Okay but hear me out.

Katsuki wears this during his time at UA. No one is forcing him to. Just him. He wants to make sure his focus doesn't stray while he's working to be the number-one hero, and this is the best way for him to do that.

No one knows, either.
CW: Delayed orgasms, chastity belts, a little dub-con,
His pants are so baggy that no one sees the lines of the belt or the steel trap for his penis. He's a bit of a jackass most days because he's so turned on (thanks to the anal stimulation), but he can't do anything about it.

Well, sure, he /could/.
But that's not the point of the belt or this specific training. If he wants to be the best, he has to learn to avoid temptation, so he forces himself to endure, makes himself stay on-task. He does his best to keep everyone away so that he can just /focus/ on his goal.
Then some shitty-haired idiot comes into the picture. Starts hanging around him and won't fucking leave him alone. Katsuki's getting more and more pissed, but no matter how much he cusses the other boy out, the redhead won't fucking leave. Him. BE.
Year after year passes, and the stupid shitty-haired bastard starts calling himself Katsuki's best friend. Hangs around him all the fucking time. Hell, the asshole has even met his parents, and even though the old hag and old man haven't said anything outright, Katsuki knows +
that they think he's dating the idiot.

As if.

As if he'd ever want to kiss someone. Or hold their hand. Or touch them.


He doesn't want that! He want's to be the number-one pro hero, and the ONLY way that's gonna happen is if he stays on track, god damn it!
One day, a year or so after graduation, Katsuki's in his apartment, just chilling in his belt and a tee-shirt, a pair of tight boxer-briefs stretched over the belt. He's flipping through the channels, enjoying a little down time, because even HE can't train all the damn time.
Someone knocks on his door, and Katsuki grabs the baggy harem pants he keeps close by for such encounters. He tugs them on and answers the door, totally unsurprised to see his shitty-haired best friend beaming at him.

"Hey, bro! Can I come in?"

"Ever heard of no."
Kirishima just laughs and pushes past Katsuki.

The idiot always just waltzes past like he owns the place, and by the time Katsuki closes the door and locks it, Kirishima has already grabbed a beer from the fridge and is sitting on his couch, propping a foot up on the table.
The can pops open with a hiss, and Kirishima takes a long drink, exhaling happily at the end. "Maaaan," he starts, "I wish you worked today. It was /brutal/ out there."

"Tch." He grabs his own beer--too early in the afternoon for whisky--and sits at the opposite end of the couch
This isn't exactly ideal, and he forces himself to slouch a little more than usual. If Kirishima looks over at him the right way, he /might/ be able to see the outline of the steel cock cage of his belt.

But, well. Shitty hair was never /that/ observant. So he's not too worried.
They chill for a few hours, and at one point, Kirishima goes into the bathroom for something.

"Hey, um, Bakubro?"

"What?" he snaps.

"You're outta soap!"

"Under the fucking sink."

"Um.. it's not?"

Katsuki curses and heads into the bathroom to show the idiot where the soap is
He shoves Kirishima aside and crouches, bending over to look deep inside the vanity cabinet when he doesn't see the new bars he swore he just fucking bought.

"The hell?" he mutters. "Musta put them in the master. Hang on."

But when he goes to stand, Kirishima's gawking at him.
"The fuck's wrong with you, hah?"

The redhead swallows, the sound audible. "Ah, um... n-nothing, bro!"

He crosses his arms over his chest and scowls. "You're shit at lying, fucker."

"Ah--hahaha. Um... I think... I think there's enough soap!" he chirps, voice too pitched.
Katsuki rolls his eyes. "Don't be dumb. Give me a fucking minute."

He leaves the main bathroom and heads into his master. Just as he thought, the new bars are stashed under the master's vanity. When he goes to give Kirishima the soap, the bathroom door is shut, and he hears +
the vent fan running.

Katsuki grunts and rolls his eyes. "Soap's outside the door. Use some damn air freshener when you're done."

But Kirishima doesn't come out of the bathroom for a good while, and when he finally does, his face is bright red.

He settles back onto the couch.
But every few seconds, the idiot's glancing over at Katsuki, and finally, Katsuki's have ENOUGH.

"The fuck is /wrong/ with you today?" he demands in a drawl. "Actin' like a fucking school girl." And yeah, maybe Katsuki sort of knows his best friend is into him /that way/.
But becoming the number-one hero means he has to make sacrifices. Would he wanna fuck shitty hair? Sure. Who the hell wouldn't? Problem was, Kirishima wasn't the type to fuck and leave. No, he'd want a relationship, and Katsuki couldn't /do/ a relationship.
Not only would he be risking his focus on his career, but he'd never actually dated anyone before. Hell, he'd never had /sex/, either (mostly just to stay focused). He masturbated now and again, but found it rather lackluster. Why jack off when he could be blowing shit up?
"Ah! Um... I'm--I'm fine."

Katsuki stands to get another beer. "Whatever."

He leaves it at that, but Kirishima comes into the kitchen just as Katsuki's trying to leave. And, well, apartments are fairly small, even for pro heroes. Doorways in and out of rooms are narrow.
And Kirishima, the big idiot he is, doesn't wait for Katsuki to exit the kitchen first like any normal person would.

