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1/7 "George Cottrell posed as a "financier" on a black market network where he offered to help transfer the ill-gotten gains of drug traffickers, according to court documents.

However his prospective clients were in fact undercover agents–"
2/7 "-and Cottrell was arrested as he and the former UKIP leader travelled back to Britain following a trip to the US.

The former aide, who is in his 20s, was charged with a string of offences including blackmail, extortion, money laundering."
3/7 "He now faces up to two decades in jail and a fine of up to $250,000 (ÂŁ203,000) after reaching a deal with prosecutors.
4/7 "A plea agreement filed by prosecutors in Phoenix, Arizona, in December, states that Cottrell admitted to communicating with the "traffickers" in 2014.

He said he had contacted individuals in Phoenix from London and worked with an associate called "Banker".

Cottrell said:-"
5/7 "I explained various ways criminal proceeds could be laundered – for example, methods to transfer large amounts of cash out of the United States without triggering reporting requirements and ways to disguise the proceeds as legitimate business income for tax purposes."
6/7 "Cottrell, who comes from a wealthy, aristocratic family, was arrested as he returned from the Republican Party convention with Mr Farage on July 22.

His uncle Lord Hesketh, a former hereditary peer, worked for former prime minister Margaret Thatcher before losing -"
1/10 "A former aide to Nigel Farage who was arrested on money-laundering charges last year gave US federal agents “information” as part of a plea agreement that sharply reduced his possible prison sentence from a maximum of 20 years to eight months, according to court documents.
2/10 "George Cottrell, a Briton who was arrested in the US last summer after attending the Republican National Convention with Farage, the former Ukip leader, received a sentence that was on the low end of the sentencing guidelines used to determine such cases even though the-"
3/10 "Arizona prosecutors in his case said they had evidence that showed Cottrell had shown “clear intent” to engage in criminal activity in the past.

A court document filed by the prosecutors in February – which has not previously been reported in detail – advised the judge-"
4/10 "-in the case to offer Cottrell a light prison sentence because he had been willing to “provide federal agents additional information after his arrest”. Cottrell ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in a case that was unrelated to his work at Ukip.
5/10 "The crime was committed in 2014, before Cottrell worked for either the anti-EU party or Farage. Twenty other counts against him, including blackmail, were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

The nature of the information Cottrell provided to federal agents is not spelled-"
6/10 "-out in the court documents. But the documents state that the 23-year-old, who is living in the UK, provided federal agents with “additional information about his role in the offence and how he became involved”.

Under the terms of his agreement with prosecutors,"
7/10 "Cottrell admitted to communicating with individuals online in 2014 who were seeking to launder illicit funds. He also admitted that he had explained methods to them that they could use to launder the money. The case involved a sting operation in which federal agents posed-"
8/10 "-as drug dealers. Cottrell met the undercover agents in Las Vegas in 2014, according to the original indictment, but the charges in connection with that meeting were dropped.

Cottrell had been working in Farage’s office and claimed on his LinkedIn account to have
9/10 "-co-directed Ukip’s EU referendum campaign fundraising.

He includes being a “federal inmate” on his LinkedIn resume, as well as working as a consultant at an unnamed private intelligence agency serving government and corporate clients."
1/10 "Millions of dollars has been raised from anonymous US donors to support British rightwing thinktanks that are among the most prominent in the Brexit debate.

American donors are giving money to US fundraising bodies that pass the donations to four thinktanks in Britain."
2/10 "A Guardian analysis has established that $5.6m has been donated to these US entities since 2008.
The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), the Adam Smith Institute, Policy Exchange and the Legatum Institute have all received financial support from US backers via this route."
3/10 "The disclosure leaves the thinktanks facing questions as to whether wealthy Americans have undue influence in British politics, particularly over the form Brexit takes.

The UK thinktanks are some of strongest proponents of radical free trade deals with reduced regulation–"
4/10 "-positions likely to benefit big American businesses, which have opposed Europe’s tighter regulations since the 2008 financial crash.

They have a policy of not disclosing their donors, arguing they respect their backers’ right to privacy unless the backers wish otherwise."
5/10 "Critics say the lack of transparency allows unseen donors to influence political debate.

The charitable status of the thinktanks requires them to remain non-partisan, and they all insist they have not taken a line as institutions on whether the UK should leave the EU."
6/10 "However, they have published or contributed to policy papers that advocate a Brexit deal that makes a clean break from European regulations. The IEA, Adam Smith Institute and Legatum Institute are part of the Atlas Network, which says it connects “a global network of more-"
7/10 "-than 475 free-market organisations in over 90 countries to the ideas and resources needed to advance the cause of liberty”.

The IEA has been prominent in the Brexit debate. A US entity, the American Friends of the IEA, has raised at least $1.69m in the last decade."
8/10 "The IEA has been a partner in a flurry of activity by the caucus of hardline pro-Brexit MPs in the European Research Group in the weeks building up to the Conservative party conference.

