"documents for NY’s new prison phone system, obtained by The Appeal & The Intercept, and followup interviews with prison authorities, indicate that Dukes was right to be suspicious: His audio sample was being “enrolled” into a new voice surveillance system" https://theintercept.com/2019/01/30/prison-voice-prints-databases-securus/
1/5 "Consider the DHS’ so-called “fusion centers”, which are little more than spying hubs that vacuum up information from federal and local authorities and store it for indefinite amounts of time. A scathing Senate report on the centers,
2/5 "-which have cost the DHS at least $1.4 billion dollars, concluded that they produce “predominantly useless information” - one employee was quoted calling it “a bunch of crap” - and that they also “run afoul of departmental guidelines meant to guard against civil liberties”"
3/5 "and are “possibly in violation of the Privacy Act”. While they’ve spied on many people who were engaged in purely First Amendment protected activities, they’re not known to have stopped a terrorist attack. The DHS has also turned into a piggy bank for local police forces,"
4/5 "-handing out millions and millions of dollars in military gear to police that they can barely account for, along with high-tech spying equipment used for mass surveillance of innocent citizens. For example, they have a program to hand out funds for local police to buy-"
1/7 "Secret files obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal that from 2011 to 2015 at least 319 New York Police Department employees who committed offenses serious enough to merit firing were allowed to keep their jobs.

Many of the officers lied, cheated, stole,-"
2/7 "-or assaulted New York City residents. At least fifty employees lied on official reports, under oath, or during an internal affairs investigation. Thirty-eight were found guilty by a police tribunal of excessive force getting into a fight, or firing their gun unnecessarily."
3/7 "Fifty-seven were guilty of driving under the influence. Seventy-one were guilty of ticket-fixing. One officer, Jarrett Dill, threatened to kill someone. Another, Roberson Tunis, sexually harassed and inappropriately touched a fellow officer. Some were guilty of lesser-"
4/7"-offense like mouthing off to a supervisor.

At least two dozen of these employees worked in schools. Andrew Bailey was found guilty of touching a female student on the thigh and kissing her on the cheek while she was sitting in his car. In a school parking lot while he was-"
5/7 "-supposedto be on duty, Lester Robinson kissed a woman, removed his shirt and began to remove his pants. And Juan Garcia, while off duty, illegally sold prescription medication to an undercover officer. In every instance, the police commissioner, who has final authority in-"
6/7"-disciplinary decisions, assigned these officers to “dismissal probation,” a penalty with few practical consequences. The officer continues to do their job at their usual salary. They may get less overtime and won’t be promoted during that period, which usually lasts a year."
"Police still not investigating Leave campaigns, citing ‘political sensitivities’

Months after Scotland Yard received ‘substantial’ evidence of potential criminality by pro-Leave groups, nothing has happened." https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/met-police-stall-brexit-campaign-investigations-claiming-polit/
1/2 "Over 200 arrests have been made and at least 12 businesses shut down as the result of an eight month-long investigation spanning across three counties on Florida’s Treasure Coast.The area is a seasonal playground for many of America’s rich and powerful, and is peppered-"
"Cindy Yang, a Florida massage magnate who founded the spa where Robert Kraft is accused of paying for sex from women believed to be sex trafficking victims, celebrated the Super Bowl this year at a party hosted by none other than President Donald Trump", https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2019/03/08/trump-super-bowl-florida-spa-cindy-yang-robert-kraft/
But when they do their actual jobs and follow the evidence where it leads, within reason, means and law, then it's suddenly "too intrusive".
Just in case they remove the tweet I decided to embedd an image of it. New York City this is a significant part of your actual police. @AOC
@SenGillibrand @GovChristie
And also take the time to point out some rather strange correlations. https://twitter.com/SBANYPD/status/1199834724103065601?s=19
Remember those initial reports on @CNNi and other networks quoting police officers stating that the recent blackout was somehow caused by a manhole fire/blowout a claim that was repeated by away on campaign mayor Deblasio? So did he get fed faulty information?

"The power outage was caused by a manhole fire, according to tweets from the NYPD and the mayor.

