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ABO AU with Pro Hero in training Omega!Bakugou and gynecologist Beta!Kirishima.

Bakugou has been on suppressants and birth control since he presented. He doesn't have time for heats and pregnancy when he's training to be Number One.
He always stocks up for the month at his family clinic like clockwork from his grudgingly favorite doctor, Kirishima Eijirou.

But when he goes to stock up for the month this time, Kirishima is out of pills.

"Easy, bro," Kirishima replies, laughing nervously as his eyes dart around the room.


"I'm sorry! My assistant forgot to put in the order to restock!" The redhead exclaims, nervously wringing his hands together.
Bakugou's breathing hard, his hands popping with aggravation and slight panic.

"What am I gonna do now??"

"M-maybe you can spend your heat with someone? A friend?" Kirishima asks, warily eying the male's sparking hands.

Bakugou scoffs.
"Yeah, right. Like I'm gonna fuck some pathetic knothead who's gonna wanna mate me and breed me and ruin my career."

Kirishima blushes.

"What about your parents?"

Bakugou threw him a look.

"Stay at home and moan about how much I wanna be fucked...with my parents downstairs."
Well, when you put it like that...

"Why don't you stay here?" He says.

"...In your office?"

Kirishima laughs. "No! In the heat rooms down the hall! It has all the privacy you could ask for, as well as having only omega and beta staff. You'll be completely safe."
Bakugou thinks it over, frowning at his feet.

It's probably the best option. His dorm is too open, the door's too flimsy, his classmates too hormonal. God forbid Deku or IcyHot break down his door trying to knot him up. And staying with his parents...yeah, no.

"...Do I have to sign anything?" He asks.

"Just standard paperwork. You're already 19, so you wouldn't need a parent's permission or anything. The only thing you would really need is a bag of clothes and toiletries for when your heat week is over."

"What about food?"
"Staff provided," Kirishima exclaims, his chest puffing out proudly.

"What about the actual heat? I've never had one before, so I don't have toys and shit like that."

"Also staff provided. We have them sterilized and packaged in the back room for unmated omegas."
"Oh, so the fake knots are in the back room, but no one remembered to order the new supply of suppressants," is Bakugou's sarcastic reply.

"I said I'm sorry!"

"Whatever. How long do you think it'll take for my heat to hit full force?"
"Based on how long you've been on meds? Probably as soon as the last dose passes through your system. And since you take them every morning...probably tomorrow."

Bakugou curses.

"Fuck. Guess I better go to the dorms and pack."

"I'll go with you!"

"What?? Why??"
"Because you're already showing signs of going into heat."

It's like as soon as Kirishima points it out, Bakugou can feel it himself. He's sweaty and hot and more irritable than normal. And deep in his belly, there's an ache, a need that he can't explain.

"Fuck. Let's go."

They take Kirishima's car, speeding off to U.A. and parking just in front of the dorms.

"Let's go," Kirishima says brightly.

Bakugou is...a little hazy if he's being honest. But he shakes it off as much as he can and they both head into the building.
"You, go that way," Bakugou says, jutting his chin towards the one lone door down the hall. "My teacher, Aizawa should be there. Tell him what's going on. I'll go pack."

"Roger that!"

They split up, Bakugou heading for the stairs as opposed to the elevator.
Something about the small, confined space has his inner omega screaming at him that it's dangerous.

Which is stupid, but he knows its only instinct trying to keep him safe.

Slamming into his room, he yanks his duffel bag from the closet and starts packing.
Soap. Deoderant. Boxers. Shorts. A tank top. A pair of pants. A t-shirt. His comfortable shoes. The pillowcases from his bed. His sheets. His cologne. Things that would hopefully overpower the scent of coldness and antiseptic.

Nesting scents.
He grabs a pair of socks and his laptop and chargers before deeming himself finished.

It's when he's zipping up his bag that it happens.


He freezes, his body tensing as the scent of pine and mint invade his senses.

He turns, glaring at the Alpha in his doorway.

"Get out."

"Kacchan, what's that smell?" Deku asks instead of leaving, his nostrils flaring widely.

"It's me. I'm going into heat. Get out."


And fuck, he's stepping into the room.


Fuck, he's big as shit.
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Now, Bakugou isn't small by any means. He works out and lifts more than he sleeps and eats.

But his body is still an omega's body, which means he's naturally smaller than his Alpha counterpart.

