Ok but what about a #kiribaku teenage parents au? Like they didn’t expect it at all, they freak out and don’t know what do do
Like they were on the middle of second year and they been dating for 1 year now, already had their first kiss together, their first time together! nothing could go wrong
We aren’t even talking about an omegaverse au! This mfs had an actual baby together and I’m about to explain you how
When I said that they didn’t expect it at all I mean literally they didn’t think that I was freaking possible!
Why should kirishima be worried about pregnancy? Bakugou Can fuck him as many times as they want to and it won’t happen anyways! His thoughts were interrupted after Fat told him that there was one villain near and people was freaking out
Nobody was attacked by the villain but it seemed like he had a hostage and the police and some secret agents where already there. It looks like this hostage is important
Team FatGum started fighting with the help of the police and secret agents. Once he saw an opening Kirishima aproached the hostage while the villain was busy fighting Fat, it was a middle aged women so he helped and carried her to another place. The woman was panicking once +
Kirishima put her down.

“Nononono don’t touch me you can’t touch me!” She was almost crying
“Wait are you okay? He touched his arm and then she slapped his hand
“You don’t understand if you-
“THERE SHE IS!” The police started running towards her and then in one second she was gone.
Kirishima tried not to think about it too much. That was fcking weird and suspicious but anyway. He didn’t care Katsuki told him that tonight was going to be special
And oh boy it was
It didn’t take one second after he came back to the dorms and Katsuki pushed him to the bed.

“NSFW” coming
“So damn late idiot,” Bakugou said while kissing Kiris neck
“Sorry babe had to kick one villain ah-ass”
“Yeah we aren’t doing anything if you don’t take a bath you smell like shit”
It was pointless to argue with Bakgou about that even though he really wanted to have sex like...right now.
Once he finished he started to feel weird, it was like he was burning inside. He ignored that and went straight to bed. Bakugou was already there with two small packages between his fingers and

Kirishima took his towel off and jumped straight into bakugous lap to make out with him. Things went slowly bakugou kissing every corner of Kirishimas body, licking some exited buds on Kiris chest, and finally connecting themselves. For some reason Bakugou was really turned on+
And fucked Kirishima as many times as possible, between the moans and cries
“Fck! Ba-a-a-be I think you o-overused the condommmhh, it’s ngh broken and I just had a bath buuu”
“I’ll ah help you with the cleaning Ah fuck”
After some thrusts they came loudly screaming each other names.
“Fuck I really needed that, thank u baby” said bakudou kissing Kirishima once more
“Yeah....me too” then kiri fell asleep on bakugous chest with a huge smile on his face.
The next week everything seemed to be normal. Until kiri started to feel dizzy, tired and sick. Bakugou thought that he had the flu or some shit. So they went to Revovery Girl and explained to her about Kiris condition
“Haha if wasn’t because you’re a boy I would straight up say that you’re pregnant honey” she said “so I need you to change your clothes and come back to make an examination” she gave kirishima one of those ridiculous hospital dresses.
“Shit what’s going on!” Bakugou and Recovery girl headed really fast to the bathroom when they heard kiri crying and panicking.
“THATS NOT A FUCKING DICK WHY DO I HAVE TWO HOLES AND A MINI DICK” he turned to see Bakugou and then he saw it
Kirishimas d*ck was there but it looked like it never grew up, but oh boy under that shit was something Bakugou thought he would never see after discovering that he was gay.
WHA.........EIJIROU WHAT THE FUCK!? He screamed

“what’s happening here?” Recovery girl pushed Bakugou and saw it.
“Kirishima have you been affected by a quirk recently!?”asked her
NO! I haven’t! Please gimme my d*ck back wahhhhh” he cried
“He had a fight yesterday but he seemed pretty normal to me” answered Bakugou
“I see...Kirishima honey please I need you to help me to understand what happened it must be some quirk effect that we don’t know about ”
“I didn’t have contact with anyone besides the victi.....” Kirishima remembered this weird woman who told him not to touch her yesterday it must be the reason of his little dick desease.
“Idiot what are you thinking”Bakugou looked at him worriedly.
“I carried the victim to a safe place nothing else”he said
“Do you know her name or something? idiot!”
“No but the government and the police where really worried about her safety like she was a secret weapon idk it happened one week ago and I was normal until now!”
“I see...
“Okey Bakugou I need you to wait outside while I make him an x-ray They both looked very scared.
Bakugou didn’t want to. “Don’t worry Bakugou it’s just to see why’s your boyfriend feeling dizzy and sick”
“....Fine.” He looked at Eijirou and gave him a kiss“everything’s going to be fine”
Kirishima honey please lay down okey? I’ll be quick I need to know if it’s causing you trouble inside too.
Bakugou closed the door on his way out.
Recovery girl noticed Kiris fear
“Calm down honey, Everything is going to be fine, it isn’t like you guys had a considerable amount of sexual activity after the incident right?”


That night popped in Kiris head and the condom incident too.
Of course Kirishima recognized that thing. He saw this machine before her mother gave birth to his little sister. Maybe it’s just a Quirk effect there’s no way he’s...

That’s when he lose it and starts panicking and hyperventilating
THERE’S NO WAY! he’s not ready not at all! What will Bakugou say!? Are they going to break up? WHAT ABOUT HIS PARENTS WHAT ABOUT BAKUGOU PARENTS

What about...his hero career, or his dream to work with Bakugou. What about Bakugou?
Then he saw it on the monitor
He was indeed pregnant
Not only that it looks like this baby has been there for more than 2 months without being noticed.
“Well sorry for that joke early, if I knew you were actually pregnant I wouldn’t say it.
“Well it looks that the quirk changed your interior too you have an uterus and everything, but what surprises me the most is the fact that your baby looks like a 4 weeks fetus...
When was the last time you and bakugou had sexual activity?”
“We did it the same day I got affected by the quirk” kirishima was about to cry
“I see.....so no longer than a week ago?” It looks like Recovery girl discovered something
“Well then if my logic is correct ....the quirk IS temporal.
But at the same time This quirk accelerates the fetus development. Once is over you’ll have the baby on your arms....and looking at how fast it goes you’ll gave birth in 2 and a half months....
“Are those good news?” Kirishima was already crying
“Well considering that a normal pregnancy last 9 months I think they’re really good news”
“Honey all depends in your decision, if you decide to have it of course.”
“Can bakugou come in?” He asked crying
“Yeah I’m giving you two space okey don’t worry”
When she opened the door, Bakugous was still there waiting to finally know what is happening to his boyfriend.
“Come in Bakugou....he’s alright, the quirk is not going to kill him”
“I’m going to speak to Mr. Aizawa...take your time boys,” she said while Kiri sits down.
“Recovery girl!” Kirishima said
“Yes honey....?”
“Thank you for helping me”she just smiled and closed the door
“Please tell me you’re okay”Bakugou was really worried
“......I’m not going to die” bakugou hugged him when he noticed that kirishima was about to break down.
Then kirishima started crying in Bakugous neck.
“I’m pregnant Katsuki I don’t even understand why but I am”he cried more
“You what....?” Bakugou didn’t understand but the kirishima explained what Recovery Girl said. It looked like he understood fathers than him once he finished.
“I understand if you want to break up with me kats I really do it’s my fault I should known about the danger I..”
“Shut the fuck up...it’s not your fucking fault...it’s mine fuck I was horny that night and I even....the condom broke I “
“No no! I was horny too Bakugou I just I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO” that’s when kirishima broke down
“What about our dreams I ruined it and I don’t want to break up”he sobbed
“Hey hey look at me Ei, I’m not going to leave you. Fuxk the hero career I have you and I know that shit sounds like something I’d never said but it’s true, and fuck I really don’t want to break up
“Ei do you want to have the baby? I’ll be honest even though it’s stressful and probably is going to consum all our fcking time I do want that baby, you know why? Because it’s ours and I’d be lying if I said that I’m not a little bit happy that we’re having a baby, I mean it’s
a fcking miracle the fact that you actually are able to give birth to one”bakugou kissed kirishimas wet cheek

