puppy!kiri is adopted by Ground Zero and is absolutely ecstatic. But he’s a good boy, and he knows not to speak or touch or play without permission. he’s going to be the best boy for Bakugou.

He didn’t even fucking want to go to the shelter in the first place, round face roped him into it. Said it’d be good PR or something to be seen helping out there. Probably just wanted to play with the kittens.
The reason he showed up didn’t matter one bit once he saw the pretty little puppy hybrid with a smile too big for him and a constantly thumping tail. Suddenly, he’s looking to adopt.
If helping out is good publicity, then leaving with a puppy in need is great publicity.
It’s always felt weird to him, how they treat the hybrids even if they’re mostly human. The “puppy” essentially looks like a little boy with dog ears and a tail. Also the teeth.
He doesn’t pay much attention to the packets the shelter workers give him, or the pups paperwork, aside from the important shit like potty trained or vaccinated. He skips the shit he doesn’t recognize like “omega” and “1016” on his collar.
He barely even has to sign his name before everything is finalized and soon enough, “Eijirou” is padding down the sidewalk behind him with Katsuki holding his leash.
Uraraka is more than happy to pick up all the necessary supplies for him so he can take Eijirou to get comfortable with his new home right away, and Katsuki even thanks her.
Especially when Eijirou’s running around the house, sniffing everything and wagging his tail so hard it looks like it’ll fly off. He runs around the living room a few times while beaming before he lets out the cutest little “woof” Katsuki’s ever heard.
But after he seems to realize he’s made a noise, his face drops and he looks at Katsuki with something between fear and pleading.

“The fuck’s that face for? It’s your house too dumbass you can bark if you want.”
The way Eijirou smiles at him is oddly gratifying. So, he understands speech apparently. Katsuki leans forward a bit from the couch to scratch behind his (absurdly soft)ears, and Ei makes a little happy hum while pushing into his hand.
“So can you talk or only make like, dog noises?”

“I can talk if I’m allowed!”
He looks at Bakugou like he said something he’s very proud of, and not something fairly depressing. His little voice is a bit rough from how rarely he speaks, and it’s obvious he wasn’t expecting to be asked anything.
“You’re fucking allowed to talk, okay? I don’t give a shit.”

“Oh, okay!”

Fuck, he’s cute. That’s not weird for him to think, everyone knows puppies are cute. Right?
“Eijirou, come here.”

He hasn’t even finished saying “here” by the time Ei is at his feet, looking up at him with an open expression. He wants to slap the part of his mind telling him to take advantage of that.
“Forget your old rules, we’re making new ones.”

His ears go up and he tilts his head like he’s confused. Cute.

“New rule number one, use the fucking toilet, if I have to clean up after you I’ll be pissed.”
His enthusiastic nodding is adorable. Nothing sweeter than an obedient puppy.

“Rule number two, don’t fuck anything up. No chewing on shit that isn’t meant for chewing or whatever else dogs do.
Rule three, always listen to what I tell you and uh, don’t run away or anything.”
Katsuki realizes quickly that he doesn’t really have anything else. Eijirou looks like he’s expecting much more. Shit, how many rules did he have before he was here?
“So I can talk?”

“I already told you that.”

“Can I sit on the couch?”


“Can I cuddle you?”
Oh, he probably should’ve thought about what the boy might want to do. But with how excited Eijirou looks at the prospect of cuddling, there’s no way he could say no.

“Yeah, whatever.”
He has no idea what to do with his hands once Eijirou’s jumped in his lap and curled up, looking very comfortable. He feels kind of weird petting a little boy, but if it’s what he wants..
It is very much what he wants. The second Katsuki’s palm is on his back he’s humming loudly and turning to smile sweetly at the man.
Apparently, that’s not enough for him, and he shuffles until he’s straddling Bakugou’s lap and hugging him while still humming happily. The only problems are how much he likes nuzzling into Katsuki’s neck, and how much his little butt is wiggling right on his crotch.
Fuck, he feels like such a scumbag with how fast he gets hard. It’s just from the friction, not Eijirou’s small body in his arms, or his soft hair tickling his neck, or the happy little coos he’s making while he basically grinds on Katsuki’s erection. Just from the friction.
His resolve is slipping until he hears his doorbell ring. Shit fuck, Ochako’s here. He tucks his hard-on into the waistband of his boxers and gets up with Eijirou still latched on to him.
“Awwww he’s so cute!!!”

Katsuki doesn’t understand the pride he feels hearing her say that about the boy he’s holding when he answers the door. She makes quick work of shoving her way inside and dropping way too many bags of “things he’ll need for the puppy”.
Once her hands are free, she’s immediately petting Eijirou and scratching his ears and he is in heaven. He doesn’t want down from Katsuki’s arms, but he leans in to every touch and yips happily when she baby talks to him.

“He’s a little angel! Katsuki you got the best one.”
He’s aware.

“Whatever. Don’t you have shit you need to do?”

She rolls her eyes at him and laughs before kissing Ei’s head and saying goodbye. Good, he needs time to bond with his new pet.
Eijirou doesn’t want to be set down at all. When Katsuki has to put him on the floor so he can make dinner, he sits there whining quietly with his ears back until he gets picked up again.
Bakugou absentmindedly wonders why he isn’t bothered by the neediness.
Things go pretty well the rest of the night. Eijirou is over the moon with his new toys, and he looks like he’s ascended when he feels Katsuki’s bed for the first time.
It only gets rough when Bakugou has to leave for work the next morning.

Eijirou whines and whines until Katsuki notices that he’s actually crying as he’s about to walk out the door.
“Fuck, I’ll be back later alright? Stop crying.”

Ei sniffles a bit and looks at Bakugou with big wet eyes.

“Yes Eijirou, I promise I’ll come home after work.”