No, he tries to come into the kitchen at the same time.

And neither of them are small dudes.
Kirishima presses against Katsuki, and at first it's just an annoyance.

Then the redhead's hand brushes over the metal cock cage. Katsuki can feel the pressure of the contact, and the way Kirishima's eyes widen-

Oh /shit/.

He knows.

He knows Katsuki's wearing a chastity belt.
The redhead turns to him, eyes dilated, and shoves Katsuki into the doorframe, his body pressing into Katsuki's; he's warm and firm and smells good, and the sudden show of force makes Katsuki's flaccid cock twitch.

But it's in a steel trap, and he can't get hard.
"Bakugou," murmurs Kirishima, one hand lifting and pressing into his chest, pushing Katsuki back and keeping him pinned. "What /exactly/ are you wearing?"

He tries to ignore the sudden dizzying surge of heat in his face and snaps, "Clothes, you goddamn moron!"
God, his voice sounds thin. Almost desperate.

Kirishima hums and leans in until his mouth is right next to Katsuki's ear. When he speaks, a shiver of gooseflesh rolls over Katsuki's body. "I don't think that's /all/ you're wearing."

His breathing quickens. His eyes flutter.
Shit. /Shit/.

"G-get away from me." But there's no bite or heat behind his words. Instead, they sound like he said, "Come closer. /Please/, come closer."

Kirishima drags his fingertips lightly down the side of Katsuki's neck. The blonde bites back a quaking moan.

"Tell me."
"Tell you what, fucker?"

"What else you're wearing."

"Fuck off!" And he finally gets his body to act. His hands fly up, ready to shove Kirishima away. But the fucking traitors grip his shirt instead and pull him closer.

A soft chuckle. "You really want me to? 'Cause I will..."
For a few seconds, Katsuki can't speak. His mind has blanked, and all he can think about is how /close/ Kirishima is to him. How good the fucker's body spray smells. How warm he is. How his lips and fingers are dancing across his skin. How--
Katsuki turns his head, watching as Kirishima's mouth trails soft kisses down the crook of his neck and to his collarbone before speckling more kisses up to his jaw.


"F-fuck off." Again, but weaker. And shit--shit, why...?
Kirishima's hands slide down his body, and Katsuki's eyes drift shut as the other man thumbs at the top of the chastity belt.

"Baby," he breathes against Katsuki's neck, making him moan.

/Fuck. What the fuck is wrong with me? I c-can't... he can't... this can't /happen/!/
But he doesn't push Kirishima away. /Can't/ push him away.

So, he swallows and tilts his head again before finally lowering his own hands and pushing down the hem of his harem pants and boxers, showing the redhead the steel trap and leather straps wrapped around his hips and ass
"/Baby/," he murmurs again, and why the /fuck/ does that sound so perfect? So seductive?

"Sh-shit," he mutters, eyes closing.

Kirishima traces his fingers across the belt. "How long have you been wearing this?"

"First year."


"At... UA, dumbass." And he turns away.
He can't look Kirishima in the eyes like this.

"Wait... do you ever take it off?"

"'Course I do. Don't be dumb."

"Like.. when?"

"When I sleep n' shower n' piss n' shit. Stuff like that."

"But when you're on duty?"

His cheeks burn, and he feels dizzy from embarrassment.
"'S on then."


"Shut the fuck up."

Kirishima chuckles and leans down to look Katsuki in the eyes. "Does anyone else know?"

"...no. And if you tell anyone, I swear to fucking /god/, I'll rip your balls off."

That just earns a soft chuckle.
Kirishima grabs the cock cage and tugs, pulling Katsuki's hips forward.

Katsuki hisses and tries to shove away. "Stop that, fucking asshole!"

But the redhead just leans in closer. "You really want me to?"

Of course he'd ask.

Katsuki doesn't know how to answer, though.
And when he doesn't give an answer fast enough, the redhead hums and leans in, pinning him again. "Thought so."
Before he can say anything, Kirishima's lips crush over his. The redhead's mouth is open, teeth scraping across Katsuki's lips. He has always wondered how they felt; turns out they're blunter than he thought, more like a bunch of canines than actual sharp shark's teeth.
Still hurt like a motherfucker, though.

Katsuki can't decide if he wants to push Kirishima away or pull him closer. His hands stay locked to the redhead's shoulders, trapped somewhere between gripping his shirt and shoving him away.

Then, Kirishima's tongue invades.
It's wet and warm and slick, and Katsuki's eyes roll into the back of his head as he moans into the other man's mouth. Shit, shit he tastes so goddamn good.

Kirishima rolls his hips forward, rubbing his clothed erection against Katsuki's hip.

The kiss becomes bruising and deep.
Kirishima grabs Katsuki's hair, pulling and tugging his head until its at the perfect angle for the taller man to ravage his mouth.

Hot, moist breath rolls over his face from Kirishima's nose and the heated gaps that form between their mouths.
His other hand is still wrapped around the steel cock cage, keeping Katsuki in place.

Finally, Katsuki shoves him away. He needs to fucking breathe after all. And he needs to get his head on straight.

This is /exactly/ why he has the chastity belt.