“Stop stop you’re making me cry harder....I can’t lose our baby Kat I just can’t, I believe in us and fck i’m happy too” he smiled, finally.
“But I’m fcking scared Kats what would my family say, the last time I saw them, I was fully awared of being unable to even think about giving birth, they love you but having a baby at 17 isn’t exactly what they would like to hear. WHAT IS YOUR FAMILY GONNA THINK ABOUT ME KATS
“CALM DOWN IDIOT! First off all you need to relax okey? We don’t want to hurt the baby! Now, what our families will think about us is not important okey? We need to take care of this baby if your pregnancy is going really fast an-“ he was interrupted by kirishimas kiss
“Thank you so much for accepting us Kats, I love you so much”
“Fck u THERES no way I wouldn’t want you both okey? Keep that in mind babe now let’s go you may need to take a break an sleep”
Fck this was happening right? Kirishima was fcking pregnant! And Bakugou still loves him! Is this a dream!? Kirishima tried not to think about the l future problems, while cuddling his boyfriend
The next weekend they went to The Bakugous house
Bakugous family was about to explode at the beginning, but then kirishima explained the situation and they’re kinda confused but respected the decision that the boy made. However that didn’t stop Mitsuki from hitting Bakugou’s head
They agreed to help them on vacations and money at the beginning. It was Bakugou’s imagination or the hag was kinda happy? Mitsuki wanted to take care of the baby when are busy.
Kirishimas family was a little bit different though. They looked disappointed and angry. Bakugou saw the sadness in Kirishimas face and panicked.
“Please don’t hate Eijirou, I can take all the responsibility for this. He loves you so much if you have to e angry+
Towards someone is to me. I promise I will take care of both of them with my LIFE, and if something happens I’m the one to blame. Please Ei admires his family so much he loves all of you, he really wanted to see you and even tell the news to his sister. I’m-
Kirishimas mother slapped Bakugou
“MOM!”Kirishima approached Bakugou really fast
“What’s wrong with you! He’s being honest and he told you he’s going to take care of us! I can’t believe you!” He said sorry to bakugou and kissed his cheek“You guys are 17,how did this happened I just can’t understand”said his dad
“How could you Bakugou you guys are 17! You’re supposed to be careful I trusted you. And my son ends pregnant because of the effects of some random quirk? How am I supposed to believe this!”said his mom disappointed
“I’d never do something to harm Eijirou in this way, I would never do something against his will or him not knowing. I’m sorry for not having enough precaution at that moment but we were convinced that we were incapable of being pregnant. I want to regain your trust Ms. Kirishima
I really do, and the only way I can do it now is demonstrating that I will do everything that’s on my hands to protect both of them and love them,I really hope you both understand that I love your son to death and I’ll do anything for him, please let me prove it to you” he bowed+
To them on the floor.

“Stand up Bakugou, that’s enough for me” said Kirishimas dad, so he did it and suddenly his right cheek started to burn, damn Ei’s mom is really strong. Kirishima noticed that and tried to go to the kitchen for ice, but Bakugou didn’t let him.
“Ei...it’s okay I’m fine” Bakugou said
“we don’t understand either okay it was a quirk effect and we just had sex on the wrong time, but we already took a decision and we came here to tell you” kirishima confronts his mom
“Ei baby you’re so young But if this makes you happy then I’ll help”
“I know mom, we know, but we won’t give up” he hugged her and told her about the accelerated pregnancy.
“Fine we will make sure to help you with some money and watch the baby while you’re on the school”
“Thank you very much” Bakugou said
“I’m sorry for slapping you Bakugou but you have to understand that he’s my baby” she said looking at Kirishima
“I know you’re a good guy because he loves you to death but please promise me you’ll take care of both of them”
“I promise it with my life”
After telling their parents, everything was better Mitsuki and Kirishimas mom would always send gifts and notes with advices for the pregnancy. While kirishima and Bakugou needed to figure out if they wanted to keep it in secret or tell their friends
Bakugou was insisting that it was safer to keep it a secret until the baby is born. Kirishima kinda felt bad because he wanted to tell his friends but he understood, he would do everything for his baby.
So Aizawa covered them up saying that they were send to an especial mission, the class was hesitant but they ended falling for it. Meanwhile Bakugou and kirishima stayed in the Bakugous house since it’s way bigger than the kirishimas apartment.
But they weren’t excused from the school so Aizawa filmed the classes and send them per email, bakugou stayed all the night studying and doing homework to wake up the next morning and teaching Eijirou what he learned.
He was exhausted but he got to be next to Eijirou all the day so is a win for him. It’s really cute when they are studying and suddenly Eijirou feels a soft kick on his belly, so he grabs Katsukis hand and let him feel it.
Those moments between the three of them are beautiful and perfect. The baby development is healthy and faster than ever. You could say that having an accelerated pregnancy is a great advantage but Lirishima can’t count how many times did he throw up in one month.
Mitsuki was so excited, she bet believed that his son would give her a grandchild so fast! She ended up cooking everything that kirishima wanted. But she respected the couples space. She saw how his son was giving his all to be a better person to kirishima and their baby
She was really proud of him. Especially when it was 4am and Bakugou went to buy that ice cream that kiri loves because the red head wished it.
“So? What are your plans for the future brat?” Asked Mitsuki when she saw his son arriving.
“I’m going to ask him to marry me, and if he says yes we’ll get married after we finish the school....
After graduating I’ve been thinking about finding a place in Tokyo since we want to continue our hero career but I’ll probably need to do more shifts and to find one part-time job too, and We’ll need to hire a nanny so maybe-“
“Stop brat I wanted to know your plans with the baby now not your entire life!”
“Fck you hag don’t ask me then”he said packing everything to bring it upstairs.
“ I’m so proud of you”
Kirishima almost cried when he saw his favorite ice cream arrive.
“You actually bought it for me! Babe!😭you didn’t have to! It was just a crave”kirishima hugged Bakugou
“Yeah yeah you’re welcome idiot now eat” he kissed kirishimas forehead and laid on the bed too.
He started looking at his bf and he noticed how round his belly was. It looked bigger than last week. They had 2 weeks left before the birth of the baby. And they could be more happy, but at the same time they were so nervous
“That was delicious Kats the next one is on me!” He kissed Bakugous cheek. Katsuki wasn’t going to tell Eijirou about those cute chubby cheeks because he knows that kiri would be capable of work out on that exact moment. But he loved the chubby ei too.
“You’re beautiful”he said
“Thank you Kats I’m sure our baby is going to be your clon!” Said Ei with his shiny smile
“Wanna bet?”asked Bakugou before connecting their lips and make out on their bed
“If we do something doesn’t mean we don’t have to study after idiot”
Recovery girl asked them to come next week because the acceleration of the pregnancy maybe would let them know if it was a boy or a girl. Bakugou didn’thave to tell Kirishima that he secretly wanted a boy. Because kirishima saw the little things that bakugou bought in secret
Like the mini weights that actually were mini rattles, or the “dads favorite boy” shirt. Kirishima finds it cute, but he hopes that if it’s a girl Bakugou doesn’t feel bad.
On the other hand Bakugou is really excited, fck actually he’s more scared than excited, what if his baby hates him or what if he isn’t a god dad, even worse what if he isn’t enough for Eijirou
He tried to help his bf with everything and to teach him the school stuff correctly. Kirishima saw those big bags under his boyfriends eyes and instantly felt useless, he wanted to help Katsuki too. He saw his boyfriend doing the laundry, cooking, going to the grocery stores,
Studying everything at night just to teach him on the morning everything he learned. Eijirou was really in love with his boyfriend so he decided to turn off Katsukis alarm clock once he knew his bf was asleep. Tomorrow was Kirishimas and the baby’s turn to spoil Katsuki
He made sure that the alarm was really off. Then he went to the kitchen carefully because of the laud stairs. He knows what Katsuki said about the kitchen, he was prohibited from being there but today was a especial day.
Kirishima made some sandwiches and Bakugous favorite coffee. Then he turned on the speakers and played Bakugous favorite song. He went upstairs and luckily Bakugou was still asleep. Kirishima saw his sleeping face for 2 o maybe 5 minutes
“God you’re so hot”he whispered

