THREAD - Killary collusion

I said all this in bits and pieces going back to 2016 but let me put this more comprehensively

Killary & barrack tried to get Russia to secure the election for Killary. They did favours in return

• Boeing
• Uranium one
• Bill speeches
Etc etc
Killary even tried to get turkey to be a super-power ( Russia's biggest ally and the gateway to everything a "super power yup it was all going pretty well. Turkey makes another plea to be included in EU.)

Cont ...
Russia finds out that Killary is working with Ukraine. Since this was not found out legally, Russia says nothing. Killary gets hacked to find more on (What she was discussing with Ukraine & barrack )
It starts to fall apart, her emails start getting leaked, she loses the elec & ASSUMES the only way Trump could have won is if he turned Russia.

She still doesn't know that Russia know she was fucking with Ukraine.

Trump wins fairly bc Russia DON'T interfere by rigging.
She still can't believe she lost & still doesn't know that Russia knows about Ukraine.

So she insists & drives an investigation on Trump.

Using the same players that had a hand in her initial Russian collusion . Thinking that she's right and they would find something.
So let's come back to my initial statement

"Killary & barrack tried to get Russia to secure the election for Killary"

THAT is what NEEDS to be investigated, then let the dominos fall.

[ Killary even boasted about her involvement with Ukraine. There are emails to prove it]
Do not forget about Project Pelican.
A brief overview but stay tuned
Here's how Project Pelican and Iran Nuclear deal is connected.

Russia, Iran, Clinton's, barrack, jafars.
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