That seems to be enough to get him calm, even if his ears stay back and his tail hangs between his legs as he goes to lay down with his favorite new toy. Katsuki has no clue how that thing is surviving Eijirou’s chompers.

“Bye Ei.”

He finds himself thinking about his sad puppy the whole day.
When he gets home, Eijirou is waiting by the door with a big smile and a wagging tail.
“I thought you were gone forever!”

“What? I told you I was coming back.”

“Yeah but that was weeks ago!”

“Eijirou that was this morning.”
He looks a little confused before shaking his head and jumping into Katsuki’s lap when he sits on the couch.

“It felt way longer. I missed you the whole time! Did you miss me too?”
The look on his face is hopeful and his tail is thumping softly on Bakugou’s thigh. He’s such a sweet puppy.
The look on his face is hopeful and his tail is thumping softly on Bakugou’s thigh. He’s such a sweet pup.

“Yeah, now get off me, I have to go shower.”

“Can I come too??”
Uh, what’s he supposed to say to that?

“No fucking way, but I’ll give you dinner now and you can take a bath after, deal?”

“But you just got home! I missed you a lot.”

He’s pouting now like Katsuki just crushed his dreams.
“Fucking fine, you can come with me but you have to sit outside of the shower and wait, okay?”

Getting to the bathroom is a hassle with the fact that Eijirou begged to be carried and Bakugou can’t deny him anything.
“Turn around, I’m taking my clothes off.”

“But I wanna watch!”


“What the fuck, why?”

“I wanna see you naked.”
“Eijirou you can’t just say shit like that.”

-or I’ll get hard before my fucking shower

“Why not! I can get naked too! Please?”
He’s already taking off his little t-shirt before Bakugou even responds. What’s his thing with getting naked anyway? God, this is so fucking wrong, but he sure as hell isn’t stopping him, and Katsuki is out of his clothes before Eijirou is.
“Whoa, yours is different than mine.”

He looks incredibly interested when he goes up and starts stroking Bakugous half hard dick.

“I like yours more.”
Katsuki can’t even deny how turned on he’s getting by his little puppy looking at his cock like he’s in love with it. But he still needs to take a shower.
“Give me a minute to wash off and you can play with it all you want, alright?”

Eijirou nods hard and sits down on the floor with his tail wagging comically behind him. Bakugou’s never taken a faster shower in his life.
Ei has no complaints about moving their play time to the bedroom, and he’s more than happy to sit between Katsuki’s legs to get a closer look at his “thingy”.
“Fuck! What the fuck was that?”

“I licked it, did it hurt?”

“No, just, do that again.”
Seeing him happily lapping at the head of his cock is going to be permanently etched in his brain.

“Shit, Ei, come up here and lay on your back. It’s my turn.”
He looks a little disappointed that he has to stop his licking, but he’s still quick to comply. Katsuki loves how fucking soft his skin is, and how much he giggles when he rubs his hands on it. So cute.
He doesn’t waste much time before he’s feeling Eijirou’s little erection. It’s fucking precious how little it takes to get him whimpering and moaning sweetly. Wait, is that..
“Eijirou, what is this.”

“That’s my peepee.”

“No, not that. Behind it.”

“Oh! I don’t know what that’s called.”

No fucking way..
Katsuki spreads his small thighs and moves until he’s level with what’s between Ei’s legs, a little pink cunt.

“Holy shit.”

“What’s wrong? Is it ugly? I can’t see it.”

“No, it’s really fucking pretty.”
And he’s not lying. Katsuki uses his thumbs to spread apart his folds. The tiny hole is getting wetter by the second, and he’d have to be a saint to resist putting his mouth on it.
If he thought Eijirou was a moaning mess before, it’s nothing compared to how he is with Bakugou sucking on his little clit and fucking him with his tongue. He tastes amazing, and all Katsuki can think about is how he’d feel around his cock.
“Please more.”

God, yes.

He’s probably climaxed three times based on his thighs clenching around Bakugou’s head when he finally lets up. Fuck, he looks so cute.
His soft cheeks are flushed bright red, his ears are twitching occasionally, and his eyes are so dilated the red is barely visible.
“Can we do more please?”

Katsuki would probably die of blueballs if they /didn’t/ do more, but he’s a bit worried about whether or not Eijirou can take him.

“Yeah, we can definitely do more.”
Eijirou preens when two thick fingers are pushed into him and as much as Katsuki loved eating him out, being able to see his puppy’s blissed out face is perfect.
A soft looking pink tongue lolls out as he pants heavily, and he moans happily when Bakugou leans down to kiss him. He was right, the little tongue is very soft.
Katsuki is painfully hard by the time he decides that Eijirou is ready to be fucked for the first time. And he’s more than sure that Ei would agree.
“I’m going to push in now, okay?”

“Is your peepee supposed to go in there?”

He sounds more curious than anything, not even a bit of apprehension in his tone. He’s so trusting, Katsuki almost feels bad taking advantage of his puppy. Almost.
Oh Katsuki’s dick is very much supposed to be in him. His point is only proven with how Eijirou’s walls clench around him when he shoves his way into the little cunt. He feels a little guilty when Ei starts whimpering like he’s in pain and he sees tears welling up in his big eyes
“Shh, it’s okay. It’ll feel better in a second, I promise.”

Eijirou looks up at him and nods before asking in a soft voice

“Kiss please.”
Katsuki is happy to oblige, the way Eijirou licks sweetly into his mouth is addicting. He doesn’t have to wait long before Ei is moaning and wiggling on his cock. He starts with long and slow thrusts with nothing but moaning and whining beneath him.
“Shit, you feel so fucking good Eijirou.”

“I’m a good boy?”