He needs to stay focused.
Getting hot and bothered, getting turned on with Kirishima--that's not staying focused. He knows for a /fact/ that the redhead sees this as more than he does, that he wants more than what Katsuki can give him.

"Get out," he rasps.
Kirishima blinks. "Huh? No way. Baby, that was--"

"GET. OUT." This time, his words are firmer, and Katsuki yanks his pants back up, shoving Kirishima away from him, even though his chest hurts at the action. "GET THE FUCK OUT."

"Katsuki, we should--"

The redhead freezes, eyes wide. Fresh tears make them shimmer a little. "But... but I thought..."

Katsuki knows what he thought was gonna happen, and he can't let it. He can't let the other man become a distraction. He /can't/, because he knows how it'll all end.
It'll end with Katsuki saying or doing something cruel. With him hurting Kirishima beyond repair and with him being too distracted to focus on his career.

No, if he pushes Kirishima away /now/, then that won't happen. It'll hurt a little, but it won't be the /same/.
So, he shrieks, "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!"

And, to his credit, Kirishima backs away. Tears roll down his face, soft fragments of starlight shattering and shimmering on his cheeks, as he flees the apartment.
Two days pass, and Katsuki doesn't hear from Kirishima. At first, he's fine with it. They both overstepped their usual boundaries. It's fine if they both need space to figure shit out.

But when six days pass and he still hasn't heard from the redhead, he gets concerned.
He approaches his boss and asks about him. Usually he and Red Riot work together a few days every week, but...

"Oh, he asked to be swapped to the night shift."

Night shift.

And Katsuki works days. Their shifts never intersect.
/Fine,/ he decides, ignoring the blooming pain in his chest.

If Kirishima doesn't want to see him anymore, it's not Katsuki's problem. Hell, it's actually a fucking solution. Means he won't have to see or think about his best--no his /former/ best friend ever again.

Suits him.
Not like the twisting in his gut actually /means/ anything, right? Not like he has to even pay attention to it. Not like Kirishima has made any fucking effort to talk to him or see him. Not like--

"Fuck it," he mutters.

His boss raises an eyebrow. "Huh?"

Then he pauses, frowns, and asks, "Oi, Mir, when's his next night off?"

She blinks, then skims the schedule before flipping to the next page. "Tonight, actually."

/The fuck. Just my goddamn luck./ Katsuki snorts and turns to leave.

"Yo, Bakugou, is something up, or...?"
''S fucking fine."

"Yeah, but it's not really."

"None of your damn business."

Her lips twist into a frown, but she shrugs. "As long as you're on time tomorrow, I don't give a shit."


With that, he leaves the office to go out on patrol. He'll figure it out as he works.
His shift isn't uneventful; he destroys a number of villains who try to attack and rob a bank, and after that, he takes down a chick with a beast quirk. She'd tried to steal a car (unsuccessfully, thanks to Katsuki, though the car couldn't be salvaged).
By the time the end of his shift rolls around, Katsuki hasn't had much time to think about what he's gonna say to Kirishima or whether he should even try and talk to him. The frustration he'd felt earlier had faded by now.


The memory of Kirishima's lips on his is ripe.
He can practically feel them, even now, as he changes out of his costume and heads off to take a quick shower. Under the spray, he's still trying to think about what he's gonna say or how.

/Should I go to his place? Or is that too fucked up? Just call him?/
After he finishes his shower, he walks over to his locker and pulls his phone out. He unlocks it and opens his contacts list, and just... stares at the names.

He has a lot of numbers. Doesn't call many of them, but he has a lot.

"Shitty Hair" is the only one with an actual +
profile picture. Not even Katsuki's parents' numbers have photos. Just Kirishima's.

He thumbs over it, takes in a deep breath, and hits the call button.

The line rings once.


Three times.










"Hey! You've reached Kirishima Eijirou! Leave me a message, and I'll get right back to you!"

Katsuki opens his mouth to speak, but no words come out, so he closes his jaw with a snap of his teeth and hangs up.

Thirteen rings.

In all the years he'd known Kirishima, his phone had /never/ rung thirteen fucking times. Ever. He /always/ picks up by the third ring.
Katsuki sighs and shoves his phone into his locker so he can change. Once he's dressed, he tucks it into the pocket of his cargo pants and heads out, mind drifting.

If Kirishima had ignored his call, it means the redhead doesn't wanna talk to him.
"Fine," he mutters, stalking his way to the train. "Doesn't wanna talk. Fine."

But maybe... maybe he'll listen.
The train ride to Kirishima's place feels like it takes fucking forever. By the time he arrives at the station, the sun's sinking behind the buildings. Every step feels heavy, like the cement is trying to pull him under as he trudges forward. But he persists.
Finally, fucking /finally/, he reaches the door to Kirishima's apartment. He knocks and waits in silence.

No answer.

He knocks again, louder this time, just in case the idiot's sleeping.

Still no answer.

So, he sucks in a deep breath. "Oi, shitty hair! Wanna talk to you."
Just silence.

But... maybe he's home. Maybe he's just avoiding Katsuki, so he leans against the door, reaching deep into his pockets and running his fingers over the chastity belt.

