On the kitchen table stands a bowl, usually used for fruits. As we pack everything for moving, Ida takes it in her hands to wrap it with paper."I never thought about it, but this bowl looks pretty old", she says. "Yes and no...it's a replica of an #ancient piece", I sign.
"This #crucible is really antique. I once was lucky to find it at a garage sale", I sign, as Ida grabs the next item. "Oh, yes, it looks very old. And it's so blackened on the inside, as if it had just been used," she says.
I grin. "It was abused as an ashtray for years."
Moving is a good opportunity to declutter. Old magazines, pussy willow twigs from last Easter, 3 green bottles that stood on top of the bookshelf, dusty bibelots, some pieces of cutlery we've never used - they all go to the waste container or to the charity shop.

#vss365 #willow
Transporting a desktop PC can be risky. Last time, many years ago, my computer's hard drive didn't survive moving. I lost quite some data. This time I save everything on my external hard disk, even the #Lotus Notes emails. I wouldn't want to lose one of those Ida sent me.
I put on the cape. Ida looks fantastic, all eyes would be on her. We leave the flat & walk to the car. She drives. From the basement garage we take the lift. What seemed a #phantasm gets reality: We enter our penthouse.
The plan worked out. Halloween was the perfect night
This was not for #cravens. We did it, and what a happy moment it is now! I run through the penthouse, still sparsely furnished, then to the terrace. Oh, how wonderful! While we rushed to the car, I hardly noticed the fresh air. But now I enjoy the cold wind of the night.
Standing on the terrace, looking at the lights of the city, Ida by my side squeezing my paw, I think about what has happened since I was changed to a lion. Less than half a century ago, a creature like me wouldn't have survived.
Internet is a blessing.

#vss365a #century
I turn my eyes to Ida. She always looks good, but tonight she is especially sexy. The cut-out dress, the #smokey eyes & her red lips are stunning. Fortunately we didn't meet anyone on our way to the car, but if so, their eyes would have been drawn to her instead of me.

Gazing into each others eyes, kissing, then enjoying the view again, we see the lights of the city & hear the distant sound of traffic, now & then a police siren. "It's like this typical #motif in many films, isn't it?", Ida says. I sign "Yes, we're in a romantic movie."
Ida gets stuff from the car. In the afternoon she has filled the boot with things for the first night and morning: watercooker, toiletries, towels, and beddings.
The bedroom is in the west #wing, as we jokingly call it. Fortunately the new bed has been delivered in time.

As we lie in our new bed, holding each other, I think to myself what a lucky man...or lion...I am.
We are moving into a great penthouse, we both have good jobs, we are healthy, and the best of all is the love and empathy of my wonderful partner Ida.

#vss365 #empathy
It was a clever #ruse of Ida to use the night of Halloween to go from the flat to the penthouse. If we had met someone, they'd have seen a man disguised as a lion with a cape - and a sexy vamp.
This morning, Ida drives to the flat, as the removal truck is due at 10 am.

Ida sends a message: 'Truck is about to arrive'. I hide in the storeroom. As Ida comes she locks it. I hear men stomping around, moving furniture & boxes. Then it's quiet. Ida opens the door & we hug each other. After lunch she's busy with unpacking boxes until #midnight.
This is our 3rd evening in the penthouse. After we have done some online shopping for bathroom furniture, shelfs, and lamps, we'd like to have some light entertainment. Animation films are always a good choice. Would you like to watch 'Pets' or 'Bolt'?", Ida asks.

#vss365 #bolt
I have seen both movies, btw.
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