The Adam Smith Institute has raised $1.4m from American donors since 2008."
9/10 "This month it partnered with another UK thinktank, the Initiative for Free Trade, and US libertarian thinktanks to launch a blueprint for a free trade deal between the UK and US."
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Howard Lorber was the man on the private phone in the Trump tower meeting. It is all connected, Mercer, Flynn, Prince, Lorber, Y. Miller & all of the Russian/Israeli mobsters/frontmen laundering their money through our political process. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098608170577133569?s=20
The US fell to legalized crime. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098608231088353280?s=20
UK as well. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1054002373385949185?s=20
They're arresting Assange and Winner, for facilitating something that they have tried to legalize for the actual perpetrators. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1049998988928270336?s=20
Only leaks to inform regular/poor people will get prosecuted. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098707319188344834?s=20
It sure wasn't Russia that took down my three first #trumprussia moments a) because theirs are still up there. B) would they have authority to do that? And c)why would they? https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098716563887276034?s=20
Meet "Weev" Thiels very own Grima Wormtongue. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1104462289397268482?s=20
Paypal party https://twitter.com/carolecadwalla/status/1130620518724321282?s=19
Diary https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1121891325903888387?s=20
Diary https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098777340606402561?s=20
Diary https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1128438508102848512?s=20
The real background to Trumps trade war. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1063137580789755904?s=20
Ehm...? https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1095363504087973888?s=20
No its the same operation the US was caught in when it came out they had spied on the entire EU, UN & all of it's allied leadership. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098282233432018946?s=20
Remember these? https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1121739185507979265?s=20
Definers Dark Matter https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1096881780379013120?s=20
Facebook caught using Definers to discredit activist. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1096439779980439554?s=20
This "Karma" is a bull$h%t https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1096449339877134336?s=20
Diary https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1128624379535949824?s=20
Diary https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1087343532631883777?s=20
The GOP has gotten caught doing this before, remember? https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1128036538162589698?s=20
Nigel, the man in the middle: https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1005390855547613185?s=20
Nigels private stash https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1129539599552925696?s=19
Mercers man in England. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1127371186806099968?s=20
Former Cambridge Analytica employee Wylie explains how CA hired Private intel group "Black cube" to hack politicians. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1055797504678289408?s=20
Letter from unit 8200 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1125049414815555584?s=20
They spied on actors, producers and showbiz personalities. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1127371162231681024?s=20
Weinstein https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1128036524942077954?s=20
They spied on former Obama officials. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1125049430414118912?s=20
They spied on liberal NGO's in Hungary, activists in Europe & US and more. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1128036522832347147?s=20
The BDS movement. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1125049428186943488?s=20
They spied on the head anti corruption investigator of Romania. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1095363490905276417?s=20
And worked tirelessly to destroy the Iran nuclear deal. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1128036528981200896?s=20
Black Cube was so shifty even its owner saw fit to spy on his own spy-agency. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1055801020654256128?s=20
US senate dems seemingly did get these docs they requested... https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1095363486945865728?s=20
And now Nigel has a date tomorrow. https://twitter.com/SebastianEPayne/status/1130518428358459392?s=19
However as I have underlined and documented quite thoroughly on my feed. Black Cube and CA or AIQ is far from the only entities doing this type of work. And they often cooperate across borders. And specialize in various fields.

Archimedes group (bots). https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1129281541375438848?s=20
Kullenberg (echo chamber). https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1128987687233437697?s=19
Thiel and various other Silicon Valley heads implicated, had a series of coordination meetings with RW politicians in 2016. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1096596145294454784?s=20
Peter Thiel sued the US Army and won, he is the proprietary owner of both the PRISM program (Palantir) and Paypal. He uses one to funnel dirty money politics. And the other for political leverage on politicians. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1098741942068875265?s=20
This is basically standard procedure, intel officers will take ready made surveillance patents & privatize the entire operation of them to save the government from any liability/accountability. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1125750615789977601?s=20
Paypal Farage https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1130366756411838466?s=19
Gordon gets up. https://twitter.com/BBCPolitics/status/1130441525052284934?s=19
But when the members of the police is working alongside the criminals then it suddenly gets very hard to hold criminals to account. https://twitter.com/i/moments/1054336884636348416
1/ "Now I have to explain what this actually means for our societies: effectively they have legalized crime for the rich. If your state feeds data into PRISM which we now know applies to the entire western hemisphere. And every public office, every beurocrat,-"
2/ "-every police investigator is compelled by regulation to dilligently report their progress investigative or otherwise to a supervizing body or database. Then that data ultimately ends up in a PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE DATAPOOL. Owned and operated by Peter Thiel.
3/ "That means all of YOUR information, all of your shifty friends, all of the good ones, it doesn't matter, NSA, GCHQ, FBI, INTERPOOL, IAEA all of it ends in the proprietary ownership of one Peter Thiel.

Which A) means that if you have comitted a crime or might have-"
4/ "-said something stupid online. He and his company is the only one that can make sure it goes away.

And b) If you are investigating a lead that leads you to this network then, they will know what you know, and everyone you've reported telling about it. And since privacy-"
5/ "-regulations barr police officers, health professionals, case workers, and politicians from doing just that. Effectively all this network need to do is something about you. Now if they can't convince you to "do as they say". Then they will try to steal, discredit, defame or-"
6/ "block you from spreading that evidence. As has been my plight for the last four years straight. I've written or taped this message repeatedly over the course of the last years and everytime it has either been blocked, removed, or edited. And on numerous "public" platforms."
7/ "This is the heart of #trumprussia and nothing will change by locking up a few RW or eastern european social media commentators, hackers or private intelligence contractors. This is corruption, oppression and autocracy put into system."
8/ "And nothing will change until our elected officials and our law enforcement agencies muster the courage and will to acknowledge their complacency or outright complicity and hold the perpetrators of this accountable."
9/ "Or history, (whatever they let us keep of it), will reflect that when democracy was in danger we chose not to save it. We chose to abandon that fight, and we chose to let our societies crumble into inequity."

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So it's not "accidental", someone in authority is actively targeting my account, distorting my threads, delisting them from search indexing and effectively hiding my content from common view. @PSTnorge
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This thread still doesn't show up in search indexing either. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1218935957036072962?s=19
This thread is more than a hundred tweets long, and take particular notice of the chopped up bits where western intel have intentionally made comments to various posts that somehow interupt the thread & flow of tweets instead of appearing at the bottom. https://twitter.com/RedTRaccoon/status/1223409781983105024?s=19
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