Someone is always in my inbox asking about a referral for a POC therapist...and I LOVE that folks are going to therapy.

So for those of you looking... Here are 6 directories for POCs.
Tip: Before scheduling your 1st session, arrange a free consultation.

It's a 15min call that helps you get a vibe of their personality + expertise.

Don't know what questions to ask?

No worries, I created a free toolkit just for this. 
Officially muting this thread.

However, remember these are only 6 directories.

There are dozens more online. A quick Google search could help you find your next therapist.

Just typing Black or Latinx or Asian therapist directory can yield so many results.

Good luck, loves!
If you think POCs deserve support to attend therapy or become future therapist...

Donate to my Mental Health Scholarship.

Raising $5k to support 3 WOC with therapy and tuition.

Donate today! Thanks for the support!
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