It makes his omega sit up and take notice.
"Whatever the fuck you're thinking, you better stop thinking it right now," he says, shifting into a fighting stance.

"Such a pretty omega," the other replies, reaching out with one hand.

Bakugou throws a punch...

Only to have it caught in a large hand.
He's yanked forward, into a large chest, and those hands are suddenly wrapprd around hia hips, pulling him against a thickening cock.

"Omega smells good," Deku rumbles, his voice suddenly deeper, hungrier.

An Alpha's voice.

It send shivers down his spine.
And as much as he wants to fight it, he can't stop his body's reactions, a small line of slick sliding from his hole.

"Deku," he growls, shoving his hand against the other's face. "Get offa-!"


Bakugou gasps as a wet tongue suddenly runs across his palms.

Tasting him.
It makes his hole spasm and clench around nothing.

Deku takes his time, making sure to lick between each finger and bite gently at his palm, green eyes never leaving red.

He's fighting a loosing battle, trying to keep his head above water in the face of his instincts.
/Just kiss him/, his omega whispers in his mind. /Surely a kiss wouldn't do any harm, right?/


Just a little kiss.

Just one.

He's already stretching upwards, straining towards the Alpha's lips.

Deki leans down.

They're only inches apart when...

Deku jumps, letting the blond fall from his arms and land on the floor with a loud squawk.

Both Kirishima and Aizawa are standing in the doorway, leveling Deku with twin looks of cool distain.

"Aizawa sensei!"

"Midoriya," Aizawa drawls raising an eyebrow.
Deku flushes, tugging his shirt down over his still hard dick.

"I-I'm sorry! I was just-!"

"Going back to your dorm room? Excellent. I'll be more than happy to accompany you there."

The Alpha hurries out, mumbling an apology to the dazed omega on the floor.
Kirishima rushes forward, scooping Bakugou into his arms.

"Hey buddy," he says with a smile, lifting him into his arms, "you all packed?"

Bakugou barely has the strength to point to his bag on the bed.

"Good job! Now let's get out of here before you attract anyone else."

They make it back to the clinic in one piece, but Bakugou's heat is now closing in on his at breakneck speeds.

He can't even look at the passenger's seat when he gets out of the car, knowing that there's more likely that not a puddle of slick resting there.
Kirishima doesn't say a word about it, for which Bakugou is grateful.

They both stumble into the clinic, where Kirishima leads him to the back of the building.

"Heat room for one, please," he calls cheerfully to the nurse behind the desk.
"Oh, my! You're already pretty far along," she exclaims as she rushes forward, shouldering Bakugou's other side.

"He's been on suppressants since presenting, so it's hitting him hard."

"I see. Well don't worry sir, we'll try to maks your stay as pleasant as possible."
He grunts his thanks, even though he's barely able to focus his hazy eyes on her face. Hopefully, once this passed, he could ask Kirishima to properly introduce him so he could thank her.

She produces some kind of master key card and swipes ut through the scanner on a door.
Inside is a plain room with a night stand and a cot looking bed. There are no windows, but there are plenty of blankets piled in the corner as well as several spare pillows, not including the four already on the bed.

"Here we are," she says as they lower him to the bed.
As Kirishima checks over his vitals, the nurse goes through his bag, pulling out his pillowcases and sheets and laying them on the bed, plus his electronics, immediately filling the room with familiar scents that cause something in his chest he didn't even notice to loosen.
"Your bag is gonna be at the front desk when your heat is done so that the scent doesn't soak through it and get in your clothes," she says, rezipping the bag. "There's a button directly next to your bed that you can press to call the nursing station for anything you might need."
Bakugou can see it, mounted on the wall, low enough that he would be able to reach it even when laying completely flat.

"Food will be provided at all times of the day and night, and I'll go get your heat care package from the back room. Be right back!"
She slips from the room, leaving him and Kirishima alone.

He's heated, but still mostly clear headed when he looks up.

"...Thank you, for what you did back at the dorms," he slurs.

"Save you from the exact situation you didn't want to happen? You're welcome."
Bakugou scoffs softly.

"I take it back. Fuck you."

"Sorry, bro, I don't have the right equipment," Kirishima replies with a shrug.

"Aren't you a little old for knot jokes?"

"One, I'm only 26. Two, you're never too ole for knot jokes. Now let's get you undressed."
"No dinner and a movie?"