“I know idiot” said bakugou with kirishimas favorite smile. Katsuki started to yawn and sit down but kirishima looked at him with his kitty eyes. It’s now or never
“Thank you for everything you do Daddy! “ said the note next to the breakfast that kirishima gave him
“Wha-“ he almost said something but then he decided to look at the hour, he’s suddenly slept 3 hours more than he should’ve had.
“Ei it’s late I nee-“
“Shhhh babe don’t worry!+
Today’s is your day! The baby and I kinda felt bad because of how hardworking you are lately, so today you’ll have breakfast on our bed and listen to your favorite songs while we make out!- bakugou was so in love with kirishima that he only nooses at whatever his bf+
Was saying because he looked so good with his messy hair and bright smile on the morning, fck who even looks that good at 7 am! Bakugou just pulled kirishimas hand and hugged him.
“Thank you I love it babe.” Bakugou kissed Kirishimas forehead and started eating his surprisingly not awful breakfast. It would never taste horrible when his bf is staring at him with those excited and waiting eyes.
“You actually cooked something edible I’m glad” he laughed
“Hey! I’m in process of being a good cooker okay, the baby needs to eat healthy so I’m practicing” he said pouting a little.
“Sure babe you’ll be an amazing cooker, now that I’m done eating can I jump to the part where we make out?” Kirishima just giggled
“Today’s is your day Dad! Whatever you want! Said kirishima after jumping into Bakugous lap and cover themselves with the blanket.
“Great then can I have a make out session pls?” Bakugou teased him
“Of course.” Kirishima took the first step and kissed him needy
That morning they had sex, but it was funny to try not to hurt each other, bakugou would stop on the middle of it just to ask if the baby was alright. The day consisted on seeing movies cuddling make out.
Tomorrow was the gender revelation day
They were really exited, because they were finally able to decorate the baby’s room in Bakugou’s house and to set a baby space in Bakugou’s u.a’s room dorms
Kirishima’s belly was bigger by now, since the quirk is accelerating the pregnancy his belly has been growing and growing lately.
“Nice to see you young Bakugou and Young kirishima” said recovery girl
“We’re ready recovery girl!” Kirishima literally almost jumped onto the stretcher
“I’m glad you’re both in a better mood! Don’t think I didn’t saw that smile on your face young Bakugou “
Bakugou didn’t said+
anything he just made sure that kiri didn’t do anything stupid and risky. Recovery Girl noticed Kirishima’s bigger belly in comparison with the last time they saw each other. It was definitely bigger and more developed
“Okey before we begin I must ask you guys some questions”
“So tell me kirishima-kun Have you had cravings?, Did you feel nauseous regularly?, has the baby kicked yet?, what are you eating normally? How many sleep hours do you have?”

Kirishima and Bakugou answered all those questions, it’s been a month already.
“So analyzing your answers I would see that the arrival day is soon! It seems that the quirk and the acceleration of the baby are perfect so I would say that you’d be giving birth in two or three weeks”
“That’s awesome right I’ll recover really fast to go back to hero training”
“Yeah I would recommend you to at least wait some more time to go back to school, you know the baby will need a lot of attention and now that I see you better, your belly ain’t the only thing that’s been growing right?” That was correct Kirishima’s tiddies were slightly more big
“Yeah I guess that would be gone once the baby is old enough to drink normal milk” said RGirl “anyway let’s get to the exciting part”
Kirishima couldn’t hide his smile, he really doesn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl he’s too excited
Some minutes went by and it happened there was their baby on the screen.
Kirishima’s tears ran away from his eyes, after going through fcking much he can see a little bit of his baby

“Congratulations guys it’s a boy”
Kirishima was laughing so hard when Bakugou jumped out of happiness almost making a table fall on the ground.
“Shit sorry” he grabbed it just in time

