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Kirishima had such admiration for heroes.

Crimson Riot was a person he wanted to be like, a role model in every way. All Might had always saved people with a smile. Fatgum was really nice to his fans.

But he admired one hero above all those.
Ground Zero had only started his prohero career a few years ago and he was already in the top 3. His debut had coincided with 'The Change', as his mother called it.

The change towards being a man.
Kirishima had no idea that becoming a man involved whimpering under his covers after dark with a news article on his phone, hand down his boxers as he stared at Ground Zero's huge pecs.

He was completely smitten with his celebrity crush and that was just at the very beginning.
Over the course of a year, Crimson Riot posters had been replaced with Ground Zero ones all over Kirishima's room. He bought all the magazines that featured his hero and learned everything he could about him.
Ground Zero hated interviews and refused endorsements. He had graduated top of his class from UA. Learning these things were simple.

Kirishima's crush led him deeper though, beyond the scratch the media made in the surface of this foul-mouthed, chiseled Adonis.
Online forums were most helpful in his desperately thirsty early days, providing him links to merch, more articles, and pictures. So many pictures to stare at as he pumped his dick in the school bathroom.
Aside from that, he also made some friends. One fan in particular, who seemed to have information that the press didn't.

Ground Zero likes spicy food. He yells so much because he's hard of hearing in his right ear from his AP Shot and Howitzer Blast. He likes hiking mountains.
It only served to fuel Kirishima's burgeoning flames and fill his fantasies with thoughts of the manly hero being just as manly out of costume. Even if he couldn’t confirm it.

At least until the unthinkable happened.
Kirishima fell deeper and deeper into his crush for an entire year before it finally happened.

Ground Zero announced he'd be having a meet and greet at HeroCon. It was unheard of. He didn't like 'networking shit', yet here he was, planning to meet fans of all people.
Kirishima had never purchased something so expensive so fast.

His mother, while disappointed he'd blew a huge chunk of his savings on this weekend trip, was supportive. Ground Zero had inspired Kirishima to apply to UA and she wanted him to meet his hero.
With a 4 day VIP pass, a nice hotel room next to the convention center, and a giant wad of cash for merch, Kirishima eagerly awaited meeting Ground Zero. Maybe even talk to him.

Or, better yet, touch him.
Kirishima could barely sleep the entire night in anticipation, rolling himself up in his hotel bed and staring down HeroCon's twitter until he passed out for a few hours. He practically jumped out of bed at his alarm, showering and fixing his hair.

He wanted to look damn good.
He double checked his deodorant, hoping he'd be memorable as one of the con-goers that smelled fresh and not 'that teen that smelled like a gym floor'. He wore his Ground Zero shirt, of course. He hoped to get it signed.

The entire walk to the center he was in a daydream.
He had paid the full package for a professional photo too. Even though it was only a few minutes tops of talk time, he wanted to milk it for everything it was worth.

VIP tickets were a good choice, seeing Kirishima right in past the curving line of attendees sweltering outside.
The meet and greet area wasn't open yet so he walked around a bit, buying some collectible cards he'd wanted, a new Ground Zero tank (fashioned after his lighter, summer costume), and a few keychains, pins, and stickers.

Finally, with his heart pounding in his chest, he waited.
He was only a few people down the line but he saw their green-eared hoodies and knew he wouldn't have to wait long. Deku fans were pretty punctual, just like the hero himself.

Kirishima knew Deku was big, but goddamn, he was a monster. As the line moved up, Deku waved at him.
"You've been skipped a few times. Don't you wanna come up?"

Kirishima looked a little shocked, clearing his throat, "I paid for Ground Zero's meet and greet. Sorry, sir..."

Deku chuckled good-naturedly, "He's late? Not really surprising. Workaholic. You can sit though."
Kirishima stood up straighter, "Thank you, sir! But ah, I think I'll wait here." He stuck close to the unmanned booth, not willing to relinquish his place in line no matter how kind an offer the number one hero gave him.

Deku chuckled, shrugging it off before seeing his next.
In his defense, Ground Zero wasn't *that* late, just a few minutes, but he certainly looked pissed and mussy.

"Fuckin' kissing ass while I mop up your mess? Damn Deku." The number 2 hero uttered under his breath as he plopped unceremoniously into his chair.
He looked Kirishima up and down with his classic gaze, sizing him up.

Kirishima had to suppress the shiver that went down his spine and made his groin tingle, smiling broadly, "It's my pleasure to meet you, Ground Zero, sir!" He yelped, cursing the way his voice cracked.
"Hah? What's with all this 'sir' shit? You gonna come up here and get your pictures or ya gonna make me come across the table?"

Kirishima loved how manly Ground Zero was. Yeah, he was a coarse, blunt man; but Kirishima admired him regardless, saw all his redeeming qualities.
He hurried to his hero's side, showing the photographer his pass.