Kirishima snorts inelegantly as he tugs Bakugou's shirt over his head.

"Nah. You seem more like the hike in the mountains for a picnic type of guy."

Bakugou hums softly, his body swaying towards the other unconsciously.

"A hike sounds nice..."
Kirishima coughs, a flush crawling up his face.

"I-is that so?"

Bakugou doesn't answer, his breath quick in his chest. Kirishima smells like cedar and fresh air after the rain, and its making it hard to stay above water, pheromones pouring from his body.
Kirishima coughs again, but this time its forced, almost as if he's trying not to smell him.

"P-pants next," he stutters, funbling with the button before yanking them down strong, pale legs.

The scent of slick is suddenly overwhelming in the small room.
Now, Kirishima might be a beta, but even he has instincts. Not to mate and breed per se, but definitely to help and relieve.

/He's hurting, he needs to be filled, help him./

Kirishima swallows hard.

Bakugou is watching him still, knees bent, legs closed.


Almost so slowly that Kirishima could be imagining it...

Those legs open.

Just a little.

Just enough for him to see a flushed cock and a wet hole, dribbling slick onto the sheets.

He can almost taste it.

He /wants/ to taste it.

He's reaching forward.
He just barely manages to derail himself, reaching instead for the sheets to cover the male's flushed body.

Which turns out to be amazing timing on his part since the door flies open at that exact moment.

"Here's your heat package," the nurse says cheerfully.
Kirishima gives her a strained smile.

"Great! I'll let you get him settled here while I head back up front."

"Okay. See you later!"

"Bye, Doctor Kirishima."

He shudders, his smile cracking around the edges as he heads for the door.

"Bye! Have a good heat week!"

It's been...maybe four hours?

Bakugou can't tell.

What he /can/ tell is that his omega is unhappy.

/Not enough/, it whispers to him as he looks at what he thought was his finished nest. /Not enough. Need more./

He let's out an aggravated sigh, hands on his hips.
"Why the fuck are you so difficult," he asks it irritably.

/Need more./

He groans, heading towards the door.

It may need a card to open from the outside, but inside calls for no such fanfare.

"Hello?" He calls out into the hall.

No answer.
He grumbles to himself as he steps out into the hallway. The cold air feels kind of nice on his heated skin anyways.

"Hello?" He calls again, walking past the empty nursing station.


Turning, he meets Kirishima's confused eyes.

"Finally, someone answers me."
"I heard you from down the hall. What's up?"

"My omega is being weird," he replies, crossing his arms over his (sensitive, he realizes with a small hiss) chest.

Kirishima hums thoughtfully, beckoning him into his office. "What do you mean?"
Bakugou shuffles awkwardly into the room, his shoulders tensed under his robe and bottom lip pushed out into a small pout.

"It won't let me nest," he grumbled. "Keeps saying that it needs more."

"Do you have any other scents in the room besides yours?"

"Well, that's why. An omeg can't get through heat with only theur scent alone. They need to have the scent of a family, or friend, or potential partner."

"But I don't /have/ and of that," Bakugou whines, stomping his foot in anger.

Kirishima almost coos.

"How about you take something of mine?"

The blond is still frowning, but the shifting of his feet let's Kirishima know that he's interested.

"...What kind of something?"


"Hm...how about my doctor's coat?" He asks, shrugging it off his shoulders.
He doesn't even get the chance to reach out and offer it, Bakugou snatching the material from his hands.

He buries his face in the coat, inhaling deeply.

His omega purrs in his chest.

/Safe. Home. Partner./

A gush of slick slides down his suddenly trembling legs.
"I think it will do," he says stiffly, trying to act like he doesn't notice the way Kirishima's nostrils flare hungrily.

He backs away slowly, taking his prize with him.

"Thank you, Doctor Kirishima."

And then he's gone, leaving the smell of aroused omega behind.
Kirishima is ashamed to say that he stared at the puddle of slick he left behind for the longest time before going to get a mop.


By the time morning rolls around, Bakugou is in full heat. His body is sweaty and hot, and he's a gasping, shivery mess.
Kirishima's coat is probably gonna be ruined forever, but he can't stop himself from rolling his hips against it while he fucks himself on the knotting dildo the clinic provided him, breathing in deep lungfuls of forest and rainwater as another orgasm rolls through his body.
It's intoxicating, the way cumming during his heat feels. Like, he's jerked off before of course, what teenage boy doesn't? But this...