“Yeah, very good boy.”
He should’ve expected a puppy to respond well to praise. Soft hair rubs on his face as Eijirou nuzzles up to him. It spurs him on even more when a small tongue starts lapping at his neck.
The little omega seems happy with the harder thrusts even when a few force small yelps out of him. Katsuki doesn’t know why he loves how Eijirou’s noises remind him that he’s a hybrid. It somehow makes it more exciting.
Katsuki sits up so he can get more leverage to fuck into him deeper and faster, and Eijirou whines at the loss of contact. His neediness is such a fucking turn on. He relies on Katsuki for everything, and right now, he’s relying on Katsuki to let him come.
His hips are getting sporadic with how hard they’re connecting with Eijirou’s. He’s close, and every noise he pushes out of the boy in his bed sends him closer.
Eijirou’s eyes don’t even seem to be focusing anymore and his tongue is making it’s way out of his mouth again. He looks so fucked out and it’s the prettiest think Katsuki’s ever seen.
His sweet face is covered in drool and tears by the time Katsuki’s pulling out and coming on a smooth tummy. He doesn’t think he’s ever come harder in his life.
Eijirou unsurprisingly cuddles up with his head on Katsuki’s chest the second he flops down beside him. He still looks fucking ruined when he looks at Bakugou with the sweetest smile and asks,

“Was I a good boy for you?

Katsuki kisses the top of his head.

“The best boy Eiji.”
Katsuki wakes up to his face being licked.

“Gah, that’s fucking gross Ei.”

“But I love you.”

“... Fine!”
Sitting on his bed letting a puppy/boy lick his cheek and sit in his lap is not something he ever saw happening in his life. But then again, he didn’t expect to fuck a puppy/boy either.
“Come on, let’s go eat breakfast.”

“Noooo, I wanna play more.”

He moves to licking Katsuki’s neck as he snakes a little hand beneath himself to the man’s crotch.
“Eijirou, fuck, stop, we have to get up.”

He knows he sounds breathy, but he really does have to get up. “I wanted to fuck my puppy again” is not really a reason to call out of work.
But it’s so hard to say no to Eijirou, especially when he puts his ears down and makes his puppy eyes. Katsuki wonders if he knows what that does to him.
“Stop. We can’t fucking play right now.”


He looks pitiful with the way he crawls off the bed with his tail hanging low. This boy is incredible at pouting.
“Ei stop whimpering, we can play later, just put some clothes on and we’ll go eat.”

“I don’t want to wear clothes anymore.”

Katsuki nearly face plants while trying to put on his pant leg.
“What?! You have to wear clothes.”

“You said no rules.”

“That is definitely not what I said. Put on some fucking underwear.”

He doesn’t respond to Eijirou whispering “but that’s no fun” when he finally puts on his superhero undies Uraraka bought him. Still pouting.
He completely changes his tune the second he gets his food. Fucker was probably starving, he didn’t even eat dinner.

“What are we doin today Katsu?”

He looks very comfortable sitting in a chair too big for him while wearing only underwear and swinging his legs.
“I have work, I can tell Ochako to stop by if you’ll get bored.”

Eijirou is silent and Bakugou thinks maybe he just hadn’t heard until he looks over at his eyes tearing up and his bottom lip wiggling. Not this again.
“But I don’t want you to leave.”

“I have to, Ei. It’s my job.”

“Can I come?”

“What? No, it’s dangerous.”

“Then why are you going?”

“It’s my job Eijirou. Question time is over, it’s clothes time.”

“I hate clothes time.”

“Are you going to complain all fucking day?”
Over the next few days, Katsuki learns the trick that if he wraps Eijirou up in blankets with his toys and a treat, he only cries for ten minutes when he leaves the house.
He also learns that if he jacks off in the shower at home and at work before he leaves, he has the ability to avoid taking advantage of his puppy again.
Of course, Eijirou hates it. He chewed up most of his clothes after two days of not being touched, and every fucking day he’s naked and presenting to Katsuki when he comes home. Self control is going on Bakugou’s resumé.
It’s not until Eijirou’s naked and sobbing, trying desperately to grind on Katsuki’s thigh, that he realizes maybe denying the puppy isn’t what’s best for him.

“Please, please. Just one more time. Please Katsu!”
He crawls up until his little hips are directly on Katsuki’s lap, and it makes him wonder why he ever tried to keep this from happening.

It’s barely even understandable with how much he’s whimpering, but with the wet heat rubbing on Katsuki’s boxers he doesn’t need any words.
“Eijirou, this is bad.”

He cries out like he’s been hit.

“But I wanna be a good boy for you again! I was the best boy last time, what am I doing wrong?!”
His wailing is only getting worse, and he’s completely soaked Bakugou’s underwear at this point. Maybe giving him what he wants is the only option.
Eijirou is too caught up in his own crying to notice the deep scratches he’s making on Katsuki’s chest.

“Fuck! Get off me!”

He nearly throws the puppy off the bed with how fast he shoves him away and stands up. Shit, this is very bad.
He’s a hero, he shouldn’t be rock hard looking at a (very) young hybrid writhing and crying on his bed.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please!”
He probably doesn’t even have a specific thing he’s begging for anymore. Why does he look like he’s the one in pain when Katsuki has blood dripping down his chest? He needs to do something about that.

“Eijirou, lay on your stomach.”
He scrambles into his interpretation of the command, which is him on his tummy with his knees spread as far as possible and his hips elevated to show Katsuki /everything/.
But that’s not what he’s doing right now.