“A boy huh?” Kirishima’s smile couldn’t be bigger
Time really flies.
These past weeks have been really stressful, kirishima throwing up every hour and crying because he’s nervous and well hormones so Bakugou has to be there for him and let his moms do the laundry and cooking for them the arrival is near the corner
Recovery girl said that maybe it’s going to be this week so they are alert to everything. Kirishima’s Nelly was enormous and well his pecs were literally boobs he was ready.
“Bakugou I’m nervous what if something goes wrong I don’t know what to do *sniff*” Kiri was crying again because of his hormones but Katsuki could tell he was being serious. He hugged kirishima and laid him down on his chest
“Don’t fcking worry Ei okay? You’re doing great”
“I’m sorry you had to stop doing hero training for this”
“Don’t you dare idiot. I’m happy okay? And I’m nervous too, but I’m sure that we will be the best hero parents ever. We’re so young but that won’t stop me to do everything for you”
Kiri kissed him gently while crying
“Thank your babe I’m sure that we will do it, even though we’re teenagers we don’t have to be scar-“
Kiri’s eyes were suddenly wide open and he touched his belly, then he moaned because of the pain his pants were wet out of nowhere
“Ei EI ARE YOU OKAY? Fck what is tha-“ Kiri broke water and he was shaking of angst
“MOM MOM” katsuki called his mom while carrying Eijirou downstairs
“Katsuk- what!?” She was surprised but knew exactly what to do
“Masaru! The car now!” Bakugou’s father ran towards the garage
They secured Kirishima and went direct to the hospital
“Aghhmmm Kat Kat It hurts” Kiri groaned on the backseat of the car
“Is okay Ei shhh shhh is okay it’s time, you’re doing great we’re almost there resist a bit okey?” Bakugou just tied Kiri’s hair and held his hand which was being crushed by Kiri’s
“Kat I’m scared I don’t know whaaaaaghh” he’s crying fck
“Eijirou Honey is okay, you can’t do it, you’re feeling like you’re braking in two right? It’s scary honey but you’ll do it, I called your parents okay? They’re coming to be with you too” Mitsuki helped them
When they arrived the nurses took him to the birth room. It seemed like they knew about the case when they said the boy arrived on the phone
Kirishima felt like he was dying he didn’t know this could hurt that bad he’s screaming he even heard the nurses saying “he’s just a child”
And looking at him with pity, once arrived Eijirou heard his parents
“Ei- EI! Omg baby you’re doing great” the nurses let them in and almost close the door
“Hey let me in I’m the father!” Bakugou said he was really sweaty
“I want katsuki” he heard kirishima calling his name
They let him in, he saw his own parents once before and they just gave him thumbs up
“Ahhhhgh Where’s kAtsuki” he ran towards Ei and held his hand
“I’m here Ei I’m here see? C’mon let’s do this you can do it baby, now push” kirishima started screaming
“Push! I see his head!” Said the doctor
“AHHHHHHRRRGHHH TAKE THIS LIITLE BEAN OFF OF ME NOW” he screamed of course kirishima would curse in moments like this. And call the baby bean.He breathed and pushed again
“Almost there you cans do it!”
his legs were as open as a human can
“Come on EI YOU CAN DO IT!” KAtsuki kisses his head and his hand doind everything he can in this situation.
“ARGHHHHHHHHHH” Kirishima thought that he was really dying he felt like he was going to pass out at any moment
“So close just a bit more!” The doc said

Then he heard it.
The crying.
And everything went black
When he woke up the light where lees uncomfortable and everything was so silent then he saw the most beautiful view ever, Katsuki holding their baby with the brightest smile,
“Kat” Kiri’s voice was so weak
Bakugou’s attention changed immediately
“Holy shit, thank god you’re awake I was so fcking worried Ei.” He kissed him.
“Is that...?” Kiri was so nervous
“Ready to see him?”
Bakugou laid down the baby on Kiri’s chest so he could hold him
And when Kiri saw him he started crying he was so small and he was right
because he was Katsuki’s clon blonde and with a little frown. He cried more when he realized that
“He *sniff* look like you I told you wahhh” katsuki just smiled seein how happy he was
“What do you mean he has your big eyes and eyelashes! And it looks like he has your skin tone”
“He’s so small and cute Kat I’m so happy” Kiri smiled while his tears kept falling down
“Me too Ei I’m really happy but there’s a problem we were so busy taking care of you and school stuff that we forgot to think about a fcking name”
“Oh you’re right.....hmmm”
“The hag suggested Hiroshi and I don’t really hate it. What do you think?”
“Kat...I love it, it sounds perfect”
“Then it’s deco-“
“Kat look!! He’s opening his eyes” Kiri was so excited he was holding the baby as if he was holding a treasure
“Hey little brat had a good sleep?”
The baby grabbed Katsuki’s finger and squeezed it with his whole tiny hand. That’s when katsuki started crying
“Fck...Sorry I-I’m just so happy Ei, you did so good there I was so scared that something could happen to you, you went through so much shit and I could only be there for you I love you so much, thank you giving me this little brat, I love him so much already”Katsuki was a mess
Kiri just petted his head, and have him a wet kiss because of the tears. “I love you more Kat, let’s be the best parents for him okay?” Kat Just nodded
Then their families came to congratulate them and hugg Eijirou telling him that he was so brave and that all of this maybe was a fate surprise for them.
The first weeks of the baby were great he didn’t cry that much always drank his milk but they needed to be quick to find a solution to the milk because the quirk effect was disappearing as fast as it came. But Katsuki’s mom told him not to worry she and his moms would find it
They were both so protective about him always checking what is the baby eating, of what kind of material are the diapers made, if he had enough sleep hours and more.
The baby smiled a lot when he was asleep and Katsuki thought it was adorable his baby it’s making him softer once he’s back on school he has to protect his reputation
It was really funny to see Bakugou take care of the baby even when he had no idea how, when he had to change the diapers the baby wasn’t done so he ended up pissing on his shirt, Eijirou almost died of laughter that day. Or when the baby cried they both panicked
And Mitsuki or Ei’s mom had to help and teach them how to calm him down. But overall that stuff their baby was the cutest.
It wasn’t easy at all, Bakugou had to study a lot so he could teach Kiri what they’re missing on school, until now they’ve been gone for 2 months and a half, Luckily they were missing things like summer festivals and all that. And today they had to go to school to take an exam
About all the things they missed. And to see recovery girl. Mitsuki was going too to take care of the baby while they give the exam
They both passed the exam. And Eijirou was really happy to see his score, it was way better than the normal ones wtf?
When they visited recovery girl. Mitsuki returned them the baby and waited for them in the car.
“Oh my lord look at that precious creature! It looks like a tiny burrito” Recovery Girl approach them as fast as she could. Hiroshi was wearing and all might onesie, it was from Bakugou and his mom kept it for some reason he was awake and babbling things
“Young Bakugou all Might needs to see this”
“Absolutely No!”
“IM HERE ARRIVING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!” The door slammed open and it was all might, fcking great
Hiroshi almost cried when he heard the door but then started laughing when he saw ALL might
“Look at that little squishy thing, young Bakugou and young kirishima I’m proud of you both, things won’t be easy but I can already seen you’re more than ready and happy. So what’s the name?” All might hugged both of them
“It’s Hiroshi Bakugou!” Bakugou was surprised they never+
Thought about whose last name was going to be used. Eijirou just smiled at him
“Hey Hiroshi can I carry him?” All might asked
“Yeah...” Bakugou was hesitating but fck it, it was All might carrying his son, guess he won in this, take it deku!
“What a cute hero costume!” Of course he would notice the all might onesie
“It from Bakugou his mother kept it! Ouch!” Bakugou elbowed him gently
“I see...he’s really energetic!” Hiroshi had a baby smile on his face and started freeing sound only he knew what they meant
“Well while all might takes care of your son I want to check kirishima so let’s do that first, come with me young boy” Kiri went with her and he was alone with his baby and All might
“Are you happy young Bakugou?”
“Tch! Of course I fcking am, I love them”
“I’m glad to hear that young Bakugou found the love of his life and even if this adorable child wasn’t planned I’m sure you’ll be great heroes and parents.” All might looked at him with this paternal look
He smiled on his inside.
“Huh? Of course! Eijirou and I will become the best heroes Hiroshi ain’t a problem at all”
“I can see that you both have been maintaining your grades and even having higher scores than before! When Aizawa told me I wasn’t surprised at all”
Bakugou looked at all might with surprise that he actually asked for him. Then he saw how ridiculously small Hiroshi was in comparison with All might’s arm.
“We know this ain’t gonna be easy”
“But still I can see the wonderful job you’re both doing I mean look at him” Hiroshi looked at him and smiled lifting his arms in his direction and opening and closing his hands while smiling, Bakugou didn’t notice that he was smiling too
He grabbed him and gave him a little kiss on his forehead.
“How left behind are we in physical training?” That was Bakugou’s major worry
“Not really that far since the most physical training is in the training camp and now the students are going to their internships
so I’m allowed to say that this little accident happened in the right term!”
While they talked kirishima asked Recovery Girl for something.
“Huh? You want me to give you information about the girl that used his quirk on you?”
“Well.... yeah you know it may be helpful.....in the future...” he blushed he didn’t want her to think that he wanted more kids already but he wanted to have a contact in just in case, RGirl just smiled and laughed sweetly
“Sure don’t worry”
“GOOD NEWS!” Said recovery girl
“I don’t have any effects of the quirk anymore!” Said Kiri
“You both can come back to school next month” said recovery girl
bakugou and kirishima looked at each other with a smile on their faces
“Have you think about telling your classmates?” Asked All might
“Until now just Aizawa, me and All might know about it, your friends think you both were assigned to a secret mission” said RGirl
“Yeah we will there’s no way people won’t find out” said Kiri
“Well then you know that the baby and any of your needs are welcome here in the infirmary once you come back!”
“Thank you so much!” Both All might and RGirl said bye to the baby and
They headed back to the parking lot
“What’s that card you have there?” Asked the bling while sheltering Hiroshi
“Uhhh nothing!” Bakugou looked at him knowing it wasn’t nothing
“Fine....I asked for the quirk that hit me info...just in case” kiri blushed
“Wahhh already wanting more? What am I going to do with you?” Bakugou’s smirk was the worst when he teased him like this
“That’s not it at a-all”he gently punched him before entering the car

