1/Here's a WILD theory....
Q hints that No Name did, and Pelosi may 'FAKE' illness to avoid prosecution.
In the Bible, King David, when captured by enemies, FAKED insanity and was set free?
What if....Reagan, knowing his 2 terms were up, FAKED Alzheimers?
Why do this?
2/ King David's version....circa 1000 BC
When David was caught, he PANICked, and pretended to go crazy, drooling in his beard.
3/ WAS THIS an EPIC TROLL of the cabal, giving Rod Rosenstein a FAKE BEARD as a going away gift after his ROLE at Justice?? https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1127619903085740032
4/ remember,....Reagan was an.....A C T O R.
What purpose would FAKING Alzheimer's have?

Was he able to meet freely with white hats for YEARS, after his term ended, INFORMING THEM of all he knew of the SWAMP?
and all the while? The FAKE news media and politicians dismissed him?
5/ Oh my, Reagan's date of death is June 5, 2004
add the digits, Patriots-- 6/5/2004. YES IT ADDS TO 17!!!!
I have done a thread where I believe D5 may be June 5, as POTUS will be in the UK celebrating DDay 75 years on June 6.
Dday was JUNE 5 in the USA .
But for now...
6/ JFK JR death 1999. It's hinted that's when POTUS got serious about the Presidency. If 'faking Alz' theory is true, POTUS would've had 5 years to 'visit' w/Reagan gleaning advice about swamp-draining & be warned about the Bushes. is this the RELATIONSHIP in qdrop 1082??
MARCH 11, 1987

9/ @fbi just posted Trump's 1980s work this past october 2018 to the Vault. https://vault.fbi.gov/trump-organization
10/ could the cabal's PAST MISTAKE with Reagan be getting 'fooled' by the fake diagnosis? 🔽 This Q post 15 is on HALLOWEEN 2017! What do people do on Halloween? They dress up as Actors with Disguises and are FAKES ....
13/ Back to WHY?
Think what the Cabal did to JFK. To RFK. To MLK.
Think what they did to Nixon.
Think what they did to Reagan just 61 days into office?
The unthinkable.
Is a 'fake alzheimer' ACT so unbelievable?
He could protect himself, Nancy, and ultimately his Country...
14/ Attaching my June 5 (Reagan's Birthday) theory of D5
D-Day was June 5 in USA June 6 in UK
D just means Day, so Day 5
D5 means that in Q? Day 5
POTUS will be in UK June 3-5 celebrating 75th anniv.
IMO it's on the WATCH 3:05 https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1127200038411735040
15/ D5
Dec 5 or June 5?
Qdrops re: GHWB state funeral
Bush 41 orchestrated JFK demise+Reagan's? He was VP.
Was it the cabal's ultimate power play to have GHWB state funeral on D5, anticipating that the real D5 was D-Day and Reagan's Birthday?
NO WONDER Q COUNTered with envelopes!
16/ Q's Tribute to RR, Ronald Reagan, another double entendre!!
17/ More connections:
Reagan was President of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD
What is a junior member of a guild called?
You guessed it?

YUP 16 candidates plus Trump = 17 !!!
a Q uality Show!
18/ so just HOW did the GUILD Master Reagan, A Patriot, train his APPRENTICE, TRUMP? IMO, Movie-making, infiltrating Hollywood seats of power, & Branding.
Reagan's career started in 1938 with a comedy Brother Rat, where he played a rule-breaking cadet at Virginia Military Inst.
19/ This evolved to a 4 movie series playing the SECRET SERVICE role of Agent Brass Bancroft and his sidekick Gabby WATTERS. in 1939 = 22=11/11 marker!

WATCH the WatTers, per Q???
20/ another Brass Bancroft movie, SECRET SERVICE of the AIR, deals with Reagan's role going undercover, to stop illegal trafficking /smuggling of ILLEGAL ALIENS across the Southern border with Mexico. Yea, in 1939. 22 and 11/11 marker
1939 = 22 = 11/11 marker

California "SHOOTING" double entendre for ACTING??
Movies are 'shot' in Hollywood, CALIFORNIA
22/ World War 2 service..
Reagan was in the Army, as a noncombatant making training films in Hollywood during WW2. Played roles from Chaplain to Pilot & more. He was a Captain at discharge.
Wonder what RR's OTHER ROLE may have been in the military? Acting = Cover for INTELL??
23 / Reagan was a secret informant for the FBI after WW2 to root out communism from Hollywood. Again, Trump the Apprentice did similarly, against mob corruption, working with the FBI in the 1980s. See 8/ above !!
24/ Trump & RR share Hollywood experience. Q: We SHEEP were supposed to 'follow the stars' &vote HRC & support groupthink liberal narrative. Like RR, Trump infiltrated Hollywood w/years of APPRENTICE shows & 'knows where the bodies are buried". Stars that LOVED him now HATE him.
25/ Apprentice Trump learned from RR how to 'develop his brand'. That "branding" for BOTH included making one's self a household name via Hollywood, opining on politics for decades, working w/ the FBI AND the MILITARY (Q: the ONLY WAY) to win the Presidency
26/ Q: 'what former President used the military to save the Republic'? A: Abraham Lincoln. We are now also at WAR to save our Republic, but it will NOT spill into the streets per Q. Patriots are in Control. The 'war' is the fight for AWAKENING HEARTS/MINDS.

