This is NOT the worst photoshop I've ever seen, but it's close.

Look at the micrphone stands and the clean and straight bottom of the purple shirt.

Who can tell what was done here?
What was done is, the photoshopper took his own image from the hips up and superimposed it over the actual person who was on stage that night.
Look at the thickness of the fingers on the right hand and compare them to the left hand.

Also note the very big, prominently displayed Texas Aggies gold ring.
This person is a notorious hoaxer named Mark F. Barnes, who represents himself as an Aggie alumni.

Problem is, he's not.

And he has a history of serial fabulism.

You can read about that here:
So in some parts of Texas, this guy is really well known.

His face is a memorable one.

That's why when awhile back a new account showed up posting long threads on SpyGate related stuff, it struck me as kind of weird this account was using Parnell's picture.
Meet @RoscoeBDavis1.

When he first showed up on Twitter, Roscoe was using Parnell's picture. I was unaware for a long time the person running the account was claiming that was his own picture. If I had known that, I would have said something.
It's only recently been brought to my attention that this account holder is not only using Parnell's picture, he was claiming that was a picture of himself.

This has caused several researchers to begin doing some digging.
Several people now suspect that the person who's been running the @RoscoeBDavis1 account is in fact @MFBarnes52.
While a lot of people use AVI's of people they admire for their social media accounts, claiming someone else's picture & saying that is in fact you is a deliberate misrepresentation.

The @RoscoeBDavis1 account claims that's his real name, that's his real picture, etc.
He claims to have a real history as a law enforcement officer. I strongly suspect this is all now a fiction.

I'm having to reassess all my interactions with this account in the past. I RT'd several of the threads that @RoscoeBDavis1 put out there.
I've learned the hard way several times that there are people out there, to lend weight to their take on issues, will INVENT things about themselves & lie about credentials and even create fake LEO/IC identities to raise the visibility of their thoughts.
Recently I had to warn off a fellow journalist from a person claiming to have key inside info on the F&F scandal. To 'prove' his bona fides, he brought up past military service coupled with op-ed columns he claimed to have written at a major news site.

He left some things out.
First, he left out the fact he'd been caught defrauding an employer of thousands of dollars and went to prison for it.

Second, he left out the fact those weren't op-eds that appeared featured on the news site. It was a BLOG anybody could write on, like the old CNN iReports.
Third, he had this annoying habit of suddenly INTERJECTING HIMSELF into the story of the F&F scandal for no discernable reason whatsoever.

Fourth, when called out for hiding he'd been sent to prison for fraud, he claimed he was in fact 'working undercover' for the gov't.
There are a million competing voices out there looking for your attention. To boost themselves over the crowd, some people resort to shady and deceptive means.

This guy I'm talking about here really had the F&F scandal down very well, could explain it awesomely, all details.
The problem is, he came to see it as his TICKET to the big time, but to get there he has to kinda maybe sorta stand out from the crowd by raising his profile by fooling people about himself.
It looks like whoever is running the Roscoe Davis account gave in to the same temptation. Raise the visibility of the info by creating a fake persona.

This is an attempt to cut corners and take shortcuts and it never works. You can't maintain it.
I started out on here in 2012 with the persona of "Grumpier Than Thou" using the Grump Cat for my avi.

Then I went public with my identity in early 2013. I 'outed' myself as a fat guy who lives in TX and throws newspapers for a living and does political punditry on the side.
Just share good stuff. Just be honest. Faking crap just pisses people off when you get found out.

Don't try to get more people to pay attention to you and listen to your take on things by lying about yourself or your background.
From the same concert.

Look at the pants Billy Gibbons is wearing. Barnes photoshopped himself over Gibbons.

BTW, can anybody identify who the musician on the right is? I want to track down the original picture that was photoshopped.
Thanks everybody. Will search for Jimmie Vaughn.
Yeah so Mark Barnes definately was NOT on stage that night in Anaheim, but Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top certainly was....
And...somebody just linked me this. FROM BACK IN JANUARY.

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