Q IS ALWAYS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING: A list of QDrops that have failed or been debunked. (Updated whenever) #QAnon #Bartcop #ExitThroughTheGriftShop #ShirleyManson
1. QDrops 1 and 2 start off with Hillary's passport being flagged if she tries to flee the country (She has since left the country many times) and that she was detained by Q (And nobody knew about it) and then released, as one does with Satanic Baby Eaters Who Commit Treason.
2. QDrop 15 says thatPodesta and Huma are going to be arrested in early November 2017. This doesn't happen. QDrop 16 declares that on Friday & Saturday Trump will make good on MAGA. I fail to remember America's greatness being restored that day.
3. QDrop 29. Kim Jong-Un isn't the true leader of DPRK and the truth would drive people to riot. Shadow leader of DPRK has yet to be unmasked to the world (Because they don't exist.)
4. QDrop 34 Martial law, Emergency Broadcast System, all sorts of madness as the National Guard captures Deep State leaders. Riots will happen as people tricked by Satan rally to defend the baby eaters. None of this happens. Sounds like it would have been exciting.
5. QDrop 43 declares that Q is going to give us bonus phone numbers to call instead of 911 to help the Patriots root out Deep State members. Q11 never happens.
6. QDrop 55 declares Trump will signal when we shall be liberated from the Deep State by tweeting out "My fellow Americans, the Storm us upon us". QAnon longs for this message to this day.
7. QDrop 135-138 talk about Rothschild controlled banks, cause that's a real thing that's real and not just an antisemitic dog whistle.
8. QDrop 153 says Hillary Clinton didn't make a concession speech and asks when was the last time this happened. She did make a concession speech. Q is lying about things that are public knowledge here.
9. QDrop 242 "Be here tomorrow the story unfolds" leads to the story remaining folded.
10. QDrop 278 says Hillary tried to get a deal and Q told her no. Hillary has since lived a life of wealth and fame with no sign of being arrested. Odd that she's been detained and tried to sell out the Deep State yet she goes on living so care free? Clone maybe?
11. QDrop 431 declares "We are moving fast" which...Not so much.
12. QDrop 489 declares the Paris Accord was costing US tax payers "Trillions" when it was an agreement that had no enforcement and was literally each country saying what goals they wanted to set for themselves.
13. QDrop 540 declares that the news is so big today that it's the end of the Democratic party. Said Democratic party wins the House that November even while dead.
14. QDrop 570 states the Nunes Memo will allow Sessions to seize control of the Russia investigation, prove FISA corruption by Obama, and 'collusion' by 'the highest levels' The Nunes Memo is nonsense that is laughed at as soon as it's released.
15. QDrop 576 says "The flood is coming" and that the NSA is going to release everything, e-mails, videos, audios, texts etc etc. We're gonna get it all. Except we don't.
16. QDrop 598 and 615 say Jack Dorsey is in a world of hurt. He's still running Twitter and remains a free man in spite of Joe M and Q's protests.
17. QDrop 620 says the Queen of England is in some serious trouble. Maybe having to deal with Trump today was the trouble Q foretold.
18. QDrop 787 tells us to TRUST SESSIONS and that 2018 will be glorious. Sessions was fired by Trump after the election, 2018 did not end with all of Trump's enemies executed for treason and thus lacks glory.
19. QDrop 798 "We're moving up the time table" from what? Geological epochs?
20. QDrop 856 promises us that 11-11-18 will have a 'parade that will never be forgotten' no parade happens.
21. QDrop 951 tells us "The public will soon know" Alas the public doesn't know anything still.
22. QDrop 970 has an Anon ask Q to Free Flynn and he says "Done in 30" Flynn still awaits being sentenced.
23. QDrop 997 says the Pope is in for a world of hurt come May 2018 and that those who backed him will be exposed by the light. The Pope remains unhurt by Q even now.
24. QDrop 1014 says Mark Zuckerberg will step down as CEO of Facebook and flee the US. This doesn't happen.
25. QDrop 1043 says a photo of Obama holding an AK-47 and wearing tribal garb will surface on the internet and that it is 'one of many'. The photo sits on the same shelf as the Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape.