"'S... not what you think, okay?" he starts. "I... it's not about you. Or anyone."
He doesn't expect a reply and doesn't get one.

Another trembling breath. "'S about training myself. Staying disciplined. I've never... done anything like that before, and I fucking know you'd see it as more than I can handle. You'd want it to be a--a relationship or some shit."
He stops, throat too tight to keep talking. After fighting the panic and tightness in his chest, he continues, voice strained, "I c-can't, Kirishima. I can't /do/ that shit. You know I'd be bad at it. Fuck, even /I/ know I'd be bad at it, and I can't /do/ that to you."
"I can't.. shit, I can't start something like that, hurt you like that. I care about you, damn it. You're my best--" /Only,/ his mind supplies "--friend, and I can't /lose/ you. Not like that. So... so if you wanna know more or talk or whatever, just open the fucking door, okay?"
Katsuki waits.

The sun sets.

The door stays closed.

He blinks back the tears stinging his eyes.
/This is what I deserve,/ he decides, finally pushing off the wall and heading down the walkway. /I deserve to be alone. I deserve this for screaming at him like I did./

Doesn't mean it sucks any fucking less. Doesn't mean his heart isn't shredding into a thousand pieces.


He deserves the silence after screaming at the other man like he did.
Katsuki gets to the bottom of the stares and hears a familiar laugh cut short.

He looks up, spotting Kirishima as the redhead rounds a corner, a young man latched to his arm.

The young man is smiling, but Kirishima's smile fades.

/He wasn't even home./
And somehow, that's worse.

Because all of his words never meant fuck all. They were just for empty air. And besides, it looks like Kirishima's having a good time.

"Bakugou? You okay, man?" he asks, stepping forward.

The other guy tilts his head. "Who's this, babe?"
Katsuki almost screams, but somehow stifles the cry, like there's cotton stuffed in his mouth and throat muffling it. Somehow, he manages a trademark grunt followed by, "Fuckin' fine."

"You... sure?"


"Hang on a sec, Tai."

Tai pouts, but doesn't press his luck.
"Bakugou? Do you--?"

"Said it's fine," he replies, and he turns and walks away.

Not like it matters, anyway, now that Kirishima has Tai.

/Guess the belt worked too well./
A hand grabs his arm.

He stops walking.



"I said it's /fine/. Go have fun with your boyfriend."

"He's not--"

"Boyfriend?! Really? Am I? Please say I am! Please--"

"Tai!" Kirishima shouts, still holding Katsuki's wrist. "Just... give us a minute."
Tai pouts. "Babe... /please/? Le'ts just go upstairs and--"

"NO!" snaps Kirishima. "No. go... go home, okay? I--I'm sorry, but this..."

"What? He's more important than me?"

The redhead looks at the floor, then nods. "Yeah," he says, voice tight, "he is."

Tai's eyes widen.
Then, the slender man quips, "Fine. You can't handle this anyway!" With that, he stalks off, fuming.

Kirishima sighs.

Katsuki doesn't really know what to say. Doesn't want to waste his breath again, so he waits for the redhead to speak up.
Kirishima doesn't let him go, but loosens his grip a little. "...Wanna talk? Please?"

"Tried calling," he mutters.

"I--I left my phone behind. Forgot it. See?" He carefully releases Katsuki's wrist before turning his pockets inside-out. "No phone."

With that, he follows Kirishima up the stairs and back to his apartment. The redhead unlocks his door and left Katsuki inside first.

Once their shoes are off and they're both inside, Kirishima motions to the kitchen. "Ah, um... want something to drink?"

He nods, looking uncertain. "So, um..."

Katsuki refuses to look up at him, but talks, because if he doesn't, he's never gonna be able to. "It wasn't you. The other night n' all. I just..." He frowns, the words tasting wrong, even though he knows he needs to say them.
"This..." And he tugs at the top of the belt. "Isn't about /you/ or anyone else."

"Then what is it about?" but his voice is soft, and he hasn't walked away.

"Training. Discipline. Wanna be the best, no distractions. Means..." And he hesitates. "Means no relationship. No sex."
"Wait, like... ever?"

Katsuki meets his gaze quickly before looking away again. "Don't want people to get attached. Don't wanna get distracted. I wanna be number one, and I can't be if I have distractions."

"So... that's what I am to you? A distraction?"
And how the hell is he supposed to answer that? "Not... like /that/, but you would be, if..."

"If we had sex?"

Katsuki nods.

Kirishima steps closer. "Look at me, Bakugou."

He refuses, staring intently at the floorboards along the base of the wall to his right.
"Bakugou, look at me."

"I already told you want I needed to."

"Okay, fine. But it's /my/ turn to talk now."

So, Katsuki raises his gaze and forces himself to stare into Kirishima's brilliant, red eyes. "So talk."

The redhead smiles warmly. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"
That just makes him scowl. "Talk, or I'm leaving."

The smile fades quickly, but Kirishima reaches out and touches his arm. "You know, Bakugou..." and he traces his fingers over the soft skin of his inner forearm, "It's not fair that you got to yell at me."
"Tch, I--"

"No. It's /my/ turn to talk."

So he lets him.

"You really hurt me," he continues.