It's all consuming. It rips the breath from his lungs and makes his body quake from head to toe, only to reawaken later hungrier than before.
The first time he had knotted himself after seeing Kirishima, he had barely been able to make it into his room.

He'd forgotten it only opened for key cards.

Luckily, this time a nurse was at the station, unlocking it with only a mild scolding to remember his call button.
He'd stumbled into the room and ripped his robe from his body as he stumbled to his nest, hypnotized by the doctor's scent.

His omega was purring loudly in his chest.

/Safe. Home. Partner. Want./

He groped himself unashamedly, moaning as his fingers wrapped around his cock.
Wet with precum, the slide was easier than he could have ever imagined, causing his eyss to roll into the back of his head and his toes curl against the clean but slowly getting dirtier sheets.

His mind had completely surrendered to his omega instincts.
The first finger had sent a bolt of lightning down his spine.

It was tight, but he was producing slick at an extremely rapid pace, so he barely noticed any pain.

In fact, his body was alight with pleasure, sparking through his body like his own explosions.

He grunted, reaching blindly for the toys he had dumped into his nest earlier until his hand closed around a thick flesh colored dildo with a knot at the base.

'It's not gonna fit,' he whined in his mind.

/We make fit. Good Omega take all of knot/.
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He trusts his omega.

It's a part of him.

But his omega is also fucking stupid.

He tsks softly as he reaches down with his free hand, pushing in two fingers and stretching them as wide as they can go before adding a third.
His hole is slippery and wet, and he plays there for a little longer in fascination before pulling away and placing the head of the dildo at his entrance.

/Not real. Fake. Want real/.

"Tough," he mutters before slamming himself down.


That's all he sees and hears for a brief period before his worlds returns to him in Technicolor.

He wails, clenching down hard on weight inside of himself.

It's pleasurable. It's amazing. Its addictive. He's already raising his hips again.
Another thrust down, punctuated by a broken moan of relief.

He starts working his hip in slow, hard thrusts, ones that have goosebumps appearing on his arms and legs.

It's a wet, sticky mess, and when it's over he's gonna take eleven showers.
But for now he rides his new toy hard and fast, his tongue lolling from his mouth as the pleasure builds and builds, his omega purring loudly in his mind.

And just when he thinks it can't get any better, when he thinks he's reached the maximum level of pleasure...
He shifts his hips forward ever so slightly...

And sees God.

His scream echoes through the room.


He doesn't try and fight it, his breath coming in harsh gasps. It takes him a few tries to find the strength in his legs again but he does.
He slams down again, a broken moan falling from his throat as the same pleasure lights up his body with feeling.

He starts fucking himself even harder than before, stopping ever so often to grind down hard on the thick knot at the base, teasing himself with what's to come.
With every thrust, he and his omega go a little more feral, a little more crazy, but Bakugou doesn't want it to end yet. He needs something first.



He grunts loudly, opening bleary eyes, searching...there!
Reaching out, he snags Kirishima's coat from the floor of his nest, bringing it to his nose.

The scent of a fresh summer storm bursts across his senses, pulling a moan from deep within.


He whimpers an agreement, wrapping a hand around himself once more.
He jerks himself quickly, gasps and moans falling from his lips without pause as he gets closer and closer to that edge.

He can almost taste it.

It tastes like rain.


With a fucked out whine, he slams himself down hard, taking all of the fake knot in one go.
Cumming robs him of his voice, hearing, and possibly his mind.

It hits him so hard that he rips Kirishimas coat from clenching it so hard. Just a little. Along the sleeves.

But that doesn't ruin it as much as his cum does, streaking across the white fabric unapologetically.
He doesn't fight it when he slumps forward, trembling from head to toe.

/See? We take all./

Bakugou hums softly, his eyes getting heavier with each second that passes by.

'Yup. We sure did.'

/We sleep now. Rest. Knot again./

He doesn't answer, having already passed out.

It's day four or five of his heat, he's not sure which.

He's now mostly coherent, but still needs to stay within arms reach of his dildo at all times.

It actually hasn't been as bad as he thought it was gonna be. The food is decent, the nurses are angels from above.
And the sheets are replaced almost everyday, giving him new ammo for his nest.


"Nurse Joy, it's happening again," he mumbles into the speaker next to the button he's pressing.