26. QDrops 1044 and 1047 double down on this. Q says that the Media hyping fake photos is going to be the excuse for the Obama photo. Also"Who" Obama is pointing the gun is "Red white and blue". So Obama's shooting an American flag in this photo that doesn't exist.
27. QDrop 1067 says something will happen in Chongqing, China on Tuesday. Don't recall any earth shaking BOOMS that day.
28. QDrop 1102 Q says a class action lawsuit will destroy Facebook and continues his crusade against Jack Dorsey by saying he's next. Facebook has yet to face a class action lawsuit and Dorsey is still CEO of Twitter.
29. QDrop 1203 and 1204 declare Allison Mack of NXIVM fame is 'naming names' who are big in Hollywood and government. It's been over a year and the NXIVM case hasn't spread outside the cult.
30. QDrops 1214 and 1215 link Obama to Pizzagate via Maggie Nixon who Obama had taken photos with while she was a pre-teen. Obama has yet to be arrested for eating babies while shooting US flags with an AK-47 while in tribal clothes.
31. QDrop 1231 and 1232 tell us all that the Mother Of All Bombs will be dropped next week. No bomb, never mind the MOAB is dropped.
32. QDrop 1233 makes it clear that Dems will lose the Black vote once the truth about Haiti is revealed. The truth about Haiti remains unknown and with the help of the Black vote Dems won the House in 2018.
33. QDrop 1234 has Q go 4 QDrops in a row with failed predictions. This time he declares 11-11-18 will be the day America becomes unified. Judging by the angry QAnon folks commenting on this thread we are still not a unified people.
34. QDrop 1244 declares that Armenia has been freed just like DPRK. If DPRK is the standard of freedom I'll take some oppression.
35. QDrop 1260 is still hyping the MOAB that never fell.
36. QDrop 1276 accuses John Legend of being in on the terrible things in Haiti that will rally Blacks to Trump's side. John Legend is still free and Haiti remains hidden from the MSM watching blue pilled normies.
37. QDrops 1280 and 1281 declare Flynn is "Done in 30" and that he had to plead guilty to a lie to get his testimony on the record to destroy the Deep State. Flynn is still facing sentencing and the Deep State continues committing false flags and sowing discord in our world.
38. QDrop 1289 has Q pouting that Korean peace isn't a bigger story and that maybe a MOAB needs to be dropped to change that. NEXT WEEK. So the MOAB is REALLY going to happen this week.
39. QDrop 1332 tells Anons to brace themselves for the info they are about to receive about the overwhelming evil of Obama's administration and that there is no stopping justice now. Justice sure is taking it's time.
40. QDrop 1341 has an Anon get mad at Alex Jones for being a fake. Q reassures him it's all good and "big week ahead!" No week is ever really big. Nothing ever happens.
41. QDrop 1368 goes back to the Allison Mack well and finds it as devoid of water as ever. "Who will be next? Watch CA;. Watch NY" Q declares as nothing happens in those states regarding NXIVM.
42. QDrop 1402 declares we're prepared to land. The landing has been delayed by a year or so now.
43. QDrop 1431 Asks if it's going to be "Suicide weekend?" the answer to all of Q's questions about the future is no.
44. QDrop 1434 tells us that Paul Ryan stepping down as Speaker is proof that the flood Q spoke of previously is incoming. The flood doesn't arrive and Ryan leaves office without fanfare.
45. QDrop 1440 declares it "A week to remember" Q really loved telling people big things were happening next week during this period of time. MOAB's., Big weeks, weeks to remember. Next week is the best week when you're QAnon.
46. QDrop 1451 tells us Kim Jong-Un was freed from his shadow rulers and is a happy man and we're on to Iran next. DPRK remains a despotic hellscape and we have folks looking to start a war with Iran.