Being that close to Ground fucking Zero did things to Kirishima. As the toned man slung an arm over his shoulders, he leaned against him, his face turning red as he gave a timid smile.
"If I can help it, I'm never doing this shit again. So smile like you mean it, kid." Ground Zero rumbled against Kirishima's side and that was really all it took to make Kirishima's face break into a true, big smile.

"Damn, those are some chompers." Ground Zero commented.
"That part of your quirk?"

"No, s- Nah, they just grow in like that. I have a hardening quirk." Kirishima tried to be calmer, but it was hard with the man he admired the most, who he jerked off to, standing so close he could smell his fucking cologne and sweat.

God, his sweat.
"Hardening, huh? Sounds pretty useful. If you wanna put it to good use, train hard and get stupidly strong." Ground Zero gave his advice as he pulled away, giving Kirishima a cursory pat on the shoulder before turning to sign the few things Kirishima had brought with him.
"I will! I mean, I do!" Kirishima said, still feeling flushed and flustered from the heat radiating off the hunky hero's body. His mind was wandering and headed straight for a trip in the gutter. "Thanks for everything. I'll be at your panel tomorrow!"
Ground Zero scoffed, "Don't fuckin' remind me..." He turned to the next person, waving Kirishima off with one calloused hand. "Stay outta trouble or you'll find me kicking your ass, got it?"

Kirishima nearly died as Ground Zero shot him a toothy, cocky smirk.

Kirishima walked off quickly, taking a breath as if he'd been holding his the entire time. His face was flushed red and he was half-hard and, goddamnit, he needed to find a place to clear his head immediately. He ducked into the toilets, locking himself in the first empty stall.
Clutching his merch to his chest, he sat down on the toilet and pulled out his signed shirt. He reverently traced Ground Zero's signature as he remembered the sweet and tangy scent he'd been graced with. He sniffed the shoulder of his shirt, hoping there might be a whiff left.
He was delightfully surprised to find a faint lingering smell, burying his nose in it and recalling just how warm the man was, the way the heat roiled off him like a radiator.

Kirishima clutched his bag tighter to his chest as he fumbled with the fly of his pants.
He squirmed them down a little and let his cock out, already twitching as he focused on his fantasy. He honestly didn't think he'd mind if Ground Zero kicked his ass.

Or fucked it.

He gripped the base of his cock and slowly stroked his length, deeply inhaling the fading scent.
He dug his teeth into his lip to keep himself quiet, unable to start slow. He moved his hand quickly, palming the head of his cock and rubbing his thumb over the precome pearling at the tip.

It wasn't a new fantasy, to have Ground Zero pounding his ass or sucking his cock.
But it felt so much more intense now that he'd actually saw him in person, smelled him, *touched* him.

He choked back a moan, feeling himself peaking at breakneck speed. With his eyes screwed shut, his brain only enabled him.
The heavy weight of Ground Zero's arm on his shoulders.

The musky, burnt sugar smell of him.

The thought of him pinning him down with that heat and fucking him, burning him up.

Kirishima gasped, quickly covering the head of his cock as he came into his hand, panting heavily.
Suffice to say, the rest of the first day of HeroCon was much less interesting. Kirishima managed to get a few more autographs and pictures with some of the less famous heroes, but was always looking around for Ground Zero. He just wanted to spot him one more time.
He left the convention center late, grabbed some food and headed back to his hotel, cleaning up before finally eating and processing the day.

He blushed as he remembered touching himself in the dirty bathroom stall, despite wishing his shirt still smelled like Ground Zero.
The next day was full of top hero panels.

Kirishima got up early yet again to make sure he got a good spot for Ground Zero's panel, being one of the first in the line. It managed to get him a front row seat, jiggling his leg in anticipation. He smiled when the emcee walked out.
He had scrawled a few questions on the palm of his hand and glanced at them repeatedly while the emcee spoke. His heart was pounding again with excitement.

Until he heard those devastating words.

"It seems, due to an emergency, Ground Zero's panel will be rescheduled."
A groan rung out through the crowd. Kirishima looked from his hand to the emcee, incredulous disappointment blooming all over his face.

"When will it be rescheduled to?" He asked loudly, the words tumbling from his mouth like sharp rocks. The crowd murmured in agreement.
The emcee looked bewildered and a bit frightened at the crowd that was growing in frustration. "I... I'm not sure. We really do apologize and will post to our Twitter when we have an update."

Kirishima bowed his head in an apology, filled with guilt for yelling at the poor man.
"Right. Of course. Sorry..." He said as he started to leave.

"We'll update you all as soon as we can." The man assured him, watching him leave with an empathetic frown on his face.

Kirishima was at a loss for what to do now, aimlessly wandering around, looking at booths.
He could have sworn he'd seen them all by the time the day was coming to an end. He sat around the Cosplay Corner as he flipped through social media to try and find out what exactly happened to make Ground Zero cancel.

