Beating the blues on an overcast day.: Poori, cholay , lauki , green and sweet chutney #WednesdayMotivation
Today’s special! Jowar Roti and eggplant ennegai. ಜೋಳದ ರೋಟ್ಟಿ ಎಣಗಾಯಿ ಬೆಣ್ಣೆ. #FridayFeeling
Too lazy to cook on a Sunday morning, making it passable with Fenugreek scrambled eggs, Dave’s killer bread with butter& taste of childhood- Kissan Jam
Too lazy to cook? How about brown rice ramen, sautéd vegetables, grilled tofu with miso sauce #Foodies #MondayMotivation
When life gives you Avarekai, think Avarekal uppitt. #Foodies #glutenfree
#bira91 and Golgappa, just what’s needed to beat the mid week blues #foodies
#FridayFeeIing brown rice Idli, Nicchinunde, Sambar, Chutney and jaggery chutney .. #Foodies
#leftover rice is no problem with these Masale Akki rotti #glutenfree #foodie
Fresh buttermilk seasoned with Hing and cumin means a fantastic summer afternoon. #foodies
Strawberries + chocolate+ a pair of messy little hands = ❤️

#foodies #glutenfree
Sunday special, Veg Biriyani for believers, Karnataka style Chicken Biriyani for non-believers #foodies #glutenfree Happy eating
When you cannot wait for #TacoTuesday, it’s Roti Monday #foodies
@Starbucks hot chocolate with double chocolate oats pancake bites on a school holiday #foodie #glutenfree
Apart from liberalization, deeply indebted to Dr Manmohan Singh for Desi Mangoes in USA. Here are lovingly packed, airlifted Kesar, my favorite right after Raspuri / Malgoa/ Dushahri . #Mango #queen

I hereby declare that Mango hates are in-fact elitist snobs.
Summer weekend= ಉಪ್ಪಿನಕಾಯಿ/ pickle factory 8 bottles of Mango pickles + 2 bottles of Mango tokku done #foodies
Rustic Anda curry to fill heart, soul and stomach ... #foodies #glutenfree
ಹುರಳಿ ಬಸ್ಸಾರು -Horse gram bassaru with brown rice and a spoon of ghee , just the right fuel on a long work day #Foodies #Sattvic #glutenfree #vegetarian
ರವೆ ದೋಸೆ / rave dose, crispy goodness, vouched by Mr Goldie as the best Father’s Day present. Happy eating if you are not watching.

#SundayBrunch Skillet eggs and vegetables on the deck this sunny Sunday morning #Foodies
#SundayMorning cool Ganji/rice porridge for breakfast on the deck hearing cicadas do their thing
Ghee made from grass fed home extracted butter , conventional super market butter. That’s the difference between good stuff and passable stuff #Foodies #Saatvic
@pedestrianwoman look what you made me do .. Poori (made in a hurry out of chapati ka atta) with left over Pundi Palya/ Gongura & chori subzi.. now I am left craving for some mithai.
Sunday special Drumstick huli/ sambar, buffalo yogurt , Poppy seeds & almond Kheer with papad and brown rice #vegetarian #Foodies
To Krishna, with love

Gojjavalakki and Sihi avalakki (poha)
Lazy Saturday brunch brown rice & badanekai Bajji/ seasoned eggplants, methya Tovve/fenugreek dal, hesarubele payasa/ Moong dal kheer
Shishito pepper with black bean noodles with Bira white beer = relaxing Saturday evening
Grilled Shishito peppers, portobello mushrooms and mozzarella Sanwich. @KillerBread rules #Foodies
Bimbimbap a la Chipotle- vegan Korean bowl loaded with Kimchi + assorted Banchan at a local restaurant. Yum #foodies
Remembering Pitrus / ancestors via their favorite foods.. Chicken curry, rice, Kheer, kesari bhaat, peanuts all Grandpa’s favorites and sheekh kabab because he was toothless. #Foodies
Remembering Ajji with her favorite foods, chitranna/ lemon rice/ Vada, Chilly bajji, kesari bhaat, kheer and gongura dal #foodies
Vegetable pulao for breakfast ! Bliss #foodie
Hot chocolate and fruit cake taking care of sugar levels on a sleepy afternoon #foodies
Awesome Tacos at Flat Fix, NYC #foodies
@artichokepizza NYC yum !
Masale Dose calling

(Mysore Masala Dosa as they world knows it)
#Foodies #Vegan #vegetarian
Every day is a blessing.

#Thanksgiving with roasted vegetables, stuffed mushrooms, Palak paneer , Roti & Mango creme brûlée , Vanilla creme brûlée.
Thanks much Tahsin
When the food gods come calling #vegetarian #Foodies
Snowy day, craving for warm beach, sunshine & spicy Thai food... made do with Thai inspired peanut sesame noodles, chayote squash salad & a hearty bowl of lentil soup aka masoor or dal. #vegan #vegetarian #foodie
Say hello to #brunch Dal-barely-makhani & Bindi #vegetarian #foodies
#SundayBrunch Girmit-ish with Chooda/ Chewda and Mirchi Bajji #plantbased #vegan
Holiday begins with good food #foodies #MerryChrismas
If you ever wondered what Once Upon a University Campus’ Sarson ka Saag looked like, yeah the one SSO used to make to woo Anika, it is something like this. #MerryChrismas fandom #Ishqbaaaz
Christmas special #Foodies
Signing off the decade with some #plantbased Aloo Gobi & serious thoughts of taking up the 30 day Plant based challenge.
Hello weekend! My resolution to keep off sugar and keep it plant based goes crashing down with Pineapple Kesari bhaat and Khara bhaat , together known as Chow chow bhaat #vegetarian #foodies
Kadi Pakoda time ! #foodie #vegetarian
#lockdown Holige with whole wheat flour substituted for AP flour #BeatTheVirus
If food does not do it, nothing ever will.. Gulab Jamoon #Foodies #BeatTheLockdownBlues
Spelt flour double chocolate vegan cookies #Vegan #BeatTheLockdownBlues
Masa flour standing in for whole wheat flour with the last package of Saag, Panner... substitutions rock! #BeatTheLockdownBlues #Foodies
#vegan Carrot Kheer with cashews and saffron #Foodies #BeatTheLockDownBlues
Almost Dal Makhani with brown rice #vegetarian
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