47. QDrops 1462 and 1463 go the "Seth Rich gave Wikileaks the DNC e-mails" route with a QDrop about Assange and the server bringing down the house and a photo of Seth Rich calling him a Patriot. This is a baseless conspiracy theory Q is lying about.
48. QDrop 1470 says that when "The info" comes out Rosenstein will resign and the Russia investigation will end. Also Huber is coming. The info is apparently super secret code for "Barr appointed AG" and Huber is never happening.
49. QDrop 1509 has Q reposting a homophobic meme (Cause that's what government agents do when trying to make a case) and lies the roommate was part of Obama's administration. The roommate is Sohale Siddiqi didn't work for Obama.
50. QDrop 1528. Q celebrates photoshopped graffiti on a wall in Spain. Super Secret Spy is afflicted with Boomeritus.
51. QDrop 1558 declared Q is backing the people of Iran in their rebellion against their government. Said rebellion goes nowhere and the Deep State wins again.
52. QDrop 1573 says that Q has a Obama White House senior staffer on the record and it is GAME OVER now buddy. Of course Q had repeatedly said "We have it all" countless times before this, but nameless staffer testimony really put them over the top! (Note: nothing happens.)
53. QDrop 1578 declares that we're going to start seeing more direct confirmations and that it's time. We get no direct confirmations.
54. QDrop 1595 tells us that "July 2018 - The month the world discovered the TRUTH" said truth is somewhere in Haiti, the land where the truth is never found.
55. QDrop 1604 again tells the people of Iran to topple the Deep State and that the Patriots are monitoring the situation closely. More nothing continues to happen.
56. QDrop 1626 again pushes the debunked conspiracy theory that Seth Rich hacked the DNC and gave the info to Wikileaks. Claims that either the server or Assange will bring the truth.
57. QDrop 1628 continues to hype Assange as a key to destroying the Deep State. Even now QAnon think the massive charges against him are all a cover for him blowing the lid off this whole affair.
58. QDrop 1630 and 1631 blame the Freemasons for mass shootings. They still exist and also Q has totally forgotten they exist.
59. QDrops 1658 and 1659 have Q bringing up the "60,000 sealed indictments" which is a misreading of PACER and has been debunked a trillion times.
60. QDrop 1677 fakes a photo and gets called out on it and then explains that reflections off mirrors don't violate national security. That seems like something totally real and is a thing.
61. QDrop 1709 declares Facebook is going to die and that something big is going to drop. Nothing drops, Facebook lives.
62. QDrop 1778 States the world is about to change. It remains the same.
63. QDrop 1802 hypes that something big is about to drop. Q has changed from next week being big to something big is going to drop.
64. QDrop 1832 goes back to Haiti and brings up the Democrats worshiping Satan cause when you can't reveal to us the truth about Haiti it's time to bust out Moloch.
65. QDrop 1846 declares that NEXT WEEK is gonna be a FOUR BOOMER! Q's back on the next week plan and it is ALL THE BOOMS! (Note: No Booms. 0 Booms.)
66. QDrop 1888 brings up Paul Combetta (the guy who was recently not arrested) and declares everyone's going to jail. Nobody goes to jail.
67. QDrop 1933 is a RE-MIX!! (Air Horns!) With "Suicide Weekend" getting put on top of "BIG week ahead!" Q's cranking out all the jams. The week remains normal sized, nobody commits suicide.
68. QDrop 1943 The Iran Nothing continues with MORE NOTHING. This time Q ups the stakes by declaring something incredible will happen. He is wrong yet again. Do admire his optimism in the face of all his wrongness.
69. QDrop 1957 tells us that modern history books don't tell the history of WW1 and WW2 properly and if you were to compare them to older books you would be alarmed by what you would see. Somehow we've gotten stronger. Normally such truth would send 99% of us to the hospital.
70. QDrop 1964 declares that 2018 will be glorious. Since Obama still draws breath I think most Anons would disagree.
71. QDrops 2040 and 2041 freak out about the Carter Page FISA warrants. It's really BIG BIG BIG. Remember when QAnon folks freak out about the Barr DECLAS that Q's been beating this dead horse for nearly a year now.