/Which is why this can't go any further,/ Katsuki thinks bitterly.

"But not because you didn't wanna kiss or have sex. You hurt me because you didn't talk to me after."
"Oi, neither did you!"

"I know," he admits. "And it was wrong of me, but... Katsuki--" this time, Katsuki doesn't stop him from saying his name "--I really like you. Always have."

"I fucking know."

"...yeah, I thought you probably did."
That's... actually a little surprising. "Hah?"

"Well," and Kirishima laughs softly, fingers still running up and down Katsuki's forearm, "I wasn't exactly subtle in high school, was I?"

"Not even a little, fucker."

Kirishima leans in and murmurs, "But did I abandon you?"
Katsuki steps back, frowning. "No."

"Even though I knew you knew I liked you, and you didn't want me?" He steps closer again, forcing Katsuki back until he hits the wall.

"Never said I didn't fucking want you."

"You just did."

"Did fucking not. Said I can't deal with--"
"Distractions. Which I'd be, right?"

Katsuki glares at him in silence.

Kirishima leans in and runs his hands down Katsuki's sides, until his fingertips snag on the top of the chastity belt. "Right?"

He manages a grunt.

A soft breath rolls against his neck, and he shivers.
"But what if there weren't any strings attached? Would you wanna do anything about this then?" He tugs at the belt lightly.

Katsuki twitches, his dick straining against its steel trap. "There's always strings," he chokes out.

"Are there?"

"You don't think we could fuck, just once, and go back to being friends?"

Katsuki can't look at him, just feels his massive body pressing closer. He squeezes his eyes shut, trying to ignore the stirring inside his lower gut. His ass squeezes around the attached dildo inside him.
A spark of pleasure rolls through him. Even with the dildo inside him, he feels empty.

It's tempting. Fucking tempting as hell. He wants sex, he wants /Kirishima/. So, so badly.

"You wouldn't hurt me. You know that, right?"

"'S not you I'm worried about, idiot."
"Oh? I thought it was."

Katsuki tries not to let the strain through in his voice. "'S me."

"Why's that?"

He can't bring himself to say the words, to admit that he's in love with his idiot best friend and has been torturing himself since high school.
But somehow, Kirishima draws it out of him. "/Baby/... it's okay. If you really don't want this--"

"N-no! Fuck. I..."


Katsuki groans and slams his head back against the wall. "Shit. I--I do. I want you. But... fuck... I'm gonna fucking screw it up and /lose/ you."
Kirishima pulls away, eyes wide. "Is that what you think?"

Katsuki blinks back the heavy tears gathering in his eyes. "Already almost did. The fuck do you think?"

"I..." The facade broke, and Kirishima cupped his face, letting Katsuki's hot tears roll over his thumbs.
"I think we're /both/ at fault here, Katsuki, but I need you to know--no matter what you do, until you tell me to leave, until you tell me to stop, I'll never leave you. Okay?"

He chokes out a sob and curls forward, finally leaning into Kirishima's chest.

"I /promise/."

"Hey... hey..." And he lifted Katsuki's face so they could gaze at one another. "It's okay. I promise. We don't have to have sex. We don't even have to do anything. I care about you. That won't ever change."

"Why?" he rasps.
Kirishima just smiles sadly. "Because I love you, and I'd do anything for you."

"And... and Tai?"

He shrugs, looking sheepish. "Just a good lay. We fuck, sometimes, but we're not... boyfriends, or anything. You're the only one I'd ever want to be with, and if that's not what +
you want, that's okay."

Katsuki leans into Kirishima's chest and closes his eyes, listening to the other man's heartbeat. Finally, he murmurs, "Can... we just... see how shit goes?"

The redhead nods, wrapping his arms around him. "Of course."

"Good." Softer, "Can I stay here?"
"Yeah, absolutely."

Katsuki exhales, finally feeling a little more at peace. "Thanks."

"Anything for you, Katsuki."
About an hour and a half later, the two of them were curled up together on Kirishima's couch. Katsuki didn't mind being close--needed it, actually. He was sure of that much, considering how fast he'd finally relaxed once they'd cuddled up.
There were watching some old reruns of a cartoon Katsuki had never heard of, but if it made Kirishima happy, he didn't care.

At some point, Kirishima's had had wrapped around his waist, and now, his thumb was trailing light circles above the hilt of his chastity belt.
"Katsuki?" he murmured.


"Can I ask you something?"

"Jus' did. But fine."

Kirishima smiled down at him. "The belt... you said you wear it to train yourself, right?"

He grunted.

"And to... to keep from getting distracted."

Another grunt. "What're you getting at?"
"Oh, um... I just..." Pink spread across his freckled cheeks. "Look, um... just--just forget I asked?"

"'S not how shit works," he replied, sitting up to glare directly into Kirishima's eyes. "Jus' get to the point."

The redhead scrubbed his hands over his face.
After a deep breath, he said in a rush, "It'skindasexyandIwannadothingstoyoubutIdon'twannaupsetyouoranything."

Katsuki scowled, trying to decipher the long-ass word he'd heard. "Hah?"

"D-don't make me repeat it."

"Didn't get much of that."

"..I know."

"Did get /some/ of it."
"Y-you did?"