27/ RR: Freedom is never more than ONE GENERATION AWAY from extinction.
Ronald Reagan POTUS 40 2/6/1911 - 6/5/2004 passed the Torch to.....
Donald J. Trump POTUS 45 6/14/1946 -
28/ more Q proofs. Reagan’s nickname was DUTCH. Gematria 11
29/Dutch meaning? It fits. Pretend to be rather thick, à la Sun Tzu. One meaning of the idiom dutch. Dutch also means risky behavior – – think FBI informant and patriot faking Alzheimer’s to teach apprentice Trump. Finally ? Dutch = A MAN WITH A PLAN . Trust the Plan?
30\\ Spouse, not I, read the Dutch biography. Very strange, as the author complained that Reagan gave no information. So he created a fictional character throughout the bio, interacting with Reagan at different stages of his life.Sound like a psy op? Spouse thought so
33/the legend has come to mean anyone who is like a whistleblower of sorts- seeing a problem in government, and both working to fix it and sounding the warning to others? Like Reagan’s warnings of excess invasive government and forgetting our history ? http://c-span.org/video/?c453610 
34/ More recently DUTCH BOY refers to GEOSTORM, a 2017 movie about a government satellite system - DUTCH BOY - ‘intended for protective good’ that instead brings cataclysmic STORMs and threat of annihilation to the world . Think Q — think coming STORM?
35/ back to QDrop 1082: what if POTUS refers to both Reagan and trump ; and JFK jr was ALSO part of this ‘Relationship’ ‘Start’-ing in 1999, to transmitting info from RR to the Apprentices (trump &JFKJR) to Start a new Plan to defeat the corruption?