72, QDrop 2063 claims that DARPA is where Google came from which is not even wrong. Google will somehow be tied to the Deep State via Gmail this whole house of cards will come crashing down. The house of cards yet stands.
73. QDrop 2072 tells us that "Human trafficking arrests are surging". There is no evidence to support this claim.
74. QDrop 2075 claims Facebook is Lifelog cause everything is Deep State. This is one of endless conspiracy theories that Q has stolen and grafted into QAnon. At some point Q will get around to letting us know the truth about the moon landing.
75. QDrop 2077 lies about Uranium One and Hillary "Selling our uranium to Russia/China" the Uranium One deal did not sell uranium to Russia. The whole story was made up out of whole cloth to smear Hillary.
76. QDrop 2081 claims Hillary and Chelsea Clinton wear upside down crosses and are Satanists. Chelsea Clinton has often worn a Greek Cross (Which looks like a plus sign).
77. QDrop 2084 once again declares "A week to remember" QAnon is all about making memories to last a lifetime, one week in the future at a time.
78. QDrop 2089 Q takes a shot at Microchip and claims Alex Jones is backed by Mossad. In reality Alex is backed by his total lack of shame and his unrelenting quest for more money and Q and Alex hate each other cause they are working the same side of the street.
79. QDrop 2102 continues down the "AJ is Mossad" round by musing about what would happen if Mueller proved Alex Jones is backed by foreign intelligence agencies.
80. QDrop 2109 "Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein" Rosenstein doesn't leave for 10 months afterwards. This is a "Future Proves Past" prediction in the sense that if you give it enough time Q is right.
81. QDrop 2126 Q asks "how do you know when something VERY BIG is about to drop?" Q orders his follows to ready the memes. The memes are not needed as nothing is dropped.
82. QDrop 2128 drags up NXIVM yet again and asks "When does a BIRD sing?" the answer is never. NXIVM has not blown the lid off Hollywood or government.
83. QDrop 2129 DECLAS will force Rosenstein out of power. Prove the corruption of Obama, destroy the Deep State, make the sun brighter, flowers smell better, and make your man last twice as long in bed (If that still isn't 2 minutes we'll round up). None of this happens.
84. QDrop 2153 declares FISAGATE is coming VERY SOON. It didn't come very soon. (Unlike the disappointing men in the previous tweet! Try the veal it's extra cruel!)
85. QDrops 2156 to 2161 is Q asking "Is everyone testifying against everyone else?!" It's weird how we went from "NO DEALS!" for Hillary and 12 Deep Staters (In one day alone!) to everyone selling everyone out. Nobody sells anyone out.
86. QDrop 2173 asks if the week of Sept 17th will bring DECLAS or more texts and brings up CARPET BOMBS >> MOAB. We get no bombs nor a DECLAS. Q is really working different ways to say "Next week"
87. QDrop 2184 lets us know THE FIGHT IS REAL. THE TIME IS NOW. How a blue pilled normie understands "Now" is not the same way a woke red pilled QAnon insider understands it.
88. QDrop 2196 again says goodbye to Rosenstein and adds Mueller to the people who are going away. They don't go away.
89. QDrop 2197 ACTIVATE SESSIONS! Sessions is fired after the election. He does nothing to topple the Deep State.
90. QDrops 2200 to 2205 is a PANIC IN DC 6 pack of nonsense. Lynch cut a deal (again violating Q's NO DEALS policy) Dems offer not to accuse Kav of sexual assault for no DECLAS and other nonsense that didn't happen.
91. QDrop 2210 Q AGAIN says goodbye to Rosenstein. Checking the search feature Q says it 6 different times. Q loves predicting Rosenstein's ouster and being wrong about it.
91. QDrop 2212 declares Rosenstein has failed to stop DECLAS and to grab some popcorn. DECLAS doesn't happen anyhow.
92. QDrop 2250 Q points out a special election win for the GOP is a sign a RED WAVE is coming in the 2018 midterms. The GOP loses 41 seats in the House and 7 governorships in the midterms.