“Legs together. We aren’t playing yet.”
He whimpers again as he moves to the position Bakugou wants him in. He doesn’t even look up when the man starts digging around in his closet.
Katsuki’s tied Eijirou’s hands behind his back before the puppy even knows what he’s doing. He very apparently hates it, with his yelping and struggling against the fabric.
“Stop fucking fighting, this is to keep you from scratching me again. Look at this shit, look at me Eijirou.”
He only glances at Bakugou’s chest from the side, like he can’t look at it straight on. And with the way his tail tucks and his ears press flat against his head, along with the whining, he obviously feels guilty.
“Only bad boys do this, Eijirou, and bad boys get punished so they can be good boys again. Move your tail to the side.”
He looks like he’ll do anything for his owner, and his tail has moved in half of a second. He moans loudly when Bakugou starts groping his ass, and it’s almost enough to get him what he wants. But even the shelter workers told Katsuki that he needs to be disciplined.
The first yelp Eijirou makes when a a large hand makes contact with his bottom is adorable. So are the second and third. And fourth.

Katsuki takes a break after five to rub over the now bright red soft skin. He can’t wait for Ei to walk around the house wearing his bruises.
“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

He’s sobbing again and Bakugou feels a bit bad about hurting him, but it’s just a spanking, he’s not even at ten yet.
He alternates between hitting and grabbing from that point on. He loves the way Eijirou wiggles when he roughly gropes the sore flesh. He also loves how his whining is starting to sound a lot more enthusiastic.
On the twelfth spanking, Katsuki hits harder than he was intending to, he got carried away. He thinks he seriously injured Eijirou with how loud he screams and the way his legs spasm. Until he sees the wetness growing between his small thighs.
“Did you just fucking come?”

The whine he makes as he shoves his face into the pillow can only be described as embarrassed.

“You came from just me spanking you?”


“That’s fucking hot, Eijirou.”

Seeing his ears shoot up before he lifts his head, really is hilarious.
“Good boy?”

“Yeah, good boy.”
At this point Katsuki is painfully hard. He’s so close to giving up any sense of morality and when Eijirou spreads his legs, sticks up his bright red ass and whines “more please”, there’s no way in hell he could keep his cool.
He’s on top of his puppy in seconds with the head of his cock prodding at the hole that’s visibly too small to fit it, but somehow does. He doesn’t need to wait for confirmation from Eijirou, the boy’s been begging to be fucked for over a week.
Sinking into the sweet little pussy of the shaking hybrid beneath him makes him wonder why the fuck he ever tried to keep from doing this.
Eijirou’s crying out at the intrusion and Katsuki only processes his pained whimpering after he’s already shoved his whole cock inside.
“What’s wrong, Eiji? I thought you wanted this, do you want me to stop?”

He’s praying Eijirou doesn’t say yes, he doesn’t know if he can quit at this point.

“No! I’m a good boy! I can make it to when it doesn’t hurt anymore.”
“I’ll go slow, okay?”

Even sticking to a languid pace is torture, he wants to pound into Eijirou like he’s trying to break him. He /wants/ to break him. But he also wants him begging for more.

Thank god his baby’s a little masochist.
The first few hard snaps of his hips has Eijirou crying in a way that almost sounds like moaning. He’s not stopping unless Ei tells him to.
He gets so lost in the feeling of his tiny cunt clenching around him that he forgets to hold back. He doesn’t realize how rough he’s gotten until Eijirou screams at a particularly brutal thrust against his bruised little ass.
Katsuki stills completely. What the fuck is he doing? He’s a fucking hero. Not only is he taking advantage of a hybrid so young, but he’s hurting him, sexually. He’ll be lucky at this point if he hasn’t traumatized the boy.
He’s just starting to pull out when Eijirou looks back at him with a flushed face and pretty, lidded eyes.

Adopting a puppy was the best decision he’s ever made.

“You like that, Ei? When I’m rough with you?”

“Yes please.”
Once he’s picked up his pace again, he realizes Eijirou is sobbing from overstimulation and not pain. His shouts are always followed by mewls, and his little tongue is hanging out again. He’s even smiling occasionally. So cute.
Katsuki yanks him back by his bound arms to force his cock deeper with every push, and he’s rewarded with loud moans and even more begging.
Eijirou looks like he’s found heaven when a firm hand holds him by the throat so his back is flush against Katsuki as he wrecks his little cunt another snakes down to abuse his enlarged clit.
This is exactly what he’s been begging for and his owner is finally giving it to him. He loves belonging to Katsu.
Eijirou must have come four times by the point Katsuki’s panting and desperately chasing his own release. He’s completely holding up the boy as he fucks into him and Ei seems delighted to be manhandled.
“Thank you Katsu! Love you, so so much. I’m good boy.”

Bakugou would never admit it, but Eijirou’s raspy little voice only pushes him closer.

“Look at me Eijirou.”
He says that but doesn’t really give him a choice with how he turns Ei’s soft face to him before licking into his small mouth. He doesn’t even mind when he nicks his lip on a sharp tooth, it’s worth it to kiss his boy.
Even with how much he loves hearing Eijirou’s moans, /feeling/ them is even better.
He bites a cherry red lip when he’s coming hard inside his puppy with a loud groan. He pulls back to watch Eijirou’s face as he rubs one last orgasm out of him and nearly comes again at how his big eyes roll back in his head and he lets out his longest whine yet.
He’s gentle with how he sets his limp little puppy down on the bed and kisses his cheeks. Eijirou preens at the affection and puckers his swollen lips in a silent request that Katsuki won’t deny.
This time it’s Bakugou who cuddles up to the boy, he doubts Eijirou even has the energy to move judging by how utterly fucked out he looks. It’s a good look on him.
He yawns before nuzzling into Katsuki and whispering “Goodnight Katsu, I love you.” as he falls asleep.
Apparently, even when Eijirou is being taken care of every night, he’s still absurdly needy.

“Why can’t I come in the shower with you Katsu?”

“We tried that Eijirou, you kept sticking your face under the water and choking.”

“I was trying to drink it.”
He’s gotten even more dramatic in his pouting, currently naked, face down on the bathroom floor whining about having to be apart from Katsuki for FIVE MINUTES.

“I know, but you have to breathe.”