The blonde grunted a light hum and shifted so he was straddling Kirishima's lap. "Got the part about you thinkin' it's sexy."


And in the dim light the TV cast across the small room, Katsuki saw just how red the other man was turning.
"You can't be embarrassed, fucker. You /literally/ grabbed my dick the other day."

"N-no I didn't!"

"Did fucking so."

"It was in a cage!"

"Still is," he replied, shifting forward and pressing it into the other man's stomach. "Or do you wanna grab it to check?"
Kirishima turned into a sputtering mess. "I--I'm sorry about that, okay? Besides, you said you don't, um... don't want..."

"I don't want a relationship," he replied firmly. "Got that?"

The redhead nodded. "Y-yeah."

"At least... not right now. Not yet."
For a few seconds, the only sound was the TV, though the volume wasn't very high. Then, softly, Kirishima asked, "Does that mean.. you might change your mind someday?"

"Don't.. fuck, okay, don't like bank on it and wait for me and shit. I've never even had sex."

"Yeah, I know."
"Don't even know if I'll like it."

"Katsuki... if you do, could we... maybe do it again?"

He frowned.

"I--I mean, only if you wanna try! No pressure, okay? This is all up to you. I'm down for whatever, but--"

Katsuki cut him off with his lips. Turned out, it was effective.
Kirishima sighed and leaned into the kiss, his hands sliding down to Katsuki's hips and toying with the top of the belt before his thumbs rubbed under his shirt and up over his Apollo's belt, slowly tracing higher.

The kiss was slow, their lips parting, but no tongue.
It seemed Kirishima was willing to take this at whatever pace Katsuki wanted, which was sort of nice. Refreshing, in a way. He enjoyed it, liked being touched like this.

He'd enjoyed the redhead's forcefulness, but he hadn't had the chance to really /think/ about what he wanted.
This time, he knew the answer to that a little more. He knew he wanted... this. Soft kisses. Fingers touching him. Kirishima under him. Hell, he was already stretched out. He could probably take the redhead's dick pretty easily.

Katsuki slowed the kiss at the thought.
/Since when did I decide I was bottoming? Jesus fuck./

Because that was one thing he'd been sure that he never wanted to do. But... somehow, he didn't mind the thought of Kirishima thrusting up into him. He... kind of liked the idea a little. Maybe even enough to ask for it.
His lips stayed where they were, though the kiss had ended, and at last, Kirishima pulled back, though only a fraction, until their lips just barely brushed together. Hot breath misted over Katsuki's lips.

He was thinking of something to say when Kirishima surged forward.
Suddenly, he was on his back, the redhead pushing him into the cushions and kissing him like his life depended on it. His tongue shoved into Katsuki's mouth, and he pinned the blonde's hands above his head, using his thick thighs to keep Katsuki in place.
Kirishima moaned as he thrust his hips forward, grinding his growing erection against Katsuki's hip.

The kiss was bruising and deep, and Katsuki wriggled against the larger man's hold. He didn't /mind/, not really. It was just... his first time. He'd expected them to go slower.
Not that this was /bad/.

Then, Kirishima wrapped one hand around both of his wrists and broke the kiss so he could shove Katsuki's shirt up, revealing his rounded pecs and nipples.

Before he could say anything, Kirishima's mouth was on one nipple, sucking and pulling and biting
He suckled on it until his nipple was puffy and swollen and red before swapping over to the other one and doing the same. Bite marks followed in his wake, and soon, Katsuki's chest was tender and red and blue and black.

"God, you look good like this," whispered Kirishima.
Katsuki's chest was heaving. The biting had felt good--really good. His mind was fuzzy and overwhelmed with sensation, and he was trying to figure out how to words when Kirishima dove down on him again, this time yanking his pants and boxers down, revealing his chastity belt.
Katsuki was still in his shirt, though it had been pushed up to his neck. He tried to sit up, but Kirishima shoved him back down.

"No," he growled, low and feral. A wave of hardening rolled over his body. "You're /mine/ tonight."
He wanted to give a snappy retort, but his words cut off when Kirishima grabbed the dick trap and lifted him by the cock, adjusting his position on the couch.

"Sh-shit!" he managed. "The fuck you doing?"

"Whatever I want."

Katsuki was pretty sure he could stop the other man.
He was fairly sure, but he didn't really want to. Part of him was curious to see what Kirishima was gonna do to him. They'd kissed. He'd come here for this... right? He wanted this.

He did.

He swallowed hard, watching as Kirishima stood and pointed at him.

"Don't move."
So he didn't move. He remained prone on the couch, waiting as the redhead left the room. A few long seconds later, he returned with a belt.

"Sit up."

He did, and Kirishima wound the leather belt around his forearms, binding them behind his back before shoving him back down.
He pushed Katsuki's shirt up again and squeezed and fondled his chest, eyes dark with lust.

"Look at you. Already a mess, just for me."

Katsuki opened his mouth, but Kirishima shoved a sock between his teeth before he could speak. It was clean, at least.
"Not a word, baby. Not a single fucking word. You're not messing this up like last time. Got it?"

