In 1960s Afghanistan violated Pakistani sovereignty multiple times & in one instance even occupied few Pakistani villages. Pakistan in retaliation used PAF and made Afghan forces run from the area and closed Pak-Afghan border for any trade. Border stayed closed for a few years.
At that time Iranian ports were not a viable option available for Afghanistan to use for its trade. Pakistan was the only viable option for Afghanistan’s economy. It worked very well for Pakistan to blackmail Afghanistan at that time and bringing it to negotiations table.
In 2001 Bangladesh Rifles killed 16 BSF soldiers. India could've punished Bangladesh but instead defused tensions & played a strategic game for more than a decade. They improved their relations & made Bangladesh dependent on India economically & today they are best of chums.
In May 2017 Afghan forces attacked Chaman resulting in death of 10 Pakistanis including children. Our response was the same as it was in 1960. We closed the border & thought this will teach them a lesson. Net result was a decline in our trade while increase of Iran-Afghan trade.
Consider this, in 2011 Pakistani exports to Afghanistan stood at $2.6 B which in 2018 has plummeted to $1.4 B, while at the same time Iranian exports which stood at $1.9 B in 2011 increased to $2.88 B in 2018. So I ask you who the net loser is in this strategic game.
It’s not just the trade, Neighbors of Afghanistan r creating goodwill in 1 or the other section of afghan society. Iranian using their language to woo Dari speaking populace, India used its soft & economic power to do the same. We're putting all our bets on single horse #IYKWIM
We hosted 3 million Afghans for decades. We're the country that has suffered the most because of the turmoil in Afghanistan, yet we are seen as a villain by majority of Afghans. No other country could've or should've more goodwill in Afghanistan than Pakistan.
While we're making it difficult for Afghans to get medical visa, India's subsidizing their air travel to promote its medical tourism & generating goodwill. While we're making it difficult for Afghans to use our ports, India & Iran r facilitating them. I ask u who's the net loser
The fact the Pushtuns reside on both side of the Durand line should not be considered our weakness rather our strength. The cultural similarities between our people should be source of generating goodwill between the two countries.
Yes there r elements in Afghan est. who can exploit this but if we stop shying away from the fact that same people live on both sides of the border we'll naturally stop NDS’s blackmail. One has to understand the idea of Pushtunistan is a bigger threat to Afghanistan than Pakistan
I as a Pushtun know that vast majority of my people consider Pakistan as their motherland. There is only a fringe element that might think otherwise but we should not let these people keep our relationship with Afghanistan hostage.
It's time to take these elements head on.
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