2/ Notes:

Item 1: it is critical to specify HAND marked bc machine-marked (often barcpded) paper ballots are hackable. The only exception should be for people who are unable to hand mark their ballots.
3/ Item 2: It is critical to maintain a transparent chain of custody as to both the paper ballots and the election equipment Iif any). This requires publication of chain of custody records & (perhaps) video surveillance.
4/ Item 3: Hand audits are meaningless unless they are robust and conducted in public. The most known example of a robust manual audit is a Risk Limiting Audit. If jurisdictions refuse to do this for every race, then they should prepare to hand count the ballots instead.
5/ Item 4: Vendors have installed cellular modems in scanners and remote access software in election management systems, including the county-based central tabulators used to aggregate all precinct tallies. This must be REMOVED before 2020 & no more installed.
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