"Damn, you look pretty down. Were you at the GZ panel too?"
Kirishima looked up to see a cosplayer dressed as, of all people, Ground Zero. Though, Kirishima thought to himself, the young man didn't fill out the costume anywhere near as well as the hero himself.

He looked down at the Ground Zero shirt he was wearing, "What gave it away?"
With a lackluster chuckle, he sighed and leaned back.

"Well, they'll reschedule him. Don't feel too bad about it."

"Yeah." Kirishima agreed, his thoughts completely elsewhere. He hoped Ground Zero wasn't hurt or anything. That was more important than the dumb panel anyway.
The cosplayer shrugged, "If it would cheer you up, there's an after party at the attached hotel. You could come and hang out with some other fans. It's in the reception hall. Just tell the lady at the front desk that Fujiwara sent you and she'll give you a pass, okay?"
Kirishima nodded, "Thanks for the offer, Fujiwara-san. I might take you up on it." He offered his new acquaintance a small smile. "I like your cosplay, by the way."

Fujiwara laughed, "Right? AP SHOT!" He struck a pose, which made Kirishima chuckle genuinely. "See ya around!"
Kirishima waved as the man left, sighing and gathering himself up to go back to the hotel.

Honestly, a party didn't sound too bad. And it *was* in his hotel.

It's not like it'd make him feel worse, right?
Kirishima made his way to the front desk and spoke with a nice woman who stamped his hand and gave him a drink pass, motioning towards the reception hall.

It was a fairly large party, people of all types joining together to talk about heroes they loved. It seemed rather idyllic.
Kirishima headed to the bar and presented the drink pass to the bartender, glancing around to see if he might fit in somewhere in the loud bustling room.

"Drink?" The bartender asked, rushing to fill orders.

"A coke, plea-"

"Comin up."
The bartender grabbed a bottle from the shelves behind him and poured a liberal amount in a glass, tossing in some ice and a tiny straw before hosing cola into it. "Rum and coke." He announced, handing it to Kirishima and turning immediately to the next customer.
Kirishima had had a few sips of alcohol with his mother and it never really did that much to him, so he didn't bother amending the mistake, taking a swig and rather enjoying the slight burn mixed with the fizzy, sweet cola.

He wandered the party, sipping liberally.
Though he looked for th man who invited him, it was nearly impossible to locate him. He'd been in cosplay at the time and Kirishima hadn't really studied his face. He instead popped into a few conversations before he headed back to the bar, buzzed and feeling warm.
"Drink?" The bartender asked, not recognizing the nondescript boy.

"Rum and coke." Kirishima answered with confidence this time, his body swaying to the music and a loopy grin on his face. With a second drink acquired, he started making rounds again, feeling loose and giddy.
It didn't take long for him to find a group of people talking about his favorite subject: Ground Zero.

At least half of the group disagreed with several of Ground Zero's 'policies', which Kirishima found ridiculous. He, of course, defended the prohero, albeit a bit sloppily.
When the conversation died back down to another topic, he veered away, looking down at his almost empty cup and wondering if he should get more.

By now, Kirishima was feeling fuzzy and hot, deciding to skip another drink for the moment and get some air in the hallway.
He downed the rest of his drink and exited the room, leaning back on the wall and pulling out his phone to check again if Ground Zero had rescheduled. Sighing deeply, he was still absorbed when two men from the party stepped out as well, coming over to him.

"No update on GZ?"
Kirishima looked up slowly, "Nah, not yet." He frowned deeply, pocketing his phone and pushing himself upright with the wall for balance. He didn't like the way his body ignored his directions, swaying a bit before he leaned on the wall with his shoulder.

"Had a lot to drink?"
Kirishima furrowed his brows at the question. "Not... Really..." He said awkwardly, looking past one down the hall to the elevator. "Just tired."

"Maybe we can walk you to your room. Or would you rather come chill with us? We have some beers in our room." One offered, hovering.
"Uh... No thanks..." Kirishima staggered forward, the growing discomfort making all the good, warm feelings slide away.

One man nodded to the other, who reached out and grabbed Kirishima's shoulder. It felt as if the amount of drinks he'd drank doubled, his head hanging heavily.
Kirishima shook his head as they reached for him again, "Don't..." He mumbled, swatting at the hands of the man who had used his quirk on him. He was sure he'd pass out if it was used again.

"Aw, don't be that way, we're just trying to help."
They both reached for him, as if to haul him between them. Kirishima slid to the floor as a means to get away from them a little, hoping his dead weight would discourage them from trying to pull him any further from the party.

"Stop!" He barked, his hardened arms over his head.
"What a fucking brat. Can you just hit him again?" One asked the other.

"If you don't mind dragging him around." The other griped, grinning and reaching for Kirishima again.

"Don't touch me!" Kirishima demanded, kicking out at their shins and connecting with a leg.
The man without the doping quirk grabbed him and pulled him off the floor, "You little fucker!"