There was nothing to suggest anything deliberate, according to a senior fire official and a senior NYPD official who spoke on a condition of anonymity."

"Preliminary reports mirror what governor Cuomo was quick to point out to news reporters after consulting with experts mid-crisis;

"That system detects electrical faults and directs circuit breakers to isolate and de-energize those faults," the company said in a statement."
"Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was campaigning for president in Iowa, said it appears the outage was the result of a mechanical problem in the electrical grid".

Deblasios absence prompted the (more than a bit) Trump friendly NY POST to run one hell of a headline.
"the questions that should be on everybody’s mind should be in the age of internet connection and cell phones, why did it take over an hour for any news agency to report this ? Why did it take until late last night to tell New Yorkers what area’s were effected, when the Daily-"
"-Mail had this information? And how does Con Ed not know what happened? It seemed Verizon had a clue because a friend of mine who owns a business was sent an e-mail from Verizon stating they expected outage last night and this was before the blackout." https://t2conline.com/what-doesnt-make-sense-about-the-nyc-blackoutt/

"It was one of the biggest riots in New York City history.
As many as 10,000 demonstrators blocked traffic in downtown Manhattan on Sept. 16, 1992. Reporters and innocent bystanders were violently assaulted by the mob as thousands of dollars in private property was-"

"-destroyed in multiple acts of vandalism. The protesters stormed up the steps of City Hall, occupying the building. They then streamed onto the Brooklyn Bridge, where they blocked traffic in both directions, jumping on the cars of trapped, terrified motorists."

"Many of the protestors were carrying guns and openly drinking alcohol.
Yet the uniformed police present did little to stop them. Why? Because the rioters were nearly all white, off-duty NYPD officers. They were participating in a Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association-"

"-demonstration against Mayor David Dinkins’ call for a Civilian Complaint Review Board and his creation earlier that year of the Mollen Commission, formed to investigate widespread allegations of misconduct within the NYPD."
"Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin described the racist conduct in chilling detail:
“The cops held up several of the most crude drawings of Dinkins, black, performing perverted sex acts,” he wrote. “And then, here was one of them calling across the top of his beer can held to-"
"-his mouth, ‘How did you like the n*****s beating you up in Crown Heights?’”
The off-duty cops were referring to a severe beating Breslin suffered while covering the 1991 Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn.
Breslin continued: “Now others began screaming …"

"‘How do you like what the n*****s did to you in Crown Heights?’
“ ‘Now you got a n****r right inside City Hall. How do you like that? A n****r mayor.’"
Wow @Google search would not find this article and @Twitter would not re-direct me to anything but the @wapo homepage after following this embedded link👇 and then ultimately searching for the exact title. 😳 Undoubtedly some Trumpo-Nazis wear uniform. https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1199898800665563136?s=19
You can't make this up, New York City police union everybody. https://twitter.com/olgaNYC1211/status/1226741511519440896?s=19
And in todays edition of the crazy racist shit the actual twitter account of the actual New York police union gets to put out without getting suspended by @TwitterSafety: They just doxxed Mayor De Blasios daughter. https://twitter.com/AASchapiro/status/1267297798241878016?s=19

Since it would seem as though the NYPD has decided to stop "protecting & serving" until they get their 1 billion in funding back, as an organized group of mafia hitmen cruise around killing random civilians. Let's look at how these two things connect.

This is how NYPD is run, it's not an isolated incident, it's not just a culture issue, it's not just infiltration by organized crime. It is wholly co-opted by organized crime. If you doubt that for even a second, I suggest you read this entire thread.

Who was it that literally incited a police riot against mayor Dinkins the first black mayor of New York? Giuliani literally created the "COMMISSION". #blacklivesmatter #defundpolice #policebrutality #georgefloydprotests
This is who runs NYC👇🗽 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1155642120528703489?s=19
Addendum 1/2:

This was all they ever had to charge the US mafia families through RICO.

It was more about busting a labour Union, than a crime ring. Giuliani basically took down the most powerful counterforce to the influx of Latin American drug lord's.

And once you're done with ☝️

I suggest you read through this thread right here 👇🤬 https://twitter.com/Fogfaaja/status/1175163335228178438?s=19
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