“It’s okay, I’m glad you did”
Went they arrived home, they told Mitsuki about the news and that they could start school next month. They needed to organize the time and figure out what to do with Hiroshi while they’re taking classes
Kirishima was laying on the bed with Hiroshi on his chest giving him kisses, he’s almost 4 weeks old, and he’s starting to recognize faces
“So babe have you thought about it? How are we gonna deal with the schedule of school?” Asked Kiri whispering
“Well yeah....we can’t go back to the dorms at least the rest of the year...I think we should wait for him to be older like 1 year or so to finally go back to the dorms, The problema is we finish school at literally 5 pm and the ride from my home to the schools is 2 hours+
And we wouldn’t be able to see Hiroshi that much, but what calms me is that he’ll be with our family the other option is take him with us to the school and talk to the principal about the schedule and if we can skip some classes like art and I don’t know, what do you think?”
“I’m gonna be honest babe....I would be more comfortable with him staying with our families too but the first months are crucial for the baby and the parents that’s when he realizes who are the parents and if we decide to leave him here and just see him 2 hour in
The morning and two hours in the night it would break my heart, we’re his parents and my mom says she can go to the school some days to take care of him and your mom said something like that too I really want to be always with him but seeing him just 4 hours ain’t enough”
Bakugou understands what he says
“I know Ei Fck it’s just that I’m sacred to leave him in the school there’s been attacks there and I’m scared of something happening to him” he lay beside him
“What do we do?” Kiri was sad he understood what Bakugou said too of course Ua ain’t the safest place but he really wants to be near his baby all the time.
“Guys!! Here’s the new onesies that I designed for the cutest ba- huh? What’s with those faces?” Mitsuki entered the room
“We don’t know what to do once schools starts for us” Kiri said while hugging Hiroshi it was almost time to fed him
“I see....I mean you have to take him with you idiots”
“Katsuki.....I know what I’m saying, me and Eijirou’s mother talked about this” she adverted him
“What? But it ain’t safe I-“
“You’re both scared right? I know guys but believe me that if you guys decide to leave him here you’ll be depressed as hell, me and Kiri’s mother talked already...we can both take turns during the week from the moment school starts until you finish+
Or you can even talk to the principal and make some kind of deal like if you study a lot and demonstrate that you’re good on that class so you can skip it and finish school earlier it depends on those things guys or your internships too”
“Mitsuki...” Kiri was agreed with what she said maybe they could study a lot in the mean time to skip some classes and just take exams
“I don’t dislike the idea of you say that you can be there with him” said Bakugou while preparing Hiroshi’s milk
“We can call the school tomorrow and try to have a deal what do you guys think?”
“Yeah let’s do that, I can talk with Fatgum too” kirishima couldn’t take his eyes off of Hiro right now he was his number one worry
“Yeah Me too I’ll talk with my internship too” they felt better
It was time.
Today they’re going to see their teachers and classmates again. They finally came to an agreement with the school principal.
They can skip math and English ( the last periods of every day) only with the condition of them taking an exam next week and prove that +
They don’t need the class more likely an exam to prove that they already know all that. Since Bakugou’s mom family is fluent in English they studied a lot this last month as well with maths. Bakugou didn’t really have a problem but kirishima did, he had to study
during the nights now, since Katsuki can take care of Hiroshi while he does. But they feel ready. The other condition of the school was about the internships, they had an agreement bakugou would go to his internships on mondays and Saturdays nights while kiri just needed to go+
on Sundays nights. It wasn’t perfect but it was definitely better than nothing, something that they thought was really nice from the school was the fact that they offered them to bring down the wall between Bakugou’s room and the one in the other side so they have more room.
They accepted immediately, already with the idea in mind that Kirishima’s room would be where they can study in silence and no distractions, oh and present mic told them that some relative will come to use his quirk on the new room
It was a sound restriction quirk so If Hiroshi cries during the night their friends won’t be able to hear it. That was good. Their moms already decided which days will each one come to the school. Everything was settled.
Hiroshi was a month and a half now, he was more curious and definitely had Kirishima’s damn big eyes and eyelashes, the rest was just Bakugou’s genes. Good thing is that according to Mitsuki, Hiroshi is way more calm than Katsuki was. So maybe that’s on Kirishima’s genes
But still Hiroshi always has this cute little frown like Bakugou. Now that he’s growing up they are bringing a lot of baby stuff to the school like monitors, a ton of baby food, diapers, clothes designed by Mitsuki and Masaru, medicines, a security camera(katsuki insisted),etc
But they felt ready for everything. And now they’re standing in front of the 2A classroom door. While Mitsuki, Masaru and Eijirou’s mother start unpacking and organizing the “new” room with the stuff. Bakugou is carrying Hiroshi while Kiri the baby bag (now they always need one)
Aizawa is going to let them in just to introduce the baby and we’ll explain the situation to their friends. Then they’ll have to go to the dorms and leave Hiroshi with their moms and Masaru. And go to take the really important exams.
“Fck I’m nervous what if they judge us or oh god babe” Kiri said squeezing Katsuki’s hand
“I dare them to even fcking try.....Ei relax, I mean look at him” his head pointed to Hiroshi, he’s wearing a freaking Ground zero onesie, he’s the most adorable baby in the world+
no one can fcking resist him and his beauty, shit Ei I’m fcking proud of our genes”Kiri laughed a bit suddenly Aizawa opened the door. And they were surprised with a ton of eyes looking at them.
“You can come in now” Aizawa said
Fck even Tetsutetsu and Kendo were there as well (Kiri asked for it they’re close friends) They entered the room and stood in the front, they saw how everyone was mumbling already and looking at them confused and scared
“As you may know your classmates have been absent almost for 4 months, you were told that they were in a secret mission but now they’re here to explain what really happened during that time and why do they have a baby with them now, so I don’twant to hear anyone but these too”
When Aizawa stopped talking Kiri noticed how some of them weren’t that confused or at least started understanding why Hiroshi looks so much like them.
“Uhh haha.... well hi guys we missed you” Bakugou was already going to deny that but Kiri elbowed him.
“Well losers as Aizawa sensei said we’ve been gone for almost 4 months and a lot happened it wasn’t a fcking secret mission but more like something personal,+
we’ve been taking fcking exams too and Aizawa sensei sent us the classes per mail” Bakugou ended and kiri continued
“But anyways you may be wondering who is this baby? And well why does he look like me and Bakugou. So well the thing is...that....” Bakugou interrupted him
“Fck it Kirishima got hit by a damn maternity quirk or some shit like that but we didn’t knew, so we had sex like a fcking normal day and boom he’s our soon his name is Hiroshi you better fcking respect him” everyone in the room gasped. Deku almost fainted, there was silence
“KATSUKI! You can’t just tell them like that.....sorry” kirishima hit him on the stomach and grabbed Hiro and explained
“But yeah...that’s it if you resume it, we didn’t know something like this could happen at all and we were as confused and shocked as you guys probably are now+
But when Recovery girl told us about the pregnancy we decided to have him. And he’s staying with us in the school and you don’t have to worry you won’t hear him cry or anything we already got rid of all those problems but we wanted to tell you guys because it’s important and +
Something you may see daily from now on you know, sorry we couldn’t tell y’all earlier but the security of Hiroshi was first, that’s it thank you.”
Then everyone exploded, girls saying awws and taking pics, the boys still shocked, deku did faint in the end
“Hey stay away bitches” Bakugou carried Hiro as if he was simba not letting the girls touch him
“OMG he’s a tiny Bakugou!!!” Uraraka screamed
“IKR!”Kiri said