Kirishima saw him wind back to punch him and hardened his face, but the punch never connected. He opened an eye to see someone hulking over both of his assailants.
"He said not to touch him. You fuckin' hard of hearing? I gotta get loud with you?" Ground Zero had a hand on each of them, gripping them harder until they both whimpered. "That's what I thought. Get lost before I blast your arms off."

They both nodded and sighed when released.
Kirishima glanced at them running away before he looked up at his savior with watery eyes.

"Are you okay?" Ground Zero gave him a strong arm to hold onto, which Kirishima accepted fully, falling into his grip and clinging to him.

"So manly," He swooned, beaming up at his hero.
Ground Zero looked momentarily flushed before he shook his head. "I'll take that as a yes. Where is your room?"

Kirishima looked around, still holding onto him for dear life. "Here?" He offered, his head swimming and his heart pounding in his rib cage.

"What number?"
Kirishima glossed over the question. "You smell good..." He muttered, burying his face in Ground Zero's chest. He felt significantly more drunk than before, probably that damn quirk, or at least that was what Ground Zero cursed under his breath.

"Come on, you gotta sober up."
Kirishima rubbed his head and nodded, "I don't remember." He said after a moment. He'd never been that great at remembering numbers.

"Hah? You don't remember?" Ground Zero frowned, getting a better grip around Kirishima's waist and sighing. "Do you wanna go to the front desk?"
Kirishima shook his head, "Can I stay with you?" He looked up at Ground Zero, hopeful that he'd get the privilege of being in his company.

Ground Zero raised an eyebrow before scoffing. "Ballsy brat... Fine. Until that quirk wears off." He relented, adjusting his grip on him.
Kirishima leaned heavily on Ground Zero the entire walk to the room, mumbling apologies and blissfully being led to a comfy bed. It had the same lingering scent he'd jerked off to the day before.

"Ground Zero?" He called out tentatively when he was left there, already flushed.
"Drink this." The hero handed him a water, which Kirishima happily accepted, gulping it down and wiping his chin sloppily.

Kirishima swallowed thickly, "Y'know, I had a list of questions, but I can only think about your muscles now..." He let out a giddy giggle.
Ground Zero scoffed, "Don't say something you'll regret while you're drunk." He sat on the edge of the bed and checking his phone.

Kirishima edged closer, reaching out to gently touch the man's shoulder, feeling it tense slightly and relax as he dragged his hand down his bicep.
"I wouldn't regret anything." He mumbled dreamily, moving his hand from arm to chest.

"Well, you're drunk, so there won't be anything to regret." Ground Zero asserted, though he made no move to pull away, leaning back to look at Kirishima.

"Not even a blowjob?"
Kirishima made his sexiest face, nibbling his lip with sharp teeth. He watched Ground Zero's eyebrow raise slowly and his eyes glance at his mouth.

"Drunk and with a blender for a mouth? Hell no."

Kirishima pouted, but quickly recovered, "So if I was sober?"
Ground Zero turned towards him, a small grin spreading across his face, "Maybe." He settled back on the bed.

Kirishima pressed against him, smiling drunkenly. "Even though I'm just some fan boy?"

Ground Zero snorted, "A cute fan boy."

Kirishima couldn't tell if he was joking.
"What about a kiss?" He asked, trying to look sultry but ending up looking embarrassed and nervous. Which he was now, feeling too sincere and waiting to be shut down.

The pause gave him a little hope though. As Ground Zero looked over him again, he didn't try to hide his blush.
"You're blushing for a kiss but not a blowjob? The fuck..." Ground Zero chuckled, tilting his head and leaning forward. "Fine. Go ahead and kiss me."

Kirishima could feel his heart pounding all the way up in his throat as he leaned closer to his hero, parting his lips slowly.
He closed the gap sloppily and was surprised to find Ground Zero's lips soft. Even more surprised when he felt him reciprocating. He opened his mouth a little wider, moved his body closer. It was like sparks on his lips, tingling down his whole body, cock twitching happily.
"Mnh, you're hard from just a little kiss, fan boy?" Ground Zero teased, grinning against Kirishima's lips.

Kirishima pulled back just a tiny bit, lower lip stuck out in indignation, "Yeah, I mean, I was just thinking about sucking your dick. Can we do... A little more?"
He was hopeful. Ground Zero didn't seem too adverse to his advances and he did let him kiss him. He watched him pull away, heart dropping.

Ground Zero resituated himself against the headboard, leaning back in a casual, relaxed way. He was eyeing Kirishima with interest.
"Tell you what: You can do whatever you want so long as you keep your clothes on."

Kirishima clamored to his knees, "Really?" He asked, already inching his way up between the hero's legs.


Kirishima placed his hands on Ground Zero's chest, feeling his muscles, "Cool..."
Ground Zero chuckled at Kirishima's not-so-smooth reaction, not seeming to mind him squeezing his pecs at all.