Drop 3102 WE must fight.
36/there’s more Qclues! “40,000 ft v. “ Q drop reference has previously had me stumped. Think- Reagan is potus 40! (I’m getting goosebumps)..... read on .....
37/ analyze the posts: 40,000 ft
v. Means versus , as in a football game.
40 yard line mentioned
‘Picture’ can mean ‘movie’
Q - keep eye on the ball! We’re on OFFENSE the
W H O L E T I M E !!
38/ Reagan the actor, played George gipp the GIPPER, 1940 PICTURE show. Gipper played OFFENSE! The ‘win one for the GIPPER’ phrase was at a Army / notre dame halftime speech, When Gipper was dying and couldn’t play and cheered on his team. POTUS 40 message to Trump and JFK jr??
39/ here’s the speech-
40/ here potus’ s twitter backdrop NOW! Yup- the Army football team! Alluding to the ‘Win one for the GIPPER’ speech at an ARMY football game? Telling us he, RR and jfk jr were the Relationship, the Team, that set up the Game (the Plan) to save the Republic ? So much #winning?
41/ https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1126456037765206017 Here's a deep dive into POTUS speech to the Army Football Team giving the Commander in Chief trophy. Is he referring to #winning the ultimate prize for the Gipper? The Saving of the Republic?
42/ Back to the RELATIONSHIP q drop ( POTUS RR?, JFK jr and TRUMP)? Recall that trump met with RR in 1987? JFK jr met with Reagan in the 1980's too. Presented RR with the EAGLE statue that had been JFK's. Here's the ceremony with JJ, then in his 20's..
43/ jfk jr visited Reagan in 1985 when he was 22 - 11 marker. Note jfk’s EAGLE statue given to Reagan by jfk jr? will we see it again momentarily ? ...:
44/ is this the SAME STATUE??? Relationship? POTUS 40 jfk jr and POTUS 45?
45/ Relationship q drop mentions HRC & Start. See immediate Clinton White House post jfk jr accident? Claimed jfk jr had only visited the Clinton White House since 1963 death of his father. Had to retract. Trying to claim good guy status to deflect responsibility from crash?
46/ clintons eerily/unnaturally inserted in context of Jackie Kennedy’s death in 1994. R they Justifying any ‘communications’ they performed that week? What REALLY is the ‘relationship’ of HRC & kennedys? NOT positive IMO. Jfk jr seen as Senate threat to HRC
48/ here’s potus’ Reagan tweet.
49/ pence bringing up Reagan also? At nra convention. Even an 11/11 marker? 112= 11/11+11
50/ Reagan abortion tweet – mentions 105 judges, then 145? Why the difference? 145-105 difference equals 40 POTUS equals Reagan!! Stay UNITED!
40,000 ft v.
1st and 10 on the 40!
Any 40 Reference per Q and potus = the GIPPER?
51/ Reagan tweet part 2 STAY UNITED FOR LIFE! - Double entendre? Pro-life context plus the LIFElong UNITED Relationship of POTUS 40, potus 45 and jfk jr?
52/ hmmm. ANOTHER Reagan theme just popped up on my TL. Big name blue checks getting in on the action? https://twitter.com/mitchellvii/status/1130445718886522880
53/ Ronald Reagan mentioned by @LindseyGrahamSC today? Coincidence? I think not
54/ Trump tweets when the "war began" 30 years ago?
2019 - 30 = 1989, the year Reagan left office and Bush took over. Is this the #doublemeaning Trump intends for us? Signalling that our Country has been at war w/ the Deep state since 1989?
55/Text of Reagan's Farewell speech to the Nation - 1989
page 1 - Note 11 marker. Given Jan 11, 1989 just before Bush 41 inauguration.
34th speech - speaking to the 322 Cabal?
56/ 1st battle of Bull Run - Union in Peril. 35K = POTUS 35 JFK lost?
2nd Battle of Bull Run - Union prevailed, but war is still not over. Is this what Reagan's term was? Some wins, but more battles to fight?
57/Farewell address page 2
NOTE> 'stormy seas' and 'the same cast'
Similar themes 2016-2019? the STORM and YOU ARE WATCHING A MOVIE?
also read the similar visceral reaction to RR and DJT's economic and foreign policies. the Left's fear-mongering over the People's Choice Potus
58/RR farewell address page 3
at 39th Birthday - decide to go into politics to 'protect something precious'?
amazingly, 1960 + 39 = 1999. Was the Plan between Trump RR and JFK Jr for the later to 'go into politics' at age 39?
Plane Crash. Relationship. the START?
59/ RR farewell address: page 4
"I'm going to hold my tongue"
Is this a qlue that RR was going to APPEAR QUIET (i.e. Alzheimer's fake) in public? But all the while, will be still warring with the cabal behind the scenes? Will DJT and JFK jr?
60/RR farewell address : page 5
Reagan's Regiment vs. Bush Brigade?
Is RR hinting/warning that Bush is cabal? Brigade comes from the negative word BRIGAND = robber, gang of bandits Regiment = only positive meaning. #doublemeanings
61/ RR farewell address : pg 6
John Winthrop's city on a hill?
born Jan 22 11/11 marker!
Reagan's immigration policy -WALLS, matches Trump's. We want immigrants that WANT to be here & WANT to contribute to freedom and to the betterment of all.
62/RR farewell address: pg, cont'd
left in good hands?
think 5:5 that Trump demonstrates so often at rallies and at pressers
JFK Jr gematria is 55
Is he referring to his ONGOING Plan to save America?
Loud and Clear, Patriots.
64/Addendum PART A
Qdrop 1847
accidental missile(s) fired
Aug 8 & Oct 12 2018=65 days. 11 marker
Does 'RELATIONSHIP' have #doublemeaning?
Need good 'relationship' with Putin so accidents don't START A WAR?
also RELATIONSHIP WITH VIP'S was critical? RR, DJT, JFKjr?
65/Addendum PART B
Does drop hint cabal KNEW they'd LOSE the 2018 midterms?
so plan was 2 'pronged':
SITU = Target.

1-BIND POTUS via Mueller investigation

pronged= cabal led?
Looking back-white hats ALLOWED 2018 midterm steal by Dems. Why?
66 Addendum PART C
Why were Dems allowed to steal midterms?
1-SENATE was safe. 53-47 for judges, treaties, impeachment blockade
2-Dem's overtaking HOUSE shows the American People their crazy corruption!
3-Cheating allowed cuz Sessions/DHS set up STINGS!
https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1137876560587952130 HOLY MOLY the cabal knows about JJ?? "clinton missed?"
68/ back to Q drop 1082 More Qlues this is a military precision Plan? for Years?
RR inaug'd 1/20/1981=22=11/11
Ass@ssin attempt 3/30/1981=25=Y hit?
JFK JR Visit RR 1985
Trump visit RR 1987
RR Farewell 1/11/1989 -11 Marker?
Alzheimers Announced 11/2004 11 marker?
Plane crash 7/16/1999 (7+16=23) 32 reverse cabal?
RR dies 6/5/2004 11 marker?
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