Katsuki nodded.
Kirishima smirked. "Good." And he leaned over Katsuki before whispering into his ear, "Because I'm going to wreck you until you're in tears. I'm gonna make it so you /beg/ to sit on my cock at work tomorrow."

Katsuki moaned, a few choked sobs escaping as his head lolled back.
Rough hands trailed up and down his torso, pinching his skin, tweaking his nipples. Nails hardened to fine points scraped down his sides, though the touch was light enough not to hurt.

Kirishima slipped between his thighs and forced them apart.
He slid one finger around the edge of the belt near Katsuki's ass. When his finger pushed in alongside the metal, balled rod, his eyes widened.

"/Really/?" he asked. "You're already prepped?"

He grunted and tried to glare, but couldn't. His head was dizzy with lust.
The other man laughed before pulling his finger out and leaving.

Katsuki twisted his body, trying to see where Kirishima had gone.

A few seconds later, he returned with a bottle of lube and a towel. He lifted Katsuki's legs and hips up almost effortlessly before +
lying the towel down under him. When he dropped Katsuki's hips, though, he kept his knees hooked over his shoulders and quietly pulled his pants down, revealing a thick, hard cock.

Katsuki's eyes widened. /Holy shit./

Kirishima was BIG.
Not just, say, big for his size or above average, but B I G. Like bigger than any of the monster cocks he had seen in porn. Fucker was about as thick as the narrowest part of Katsuki's wrist, and almost as long as his forearm.

He moaned as he realized THAT was going inside him.
Kirishima slicked his red erection up and dragged Katsuki toward him, rubbing his cock all across the belt, dragging precum and lube in his wake. His balls hung heavy, partially hidden by his pants.

"Gonna /wreck/ you," he moaned. "Gonna wreck you so good. Want that, baby?"
Katsuki managed a stuttering nod before wondering how the fuck Kirishima was gonna get him out of the belt. He had the key in his wallet, but he couldn't exactly /say/ anything to the other man. Even when he tried to force the sock out, the other man noticed and shoved it back in
Kirishima kept rubbing his dick across the belt. "You looks so fucking /good/ like this. Oh my /god/. If I'd known about this... shit." He leaned forward, humping his slick cock against the side of the steel cock cage. He grunted, eyes rolling back. "Shit, babe, look at you."
And all the while, no matter how horny he was, Katsuki couldn't /do/ anything. He couldn't get hard, he couldn't touch himself. Hell, he couldn't even really roll himself upward, not with the way Kirishima was gripping his hip and thigh.
"If I'd known about this in high school? Jesus, Katsuki. I'd have /wrecked/ you. You'd never have graduated a virgin."

Katsuki sobbed a little at the need coursing through him and the frustration of not behind able to get hard. Oh, his body /tried/. The steel cage was so tight.
It was almost unbearable how tight it was. His body kept trying to give him an erection, but he couldn't quite get there. Tears stung the edges of his eyes.

/Just take it off. Get of off of me!/ He started thrashing, trying to get Kirishima to release him.
The redhead only pinned him down, and Katsuki ended up settling for squeezing his ass around the rod inside him. It wasn't enough. Shit, shit he was so horny. He wanted to get off, wanted to touch himself so fucking badly. He'd masturbated before, but nothing compared to this.
Not fighting, not touching himself, not even blowing villains up. Nothing felt this good. Even watching his name climb the ranks was dull compared to the torturous heat coursing through him.

He whined and sobbed, kicked his legs until Kirishima grabbed them with hardened hands.
A hot mouth descended on his chest, sucking and biting and nipping as Kirishima continued humping against the belt, moaning as he did.

"So good baby. Shit, you feel so good. Just imagine--ah--imagine me inside of you."

That was /all/ Katsuki could think about.
The burning need was too much. He clenched again and again, trying to cum, trying to relieve the ache building in his balls and twisting his lower stomach. He felt so /heavy/ with urgent lust, but he couldn't fucking do anything about it.

Every touch sent fire through him.
Every lick of Kirishima's tongue over his perky, swollen nipples made him squirm.

Every bite made him cry out, the shouts dampened.

Kirishima moved faster, his slicked up cock sliding halfway up Katsuki's stomach as it rubbed and thrust against the belt.

"Wa-wanna cum, baby?"
Katsuki screamed and writhed. /YES./ Yes, he wanted to cum! Of course he fucking did! What the hell? Couldn't Kirishima tell? Couldn't he--?

"N-not yet--ugnnn... Not yet."

He screeched and twisted, trying to get out of his bonds so he could tear the belt off himself.
His hands popped and snapped, small explosions sounding beneath him. Smoke curled out from under his back, and Kirishima pulled off of him before yanking him up, eyes narrowed.

"Burn my couch, and you won't be cumming /at all/."

Katsuki only managed a choked sound.
It was as close as Kirishima was gonna get to a "Yes, sir", and it seemed to be enough, because the redhead shoved him back down before resuming. He humped harder and faster, one hand finally grabbing the steel trap caging in Katsuki's dick.
Just seeing that, just /feeling/ the /slight/ pressure of Kirishima's hand around his cock, was almost enough to make him cum from the ass.

Then, the redhead moaned out, "Wanna cum, baby?"