“Please! I’ll try extra this time, I promise.”
How is he supposed to say no to literal puppy eyes?

“Fine, but you choke once and you’re out.”

Bakugou doesn’t know why he would beg to join him only to hide behind his leg hugging it and whimper when the water turns on.
“It’s warm now, you can get under it.”

“It’ll hurt me!”

“It’s fucking water, Eijirou.”
He sticks a little foot in the stream of water before slowly making his way under it completely, still facing Katsuki.

“What do I do now?”
He stands there trying to blow the water away with his hair plastered to his face.

“I’ll wash you now, move your head out of the water Ei.”
He looks incredibly cute with his giant smile and hair covering his eyes. Katsuki starts massaging his head with the baby shampoo he bought for him and Eijirou lets out little moans.
Fuck, Katsuki can’t get enough of his noises. After he rinses off his head, he kneels down to wash his body and Eijirou sounds outright erotic. He must’ve been so touch starved before, he seems happiest with Bakugou’s hands on him.
“Touch me down there again?”

“Ei, we have things to do.”

“I’ll be fast please!”

“You can’t decide that.”

“Yes I can! I’m already halfway.”
Fuck, that’s hot.
And Eijirou is god damn right. He barely has to touch him for a minute before his little legs shake like they’re broken and Katsuki has to hold him up with an arm around his waist.
“Thank you, Katsu. I love you.”

“I love you too Ei.”
After having Eijirou for over a month, Bakugou realizes he hasn’t even interacted with anyone besides his new owner and uraraka(twice) the whole time. He does some research online and decides taking his puppy to a hybrid dog park.
Eijirou is incredibly excited and won’t stop asking about it for days.

“Will there be other puppies or are they all old?”

“Can I bark there?”

“Do they have swings?”

Katsuki has to tell him several times to stop talking and go to sleep.
However, the second they get out of the car at the park, Eijirou is whimpering an hiding behind Bakugou with an iron grip on his pant leg.

“I change my mind, I wanna go home.”
“It’s not scary Ei, look at them, they’re having a great time.”

He points at some of the hybrids chasing each other around. It doesn’t go unnoticed by him how much smaller Eijirou is than all of the others.
“I don’t want to play with them, I want to go home and snuggle.”

Katsuki has to admit he’s totally for that idea, but the boy needs to socialize. He can’t only be around one person forever.
“It’ll be great, I promise. I’ll be sitting over there if you need anything, okay?”

Eijirou’s eyes are big and scared, but he still nods and stays where he is in the park while Bakugou goes to sit on a bench. He’ll have more fun once he talks to someone.
He’s not standing there for five minutes before a hybrid goes up to him and sticks their face in his neck. They’re obviously male and Katsuki nearly walks back over there when he grabs onto Eijirou’s arms aggressively.
He’s beat to it by an older female hybrid who snarls at the first one until he leaves with his tail between his legs. She’s got more muscle mass than any of the others and Katsuki must say he’s impressed.
She kneels down to Eijirou’s level and wipes his frightened tears away. Katsuki doesn’t really know the significance of her nuzzling against him, but it’s making Ei smile so it must be good
She holds his little hand and shows him around the park while listening to him very animatedly telling a story. She must know he’s too young to keep up with the older dogs because she keeps them all away from the puppy while he plays in the grass.
It makes Katsuki uncomfortable that none of the other hybrids are talking, even though they obviously understand speech.
He stops watching them once he’s confident Eijirou is in good hands and sends a few emails about some villain reports. He doesn’t look up until someone walks past him with their hybrid on a leash. The dog is barking like a maniac while trying to go back into the park.
“What the hell is up with you? Come on! We have to go!”

Wait, that’s the one Ei was playing with.
Katsuki’s head shoots back up to where he’d last seen his puppy rolling around, but he isn’t there.

What the fuck?! He should be able to see most of the park from here. The only place he can’t see is in the trees and he specifically told Ei to stay away from there.
He doesn’t want to seem like too much of a freak so he “half” jogs towards the wooded area. He breaks into a sprint when he hears yelping and whining that sounds awfully familiar.

His puppy is face down in the dirt struggling against a much /much/ larger hybrid on top of him who’s managed to pull his little shorts and underwear off.

“Stop it! Let go! Please!”
A fairly large explosion gets both of their attention, and they have completely opposite reactions.
The older dog looks fucking terrified and Eijirou uses his distraction to push himself up and run to Katsuki. He’s sobbing loudly when he reaches him and hugs his owner like his life depends on it.

“I wanna go home!”
He wraps his jacket around Eijirou’s waist after seeing his clothes were in fact, ripped off, and picks up the crying puppy before turning his attention back to the guy who’s still frozen in fear.
The only thing saving that piece of shits life is that he’s still fully clothed.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know he had an alpha.”
Katsuki has no fucking clue what that means, but the fact the hybrid can speak and still ignored Eijirou’s pleas makes him ten times angrier. But he’s not about to kill this guy and traumatize Ei even more.
So he sends a cleanly calculated blast at the fuckers crotch and walks away.
The ride home is torture with Eijirou crying in the backseat. He begs Katsuki to hold him but he’s fucking driving! He may break the speed limit a few times to get his miserable puppy home sooner.
Ei is back in his arms the second he’s opened the car door and he carries him to bed while letting him cry into Katsuki’s neck.
Once Eijirou has fallen asleep Katsuki calls the vets office. He doesn’t know what to do about this, and they know shit about hybrids, right?
“You took him to a dog park?! I’m not trying to be rude, but that was an incredibly ignorant thing to do. He would need to go somewhere specifically for omegas, if anywhere at all. Taking an omega puppy that young to an integrated park is just asking for disaster.”
“Why the fuck didn’t they say anything about that online??”

“Well I would assume they expected omega owners to be aware of the precautions they have to take with their puppies..”
“Okay, I fucking get it, I’m a shitty hybrid owner and I don’t know anything about omegas. I still don’t even fucking know what that means.”