Kirishima kept looking up for approval, but was only met with that dick-hardening smirk that was very proud of hard-earned muscles.
Kirishima still felt wobbly, keeping both hands on Ground Zero to stay upright and not slump against him. Or at least that was what he was trying to do, but it felt like magnets pulling him in to press their lips together again. He leaned into him, his pants uncomfortably tight.
"... Whatever I want..." He muttered against the hero's lips, one hand sliding down toned abs to a thick thigh, then back up. He wanted to trace every line of the defined body of Ground Zero.

He could feel the man tense and his cock twitch when he lightly rubbed his palm over it
Ground Zero didn't object, slowly sliding an arm around Kirishima and pulling him into the kiss, kissing him back harder than before.

Kirishima groaned into the kiss, soft whimpers bubbling out of him. He went to unbutton Ground Zero's jeans but was stopped.
"Clothes stay on, remember?"

"You said *my* clothes..." Kirishima whined back, pulling away a little with a pout, lips red from kissing. He didn't even know how appealing he looked.

"All clothes." Ground Zero slid his hands down to cup Kirishima's ass, kneading it firmly.
Kirishima let out a breathy sigh, pressing his ass into Ground Zero's hands as he arched back forward to kiss him again. He squirmed around, his cock uncomfortably hard in his pants.

Ground Zero was merciless, sucking at his lower lip and sprawling beneath him.
Kirishima ground into the hero more urgently, swiftly slinging his leg over the other's to grind against his thigh, moaning loudly as he trailed his kisses down Ground Zero's neck and collarbone.

Ground Zero hitched him up easily, gripping his ass and pulling him down harder.
Kirishima choked on a noise, sharp teeth nibbling at Ground Zero's shoulder, marking just where it might peek out of the deep V of his summer costume. He hoped he could see it on TV later, wondered if the hero would hide it or let the paparazzi have a field day.
He was leaking in his underwear at the thought, rutting against Ground Zero desperately. He whined a pathetic noise when he touched Ground Zero's cock again. Honestly, he considered this might be a dream since he was hard too and that seemed so surreal to him.
How could some nameless fan turn him on like this? Did he do this with other fans? Kirishima pushed it from his mind easily, intent on enjoying this dream or whatever the hell it was.

It felt like a fuzzy dream, the sound of his blood pumping and breath panting in his ears.
"Fuck... Please..." Kirishima moaned, his hips shuddering as Ground Zero pulled him hard against his thigh.

"Please what?"

"Let me touch your dick..." Kirishima was shamefully close, his hips shuddering with each rough grind down on Ground Zero's thick thigh.
Ground Zero bucked beneath him, which pushed Kirishima closer, riding the edge.

"No. If I take it out I'll wanna fuck you." Ground Zero growled, yanking him up further so their cocks rubbed together with only their clothes between.

"Fuck!" Kirishima hissed, clenching his shirt.
"So wrecked just from grinding... I can imagine how you'd look riding me."

Kirishima felt dizzy with the dirty talk in his ear, his cock absolutely throbbing. He gasped for words, grabbing at Ground Zero's hips and humping him earnestly. "I'm... I'm gonna..."
"Cum. Thinking about me fucking you."

And Kirishima did just that, rocking shallow thrusts as he creamed his pants completely, a dark, wet spot forming on his crotch.

"Nnh, Ground Zero," He whined, pawing at his hero's cock again, "Let me make you come too."
Ground Zero eyed Kirishima a moment, pulling him back in for a gentle kiss, running his tongue along the points of his teeth.

"Not tonight. You're still drunk." He scoffed softly, "Your mouth tastes like floor cleaner. Some cheap shit they were pouring into ya."
Kirishima slumped against him in disappointment. Very drowsy disappointment. "Another night?"

"We'll see once you're sober." Ground Zero was kind in his rejection, rubbing Kirishima's back in slow, rhythmic motions that made him sigh in contentment.
Kirishima woke up a bit when he's laid down and hears a shower turn on, but he's too hazy and tired to fully wake up. He saw Ground Zero walk out of the bathroom after what seemed only a blink, naked, steam rolling off his completely naked body. He wondered if it were a dream.
(imagine how mad everyone would be if I said AND IT WAS A DREAM LMAO. jkjk, it's not, I'll update it soon. I pinky promise 💜 thank you for your patience 😭)
When Kirishima woke up, he was disoriented and his head was throbbing. He looked around and quickly realized he was not in his room.

So it wasn't a dream?

He heard the shower running and flailed for his phone, grabbing a much smaller one and glancing at the time.
06:25 was blaring bright in his eyes. He blinked his vision clear and rubbed his eyes, sitting up and instantly feeling gross. What with his pants full of crusty residue.

