This @exxonmobile chart from 1982 predicted that in 2019 our atmospheric CO2 level would reach about 415 parts per million, raising the global temperature roughly 0.9 degrees C.

Update: The world crossed the 415 ppm threshold this week and broke 0.9 degrees C in 2017 1/
Here’s another from @exxonmobile 1982. It showed how global warming would initially be almost indistinguishable from normal climate fluctuations. But by 2020 there could be no doubt—the old "normal" would be entirely left behind. Welcome to the future 2/
The charts above was from a summary of the best climate science in 1982, produced by internal @exxonmobile scientists and distributed widely throughout the company, starting with execs. The science has since improved dramatically, but it was very good even back then 3/
The @exxonmobil climate memo was one of several fascinating documents unearthed in 2015 by a Pulitzer-finalist series of stories by @insideclimate reporters
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