“And they let you adopt him?!”
“The attitude isn’t helping anyone, asshole.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry. I’m just surprised they would be so irresponsible as to send him home with you without explaining his secondary sex.”

“His what?”
His little pussy? That’s probably what she’s talking about but admitting he knows all about his puppy’s cunt is kind of suspicious.

“Oh my god. So he’s an omega, that means-”
She stays on the phone with him for a good forty five minutes explaining Eijirou’s anatomy and the proper care for him. Katsuki has to admit he’s pretty excited about whenever Eijirou’s “heats” start.
Apparently, since he’s already presented, they can any day now.
“So wait, why didn’t that female one attack him though? She seemed pretty alpha-like.”
“You said she was older? She’s probably at an age where she wouldn’t see Eijirou as a possible mate, more like a baby who needs help. Male alphas are far more likely to try and mate with puppies.”

“Fucking gross.”
He’s aware that’s a little hypocritical, but he never forced Eijirou. He practically forced /himself/ onto Katsuki’s cock.
They end the call around the same time his pup starts whining at his absence. Eijirou stretches his arms up and makes grabby hands at him when he reaches the bed.

“Bath time please?”
He splashes around in the water no matter how many fucking times Katsuki tells him not to. He bought him some toys to play with in the tub and his favorite by far is the mermaid. Maybe it’s a hybrid thing.
“I made your shirt all wet, you should get in the bath with me.”

“That’s not really how things work Eijirou.”
“What if I make your pants wet too?”

He asks as he scoops up as much water as possible and dumps it in Katsuki’s lap.
It’s almost too funny to be mad at. Especially the way Eijirou looks at him with a question on his face like he doesn’t even understand that someone would get upset at being involuntarily soaked.

“Will you get in the bathtub now?”
Ei whoops and giggles while Katsuki strips out of his sopping clothes and slides into the warm water behind him. Bakugou runs his hands over his soft little tummy as Eijirou leans back against him.
“This is the best toy because she has a tail for in the water and it moves!”

He demonstrates the movement by repeatedly bending the tail different directions. His excitement over everything is adorable.
“That’s cool Ei.”

“Yeah, can I play with your peepee?”

Katsuki almost chokes on his own spit.
“What the fuck? Don’t just ask shit like that.”

“So I shouldn’t ask before I touch it?”

“I- you know what, never mind.”
Eijirou takes that as a yes. He tries turning around in the tub but after slipping a few times he decides to stand up, lean over, and reach between his little legs to touch Katsuki’s dick.
It feels as amazing as always, but it’s hard to focus on that when Eijirou’s tiny cunt is directly in his face.

The nurse had no idea how helpful that anatomy lesson would be.
He barely even starts licking the puppy’s slit before Ei is mewling and has to put a hand on the edge of the bath to keep his balance.

“Do you like that, Eijirou?”

If the way he wiggles his ass closer to Katsuki’s face and whines is anything to go by, he definitely likes it.
No matter how much he loves teasing his pup, after hearing someone talk about Eijirou’s pussy for thirty fucking minutes, he needs this as badly as Ei does.
Bakugou grabs his little hips and attacks his cunt like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted. He’s even sweeter than last time. God, his hole even feels tight on Katsuki’s /tongue/.
He can see the puppy’s little cock getting hard and he wishes they were at an angle he could suck it. It’s just so small, he wants to know if Eijirou can come from it alone. He doesn’t even mind the loss of contact on his own cock, the sounds coming from Eijirou make up for it.
He notices Ei’s legs start to wobble and his whining and moaning is growing in volume.

“I- Soon.”

“Fuck, come for me Eijirou.”
All it takes is a strong shove of his tongue and his puppy howls and nearly collapses in the water. He’s kind of dramatic when he comes.
After his eyes refocus and his panting has calmed down a bit, he smiles brightly at Katsuki and curls up on the man’s chest, closing his eyes.
“Hey, wake up. You can’t sleep yet.”

“Yes I can, I just cummed.”

“You /came/ and no, you can’t sleep in the fucking bathtub.”
It takes twenty minutes to get Eijirou out of the bath, brush his teeth, and get his overly pliant limbs into his pjs. Ei maybe opened his eyes twice throughout the whole ordeal. Katsuki makes a mental note to never make him come that hard in the bath again.
Eijirou is snoring and drooling on his chest within seconds of them laying down and it’s not nearly as gross as he’d expect. He also didn’t expect having a hybrid puppy would take up so much of his time.
To be fair, if he didn’t enjoy being around the boy so much he could probably cut that time in half. But everything else seems less exciting if Eijirou isn’t a part of it.
Cooking is boring unless there’s a little arm trying to blindly reach up on the counter to get a piece of food before it’s ready. Exercising is lame unless Eijirou is next to him with his two pound weights trying to imitate Katsuki’s workout.
Fuck, even sleeping feels incomplete without a small warm body cuddled up to him.
He doesn’t even mind getting his face licked every morning at this point. But for once, it’s actually his alarm that pulls him from sleep. Eijirou isn’t in the bed at all.
It’s not his fault he nearly knocks over his dresser trying to get downstairs as fast as possible, after what happened yesterday it’s understandable he’s fucking worried. Damn near terrified when he hears a crash followed by a loud yelp.
He has to stop himself from actually blasting down the stairs. There’s nothing out of order he can see on his way to the kitchen, albeit he didn’t have much time to look with how fast he was going.
“Eijirou?! Who’s here??”


Katsuki can hear little hiccups and whimpers coming from behind the island, where he finds Eijirou sitting with his knees pulled to his chest and a pot big enough to cook /him/ on his head.
“Ei, what are you doing?”


“I can see that, but why? Are you hurt?”


