#Qanon... "What Happened to Diana?"

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In several "Parts" over the next wk.
This is personal research, based in truth, but some speculation has been required to piece together this THEORY.
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💎 #Diana left England for France, she took up some pronunciation & now seems to have a rather THICK FRENCH ACCENT.
Do NOT let that throw you off! Finding a clip of Diana's voice to compare this to may be tough... I'm LQQKING!!
Ariane's VOICE:
Understand, whn she was Princess Diana, she spoke w British accent. As Ariane de Rothschild she spent yrs in France & has attained a French accent. She's older + more skilled at speaking but her Cadence has remained pretty much the same!
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Research shows it's likely!!
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VIDEO; "Witness in the Tunnel" the night Diana "died".
At the 21 minute mark in the video, Paris police chief states "no one knows exactly what happened, but we quickly understood the paparazzi were behind &around the car something like *AN ESCORT*"
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So...who is ARIANE DANDOIS and why does she not only LQQK like Princess DIANA'S MOTHER, but on occasion wears jewelry that eerily looks like the Princess's favorite pieces she wore frequently?
That last one on the right is 'Ariane Dandois',Galleria Owner, Paris. AKA?
And looking what I found.....!!!

I couldn't find an OBITUARY on Ariane DANDOIS'... But someone who "SUPPOSEDLY" was her "stepmom" died in 2017... But the info they give doesn't fit.... Boy do those ladies look alike or WHAT!?
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