The #symbolism of a "hat" is a job thus a "Hatter" is someone who gives jobs - not because of skill but because they know they are friendly to the cult- Getting into the position of "Hatter" is imperative for the cult to function. 10 positions divided by cult (6) Equals? #Qanon
Note that part of Edward Cox's job was in delegating which plant took which position - Cox is also connected to a Manhattan law firm - Man+Hat - as in a Hatter - it's these kind of winks that tell cultists who is who. #Symbolism #GreatAwakening #Qanon
One year after the "Hatter" party - Marty Torrey is saying "Holy Hatter Hat" and calling himself the Mad Hatter? This was referenced in a few posts on the #QMAP 2636 2322 2053 & 2047 #Qanon #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
HRC Vs John Sweeney - using Marty Torrey to get Kristin Gillibrand elected - who then replaced HRC's senate position... I'm reposting some from this thread connect changing "hat" symbolism from multiple threads to get a clearer view on meaning #Qanon
The Nuclear bomb filled with Uranium was called "Little Boy" - it was fired from a plane called the "Enola Gay" - So the question from a symbolism perspective is - was it not a single bomb? but instead firebombing + blackmail being used to out plants? #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Note that most Nuclear tests were on Bikini (6) Atoll- another vaguely sexual potential symbolism - a "toll" a money used to cross a bridge (6) i.e. get into the cult. - Blackmail = entry - thus did the good guys get their hands on troves and cleaned house in the 50's? #Qteam
Here's a good article that I would normally call tinfoil hat territory  but it does make a good argument and I'm just examining symbolism. The bad guys never pushed this narrative and they pushed so many nonsensical ones. #Qanon
#Symbolism - "Radioactive" - as in Radio Active (6) - as in someone who is dangerous to be around due to being able to remotely activated -a planted cabbal member in a sensitive or inconspicuous position. Often blackmailed. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
"The ball is in your court" -Soccer (6) ball - historical symbolism with Russia involving Moon landing (1959) likely the #Helsinki Summit was the physical exchange of a server from Putin to Trump - Helsinki = Hell Sinking. #Qanon
Another phonetic location symbolism comm involving Singapore - scroll up 4 context. The location isn't usually the symbolism comm but then neither is any single other type -their symbolism language is elusive partly because of its variety. #GreatAwakening
Right after Clinton left office, literally 1 month later they had to clean their tracks through #GaryMcKinnon - keep in mind "Aliens" is symbolic not literal- you can trace a lot of interesting dots through people involved in this case #Qanon
1952= First thermonuclear weapon test
1953 = Playboy starts with Marilyn Monroe
on cover (She was famous not just for acting but also what activities?) Anyway... the timetables of nuke "tests" relative to known blackmail operations is a deep rabbit hole.
Hugh Hefner's full name?
Hugh Marston Hefner
Hue (colour) Mars (red) Ton (lots) Hefner (6) -
Mars in symbolism? = "the red planet" basically "hell" in symbolism - it's what life would be if blackmail ever got out. - It's all the same system. #Qanon
It's all the same system - this thread has a bunch of stuff on nuke symbolism, another goes into planets/space another goes into Literal Science of Moon stuff - and then another goes into Moon symbolism
You can see on Drudge yesterday "cyanide" "poisoning" and I've covered nuke=blackmail symbolism plenty of times. Basically #EpsteinDeath is perfect symbolism for a nuclear disaster (check thread) They rushed to unseal documents before announcing it and... here we are. #Qanon
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