"Again?" Nurse Joy a.k.a. Nurse Mina asks in exasperation.

He hums softly.
"Alright, well that's the seventh time this week, and I don't know how to handle it. I'm gonna get a wheelchair and roll you Dr. Kirishima's office, okay?"

"Thank you."

She makes quick work of getting him there, making sure he's up and wrapped in a soft robe.
Then they're off down the hall.

"Kirishima?" Mina knocks firmly. "You in there?"

The door swings open and the doctor pokes his head out curiously. "Yeah?"





A small splattering sound has them all looking towards the floor.
Omega slick, clear and sticky, is leaking down the sides of the chair and onto the floor.

"Oops," Bakugou mumbles.

Kirishima blinks, opening the door wide enough for Mina to wheel him in.

"Oooookay, that's not normal."

Mina scoffs.
"You're telling me. This is the seventh time he's soaked completely through his sheets, and I don't think I can keep re-washing them like this."

Kirishima nods slowly, grabbing the omega under his arm and lifting him. "Grab his other side, will you, Mina?"
They slowly stand him upright and drag him to the bed, politely ignoring his shaking legs and leaking slick in favor of laying him down on the doctor's chair a few feet away.

(TW: Hospital equipment? Idk, just wanted to give an image of the chair I was talking about. Like this.)
"Can you put that foot up?" He asks, already getting the other leg ready.

Mina nods and moves to do the same, rolling her eyes when the stretch makes him moan softly.

"Easy there, omega," she murmurs, gently patting his knee. "Dr. Kirishima is gonna take good care of you."
"I, however, am gonna tame care of that giant puddle in the hallway, as well as the soaked sheets in your room. Kirishima, when he's all checked out, send him back to his heat room. He's coherent, but not done with his heat yet."

"Yes, ma'am," Kirishima responds with a salute.
The click of the door when she leaves is deafening.

Kirishima is sweating.

He fought not to show it while Mina was in the room, but his dick is absolutely rock hard.

Watching the slick from between Bakugou's legs and into the small pan beneath him isn't helping.
"Doctor Kirishima."

His eyes snap up, meeting hazy red.

"You gonna come check me out? I'm not stretched out in these stirrups for nothing, you know."

He swallows loudly, tugging at his tie.

He approches the Omega warily, trying both to breathe through his mouth and to NOT look at the shiny mess between his legs.

The latter was proving more difficult, since his chair was directly in between pale thighs.

"A-Alright let's see what we've got going on here."
Kirishima shakily pulls on a pair of gloves, trying not to absolutely drown in the scent of needy omega.

But fuck, Bakugou smells good. Like campfires and smores and summer. He's gonna go insane.

"So, do you have any idea what's causing you to produce this much slick?"
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Bakugou shrugs, shifting into as comfortable a position as he can get with his legs up in the air.

"No idea, but it seems to get worse every time I knot myself."

Kirishima swallows. "I-is that so?"

"Mhm. Nurse Joy had to keep leaving me sheets and taking the wet ones."
"Nurse Joy?"

"The pink one."

Ah. Mina.

He nods slowly, finally forcing his gaze up.

Only to immediately drop it back down again, heart beating erratically in his chest.

Bakugou was still stretched around the knotted dildo.

Kirishima could see it, just under his balls.
Holy fucking shit.

"Er, Bakugou, you still have, um...knot..."

"Yeah, sorry. I didn't get a chance to take it out before Pinky brought me here."

Kirishima blinked. Then he frowened, actually looking between his legs.

"But if you're plugged like this..."

What the fuck?

He goes full doctor mode, reaching out with both hands to spread the (soft, fucking shit) cheeks.

"I'm gonna take this out now," he mutters, trying to ignore the loud gasp Bakugou makes as he dislodges the knot.

The problem gets worse immediately.
Slick splashes into the bin as an alarming rate, causing Kirishima to panic and plug the hole with the first thing he can.

Which just so happens to be his fingers.

Bakugou shouts when two gloved fingers are shoved inside of him, his back arching against the chair.

Bakugou moans.

It actually hits Kirishima then what he just did.

And suddenly all of his medical training flies out the window.

Soft. That's the first sensation that registers in his brain. Soft and pliant and fucking stretched.

His fingers twitch.
Bakugou whines softly.

