If we want to save our country and be a beacon for global democracies, we’ve got to neutralize Putin.

We have to stop Russia’s infiltration or we’ve stopped nothing at all. If we don’t beat ‘em back now, they may not topple us this time but they’ll get us the next time.

5/ “Putin has been likened to a mafia don running his homeland like a protection racket..allies are rewarded for loyalty. Enemies & rivals are ruthlessly extirpated..corruption, much of it officially facilitated and approved, sucks up 48% of GDP”
https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/07/observer-view-on-challenge-posed-by-russia @guardian
6/ “Russia takes advantage of the divisions within the West—and within the U.S.—by driving wedges between its opponents, using psychological warfare, propaganda, and cyberwar..Hacking the Democratic Party’s emails in 2016 hit that sweet spot.”
7/ I’m old enough to still be offended by Trump’s bootlicking in Helsinki. https://twitter.com/millenpolitics/status/1040994720896483328?s=21
8/ With corruption half the state budget (see #5), it’s easy to allocate funds to disrupt global democracies. The cost of cyberwar is cheap. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1121694740804558848?s=21
9/ Ground wars are expensive. Cyberwars, not so much: think, the price of one Trump penthouse. https://twitter.com/millenpolitics/status/1055832775184371712?s=21
13/ Contained in the Mueller Report is hard evidence of an illegitimate president* who benefited from dezinformatsiya, encouraged Russia’s criminal attacks and is doing nothing to prevent future attacks. Makes sense. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1121689602782183425?s=21
14/ For those just catching up on dezinformatsiya and its impacts on global democracies, start here: https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1128011323416014848?s=21
15/ Watch @ActMeasuresDoc to get the full backstory on Russia’s long game. If you don’t have access, here’s my review of the film. Even Trump’s catchphrases were recycled dezinformatsiya. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1128036873866174464?s=21
16/ As MSM gives us headlines about a multi-generational crime family in hock to Russia, trying to sell them as “American royalty”, please ignore ‘em.

Here’s what we need to stay centered on: Trump is a Russian frontman, and he is not in charge. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1085690906546585601?s=21
17/ What America is struggling to come to terms with can be succinctly summarized by those who’ve been the targets of cyber aggression. https://twitter.com/ilvestoomas/status/1136465004301971456?s=21
18/ Our illegitimate president* is doing a fantastic job for a marionette, a vulgarian against the world doing the bidding of his handler (see #14). Ergo, a global pariah’s emboldened. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1106768587866304513?s=21
19/ But even in his own country, the jig is up. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1132337827314688000?s=21
20/ The center cannot hold. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1055462793506254849?s=21
21/ So here’s where it gets komprocated.

“The troubling reality is that we lack a full picture of what is really happening in the social media (disinformation) sphere because the main platforms are not fully transparent."- @FabricePothier https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1136284612315963398?s=21
22/ When the scope of the Russian cyber aggression was revealed in February 2018, it became very clear our democratic systems are fragile.
https://www.justice.gov/file/1035477/download @TheJusticeDept
23/ Like a proper marionette, Trump has spent much as his presidency* obstructing justice. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1125105889055088642?s=21
24/ Mueller broke his silence to deliver a very important message. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1133938774692384768?s=21
28/ For a refresher course on what the Yanukovych story has to do with our stateside woes, pretty much everything. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1013817177948839936?s=21
30/ We need to create new words for a new war: “trolls” “hacks” and “meddling” must be thrown in the dustbin of history. These are benign words. They sound mischievous, rather than toxic, criminal. Nothing benign about losing your democracy to cyberwar. https://twitter.com/heidi_cuda/status/1121699018151645184?s=21
ADDENDUM: A chilling reminder that all is not well, and all is not what it seems. h/t @Verba_et_Vertus
cc @IlvesToomas
CODA: Vendetta Obscura, the New Cold War. https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1152989738346807296
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