Katsuki nodded eagerly. Shit yes he did. He wanted it so badly.

Kirishima laughed.
Harsh teeth bit into his neck and down across his shirt, tearing into the fabric when there hardened and sharpened. They went lower still, biting into him, but never enough to actually make him bleed.

Katsuki strained against his bonds, watching as the other man moved lower.
Then his hardened fingers curled around the hilt of the belt.

/No. No, wait!/ But he couldn't say anything to stop the other man.

In a single, swift motion, the belt was ripped off. The rod up his ass slipped free with a soft pop, and his dick, half-chub, snagged on the cage.
He squealed, but Kirishima must have guessed it would happen, because in a few seconds, the only thing left on Katsuki was the cage. Everything else was tossed to the floor.

A hooded gaze examined him, and Kirishima smirked. "That's it, baby. Perfect."
/PERFECT?/ he wanted to scream. His cock was still trapped! He couldn't get hard still! He--

A slick finger--no longer hard or sharp--pushed into his ass, followed by a second. The third finger burned, and Katsuki whined and writhed, legs twitching as Kirishima stretched him.
Then, his fingers were gone, leaving Katsuki a trembling mess. He was panting, body covered in sweat, shoulders and stomach and legs shaking violently.

Kirishima smirked as he lined his dick up.

/Oh. Oh, shit. He's gonna... he's actually... I'm--/

And thrust in.
Katsuki's body jolted from the contact, but Kirishima held him down as he pushed in inch by fucking inch.

He was BIG. So big that tears poured from Katsuki's eyes. It was such a good, sharp feeling. Not at all like the steel balls. Not as hard, not as... as small.
No, this was different. It was thick and warm. Softer than steel, but harder than he'd ever expected. And longer. So much longer.

And he wasn't erect, couldn't get hard, so his prostate wasn't something Kirishima could easily exploit.

He whimpered as the other man bottomed out.
Kirishima lay on top of him, supporting his bulk with his forearms. He was shaking too, eyes wide, black pupils eating up almost every centimeter of red in his eyes.

Hot, panting breaths puffed across Katsuki's cheeks and lips. "I've gotcha, baby."
Katsuki inhaled a sharp sob through his nose, the air catching somewhere in his throat on his way to his lungs.

Then, the other man pulled out before thrusting back in.

The pace was slow at first: out slowly, in slowly. He was helping Katsuki get used to his girth.
As the slide became easier and the pain faded, quickly being replaced by pleasure, Katsuki's eyes rolled closed.

Kirishima must have taken that as an invitation to change his pace, because suddenly, he was up again, lifting Katsuki's hips and legs and pounding into him.
Their skin slapped together, and Katsuki felt the other man's balls swing against his ass as Kirishima pounded into him.

"Sh-shit, you f-fell so good. Oh... oh... /OH/..." Kirishima's words turned to quaking moans. "Gonna cum soo-soon. Ahh... ah, baby. Oh my god..."
Then, finally, finally, as Kirishima neared his end, the cock cage was sliced open with a hardened fingertip. The fact that something so sharp was near his dick didn't even bother Katsuki. Not when he was so pent up with need.

His cock swelled instantly, turning bright red.
His prostate puffed out as his erection grew, and suddenly, he was hyper aware of Kirishima's dick rubbing over it with every damn thrust.

Katsuki cried out again and again, raw voice muffled still.

Kirishima panted, thrusting faster and harder. "F-fuck, Katsuki. FUCK."
A lubed up hand wrapped around his oversensative dick, and Katsuki screamed as Kirishima began pumping him in time with his thrusts.

"Al-almost there, baby. Hgnn... c-come on. Cum for me." Then his words devolved into messy pants and soft curses. "Sh-shit. Oh my god, so tight."
Katsuki's eyes rolled back as the searing heat became too much. His body was too stimulated, he was too--it felt too--so much. Hot. Burning. Pain. Pleasure. So intense. He couldn't--

White pumped from his dick as his mind blanked out, and he screamed, back arching as he came.

When he came to, Katsuki was lying naked in a soft bed. The sweat had been cleaned from his body, and he blinked a few times at the warm arms wrapped around him.

He shifted a little and cringed. "Shit." The word was hoarse and ragged, but soft.
Kirishima hummed against his ear. "Glad you're awake. I was getting worried. Thought maybe I'd been too bomb for you."

"Shut the fuck up."

A soft chuckle was the only response, then Kirishima kissed him on his temple. "Baby... be nice."
"Shut the fuck up, /please/."

That earned him an outright laugh, and Kirishima just squeezed him tighter. "So," he said, "was it good?"

"The fuck do you think?"

"Hm. Just wanted to see if you'd be down to fuck again."

Katsuki rolled his eyes and burrowed closer.
He liked the feeling of his face being pressed into Kirishima's plush pecs. Finally, he mumbled, "Yeah."


"Fuckin' said so."


And maybe... just maybe, once he became the number-one hero, he and Kirishima could be more than just fuck buddies.

I realized that I changed tense like halfway through the sex scene, and since I can't edit tweets and I don't wanna redo them... 🤷‍♀️ Oh well. It'll bother me, but... meh. It is what it is. Sorry for people like me who are anal about that crap.




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