Kirishima is panting now, his eyes trained on the way Bakugou's hole was stretched on his fingers. He hesitantly scissors them, gulping as he glimpses wet, pink insides.

And holy shit, that shouldn't be so hot, but it is.
"Dr. Kirishima..."

He makes a distracted noise of acknowledgment.

"Could you...deeper..."

He shudders.

His Beta is awake and interested in his mind, growling softly when his fingers press a little deeper.

/Partner. Him need. Us?/
'Nnnnnnooo...,' he replies untruthfully, ever though he already feels his resolve cracking like a goddamn egg.

Bakugou is sweating and red faced, but he's watching every move that Kirishima makes with narrowed, alert eyes.

It makes him shudder.
/Partner. Him need./

'I know that!'


Kirishima growls low in his throat, his cock throbbing in his pants. Even through his gloves, he could feel how fucking warm and tight Bakugou was, and combined with the smell of his slick, it was really fucking with him.

His eyes lock onto the other's, pupils blown and fangs bared.

Bakugou whimpers softly and slumps down, opening his legs even more to the older man's hungry gaze.


Kiriahima breaks.

With a snarl, he drops down to his knees.
He rips his gloves off so that he can feel the warmth of his skin against his bare hands.

His tongue drags through the slick on Bakugou thighs, his Beta rumbling contentedly in his chest.

/We help./

Bakugou shivers, a soft mewl falling from his lips.
His chest starts heaving erratically, soft moans falling from his lips. Its the first time he's been touched since his heat began, and it ramps every feeling up to eleven.

"K-Kirishima, fuck," he whines when that hot tongue drags over his hole.
"What happened to 'Doctor Kirishima'?" The man murmurs into his soft flesh, piercing red eyes looking at him from between his legs even as he's licking the wetness from hip lips.

Bakugou has never felt hotter in his life.


Kirishima moans.
He shoves his face into Bakugou's slicked cheeks, licking and rubbing over his abused hole with vigor.

Bakugou becomes an immediate mess, whines and cries falling from his lips as he writhes in his seat, unable to push his hips down nor close his legs.
"Ah! Ah!"

Kirishima thrusts his tongue forward, into the hot cavern tightening repeatedly on his tongue.

"Holy fucking shit, your tongue is long what the fuck," Bakugou gasps out, his back arching off the chair as much as it can as his body is overrun with pleasure.
Kirishima's face is fuckjng soaked when he backs away, replacing his tongue with two fingers, curling and thrusting them firmly.

"Holy fucking shit, you're hot," he gasps, watching the way his slim body tries to twist away from him and towards him at the same time.
Bakugou whines loudly, his hands flexing against the arms of the chair.

Kirishima's watching him like a hawk, and it's making his blood boil.

/Partner. Interested partner. We mate?/

Bakugou moans softly, his cock leaking precum against his stomach.
'Fuck yes.'

His omega purrs in his chest.


He reaches down, wrapping a desperate hand around his dick, stroking slowly as his hips buck upwards, trying to entice the Beta above him even as he chases his own pleasure.
"Fuck, I could get in so much trouble," Kirishima pants, but also he's already ripping off his tie and unbottoning his shirt one handed, showing off a very impressive set of abs and two deliciously full pecs.

"Holy fucking shit," Bakugou groans, gripping his dick tighter.
Kirishima pulls his fingers out with a wet sound and immediately stuffs them inti his mouth, groaning as the taste of fresh slick spreads across his tongue.

His other hand fumbles with his belt, ripping it open to free his rock hard erection.
His foot slams onto the pedel on the floor, raising the chair up until Bakugou is at the perfect height for penetration.

"Please say I can fuck you," pants, gripping his dick tightly in his hands as he watches the other clench around nothing.
"Please fuck me," Bakugou immediately grunts back, reaching out towards him with both hands.

Kirishima doesn't ask twice.

He sinks into the tight heat with a groan that matches Bakugou's high pitched whine perfectly, his nails digging into firm shoulders.
Bakugou is fucking reeling from the feeling of Kirishima's dick inside of him. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it's vastly different from the feeling of a fake knotted dildo.

It's heavy and thick, yes, but it's also /warm/ and /throbbing/ and fuck, Bakugou slicks heavily.
"Oh fuck," he whimpers, trying his very best to shove his hips down even though he has no traction to do so.

"Shhhh, easy baby boy, it's okay," Kirishima whispers, running a hand through his sweat matted blond hair.