He says that, but the second Katsuki kneels down and reaches for his arm, he yelps and pulls away.
“What happened?”

“I was-*hic* I was bad.”

“What’d you do Eijirou?”

“I wanted to make food! You always make me food and it makes me happy and I wanted to make you happy, I’m sorry!”
“But what /happened/, why are you crying?”

“I couldn’t reach, so I climbed up to get the big bowl but it was too heavy and I fell down.”

Katsuki has to stop himself from scolding Eijirou, he’s told him so many times not to climb on the counters. For this exact reason!
“What hurts?”

“My hand and-*hic* my face...”

“What the fuck? How’d you hurt your face?”

“Big bowl hit me.”

“It’s a pot, not a bowl. Can I take it off your head?”

His hands shoot up to hold onto the pot, but he must not have thought it through, because he’s crying out again at the movement of his right arm.
It’s not unusual for him to take a spill, he’s possibly the clumsiest person Katsuki’s ever met, hybrid or not. But he’s never reacted like this, he’s usually back to bouncing around the house seconds after he hits the ground.
“Eijirou, I need to see where it hurts.”

“No! I don’t want you to be mad at me.”

“I won’t be mad at you just let me move the fucking pot!”
He regrets raising his voice at Ei every time, especially now that he’s crying harder and folding in on himself. At least his attention has moved away from hiding under the “big bowl”.
His pretty little cheekbone is sporting a large ugly bruise that’s already started turning purple. Katsuki can’t really tell if his eye is swollen from the impact or just from crying.
His ears are flat against his head and he won’t look up from his knees.

“Please don’t hate me.”

“I don’t fucking hate you, I’m just upset you got hurt because I care, okay?

He finally makes eye contact, even if one of his big eyes opens significantly less than the other.
“You care about /me/?”

“Of course I fucking care about you, now let me see your hand.”

He shakes his head, but doesn’t jump away or resist when Katsuki pulls it from his lap.
Shit, little dumbass must’ve fallen hard. His wrist is unnaturally swollen and bruised ten times worse than his cheek. Yeah, this booboo isn’t gonna go away with a band aid.
Things get even rougher trying to get him to the vet. He’s never hated the vet in general, he was fine when he got his shots. In fact, he was /happy/ to be there and talk to the doctor and the other hybrids in the waiting room.
But apparently Katsuki fully fucked that up with their little excursion yesterday, Eijirou won’t leave the house. Even when Bakugou gets stern with him, he just sits in the doorway, crying.
“For fucks sake Eijirou! You broke your arm so we have to go to the doctor, what don’t you understand?!”

“It’s not broken! I’m okay!”
Katsuki is fucking tired. He’s been arguing with a hybrid puppy for thirty minutes about whether or not an injury warrants a visit to the vet, while watching said hybrid crying because of said injury.
“Eijirou, please. We really have to go.”

“No, you’ll leave me again! I don’t wanna be alone, please, I’ll lick it better.”
“You can’t “lick it better”. The mean dog from yesterday won’t be there, and I’ll hold your hand the whole time. I’m sorry I left you alone at the park, I should’ve seen how scared you were.”
“I was really scared.”

“I know, Ei, but today is different. We’ll be inside and I won’t leave your side the whole time, okay?”

That was not a well thought out promise to make.
Eijirou had completely forgotten about his apprehension by the time they arrived, but just because god decided to say fuck you, a male hybrid and his owner just happened to be in the waiting room at the same time as them.
Poor bastard was probably already having a hard time, but a puppy screaming and crying at the sight of them would ruin anyone’s day.
“Katsu! I wanna go home, please! I’ll be good I promise, I won’t make noise or climb on things. Just don’t let him take me, please!”

“Eijirou! It’s not the same guy! Look, this one’s nice and he has black fur, not brown. See? He’s not going to hurt you, calm down.”
The other owner was looking at him like he was the one who was hurting the puppy. It’s not Katsuki’s fault he’s so fucking terrified! Well, in a way it is, but it mostly isn’t.
It probably doesn’t help that Eijirou looks like he’s just been beaten. That paired with the pure fear on his face, Katsuki can understand why he’s getting a dirty look.
The rest of the visit doesn’t go terribly. He mostly wore himself out with the crying at the beginning. The crying only came back once when he had to be separated from Bakugou to get his x-ray. Katsuki truly feels bad about how little Eijirou can trust his promises at this point.
He didn’t like the idea of going to the (hybrid friendly)coffee shop next door for a while, but they have to wait for the results of the x-ray and there’s no way they’re gonna sit in a waiting room for an hour or more.
Despite his initial displeasure with moving to a new location, he’s passed out in Katsuki’s lap ten minutes after they get there.
He’s not surprised by fans anymore, but it’s kind of weird that they only approached him to gush about how adorable Eijirou is and ask to take pictures of him. He feels increasingly uncomfortable when a couple does the same thing a few minutes after the girls left.
He’s never understood the way society treats hybrids, Ei is just as smart as a regular boy, he just has some animal characteristics. It’s like they don’t understand he’s a full person PLUS a puppy, instead of being less of a human.
It makes him a bit angry with how much people see him as a possession, even if that’s /technically/ what he is. Katsuki finds himself understanding why dumb Deku and round face are so obsessed with “hybrid rights”.
He’s fucking relieved when the vets office finally calls him. Not super relieved that Eijirou did in fact, fracture his wrist and has to wear a cast for six weeks.
“Hey, wake up. We gotta go back now.”

“I’m comfy.”

“You’ll be more comfy at home after we get this shit over with. I’ll even carry your heavy ass back over there.”

“I’m not heavy. Am I really heavy?”

Katsuki sighs.

“No, Eijirou, you’re not really heavy.”
Eijirou, unsurprisingly, chooses red for his cast, to match his collar. He swears he knew a red dog named crimson at one of his old shelters, but with the way he talks about the guy makes him sound more like a story.
They’ve barely been home for an hour before Eijirou pads into the living room and looks up at Katsuki.

