Now there are also #Republicans, along with some #BigOil cos that are lobbying for a Carbon TAX and pushing the #GreenScam.

Americans for Carbon Dividends, led by former #GOP Secretaries of State James Baker III and George Shultz & former GOP Rep. Ryan Costello Of PA.
This #GreenScam has been pushed by the EU and UN, and of course #China is also invoked. They all invested in this stuff already, and She’ll described as a “new business opportunity.” 
Shell claims it would rely on 3rd party auditors after being asked about lack of transparency and fraud.

LOL....Who? The likes of auditors such Deloitte, KPMB, etc who did such a great job with things such as #1MDB that they are now being investigated?
Another Republican in on the scam - former Senator Trent Lott is co-chair of the advisory board along with former Democrat Senator John Breaux. 
Oh look who else is in on it (no surprise here).

Former CLINTON Press Secretary Joe Lockhart And we even have a “Circus” member as an adviser.
Their CEO is Ted Halstead, a progressive environmental activist.
Ohhh, look who else loves Halstead:

John McCain
Halstead is also the founder, Chairman, and CEO of the “Climate Leadership Council,” which is active in DC, London, India, and where else but #China.
Not only do they want a #CarbonTax, they also want a “border adjustment tax,” which would penalize American companies for importing anything from another company without a carbon tax. In other words, they would impose TARIFFS on our companies.
So, not only would US gas and energy prices go UP, so would the price of everything.

These are the people that have sold us all out for decades and now they’re using big companies to try do it even more. You all should be ashamed!
Funny how when you read through other articles that might at first seem unconnected, you end up finding these types of connections:
And now "climate protesters" are protesting BP and Shell, LOL.

The same groups, such as Greenpeace and others, who are also funded, in part, by #Russia.
The Congressional investigation into this that used to be posted on the House website is now deleted, but here's a fantastic thread by @TheChiIIum that goes into all the details.
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