“Omg kirishima I cant believe you told me you had the cutest baby in the world I just wanna squeez his cheeks” Mina pouted

“Is that k-Kacchan’s SON?! What in the world!”

“You better fcking respect my son small fry!”
“He even has Bakugou’s frown lmao!!” Denki said

“What did you just say Dunce face!?”

“I never thought that Bakugou would be a dad this soon ribbit”


“I never thought he could be a dad” Todoroki said

“I bet they were on one of their passion nights and the condom broke” said Jirou
“SHUT UP” Bakugou blushed
“When was he born?”
“On March 30”
“Can I carry him?” Asked momo “Sure” -“no” said Bakugou and Kirishima at the same time
“Fine but just a minute” he explained momo how to position her arms and then he gave him to her. Hiro was confused

“hi Hiroshi! You’re the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! Don’t worry +
The class 2A is going to take good care of you and help your parents right guys?” Everyone said yes
“Class 2B too!” Tetsu and kendo hugged Kiri and Bakugou who tried to scape.
“Yeah congratulations!! Let me bake something for his 1 year birthday!!” Sato said
“Of course! Thank you guys we were worried that you might judge us or something I’m glad you want to help us” Kiri said, Bakugou took Hiro back
“I can’t see him” mineta said
“Lmao he’s taller than you!?” Sero said laughing
Mineta hiked Bakugou’s back and poked Hiro’s cheek
Hiroshi got a little scared and made that face babies do before crying
“What the hell get off of me trash! I’m going to kill you! Look what you did” katsuki pushed mineta off of him and started patting his back, calming and shushing him while he hold him on his chest
“What in the world” deku whispered Kiri just giggled this was soft daddy Katsuki
“He’s a good daddy”kiri whispered
“In what sense” kaminari asked Kiri punched blushing
“Everyone asked Kiri things while Bakugou calmed down Hiro, things like how are they gonna do with school
“Good boy..Hiro you’re so brave can you smile for dada?” Bakugou was whispering but everyone could heard what he was saying and when Hiro smiled and Bakugou smiled back at him with a genuine smile