93. QDrop 2252. "Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein" Drink, and by drink I mean drink MMS to end the terminal condition known as life.
94. QDrop 2260 and 2261 Tell us Lynch has flipped on the Deep State. This continues to violate the "NO DEALS" policy Q has had in place. Why is Lynch getting a deal now? Why didn't Q give Hillary a deal a year ago? Q is a flip flopping moron unfit to run this operation.
95. QDrop 2273 Q plays ALL the hits. DECLAS will force Rosenstein to resign! 2018 will be glorious! Next week will be amazing! Q's really running these lines into the ground at this point.
I had NO IDEA That Q got even more inaccurate as he went along. I'm going to try to get it all done tonight but I might stop around 2500-2750 if I keep finding something to bring up every other drop and finish tomorrow.
96. QDrop 2286. "Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein" is now the name of my garage band. DECLAS is threatened. "Red October?" is asked. None of these things happen (Yes Kav gets confirmed but that wasn't exactly a tough call.)
97. Q Drop 2287 asks the question of the Midterm elections "RED WAVE OR RED TSUNAMI?" The GOP is soundly defeated in the midterms.
98. QDRop 2288 Q again celebrates how amazing 11-11-18 will be and that the Midterms are only a few days before such a magical day. A day that nothing happens on.
99. QDrop 2296-98 hype RED OCTOBER and declare Facebook/Google/Twitter will censor conservatives to allow the Democrats to win because IF THEY LOSE IT IS OVER. Q is admitting the Deep State won the Midterms here.
99. QDrop 2300-01 Is a twin bill with RED OCTOBER opening for Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein. Glorious 2018 had to cancel cause the lead singer went into rehab.
100. QDrop 2319 accuses Dr. Ford of being a CIA sleeper agent activated to ruin Kav's confirmation. This is known as "Making things up."
101. QDrops 2326-27 go have Red October/DECLAS twin bill. A Week To Remember is still dealing with the fact that the guitarist left the band cause he was the lead singer's boyfriend and they just broke up.
102. QDrop 2333 D5 is now opening for Red October. I'm worried this many gigs might be too much for Red October. Q's really worried his buzzwords aren't having an impact so he's combining them constantly now.
103. QDrop 2344 ends the QAnon concert series and asks Anons if they are ready to see Arrests/Pain/History? The answer to all these questions is assuredly Yes. Sadly what they get is Nein Nein Nein.
104. QDrop 2362 brings great news. The lead singer of BOOM WEEK finally got out of jail and they are gonna BRING THE PAIN! (No Booms. No Pain.)
105. QDrop 2364 tells us that Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein's singer had left the band to go in a more experimental direction with Goodbye Valerie Jarrett. I have no idea where she would be going but wherever she is, she doesn't leave.
106. QDrop 2365 bellows THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH. Left unsaid is "At some time in the distant future. Like a really really long time from now. Maybe I shouldn't have sounded so urgent when I said that."
107. QDrop 2381 begins hyping the Military tribunals and of course more DECLAS. It's always the DECLAS with this guy.
108. QDrop 2416 warns Anons of ANTIFA trying to interfere in the election and reassures them that unformed and non-uniformed people are there to protect them. This war between ANTIFA and Patriots at the polls never happens.
109. QDrop 2420 makes up a conversation between Q and Trump. We're not entering the fan fiction section of QDrops.
110. QDrop 2427 tells us the Podesta brothers have sealed indictments against them waiting to be executed. Sadly Q and his forces waited too long and let one of them order the Christchurch shooting (Or Q is a fantasy, one or the other)
111. QDrop 2444 is Q cheering up the troops after a drubbing at the polls by reminding them we still got DECLAS! Remember when facebook/google/twitter were going to cheat to help the Dems win? Meh, who cares! DECLAS!
112. QDrop 2475 is very strange because Q admits they got crushed. An Anon asked him if the Midterms were safe in April and Q said "Yes, watch CA" and the GOP got rolled in CA. So Q is saying they lost a fair election or he was lying to this guy in April.