Bakugou mewls.
Kirishima pushes deeper, his own moan echoing through the room as warm and tight wraps around his dick and doesn't let go.

"Holy shit, you're so tight, I'm gonna fucking die," he hissed, not stopping until his hips are pressed flush against the wet cheeks, soaking his pubes.
(The End)

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Bakugou is moaning up a storm, his eyes wet with overstimulated tears as he strokes himself.

Kirishima is enthralled.

He begins to thrust roughly, yanking on blond hair until he's able to lick the salty tracks from his cheeks.

"Fuck, you're sexy when you cry on my dick."
Bakugou only sobs harder, his eyes rolling back as his body tenses, cum splattering against his belly.

Kirishima watches it all with a lustful gleam in his eyes, his hips never stopping their frantic movements.
His Beta is pacing in his chest, watching everything unfold.

/Omega. Need knot. We don't have./

"I got it," he gasps outloud, shoving two fingers inside of the other next to his dick.

Bakugou shouts, his body jerking against the chair.
His omega goes wild in his head.

/Stretch. Knot??? Need knot!!/

"Fuck, Kirishima, more of that, please," he gasps, his nails dragging across sweaty arms as his hole is used brutally.

"I got you," the red head whispers, pushing in a third.

(TW: there's gonna be fisting >.>)
It's a little weird, feeling his own fingers rubbing up and down his dick while he thrusts into someone, but it also feels good??

In fact, it feels so good that he can feel his orgasm sneaking up on him with every frantic thrust, every curl of his fingers.

"Fuck," he hisses.
The amount of slick that Bakugou is producing is almost overwhemling, but Kirishima is insistent, shoving his hips forward roughly. Bakugou is shivering violently, and his hole is clenching tighter, a sign of his oncoming orgasm.

"Please, please," he gasps brokenly.
That rough, broken, needy voice is what sends him over.

With a snarl and a hard shudder, he's cumming, filling Bakugou up with thick, white stickiness that has him arching with a lewd moan of satisfaction.

But that's only half the job.
He pushes in a fourth finger, still thrusting his now half hard cock inside of the even messier hole.

Bakugou wails, tears falling from his eyes and down his cheeks.

"Knot! Knot! Please!" He begs, thrashing against the chair and weakly kicking his legs.
"You gonna be a good omega for me? Gonna take it all?" He coos into a flushed ear, grinning at his broken sob.

"Yes! Yes!"

Kirishima purrs, nibbling at the sensitive earlobe as he runs his thumb around the edge of the slicked rim, stretched obscenely around his four fingers.
Bakugou whimpers, staring up at him with glassy eyes.


Kirishima is a weak man.

He slowly pushes in his thumb, working it inside with all of the other's before curling his hand into a firm fist, twisting sharply.

Bakugou's lips part, but no sound comes out.
Just a soft exhalation of air.

His body, however, tells a different story.

Kirishima flinches back in surprise as he arches upwards, cum shooting high into ths air only to splatter back down onto his stomach, chest, and face.

It's probably the hottest thing he's ever seen.
They sit there for a little while, just trying to catch their breath, before Kirishima finally stands with a weak groan.

His doctor instincts are sluggish, but still there as he grabs the knotted dildo.

"Hold still," he murmurs.

Bakugou hums weakly.
He slowly unfurls his fingers and pulls his hand out, sticky with slick and his own cum, plugs the hole with the toy, making sure it's knotted securely, and letting his legs down gently, one at a time.
Bakugou groans in relief, spreading his toes wide.

"Holy shit," is the first thing he says.

Kirishima laughs, reaching over to pull a bottle of water and a granola bar from his mini fridge.

"I agree. Now open up."
He guzzles more than half the water in one go before even looking at the granola bar.

"So, you figure out what was wrong while fucking me?" He mumbles around a mouthful of crumbs.

Kirishima coughs, a blush racing over his cheeks.
"Oh, please. 'You gonna be a good omega for me? Gonna ta-'."

Kirishima yells loudly to drown out the rest of his sentance, going as red as his hair.

"UMMMM, actually I did figure out something, but it's more of a guess??? I won't know for sure until you answer some questions."
Bakugou takes another bite of his granola bar to hide his shit eating grin.

"Sure. What's up, Doc?"

"Was your omega...calling for me?"

Bakugou chokes.