He blushed deep red, remembering everything that happened the night before.
Kirishima glanced behind him, nibbling his lip and typing in Ground Zero's birthday. The phone flashed and told him he was wrong. He grimaced and typed his phone number in the box that popped up, prompting him to caption the picture it took of him.
He scrambled out of the bed, sure he looked like a fool. He downed some water that was open near him and searched for his stuff, quickly grabbing his bag and phone from the floor before turning to the door.

He paused, staring at the bathroom door for a moment.
He almost jumped out of his skin when the door opened to reveal a half naked hero.

"Ah, um, sorry. I was just... Ah, I-" Kirishima was relieved when Ground Zero cut him off.

"It's fine. I have a meeting before my panel. I was coming to wake you up." The hero toweled himself.
Kirishima couldn't help but follow the motions of the towel with his eyes.

"Right..." He muttered, hurriedly snapping his gaze back up to Ground Zero's eyes. "We can.... Meet up later or something... If you want, I mean."

"We'll see."
Kirishima slid out of the room, his heart hammering the whole way back to his own room. He quickly headed for the shower, dropping his stuff on the bed and peeling off his disgusting clothes.

He paused, his phone buzzing at him from the bed. He tapped the screen.
His own puzzled face looked back at him, his phone number across the bottom.

'You could have just asked.' The text read, from an unknown number.

He stared incredulously, shaking fingers typing back, 'Can I have your phone number? lol'

'Save it'

Kirishima did as instructed.
He lingered by his phone for a minute, taking it with him to the shower and looking over himself. He thought back to the night before, feeling his cock stirring already with interest.

He gave himself a preliminary wipe down, snapping a picture of himself in the mirror.
Kirishima arrived at the panel first. He got his seat in the very front, wearing his specially selected, tight, slightly distressed black jeans. He complimented it with a shirt that was just a tiny bit too short for him, showing off his tummy just above his sparse happy trail.
He was a little embarrassed at how some of the other people eyed his body, but he figured that it meant his plan was working.

He might just catch the eye of the intended target.

Ground Zero's panel opened with the hero walking out onto the stage in full costume.

He was so hot.
Kirishima squirmed in his seat as he eyed every single tightly covered muscle, thinking back to how close they'd been how he humped him. His face flushed red.

He glanced up from his phone, noticing Ground Zero's eyes falling on him within moments.


He sent the text.
There was mild chatter as the panel was being set up; people clapping, the buzz of conversation. It all drowned out in Kirishima's ears as he watched his hero intently.

Ground Zero's eyes grew wide as he saw the lewd text: Kirishima's body on full display in the mirror.
They locked eyes again and Kirishima blushed deeper,leaning back a little in his chair so that his navel peeked from under his shirt. He spread his legs just enough and sent another picture.

This time Ground Zero's view was from the back, Kirishima bent over, ass on display.
The hero couldn't help but stare at where Kirishima's hand gripped his ass cheek tightly to pull himself open and show his tight hole in the third picture.

"Ahem. We'll start now if everyone is ready." The emcee said, pulling out some conversational topics.
Ground Zero kept his phone on his thigh.

Shortly after, Kirishima received a text.

'Torturin me for not pounding you? Cheap trick.'

Kirishima smirked and idly played with the hem of his shirt, responding, 'Maybe you can pound me today to make up for it.'

Confidence felt good.
Kirishima watched Ground Zero sit up straighter. He wished the table didn't have a cover so he could see any bulge.

He squirmed in his seat, feeling like such a pervert. He tried to relax and act casual as he leaned back a bit, showing off his body for one person.
He sent another text, a picture of two fingers pulling his hole open as he nibbled his lip. It was ever so slightly blurry from the way he'd trembled when he took it.

He'd never sent nudes before. Especially not ones like these.

The emcee cleared his throat, "Ground Zero?"
Ground Zero stared at the emcee for a split second before reaching up and touching his right ear. "The Howitzer gets this one the worst. Whad'dya say?"

Kirishima wondered if it was his imagination or if Ground Zero really had a slight blush.

God, he was getting hard.
Fortunately, his tight jeans kept everything in place, so to speak, but his own bulge was clear.

Also fortunately, this panel wasn't about him.

He sent a picture from between his legs, angled up at his body, his sack hanging heavy under his hard cock and his abs under his hand.
Kirishima could feel the heated look on him, but stared down at his phone, nibbling his lower lip as he squirmed.

He could barely even hear the panel questions over the blood drumming in his ears, only hearing snippets of Ground Zero's distracted responses.

'Maybe I will.'
Ground Zero seemed to barely be present for the rest of the panel, fidgeting and practically grinding his teeth as he watched Kirishima.

Kirishima couldn't stop squirming, getting up as soon as the panel was over, hurrying out the door while everyone was clapping.
He looked for the back entrance, where Ground Zero would presumably come out. He found it down a short hallway, standing to the side and waiting.

The door swung in and the hero stepped out, glancing over at Kirishima with a primal look in his eyes.
He advanced at Kirishima, stopping short and placing his hand on the wall near him.

"You fuckin' around with me?" The hero growled in a low rumble, making Kirishima knees quake.