Everyone gasped except for Kiri

“What the hell?!” Denki said
“K-Kacchan smiled!?”
“Fck you losers” he noticed everyone’s staring but didn’t bother to change his smile when Hiro was smiling at him so cutely
“I told you guys he’s a good dad” Kiri said proud
“Are you sure lmao At this rate Hiro’s first words will be either Fck or shit lmao”denki said
“Well that’s enough time! you both know what to do, your exams will be in the art classroom, you better pass so take him with your family and bye” Aizawa looked at the baby for a long second and his face softened
“Told you no one can resist” Kat whispered
Everyone complained but They said goodbye or more like Kiri did and went to their new room
“That went.....fine don’t you think?” Kiri asked
“Yeah....but you’re dreaming if I’m letting that dirty grape be near him again” katsuki grabbed his hand
“I don’t have complaints” honestly
After some months of living in the the new room everything was normal, exhausting but really domestic, they had one big bed for both of them on the new room, near them was Hiro’s crib and the rest of the big room was organized with a corner with plenty space for Hiro to play,
And of course the nursery furniture, a big closet, a plastic bath tub, a baby rocker, lots of toys or stuffed animal that his friends have them, some speakers,etc. I was almost like Bakugou’s room disappeared, because all his stuff was now in Kirishima’s room. This was like a
whole new room, Mitsuki took care of that, she did a wonderful job kirishima doesn’t know what would’ve they done without their family, the room had a little kitchen and they even had baby car seat since Bakugou can drive now, a stroller, high chair to eat, and a carrier.
They were ready for everything and that helped a lot. Lucky Bakugou and Kirishima passed the exams and they were so happy because they could continue with their entire plan to take care of Hiro without any problems
But damn it was really tiring, waking up earlier than everyone spend some time with Hiro feed him and get him ready for the day then waiting for one of their moms, after that school, coming back to the dorms on the break to be with Hiro, class again and since they
passed the exams they can go back to the dorms early so they can skip the last 2 periods that are math and English so they go with Hiro and said goodbye to Mitsuki or Ei’s mother. Bathing Hiro, playing with Hiro, Plating with hero, feeding Hiro and finally getting ready to sleep
Almost every day they go to the common room with everyone because their friends beg them to let them play with him, but they were okay with that now that Hiroshi was way bigger and started babbling nonsenses they had fun
It was almost like it was everyone’s baby, there’s no day when one of their classmates has a present for Hiro, momo is the most “generous” she literally made a baby car for Hiro with remote control and he was so young to use it but she said that once he’s older they can have fun
Deku could notice how exhausted kirishima and Kacchan were most of the time, but then understood they were happy once he saw how their faces relaxed a bit when they’re with Hiro,Kacchan would smile and look at his baby with love. Deku ask himself if Kacchan and Kirishima have had
enough time alone for them, he actually had a decent conversation with Kacchan the other day
“Kacchan h-hey!” He saw him outside the dorm rooms taking a walk with Hiro on the stroller. He seemed relaxed.
“Uh- nothing just wanted to say how happy I am for you and Kirishima-kun you’re both exhausted but I can see how it’s worth it when you look at Hiroshi”
“Hah? Of course! Hiroshi is now my motor to become the best hero, don’t think I’m going to stay behind because of it! I’m gonna fcking surpass you and all might and be the number 1!” Bakugou wasn’t really annoyed by his presence
“Sure! Uh Kacchan? Do you know what you’re going to do after school? I mean with Hiro”
“First I’m gonna propose to Eijirou and get married as soon as we graduate then I’m going to Tokyo with him” Kacchan seemed really convinced
“Sounds great! But Kacchan do you have time for yourself? Or to be with kirishima-kun?”
“Are you fcking asking me we have time to have se-“
“Well yeah Hiro is heavy sleeper so we ca-“
“Don’t need the details!! Omg I meant as for things you liked like hiking or that stuff”
“well not really...but it’s fcking okay I discovered new things I like....and being with my new family is one of them.” Kacchan looked soft, things like this really change you huh?
“Can I carry him?” He finally asked
“Over my fcking dead body”
“Yeah I knew it”
“So Ei..what do you want him to call you dad? Papa? Idk?” Bakugou knew this wasn’t important but Hiroshi has already started repeating sounds so they had to settle this because whatever they decide Bakugou’s gonna win
“I don’t really mind him calling me mama for now, I mean it’s
kinda true I gave birth to him, I guessed that would be easier for him now once he’s older he can call me papa,sounds good?”He asked while changing the diaper
“once he’s older you’re papa and I’m Dad or pops,but now I’m papa and you’re mama got it”
“Yeah I like that”he giggled
“Okay cuz I’m gonna win!” Of course Katsuki would do a competition out of this
“We’ll see babe”
Kirishima really loved this lifestyle even though he always ended exhausted or stressed, waking up next to Bakugou and see Hiroshi every day was motivating, he always studied hard during the nights and it eventually became easier to understand
It was almost as if they were already married! He loved thinking that. His friends always helping and playing with Shiro giving them time to sleep or just spend time alone, Mina made him sign a contract that said that the whole Bakusquad was going to be Hiro’s godparents
Sometimes when Hiro wakes up many times crying at nights they take turns to put him to sleep again.
“It’s your fcking turn babe” Bakugou said
Or even when Hiro needs his diapers changed
“Woww you have a bomb waiting for you honey it’s your turn!” Kiri covered his nose
And kiri loves every single moment. Specially when Bakugou and him made a competition about Hiro’s first word“Mama or papa”but it ended being
“FUCK!”Hiro said Kirishima gasped indignant
“Ahh Shit” Bakugou thought
Kiri stayed mad at him for 2 entire days,it might not be a lot but for Bakugou is an eternity
“Don’t curse when the baby it’s with you! Idiot! Now he can’t stop repeating the same word” Kiri pouted
“Sorry Babe I’ll be more fffffuc——“ he stopped himself before he could even say it
“I’ll be more careful from now on okay? Ei...c’mon it’s been 2
Days that’s the +
longest period of time you’ve been mad at me! I’m sorry okay? I’m really trying to swore less” he hugged Kiri from behind while he left Hiro on the baby rocker
“Sorry”said again
“Fine but be more careful I don’t want him to course until he’s older!” Kiri hugged him back
“Got it”
Kirishima ended up telling kaminari about this
“HAHAHAHA I told you!!” He laughed at Bakugou
“It’s okay I deserve it -it’s okay I deserve it -I’m not going to kill dunce face” thought Bakugou
Now they’re third years, it’s the last year here in UA. With the time the routine was more and more easy for them. Kirishima now is on the top 5 from the class, thanks to Bakugou who helped him study a lot while Hiroshi was asleep. In fact everyone is now used to have Hiro
on the dorms, as if they were a big family, helping Bakugou and Kiri rest or have time for themselves, both of them were thankful. Even teachers were used to have Hiroshi. Sometimes when Hiroshi didn’t want to be apart from his dads he would cry and be stubborn like a normal baby
So there was no way to convince him to stay on the room with their mothers, he had to go to school with them and class 3A has now a high chair for him if that happens. People give them looks....and Bakugou dares them to say something which never happens. But it’s okay they don’t
really care. The class and even Aizawa prepared a party for Hiroshi’s first year! Satou baked a cake and even the girls cook something. That day Hiroshi was extremely happy, laughing and playing with everyone’s presents.
Everyone have him a present even Aizawa and All might. Hiroshi’s first year party made Kirishima emotional and he cried a bit saying thank you for the support and presents and that he’s so happy to have Hiroshi, who’s taller and have some teeth now. And he’s so proud of what
he and Bakugou have accomplished together as teen parents. Bakugou just hugged him while the red head cried and everyone else started crying as well even all might, telling them that all of them are so proud of both of them because of their efforts to be amazing parents and good
heroes. Hiroshi has longer hair almost like Bakugou’s haircut. But everyone told them that he had Kirishima’s big ass eyes, their baby was so smart tho, he started crawling at 5 months and now with one year and two months he can walk by his own, he even talked more.
Bakugou was always so happy when his baby figured out things alone. And also when he forgot his first word. Hiroshi has specific names for everyone, like Aizawa he was “black kitty”, deku was “dummy” (Bakugou may be part of that),etc.
Kirishima never stops reminding Bakugou that Hiroshi said papa to him first. Since then Bakugou is Dada and kiri papa.