Kirishima yelps, landing a few well placed hits on his back as Bakugou gulps another mouthful of water.
Now Bakugou is the one blushing, looking everywhere but at him.

"And if it was?" He says haughtily, nose firmly planted in the air.

"And you had my coat with you in your heat room, right?"


"Well, I think your body was trying to entice my scent."

Kirishima begins pulling spare scrubs from his closet as he answers.

"Well, I'm pretty sure that your omega was trying to get me to have sex with you even though I wasn't there. Think about it. When did you usually smell my coat?"
Bakugou frown, trying to think back. "Kind of...near the end? And after."

"And when did you usually produce the slick you did?"

"Usually before using the toy? When I would smell it."

"Okay. So I think having my coat made your omega think there was a partner in the room."
"But because you weren't er...being knotted, it decided to use basic instinct to tempt me, even though I wasn't there. Hence, the obscene amount of slick."

Bakugou hums, frowning thoughtfully.

"So whenever I smelled you but didn't have actual sex, I gushed slick?"
Kirishima shrugs, a small grin tugging at his lips.

"Guess I was too hot for you to resist."

Bakugou scoffs. "Not with that disaster of a hairstyle."


"So what happens now?"

Kirishima winces, rubbing the back of his head.
"Well, thankfully you're on birth control, so we don't have to worry about...that."

Bakugou is suddenly struck with the shocking clarity that Kirishima reached orgasm inside of him.

Like...a balls deep, filled him up until he was leaking cum onto the floor orgasm.
His omega purred with satisfaction in his mind.

'You shut the fuck up.'

"I guess the only real trouble would be getting you back to your room, and then getting you through the rest of your heat," the redhead continues, breaking him from his thoughts.
"What does the rest of my heat have to do with anything?"

"Well, since you've never had one before, you're more likely than not gonna refuse any and all toys now that you've had a taste of...human flesh, so to speak."

Bakugou immediately frowns.

"That sounds bad..."
"That's super bad, actually. Your toys were the only thing helping you, and now you can't use them at all."

"Why can't I just keep doing it with you?"


Bakugou shrugs.

"Why can't you keep me company during the rest of my heat week?"
"Well, there would be paperwork I would have to do for that kind of thing, and it's already too late to do them since we've...done it...already."

"Says who? Just put the date down as a few days ago, and say you forgot to file them."

"...You want me to lie on offical documents."
"It's not a lie. It's an embellishment. Besides, everything else would be true."

Kirishima frowns thoughtfully, his hands wringing together.

It /wasn't/ that bad of an idea. And no one was really getting hurt if he did it...
Besides, if he didn't, not only would he be in major trouble, but Bakugou would spend the rest of his heat alone, unable to find relief with the toys provided.

That thought made his Beta whine in his head uncomfortably.

"Better hurry up and decide, while I can sign papers."
"You're lucky I'm already invested in your health," he grouched as he stomped around the room, pulling out the necessary papers.

"More like invested in this tight ass."


The rest of his heat lasts for about two and a half days, with plenty of sex and fake knots in between.
Kirishima is there through it all, feeding him and keeping his fluids up, making sure he's comfortable, replacing the sheets whenever they got too wet and messy.

Honestly, he was probably better than any Alpha could ever be.

"I've decided," Bakugou says one time.
They've just finished another round and are tangled up in each other, breathing like they jist finished a foot race with Kirishima feeding both of them small bites of a protein bar.

"Oh yeah? Decided what?"

"I decided that you should ask me on a date."
"What makes you think I wanna date your stubborn ass?" Kirishima murmurs back, his his actions contradict his words, a large hand running through blond locks as an amused, fond smile stretches across his face.

Bakugou shrugs.

"Just a hunch."
Kirishima nods thoughtfully. "Hmm. Let's say you're right. What makes you wanna date an old man like me?"

"Fishing for compliments? How needy."

The red head snorts.

"Oh, I'm the needy one? Exactly how many load of cum do you have in your ass again?"
"Irrelevant to the question. Are you gonna take me on a date or not?"

"I suppose I could. Since you're begging me."

"I'm not begging!"

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not??"

"You're begging more than when I have you ass up and on my dick."


Heat week ends.

The shower he takes the next morning is godly, and makes him glad to be alive.

But not as glad as he is at exactly 8:00 p.m., when he meets Kirishima outside the clinic for the first of many dates.

In his head, his omega purrs.


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