“I don’t like this anymore. Take it off please.”
“Can’t do that, you have to wear it for six weeks.”

“That’s too long! It feels better now, I don’t need the hard thing.”

“It feels better because they gave you pain meds, I’m not going to argue with you about this.”
It’s not often that Ei will choose to go lay down by himself, but he’s probably just pouting about his wrist. At least that’s what Katsuki thinks until he goes to check on him and Eijirou’s trying with all his might to chew through the cast.
“Fucking, cut it out! You can’t take this off, I’m not letting you fuck up your wrist even more!”

Katsuki only realizes that he’s shouted at him and yanked his little arm away from his mouth a little too aggressively when Eijirou starts whimpering and tearing up. Fuck.
“Ei I’m sorry, don’t cry, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not!”

Well that’s fucking weird, he’s never actually talked back to Bakugou before.
“The fuck do you mean it’s not?”

“You scared me.”

“I said I’m sorry Eijirou-“

“No! You scared me, and I peed the bed. I didn’t mean to I promise, it just came out!”
Oh, that explains why he’s sobbing so hard.

“It’s okay Ei. Come on, I’ll clean you up.”
Katsuki takes the sheets off the bed before he puts Eijirou in the bath, but he does feel bad about leaving him standing there for a minute, looking down at his wet shorts.
“Ei, stop crying. It’s alright, I’m not mad at you.”

He doesn’t respond or even say a word as Bakugou undresses him and wipes off his thighs before setting him in the water. Still just staring down while silent tears run down his cheeks.
He lets Katsuki move him around like a rag doll as he washes him, avoiding the cast, and doesn’t even ask for touches when he rinses off Eijirou’s little crotch. Bakugou really wouldn’t have thought a little accident would bum him out this much.
“Do I have to go away now?”

“What? Why would you have to go away?”

“I broke the rules.”
“You’ve had a hard day Eijirou. I’m not angry with you.”

“I did have a hard day. I’m sad.”

“What would make you happy?”

“Can we play in bed again? I won’t pee.”
Katsuki will never get used to the sight of a naked Eijirou laying on his bed, he’s just so fucking /pretty/. Even with a bruised cheek and marks littering his smooth skin from all his roughhousing, he’s an angel.
And fuck, that little hole between his legs is a work of art.
The wetness that grows with anything Katsuki does, the sound it makes when he shoves his cock inside, the way it changes from so pink and pretty to red and swollen after he gets a bit rough, it’s just fucking perfect.
He absentmindedly thinks about how he should give in to his desires more often when it comes to kissing Eijirou when he finally leans over him and slips his tongue in Ei’s mouth. He always tastes so sweet, and he’s just barely able to accommodate Katsuki’s tongue.
And feeling Eijirou’s tiny tongue with his own is even sweeter. It’s just so soft and small, like everything else about him. Katsuki feels his little moans when he starts palming Ei’s little cock before sliding two fingers into his hole. Fuck, he always forgets how tiny it is.
He’s almost amazed that the puppy can feel any pleasure from taking something so obviously too big for him, but he knows Eijirou is extraordinary. He reminds himself of that when he’s pushing the head of his cock inside.
He always feels a bit guilty when Eijirou cries at the beginning, but he’s never asked him to stop, and he wouldn’t unless he absolutely has to.

“Fuck, Ei, you’re such a good boy for me.”

Of course it’s a bit manipulative to tell him that, but he’s really not lying.
It’s a fucking godsend he doesn’t mind overstimulation, because it’d be a pain in the ass otherwise, considering he almost always comes after two thrusts.

“I’m a good boy again?”

“You’re always a good boy.”
Eijirou wraps his little legs around Katsuki as he starts to fuck into him harder. It’s just so difficult to hold back with his warm wet cunt squeezing him so tight. One of these days when he’s less pent up, he’ll take it sweet and slow for the little guy.
He obviously still likes the rough pace, based on the pretty moans coming out of him and the blissed out look on he wears. Maybe subconsciously Bakugou really is angry with him, he doesn’t even notice when his hand snakes down to grip a tiny throat.
He definitely does notice the clenching of Ei’s pussy around him when he squeezes and fuck, he didn’t know he could even /get/ tighter than he was. He hates himself a bit for how excited he gets from seeing the fear in Eijirou’s big tearful eyes.
He’s getting close when the slam of his hips forces choked yelps out of his puppy every time, and Ei’s face starts to turn red. Bakugou squeezes a bit tighter as he leans down to occupy that sweet little mouth again as he comes deep inside his tiny cunt.
Only when he pulls away and moves to pepper soft kisses on Eijirou’s face like always, does he realize the puppy is hiccuping and sobbing again. Fuck, Katsuki is disgusted with himself, how could he do that to Eijirou after everything he’s being through in such a short time?
Katsuki leans back to move off of the pup and he notices a rather impressive amount of cum on his tummy mixed with something else. Shit, he’s a fucking awful person, Eijirou pissed himself again. At least Katsuki had put down a towel this time.
“Ei, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“You’re sending me back to the kennel now! I’m a bad puppy. Nobody wants a bad puppy!”

He’s crying in earnest at this point and Katsuki feels like a god damn villain.
“I swear I won’t take you back. Eijirou this is your forever home, stop fucking worrying so much.”

“Forever? You promise?”

“Yes I promise.”
It’s like he flipped a switch, Eiji’s face goes from absolutely tormented to bright and smiling in a second. Fucking, puppies.

“So you aren’t mad at me for the peepee?”

“No Eijirou, I’m not mad at you for pissing again.”

“Then that was fun! Peeing when I cummed felt good.”
Katsuki honestly does not know how to respond to that.
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