But having a family is not all rainbows and flowers, sometimes parents fight.
When Kiri and Bakugou have a fight like a normal couple they get stressed and desperate, somehow Hiro can feel when his parents aren’t doing well, so he starts crying and crying. He cries +
so when he has attention of both of them they calm themselves down and talk properly. Hiroshi is the happiest when his dads are sappy and in love, he feels safe.
But even though there’s fights, there’s something even more difficult to deal with. They are heroes. And no one knows when one of them can be really hurt
Both of them have been in this situation, when one is on the hospital and the other waiting for the other onto wake up. Scared as hell. But there was this time almost at the end of their third year where Bakugou and Midoriya almost died in a battle and went straight to emergency
They won of course. But they were really hurt at the end. Midoriya was awake but suffering because of the pain on his body. But Bakugou was unconscious. He wasn’t waking up. Kirishima almost had a heart attack he left Hiroshi with Mitsuki on the dorms and ran as fast as he could
towards the hospital. Katsiki can’t die. He CANT DIE! He can’t LEAVE HIM AND HIRO ALONE! Hiro needs his father, Fck Eijirou needs the love of his life to keep rising Hiro and fcking live.
When he arrived to the hospital Bakugou was, still unconscious. He sat down next to the bed, and grabbed Bakugou’s hand and kissed it while crying
“Wake up Kat...please”
One hour later came Mitsuki with Hiroshi next to her grabbing her hand, he was wearing his pajamas and had dry tears on his face
“Papa? Where Dada?” Kiri almost broke in tears right there as Hiroshi ran in his direction and gave him a hug. He kissed his forehead and
lifted him up. Mitsuki has a moment to see his own son she grabbed Katsuki’s hand and kissed it.
“Wake up you brat”
“dada?” Hiro tried to go from Kiri’s arms to Bakugou’s
“It’s okay baby Dada’s sleeping“ Hiro didn’t like the atmosphere and started crying he was scared
“I tried to put him to sleep but he was crying because he wanted to see Katsuki, he was scared when you ran away”
Kirishima just rocked Hiro on his arms trying to calm him down
“Shhhh baby it’s okay Dada is okay”
Kirishima was really trying not to join him
“Eijirou everything is going to be okay, you’re strong he’s going to wake up”
“It’s okay...thank you Mitsuki, I think I need Hiroshi with me anyway”
“He’ll be fine I know it he ain’t that easy and you know that, much less now that he has a family”
“Yeah...yeah I know” he hugged Hiroshi who was scared
When Bakugou woke up Hiroshi was sleeping on his chest, the nurse allowed it. Kirishima was next to him grabbing Hiro’s tiny hand. Bakugou mumbled something and caught Kiri’s attention
“BABE” Kirishima almost jumps tears already falling of his face he called the nurses and
carried Hiro. After some time they let them alone again. Kiri was still crying but being cautious about Hiro’s sleep.
“I almost have a heart attack Katsuki! Hiro’s been crying the whole day because he wanted to see you so bad! Mitsuki went to the school to pick up Hiro’s diapers
And was this close to have a panic attack! I don’t know what would I do without you, what would’ve me and Hiro do.” Kiri was sobbing legs shaking
“Hey love, sit down okay? Calm down, here pass me the baby, I’m here okay there’s no way I could leave you both”
He grabbed Kiri’s hand and kissed every knuckle on it. Kiri was calming down a bit but his breathing was choppy
“Eijirou I’m here” with the hand that wasn’t holding Hiro he pulled Kiri closer and kissed him. Reassuring him that he was alive
“Sometimes this is scary don’t you think? Being a hero is really scary” Kiri rested his head on Bakugou shoulder
“It’s what we both choose baby”
“ I know....but still is scary I don’t want anything to happens to us to be able to be always with Hiro” Bakugou patted his head.
“And we will Ei, I promise” Kiri just nodded
“Let’s never give up” Kiri said but then
“Dada?” They heard Hiro’s adorable voice, he woke up
“Hey little brat...missed me?”
Hiro just smiled and with his own effort climbed Bakugous chest and hugged him. They went back to the dorms+
two days later. Everyone was concerned, Deku was back the day before Katsuki. And the were content that Hiro wasn’t sad anymore. Hiro didn’t want to let go of his arms (neither Eijirou) so they went back to sleep.
“Yeah I promise it with my life” thought the blonde before falling asleep
The last year on Ua was coming to an end. Everyone was melancholic already not wanting to be anywhere else but with each other. They all knew that not everyone was going to follow the same path. But it was exciting
The girls didn’t want to say goodbye to Hiroshi. Bakugou and Kirishima bought and apartment in Tokyo together with enough space for the three of them. Mitsuki and Masaru decided to buy a tiny apartment too just to be there for the boys,But Bakugou still has one more mission.
Before school ends he is going to propose to Eijirou. In fact he was on the last floor of the school building waiting on the terrace with Hiro in his arms for Eijirou to come, he told him that Hiro wanted to see the sunset.
Kirishima came, he gave Bakugou a hello kiss and Hiro a forehead kiss.
“Dada told me you wanted to see the sunset honey” Hiro just said “Yes”with a smile
So they where there, it’s the moment
“You know babe I’m going to@miss UA.” Kiri said not taking away his look from the sky
“Yeah me too”
“I mean here is where I got to met you.... and also you~” he kissed Hiro’s hand.
“What I want to say is that I’m glad be had crazy sex that night, *giggles* you and Hiro are now my main motivation to be the best hero” he continued
“Yeah I’m glad that the condom freaking broke and that I got to meet he person I want to be next to me forever” Bakugou said, Kiri kissed him again
“Like leaving this place not only means leaving our friends but our memories too! I won’t for they how manly you looked+
when I told you I wanted to give you my v-card” Bakugou took advantage of Kirishima’s concentrated gaze on the sky to step back a little and give Hiro the little box
“Or when Hiro didn’t want to eat so he made a mess on the room” he laughed Bakugou was already on one knee
“Or when-“
“Papa”Kiri turned around slowly just to see his son holding a black box with a silver ring there sitting on his boyfriend, who was on his knee looking at him.Kirishima’s eyes never watered this fast
“Kirishima Eijirou the love of my fcking life,the father of my son
In a couple weeks we’re leaving the place where all started, I’m glad to say that we’re leaving together the three of us, we already have a place waiting for us but I wanted to do this because if it didn’t our life together wouldn’t be complete, the day I met you+
I thought that maybe I wanted you to be by my side that I wouldn’t care having you around, later I discovered that was love, you loved me, believed in me, cherished me and fcking took care of me,when I thought not even I could do that.When you loved me back I was extremely happy
We as teens have been through a lot, but with you by my side I knew that becoming the number one hero was going to be easier. But then a little surprise happened *he kisses Hiro’s head* and I couldn’t be more happier it happened the way it did, kick duck we were teens but
I would repeat the story without a doubt, you already had brought happiness to me but that wasn’t over you gave the thing I would cherish the most in this world, our son. We were 17 years old, and fuxkind terrified but we did it. And I can’t wait to see what’s next.
So kirishima Eijirou will you figure it out with me as my husband and marry me?” The ocean of tear that were falling of Kirishima’s face had Bakugou relaxed
“..es..Y-Yes YES!” Bakugou aros up and hugged him with their son on his arms
“I love you so much”
“I fcking love you more”
After school ended their lives as teen parents had new challenges but they weren’t scared at all, with Their parents around, a kinder to search and their dream jobs on the way. They were excited. The wedding was going to take place at the end of the new year.
The bakusquad making sure to stay in contact as always, and their classmates supporting them too Now Hiroshi was taller and more adventurous.Wanting to play heroes, with them.Bakugou and Kirishima were so proud of him and anxious to be by his side on the next stage of Hiro’s life
Having jobs already made it easier for them since they had now more time with Hiro, sometimes with different schedules but sometimes not and Mitsuki near them to take care of him when they had shifts at the same turns.
No one could’ve predicted that they were going to be even able of have a baby but that’s what makes it exciting.
Not only being motivated as teens or heroes but now as parents too.
Bakugou kissed Kirishima silly and lifted up his son.
“Let’s be the number one family too”
“That’s too much babe!”
“YES YES!” Hyped Hiro jumping into his parents bed.
“I heard Uraraka is pregnant...so we can’t let Deku take our place” Hiro just gave his dad the reason for whatever he said, his blonde hair and big ass eyes already excited while jumping
Kirishima just laughed after all they still are competitive teenagers right?
“Yeah let’s win”
🍼🍼🍼THE END🍼🍼🍼
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