The tightness in his pants was making him dizzy and flushed.

"God, I hope so..." He said shakily.
Ground Zero grabbed Kirishima's arm tightly, leading him to a door across from the one he exited.

Kirishima barely had time to recognize his surroundings before the hero pushed him against the door and locked it, pressing their groins together.

He was rock hard as well.
"Fuck.." Kirishima whimpered, grabbing at Ground Zero's shirt and pulling at the hem, "Fuck me."

The hero seemed more than eager to comply, running his large hand over Kirishima's waistband, sliding his fingers up under his shirt. "Yeah?"

"Please, hero..."
Kirishima loved the low growl that elicited from Ground Zero, grabbing his thick arms for leverage as he rocked himself against the muscular man.

"Call me Katsuki." The breath on Kirishima's neck was hot and sent shivers down his spine. He nodded in return, gasping softly.
"K-Katsuki..." He tested the name on his tounge, "Will you call me Eijirou?"

Katsuki pulled away to grin at him, "I'll call you whatever the hell you want." He pushed Kirishima's shirt up and brushed calloused hands over his abs, "Eijirou..."
Kirishima dug his nails into Katsuki's skin, arching into his touch. He let out a startled yelp as Katsuki sucked a hickey on his neck while he flicked his nipple around gently.

He squirmed and fumbled around with the zipper to Katsuki's pants, earning a low chuckle from him.
Katsuki slid a hand between them, helping Kirishima unbutton his pants. He urged his hand inside as he worked open Kirishima's jeans and yanked them down his hips.

Kirishima was too busy fondling the head of Katsuki's cock to help much with his undressing, rolling his body.
He played with the head a little clumsily, trying his best to do it how he liked it. Katsuki didn't seem to object, bucking his hips into Kirishima's hand as he pushed the foreskin back to thumb Katsuki's dripping tip.

"I.. I brought a condom.." Kirishima stammered breathlessly.
Katsuki bit on his neck lightly as he wriggled Kirishima's jeans down further. "I'll put it to good use once I peel these fuckers off a ya." He pushed Kirishima's pants down impatiently, pulling away to look at him once he'd gotten them down far enough.
Kirishima took his hand back, licking the precome off his fingers, face flushed deeply. His dick hung with its weight, still a pretty pink against his pale abs.

"Pretty fuckin hung for a short-ass." Katsuki teased, kneeling to pull Kirishima's pants the rest of the way off.
Kirishima laughed at the comment, but it quickly turned into a gasp as Katsuki leaned forward and licked from base to shaft, planting a wet kiss on the tip.

"K-Katsuki! I-I'll come too fast if you do that..." He admitted with a shy look.

It served only to rile Katsuki up more.
Katsuki dug a finger in Kirishima's pants pocket, lifting out the aforementioned condom. "Doesn't mean we can't still use this after," he teased, taking Kirishima deep into his throat in one swallow.

Kirishima moaned loudly, hands hardening as he tried to grip at the door.
"Nnh! I want it now. Please..." Kirishima begged, looking down at Katsuki's plump lips sliding up and down his cock. He grit his teeth as he felt his orgasm rushing up on him. "W-Wait! I'm gonna- I'm- Fuck! Ah, Katsuki!"

Katsuki slowed only a little, his nose touching the base.
He held the position, swallowing and working his tongue and throat around Kirishima's cock. He felt his balls tense up, bobbing his head in encouragement.

Kirishima actually scraped the door with his quirk as he bucked into Katsuki's mouth suddenly, climax hitting him hard.
Katsuki swallowed it all, never looking away from Kirishima's face as he licked him clean. He popped of his dick with a wet smack, licking his lips. "Turn around for me..." he said in a husky voice, "I'll get you ready."

Kirishima, though still dizzy, couldn't flip fast enough.
He pressed his chest against the door, jutting his ass out eagerly.

Katsuki hissed an appreciative noise as he squeezed Kirishima's ass cheeks, spreading them with his thumbs. He planted his tongue flat against his taint and dragged it up over his hole.
Kirishima melted into the sensation with a long, pleasured groan, pressing back as hard as Katsuki's hands would let him.

"Where do you like my mouth best, Eijirou?" Katsuki pulled back to ask, pressing a kiss to his twitching hole.
"There! There..." Kirishima moaned, panting heavily. He craned his neck, trying to see over his shoulder. "More... Please..."

Katuski was happy to comply, nudging and opening Kirishima up with his tongue, slowly pushing more and more in with each prod.
He released one cheek to swirl his finger around Kirishima's hole, sliding it inside in replacement of his tongue. "Can you hold yourself open?"

