took up arms early in the Homs battles, and Homs fighters were notorious for targeting Alawite and Christian civilians, as well as Sunnis who did not collaborate.
3/ While the Alawite actress Fadwa Sulayman briefly joined Sarout, she quickly left when she realized who they really were. And who they were is well recorded. By Feb 2012 Sarout led chants for all Alawites to be massacred. By March he led chants saying "we are all jihadists."
4/ Sarout made a video while still in Homs addressing ISIS and Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria), saying: "Our criticism for the Islamic State & Nusra comes w/ love, bc we know that these 2 groups are not politicized & have the same goals as us & are working for god....
5/ “...and that they care about Islam & Muslims but unfortunately some among them considers us apostates & drug addicts, god willing we will work with them shoulder to shoulder when we leave here (Homs), & we are not Christians or Shia to be scared of suicide belts & carbombs...”
6/ Sarout continued: ”We consider these things as strengths of ours. This message is to the Islamic State and our brothers in Jabhat al Nusra, that when we come out (of Homs) we will all be one hand to fight Christians and not to have internal fights among ourselves....”
7/ Sarout continued: “....we want to take back all the lands that have been filthied by the regime, that were entered and taken over by Shias and apostates."

These are the hateful words of the man western media eulogized this week as a hero of the Syrian revolution.
8/ And indeed once he was out of Homs he appeared with Nusra fighters singing a famous Nusra anthem: "We destroyed America with a civilian airliner, the World Trade Center a pile of rubble, Osama bin Ladin the one who terrorizes America..." 😧
9/ Sarout died fighting alongside Jeish al Izza, which might not be listed by the US as a terror organization, but it’s a jihadist group that engaged in massacres of civilians including the famous massacres in reef Latakia in 2013.
10/ And after Sarout's death, Sheikh Muheisni, the famous Saudi jihadi leader in Idlib, mourned him publicly and praised him.

This is the guy Haaretz called a “nightingale” and “icon”!!
11/ We can grant Sarout the courage of his Jihadi convictions. At least he stayed and fought to the end, unlike most other “stars” of the so-called revolution who went to Qatar or Turkey or Europe.
12/ But Sarout was just an ignorant 19 year old who was too stupid to know better when he embraced sectarianism and jihadism. What to say about the so called intellectuals of this uprising who whitewash the same crimes and support the same goals but should know better?
13/ For years the media whitewashed violent sectarian extremists like Sarout as heroes. My friend @walid970721 played a crucial role in exposing these extremists by translating videos of them expressing hate & support for atrocities. It appears @twitter suspended him for that!
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