113. QDrop 2492 tells us Kyrsten Sinema won her Senate seat via voter fraud. So either Q is telling the truth and is powerless to expose the voter fraud or he's lying and he's just making things up. Neither is a good look for QAnon. (It's option B).
114. QDrop 2502 claims Soros was behind the immigrant caravans and that Trump will use a national emergency to get his wall money. Soros was not behind the caravans and Trump only went to the national emergency gimmick after every other trick failed and it's tied up in the courts
115. QDrop 2506 The Sessions and Huber PAIN TRAIN is nigh upon us! (Train is delayed for forever.)
116. QDrop 2512 claims Mueller is going to be charged with crimes relating to Uranium One. This is absolute nonsense cause Mueller had nothing to do with it. Q has no idea what they are talking about but they know their followers don't care.
116. QDrop Goobye Mr. Rosenstein Heaven holds a place for those who pray. Hey Hey Hey. Seriously dude, this is pathetic, you've been Goodbying this guy for months now.
117. QDrops 2537 to 2541 start freaking out about how George HW Bush's funeral is an attempt by the Deep State to prevent Huber from testifying before congress. THE GREAT AWAKENING is here! (No it's not).
118. QDrop 2549 Huber! GHW Bush Funeral! D5! MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE! It's all happening now! (Nothing happens. Even more nothing than Q thought possible.)
119. QDrop 2568 re-states the NO DEALS policy Q had until he didn't have it and got Lynch to turn on the Deep State. Q forgets his narratives the way Dany "Kinda forgot" about the Iron Fleet.
120. QDrop 2571 Tells us The Great Awakening = Game Over. The game continues, the people remain sleeping.
121. QDrop 2608 has a fan asks him what was in the envelops at the George HW Bush funeral. Q says "Our plan to counter". This is so stupid. Why would the grieving family not trash Trump for ruining the funeral? File this under "That Happened" and "My Canadian Girlfriend".
122. QDrop 2610 has another sucker ask Q if the cheating the Dems did in the totally safe 2018 elections will be exposed. Q says it will be sometime later and that 2020 will be safeguarded (Just like he said 2018 would be.)
123. QDrop 2619 GOLD STANDARD!!! Watching QAnon turn into Gold Standard supporters was the wildest thing. I wish this had been the end of Q, it would have been perfect. (For the record we're still not on the gold standard and have no plans to be.)
124. QDrop 2623 tells us that Gitmo is being prepared for all the folks that are going to be shipped there shortly. Any day now we're gonna fill up Gitmo with Deep Staters...Any...Day...Now.
125. QDrop 2626 is the "Q begins his retirement" post as he hypes he military tribunals and now he's quoting Hannity, Sara Carter, and John Solomon. At this point he starts linking to tons of Solomon articles. The tribunals never happen.
126. QDrop 2635 again promises us the Democratic Party will be destroyed once the truth comes out. It seems the truth doesn't want to be found.
127. QDrop 2639. Q posts a fake headline from Max Boot cause Super Secret Spies lie about stuff that can be fact-checked cause it makes them look super credible. How do people still buy into this nonsense?
128. QDrop 2653. Q begins his "RBG is totally dead. I didn't say she was dead! JK she's likely dead!" Nonsense here. All his followers take the cheese and scream and yell RBG is dead. To this day that idiotic idea still exists.
129. QDrop 2667 Q keeps hinting at RBG being dead and riling people into a frenzy. Again he takes no blame for this after the fact and says "I never said she was dead". Just a mob boss telling you to "Take care" of somebody means they never told you to kill them.
130. QDrop 2689 claims the Dems won by illegal immigrants voting in the 2018 mid-terms and that Voter ID laws will be put in place to stop this in 2020. The GOP losses will prevent swing states or federal voter ID laws to happen. Also is no evidence of voter fraud.
131. QDrop 2725 Q claims he's hearing chatter that the Clinton's public health will fail quickly. This doesn't happen.
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