Kirishima pressed his full weight against the door as he reached back to pull his ass cheeks apart.
Katsuki pumped his own cock leisurely, stuffing his finger further into Kirishima's hole as he started licking around it, nudging his tongue in beside to stretch him gently. He couldn't believe how tight Kirishima was, grunting and squeezing the base of his dick to hold over.
Kirishima whimpered and gasped above Katsuki, his dick already twitching itself hard again. He'd never felt like this before, as if every nerve ending inside his pelvis was on fire, urging him to pull himself wider. He slid a finger inside, brushing his knuckles against tongue.
He felt pretty much stretched out,frantically pleading under his breath for Katsuki to please, please fuck him.

Though it took some begging and a few more minutes of stretching, Katsuki finally pulled his mouth off him, breathing hard.

"So fuckin' impatient..."
Katsuki tugged at him a little more, examining Kirishima as one might look a dessert or their favorite meal, a small smirk tugging at his glistening lips.

"You sure you're ready?"

"Yes, yes, please!" Kirishima practically whined, hard again and feeling more desperate than ever.
Katsuki cursed quietly, sliding his fingers out and standing. He opened the condom and slid it on with ease, dripping the remaining lube from the packet onto Kirishima's hole.

Kirishima shivered at the slick wetness dripping into his hole, still holding himself open wide.
Kirishima might have been a little too eager to be stuffed, as he realized once Katsuki's girthy cock started stretching him much, much wider than he ever had been before. It startled him into tensing up, earning a grunt from Ground Zero.

"Tight- Fuck... Relax..."
Kirishima whimpered back softly, "Nnh... Big..."

Katsuki let out a soft, breathy chuckle, right into Kirishima's ear. "Yeah? Too big?" He asked, pulling back slightly.

"No! Nnh- Nooo..." Kirishima whined desperately, "Keep going, please.."

Katsuki kissed at his neck, "Okay."
Kirishima relaxed as much as he could, pressing back with his hip and trying to take more, breath hitching as the tip popped past the tight ring of muscles that were twitching with pleasure.

Katsuki reached around to gently hold Kirishima by his hip, almost his lower belly.
"There... You don't have to hold yourself open anymore. Let me take care of you."

Kirishima sighed heavily as he let his arms drop, feeling much more full now that he wasn't forcing his hole open. He shuddered at the feeling, letting himself be maneuvered into position.
Katsuki slowly pushed in more, loving the way Kirishima squirmed on his cock: a back and forth dance of pushing onto him and arching his back. "Breathe," he reminded Kirishima, pushing the rest of the way in.

He stopped then, letting Kirishima catch his breath.
He moved his hand to press lightly on Kirishima's lower belly, feeling himself inside him as he moved his fingers in little waves.

"G-God, fuck... I feel so full, so good..." Kirishima said shakily, his breath slowly starting to even out. "You can move now."
Katsuki still had a fair amount of control, but once he started moving, the desire to pound him into the door crept up quickly. He didn't even notice his pace gradually increasing as he moved his hips in steady, firm rolls.
He tilted Kirishima's hips and cradled his stomach, angling him to hit that perfect spot inside him.

Kirishima could do nothing but pant, his cock dripping between his legs as Katsuki fucked him hard. It was amazing. Bright spots of pleasure flashed in his eyes with each thrust.
He gasped and choked on a moan, tears prickling his eyes from overstimulation. He couldn't believe he was already this close to coming again. His hips bucked, feeling pinned to the door on Ground Zero's fat cock. He certainly never believed this would happen.
"I can't last... I won't- Ah, oh fuck. I want you to come inside me!" He moaned loudly, his body jerking in pleasure when Katsuki suddenly covered his mouth with one strong hand.

"Sh- Fuck!" Katsuki hushed him ineloquently, his hips stuttering as he grew closer.
Katsuki knew damn well he wouldn't last either, not with Kirishima squeezing him so tightly. He pumped into him a few times slowly, then suddenly changed angle and pace, fucking him into the door hard.
Kirishima's voice rose under his hand, moaning wantonly with the knowledge he wouldn't be heard, that Katsuki would keep their secret safe. Keep him safe.

He wanted to make Katsuki come at least once before he came again, but it was no use.
He was sent over the edge with one deep thrust, biting Katsuki's hand as he came again hard, splattering the door with his come. He clenched around the thick cock inside him, moaning into the slobbery hand on his mouth.

Katsuki fucked him thoroughly during his second orgasm.
But that was his last stand, panting heavily as he fucked into Kirishima few more times. He pressed into him, his body twitching and shaking as his come filled the condom. He held Kirishima close, his hands moving to hold his middle in an embrace.

More like holding him up.
"Amazing..." Katsuki purred into Kirishima's ear.

Kirishima made some kind of noise in response, fucked out.

"Hah, right. Maybe you could come recover in my room?"

"Mmmnh.... nice...." Kirishima mumbled with a dopey grin.
Katsuki chuckled, leaning against the door to catch his breath. "We could skip the rest of the convention and hide out there."

"God, yes. Does that mean you'll fuck me again?" Kirishima asked, suddenly finding his voice.

"As much as you want."
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